Ford wants MyFord Touch class-action lawsuit dismissed.

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MyFord Touch Lawsuit In Limbo As Ford Files Motion to Dismiss
Ford wants MyFord Touch class-action lawsuit dismissed.

— Angry owners of the MyFord Touch, MyLincoln Touch and MyMercury Touch "infotainment" systems are awaiting their day in court as Ford fights to have a nationwide class-action lawsuit dismissed. The lawsuit claims the system not only contains defects that keep it from operating as advertised, but is a danger to the safe operation of the vehicle.

In its motion to dismiss, Ford claims the lawsuit is without merit because none of the plaintiffs alleged their vehicle was unfit to drive. Ford also claims plaintiffs failed to show their vehicles experienced specific concerns that could not be fixed despite repeated dealer repair attempts.

Furthermore, Ford claims that even if the MyFord Touch system fails, that doesn't make the vehicles unsafe. However, the lawsuit seeks to refute that argument by showing how Ford advertised the system as a safety feature.

The MyFord Touch system was introduced by Ford in 2011 in numerous popular models, including the Ford Escape, Edge, Explorer, Focus, Fusion, Taurus, Flex, Fiesta, F-150, and many other models. Ford created the system as the answer to operating everything from audio controls to a GPS device.

The system was allegedly so important Ford proudly proclaimed in 2013 that MyFord Touch was sold on 79 percent of new 2013 vehicles and was a big reason customers chose Ford over its competitors. An odd thing to say since both J.D. Power & Associates and Consumer Reports practically made fun of the system for its flaws.

J.D. Powers & Associates blamed the MyFord Touch as the primary reason Ford dropped from fifth to the 23rd position in the J.D. Power 2011 Initial Quality Survey. Consumer Reports went so far as to downgrade any vehicle that included the system.

Additionally, while Ford was claiming the success of the technology, they were also making plans for major changes.

Ford announced they were ditching Microsoft as their software provider and switching to software made by BlackBerry. Ford also announced their touchscreen would incorporate traditional knobs to replace some of the annoyance of tapping a touchscreen.

MyFord Touch Complaints

The Internet is flooded with complaints about the MyFord Touch screen and its ability to crack in the blink of an eye. Many users say Ford denied warranty coverage for the cracked screen by claiming the touchscreen was abused.

A driver of a Ford F-350 told this is exactly what happened to them.

"The screen cracked and we took the truck to the dealership assuming the warranty covered this defect, however, the dealership said Ford denied the work because someone at Ford thinks we broke it by misuse. We touched it." - Nyla, Allyn, Washington

The owner said the navigation and sync system quit working and would never work unless $2000 was shelled out for the repair.

Another driver of a 2013 Ford Edge said his wife tried to make a call using MyFord Touch and the screen did nothing after two taps. A third tap caused spider cracks where her finger touched the screen. (See image above)

"Ford regional service will NOT replace screen under warranty. They want $1,500 up front to replace it. Ford will NOT PROVIDE ANY INFORMATION OR ANSWERS ON EXACTLY HOW THEY DETERMINED THE SCREEN WAS "ABUSED" OR WHO MADE THE DECISION AT FORD REGIONAL SERVICE." - Mike S., Longview, TX

Mike also reported serious problems with the backup camera, gas gauge, seat positioner control, and radio interface. Ford refused to pay the repairs even though the car was under warranty.

It took over four months for Ford to fix the system after Mike won a legal arbitration case.

It's expected to take months for a judge to rule on Fords motion to dismiss the lawsuit. will keep you updated with further developments.

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