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Over 24,000 Hyundai Genesis cars can make you think you're in 'drive' when you're in 'reverse'

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Hyundai Genesis Recalled To Fix Gear Selector Problems
Over 24,000 Hyundai Genesis cars can make you think you're in 'drive' when you're in 'reverse'

— Hyundai is recalling over 24,000 model year 2015 Genesis cars because the wrong gear could show on the instrument panel gear selector. It wouldn't be a pretty sight to hit the gas pedal with the gear selector showing "Drive" when in fact the transmission is really in "Reverse."

Hyundai says a bad seal in the rear light assembly can allow water to enter and cause problems with a switch. The malfunctioning switch can cause various things to happen.

First, the water can cause the wrong gear to show on the instrument panel. Second, warning lights can illuminate and third, there can be a delay in the transmission when shifting gears.

Hyundai says the owner of a 2015 Genesis complained about water entering the rear light assembly and causing the car to get stuck in park. Then a second owner complained about water in the assembly that caused delayed gear engagements.

The recalled Hyundai cars were built February 21, 2014, through January 24, 2015, and no other Hyundai vehicles were manufactured with the same rear light assemblies.

Hyundai hasn't said when the Genesis recall will begin, but dealers have been told to apply special pads to keep water out of the light assemblies.

If you own a 2015 Hyundai Genesis and have questions about the recall, contact the automaker at 855-671-3059 and give customer service personnel the Genesis recall number, 128.


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