Porsche owners file lawsuit alleging beige dashboards create glare onto windshields.

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Porsche Beige Dashboard Lawsuit Claims Windshield Glare is Blinding
Porsche owners file lawsuit alleging beige dashboards create glare onto windshields.

— Two California residents have filed a lawsuit against Porsche claiming beige dashboards in the cars create a blinding glare onto the windshields.

Roy Jones and Alyce Rubinfeld claim Porsche beige-colored dashboards cause a reflection onto the windshields that make driving hazardous. The lawsuit names the Luxor Beige and Sand Beige dashboards, although any other beige or lighter-colored dashboard can create the same effects.

The lawsuit alleges the glare and reflection from the windshield is a safety risk that Porsche fails to mention when selling the cars. The plaintiffs claim Porsche knew, or should have known, about the windshield glare because of internal data and customer complaints, yet chose to conceal the alleged defect.

The Porsche dashboard lawsuit alleges Porsche should have already recalled the affected vehicles to repair the windshield glare, but instead has chosen to tell owners to wear sunglasses.

CarComplaints.com has heard from Porsche owners concerning similar problems, including a New Jersey woman who described what happened just a week after buying a Porsche Cayenne.

"The car is Black with the standard beige interior. When I drove the car for the first time I was shocked to discover the total blinding reflection of the dashboard in the windshield. I find this to be completely distracting and unsafe. After almost two weeks, and not hearing from them, I called and spoke to a Customer Commitment Associate."

The Porsche owner said she tried to explain the situation to the customer service representative but received no valuable help.

"I told him of my concerns and he asked me why I had purchased the car with a beige interior? I told him that "I purchased it because I was NOT told there was a MAJOR PROBLEM with this interior color." He then asked , "Well didn't you test drive the car?" I explained that my husband had and the test car had a black interior. He said we could put a mat on the dashboard, and get a pair of sunglasses. He then said that "Porsche will NOT do anything.""

Another Porsche Cayenne owner said they weren't allowed to test-drive a car with the beige dashboard and it came back to haunt them later.

"We had the same experience where we were not given the ability to drive a Cayenne with the beige dashboard. We would never have bought the car if we had experienced the problem before we bought. Nobody at the dealership pointed this problem to us. We have requested the dealership to ask Porsche if the Cayenne with the Beige dash meets the SAE standard. We were also told to put a piece of carpet over the dash or buy polorized sunglasses." - 2014 Porsche Cayenne owner / St. Catharines, Canada

The plaintiffs want Porsche to pay damages and to recall all vehicles with beige dashboards. In addition, the lawsuit alleges Porsche violated laws of unfair competition and enrichment, and breach of implied warranty.

The Porsche beige dashboard lawsuit was filed in the Superior Court of California Los Angeles County - Roy Jones et al v. Porsche Cars North America, Inc.

The plaintiffs are represented by Capstone Law APC.

September 17, 2015: Porsche files motion to dismiss dashboard lawsuit.


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