Possible lawsuit forthcoming about 2016 Ford Explorer throttle bodies and wrench lights.

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2016 Ford Explorer Throttle Body Lawsuit Investigation Opened
Possible lawsuit forthcoming about 2016 Ford Explorer throttle bodies and wrench lights.

— A 2016 Ford Explorer throttle body lawsuit investigation is underway to determine if Ford should answer in court for complaints about wrench lights staying on and engines losing power and speed.

Owners of 2016 Ford Explorer SUVs complain about vehicles that lose power while driving, leaving drivers urgently pressing the gas pedals to no avail. Symptoms typically include seeing a "wrench light" illuminated with the words, "See Manual," all while the SUV loses speed as it enters "limp home mode."

Owners tell CarComplaints.com about SUVs traveling at highway speeds then suddenly moving at a slow crawl before the engines finally give up.

"Nothing quite like driving home from Lowes on I-95 going 70MPH and having your new car JOLT and then lose power. The Wrench symbol appeared and said "Check Manual" and then all power was gone. It was towed out of my driveway this morning to the dealership to be checked. They said they know of the issue and will get back to us with an estimated repair date. AND NOW... though making payments on a new car- i YET AGAIN do not have a car!!" - 2016 Ford Explorer owner / Savannah, Georgia

Another 2016 Explorer owner said in addition to the wrench light activating when the engine lost power, the airbag light kicked on and and it took five restarts to get the SUV home.

"2016 ford explorer check engine light, wrench and air bag light came on all at once and I lost total power. had to pull over and re-start 5 times just to get the truck back home. Truck was towed to dealer and they are saying there was just a recall for a power control module. but from all the complaints I am reading it is the throttle body that needs replacing. this is the 2nd time this has happened to me and the first time they told me it was sensors that got wet." - 2016 Ford Explorer owner / Farmingville, New York

Another 2016 Ford Explorer owner said the dealer blamed the throttle body for the problem, the same part attorneys are focusing on as the likely cause of the complaints.

"My wife drove this 2016 Explorer for about 10 months and put only 5500 miles on it. A couple weeks ago, the vehicle lost power in the middle of a busy intersection. Luckily, she was able to pull to the side of the road without being clobbered by another car. The now infamous "wrench" light came on and the vehicle would only idle at about 2 mph. We had the vehicle towed to the Ford dealer. They told us it was a issue with the software that controls the electronic throttle." - 2016 Ford Explorer owner / Chandler, Arizona

Some Explorer owners have been told the throttle bodies needed replaced but the parts weren't available when the SUVs were brought to dealerships, making owners wait days for the back-ordered parts to arrive.

If you own a 2016 Ford Explorer and have experienced problems with throttle bodies, wrench lights or engines that lose power, contact Girard Gibbs.

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