Honda recalls 29,000 Ridgeline trucks with defective genuine accessory tonneau covers.

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Honda Ridgeline Bed Cover Recall Issued
Honda recalls 29,000 Ridgeline trucks with defective genuine accessory tonneau covers.

— A Honda Ridgeline bed cover recall for nearly 29,000 trucks has been announced because the Honda genuine accessory tonneau covers could separate from the rear panels and blow off.

The 2017-2020 Honda Ridgeline bed cover recall includes tonneau cover part number 08Z07-T6Z-100F.

The Honda Ridgeline tonneau cover is a tri-fold design that can be used partially open or completely closed to protect the truck bed.

But if the bed cover is not properly secured in the open or closed position and the truck is traveling highway speeds, the wind may cause the tonneau cover to flip, buckle and deform the hinges between the center and rear panel.

The deformed hinges could allow the rear panel to separate from the tonneau cover and cause road hazards.

As of September 10, Honda had received 17 warranty claims, three field reports but no reports of injuries or crashes related to the bed cover problems.

Honda Canada received the first claim of a panel separating from the tonneau cover in 2017, finding the customer had misused the cover. Then a report was received from the U.S. about a Ridgeline cover with a panel that separated from the tonneau cover.

Engineers performed tests and found the "customer forcibly closed the tonneau cover on top of objects protruding from the top of the truck bed. Forcing the tonneau cover closed bent the hinges, resulting in panel separation (customer misuse)."

Honda decided to monitor the issue and opened an investigation in October 2019 based on increased reports of cover panel separations.

Customers were interviewed and Honda used input from customers for testing which found possible rear panel separations when the bed covers were not properly secured while the trucks were traveling highway speeds.

"Panel separation was limited to hinge deformations on the rear panel, as the hinge design between the front and center panel was not susceptible to deformation caused by an improperly secured tonneau cover." - Honda

Honda says it performed inspections at the supplier but couldn't find any problems with the workmanship.

The automaker also reviewed other bed covers and the instructions for proper use and finally determined a recall was necessary.

Honda dealers will insect the trucks and install tethers between the center and rear bed cover panels to prevent separations. Dealerships will also apply warning labels to the bed covers and provide updated accessory information manuals.

Honda Ridgeline owners should ask about reimbursements if they paid for tonneau cover repairs related to the defect.

The Ridgeline bed cover recall is expected to begin October 26, 2020, but concerned truck owners may call Honda at 888-234-2138. Honda's number for this recall is F8M. has complaints from Honda Ridgeline truck owners.


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