Ford recalls nearly 38,000 trucks for two problems associated with using child safety seats.

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Ford Recalls Ranger SuperCabs With Fixed Headrests
Ford recalls nearly 38,000 trucks for two problems associated with using child safety seats.

— A 2020-2021 Ford Ranger SuperCab recall for nearly 38,000 trucks has been announced if the trucks are equipped with rear seats with fixed headrests.

Ford says the fixed head restraints may cause problems with using certain child safety seats. Additionally, Ford says a child seat may not attach properly to the rear seat anchors.

Ford says it didn't properly re-certify the Rangers when fixed non-removable rear seat head restraints were introduced at the start of production for 2020 model year trucks.

The design of the Ranger SuperCab headrests can interfere with installing tall rigid anchor-mounted child seats. Then problems with the lower child restraint anchorages were caused by failing to monitor the installations.

According to Ford, the rear anchorages may not be straight and horizontal in 2021 Ranger SuperCabs.

The automaker learned of the problem at the end of July when the supplier noticed results of a child seat evaluation didn't match Ford's internal results.

"It was discovered that the supplier used a different test fixture to measure pitch and lower child restraint anchorage set-back dimensions for this seat configuration than the fixture used by Ford for certification."

Truck owners may notice the problem if they have trouble installing certain child seats with tall rigid anchors.

Ford says it isn't aware of any crash or injury reports related to the headrests or child seat anchors.

Ford Ranger recall notices will be mailed November 15, 2021. Ford dealers inspect the rear lower child restraint anchorages for correct alignment and adjust them if needed.

Ford dealers will also replace the non-removable headrests with removable head restraints.

Ford Ranger SuperCab owners may contact Ford at 866-436-7332 and use recall number 21C24.


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