About 250 warranty claims have been filed since the last backup camera recall.

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Ford and Lincoln Backup Camera Recall Failed
About 250 warranty claims have been filed since the last backup camera recall.

— A Ford and Lincoln backup camera recall has been issued for the third time because even after repairs, the 360-degree camera screens still turn blue or black.

More than 422,000 model year 2020-2023 Ford Explorer, Lincoln Aviator and 2020-2022 Lincoln Corsair vehicles are recalled if they are equipped with 360-degree cameras.

According to Ford, the video output may fail and prevent the rearview camera image from displaying.

In September 2021, Ford announced a 360-degree rearview camera recall for Ford Explorer, Lincoln Aviator and Corsair vehicles equipped with backup camera screens that turned blue.

But in January 2023, Ford announced another backup camera recall on the same models because customers continued to complain about blue camera screens on vehicles that had allegedly been repaired.

As this was taking place, engineers continued to investigate the root cause of the rearview camera failures.

Ford investigated 29 warranty claims tied to vehicles allegedly repaired during the previous backup camera recall. But on March 14 Ford paused the recall repairs because vehicle owners reported their allegedly repaired vehicles had blue or black camera screens.

The supplier and automaker finally confirmed software problems caused the blue and black backup camera screens.

As of March 21, 2023, there have been 250 warranty reports alleging the backup camera screens were blue or black on vehicles that were previously repaired.

In addition, there is one report of a minor collision, but no reports of injuries.

Ford is still working on a fix considering none of the previous recall repairs kept the backup cameras working.

Ford and Lincoln recall letters will be mailed June 26, 2023. Owners may contact Ford at 866-436-7332 and refer to backup camera recall 23S23.

This rearview camera recall expands and replaces the January backup camera recall.


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