New Jersey class action lawsuit alleges 360-degree camera system recall failed, 3 of them.

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Ford Backup Camera Recalls Failed, Alleges New Jersey Lawsuit
New Jersey class action lawsuit alleges 360-degree camera system recall failed, 3 of them.

— Ford backup camera recalls have allegedly failed for customers who purchased their Ford and Lincoln vehicles in New Jersey.

According to a class action lawsuit, the 360-degree camera systems are defective and routinely and regularly fail.

The defects cause backup camera failures and images that are blue, black or blank.

The Ford class action lawsuit includes:

"All persons who, within the applicable limitations period, purchased or leased in New Jersey one or more of the following vehicles equipped with a 360-Degree Camera system: a 2020-2023 Ford Explorer, a 2020-2023 Lincoln Aviator, and/or a 2020-2022 Lincoln Corsair."

Ford allegedly knew or should have known the 360 camera systems were defective before the vehicles were first advertised.

The backup camera class action lawsuit, filed by Gabriel Shiff and Robert Sonsini, alleges 360-degree camera recalls have failed to fix the problem.

Ford Backup Camera Recalls

In September 2021, Ford announced a 360-degree rearview camera recall for Ford Explorer, Lincoln Aviator and Lincoln Corsair vehicles equipped with backup camera screens that turned blue.

That 360-degree recall didn't work so well because customers said the camera systems continued to fail, leaving drivers looking at blue display screens.

In January 2023, Ford announced another backup camera recall on the same models because customers continued to complain about blue camera screens on vehicles that had allegedly been repaired.

But by March 21, 2023, 250 warranty claims had been filed about black and blue 360-degree camera screens on Ford and Lincoln vehicles which had been repaired during the recall.

This caused Ford and Lincoln to announce a third backup camera recall, with engineers believing software errors were causing the dead display screens.

Ford said the backup camera image “may” be restored by shifting into PARK, shutting down the vehicle and restarting.

"But such a cumbersome process is not always possible, and indeed may increase the risk of crash or injury, for example, if the car is being backed into a busy street or heavily-trafficked pedestrian area." — Ford 360-degree camera lawsuit

The Ford and Lincoln class action lawsuit was filed in New Jersey but transferred to U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan: Shiff, et al., v. Ford Motor Company.

The plaintiffs are represented by DeNittis Osefchen Prince, P.C., and Criden & Love, P.A.


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