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really awful
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
100,528 miles
Total Complaints:
69 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. replace power steering column (25 reports)
  2. not sure (22 reports)
  3. shut down engine and restart (13 reports)
  4. replace torque sensor (9 reports)
2008 Ford Escape steering problems

steering problem

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2008 Ford Escape Owner Comments (Page 1 of 4)

problem #69

May 132015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 102,000 miles


I had a recall on my Ford Escape and I took it to Ford place downtown in Durham NC. They said they fixed the problem but it has happened again. Now the Ford people are saying I had to pay for it. How could it be if the problem was fixed. I don't believe they ever fixed the problem. When I called Ford they said they fixed the problem and it was nothing they could do. Why should I eat the cost on a recall in my opinion they never fixed it. Now I have to either pay for it or buy another car. But it will not be from Ford.

- , durham, NC, USA

problem #68

Dec 062015

Escape XLT 2.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 90,000 miles

backed out of the garage light on dash came on power steering assist so reset and was fine drove 2 miles stopped came back out light was on again and not power steering. drove home certified mechanic replace the torque sensor and still does not work. found out that ford motor had a recall on this problem but my dealer of 30 years did not notify me of the problem.nor did ford motor company notify me they said not a safety issue.

- , Davenport, IA, USA

problem #67

Nov 032015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 108,000 miles

As soon as my 2008 Ford Escape hit 100,000+ miles I noticed it started to become harder to turn the vehicle on, but didn't think too much of it. Then just one day the vehicle wouldn't turn on at all. Nothing wrong with the engine so I was a bit confused. Eventually it turned back on after borrowing other folks' vehicles, I tried it one day and it turned on miraculously. However, the power steering suddenly cut off, all the lights on the dash turned on. Took it to the shop and said the entire steering column and ignition has to be replaced. That's over 1100 bucks I'm going to have to pay out of pocket for a vehicle that was well maintained. Luckily I can get a veteran 10% discount but I am highly upset and disappointed in Ford and this vehicle. It has been on recall for issues already with this car and now this?! I think Ford should respond to this disappointed customer. I have always been a ford person but paying this out of my hard earned paycheck has me very upset.

- , Murfreesboro, TN, USA

problem #66

Sep 152015

Escape XLT V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 97,151 miles


In 2014 August 4th I took my Escape for the recall. The car was fixed with an adjustment on the steering column so the power steering would not shut down again with no warning. It did it again and they will not honor the recall because it's been fixed 1 year ago but 1 month over its warranty. This is crazy on Ford's part. They did a simple adjustment and now I'm right back to the same problem. the only difference is my daughter was driving my car and almost had a major accident without warning the power steering failed. Are they going wait until some one is killed to fix the problem? I have bought Ford's all my life but this is the last one for me. Now it's up to me to repair the steering column because Ford opted to adjust the issue and not replace the problem.


problem #65

Aug 172015

Escape Limited 3.0L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 112,468 miles

I pulled out of a lot and as I picked up speed I lost my power steering. Now when I turn at slower speeds I have to muscle it into the turn and then physically pull the wheel back and this is NOT EASY!!!!!!! I had an older sports car with manual steering but it was easy peasy compared to this!!!!!!!

This was a recall item. I went in for it last summer (2014)when I got the notice and the dealer " RESET" the system. I just read in the recall that they will fix if the vehicle has a history of it. I purchased the vehicle used the year before so I do not know the history.

The Ford dealer that did the RESET (where I also purchased the vehicle) said Ford will do nothing if it happens again after I had it in for the recall and I need to replace the steering column to the tune of close to $1500. Was told it is the Torque sensor but the entire steering column had to be replaced as it is all one unit. If there FIX did not work should they not be FIXING again?

I have also had to replace the wheel bearings on this vehicle twice within a year and now I see that they also may have been a recall. this cost me over $1000.

- , Sydney, NS, Canada

problem #64

Jan 012015

Escape XLS 2.5L V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 115,000 miles

A recall was done on my vehicle causing the recalled issue to be an issue. When I brought the vehicle in, I didn’t have a steering issue but now I do. Ford did a recall on my vehicle in the later part of 2014. I was not having any issues with my vehicle, but because it was a major recall I brought it in.

I would say about a month later or so I started having major steering issues and it would fail randomly. This has cause sever pain the hand I had carpel surgery on as the power steering off WHILE TURNING so the wheel jerks itself back and its up to the driver to make sure you can manually steer and keep the wheel from jerking back to the straight position in mid turn.

I called FORD and addressed the it but it will cost you money to be looked at - its probably not the recall is what they told me. I went and did some research that cause the recall in the first place but I am willing to bet that not only did they not do anything but they also made it so something fails in the future causing me to bring my vehicle in and spend more money! This is so wrong on so many levels. I have given up and feel like I want my car to be repo'd just to get rid of it and the problem FORD CAUSED! Recall work should never be charged to the customer if they call in and complain about the original work that was done. Why would I have to pay for something they did wrong in the first place? I WASN'T HAVING ANY ISSUES UNTIL THEY TOOK MY CAR IN FOR THE RECALL!!

I live paycheck to paycheck right now and don’t have the money to give to FORD (Autonation) to fix a problem they caused. Even to look at it they are going to charge me! WHY??? I would like to add that since Ford has touched my vehicle- could be a coincidence but I have since had to replace the starter, battery, alternator and battery cables. I am financially strapped with this vehicle with all those repairs (keep in mind again my vehicle DID NOT have 1 issue until I brought it in.) and this new one will be over $1300 due to the fact that they think since issues weren't reported in a certain time frame its not the recall, however reading consumer complaint the same thing is happening to Ford owners who had the recall done on their vehicle.

After a certain time frame- it breaks again and they aren’t responsible for fixing it. Everything that is happening that went wrong in the first place causing the recall is what I am experiencing. I feel like I brought it in to get broke. (Good way to get money for FORD I guess) This is Autonation (formerly known as Tousley Ford) in Maplewood, MN. I would like them to take care of this problem as its should not be mine. I will never go to them for another vehicle as this place has ripped me off several times since this purchase! In all hopes I just want my vehicle repaired w/o the expense out of pocket.

- , Inver Grove Heights, MN, USA

problem #63

Mar 272015

Escape 2.3L I4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 124,335 miles


I've been a Ford guy my whole life. However, due to my last two “NEW” purchases of a 02 F250 (problems, problems and more problems) and 08 Escape, that is changing my mind about Fords. The Escape has had two transmission put in it. Ford knows they have a problem with the CD4E tranny and the valve body but won't do anything about it. The straw that broke the Ford guys back was the power steering failure. Wife was coming home from checking on her mom when she stopped to fill up with gas. Restarted piece of sh*t (Escape) and no power steering.

I've searched the internet and found lots of similar problem and complaints... but no recall. Going to take to Ford today for repairs. I’m hoping to trade off another piece of sh*t soon for a Toyota. I’m disgusted with all three American auto makers and the governments handling of their bail outs. Toyota, please bail me out of American junk.

- , Las Cruces, NM, USA

problem #62

Jul 082014

Escape Limited V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 61,000 miles

The recall was a joke. My power steering just went out on me in Feb 2014. Recall came out in May, had to pay to tow my car to the Ford dealership but the recall didn't cover towing costs. Had to wait into July because "Ford is waiting on the company to tell them the fix". Once the "fix" was in, only certain codes displayed on their computer check, Ford would then pay. If your car didn't give the right code it was the "owners responsible". So I had to pay for a new steering column.

Ford totally screwed their customers.

- , Goldsboro, NC, USA

problem #61

Feb 022015

Escape ES 3.2lV6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 44,739 miles

Last September I took it to the dealer for the reprogram on the computer. In February the steering wheel started shaking back & forth. As time goes by, the problem is getting worse. The power steering fails now & then. You can hear noise coming from the steering wheel. Yesterday I drove it to the dealer with a very hard to turn steering wheel. I feel Ford should have a major RECALL on this problem.

- , Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

problem #60

Mar 032015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 77,000 miles

Bought truck 10/2014. 1/16/15 power steering fails. Dealer reprograms sensor under recall. 2/27/15 it fails again. Dealer replaces sensor and has mercy on me and doesn't charge me, from what I've read, $1000. Tells me it's "not morally right" that Ford considers their "job done" if the code says it only needs to be reprogrammed and that the next fail is not their liability. And this wasn't even the dealer that I bought the vehicle from. Definitely my lucky day.

But this concept of reprogramming being considered a fix and that's that is not morally right. I do not consider this Class Action recall a win at all. Who settled this bogus case?!

- , Middlesex, NY, USA

problem #59

Feb 022015

Escape EXL V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 115,000 miles


My car is only 6 years old and Ford is not trying to realize this problem. I repeatedly go to Ford about the situation, their comment to me is " it's because it's a women driver". I couldn't believe it when they told me that, they left me speechless without words. I'm so done with Ford and their cars.

- , Jamaica, NY, USA

problem #58

Jan 152015

Escape XLT V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 77,000 miles

Ford reprogrammed computer, was suppose to fix problem. Driving vehicle and power steering assist failure occurred. When this happened, jerked arms, caused pacemaker and defibrillator to pull and shift causing pain. Ford Company is refusing to fix. Sent a complaint to National Recall also.

- , Poca, WV, USA

problem #57

Jan 302015

Escape LX 3.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 86,625 miles

Bought used in July and immediately heard noise in front end. Had diagnosed coming from steering column. Told by dealer there was recall coming out to fix that problem and was safe to drive. Recall was done in August they just re-programed . 5 months later power steering went out. Had to replace steering column and we were responsible for the cost ($958.85). Told by Ford once it was reprogrammed their liability ended, even though it didn't prevent problem that recall was issued for! This is bull** in my opinion! Luckily the steering didn't go out while going down the highway.

- , Jackson, MI, USA

problem #56

Jan 252015

Escape XLT V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 110,813 miles

2008 Ford Escape with 110,472 and No prior Power Steering Assist problems, was taken to Century Ford Mt. Airy, MD for the Ford Recall 14S05. Dealer installed the Ford recommended software update. 200 miles later, the power steering failed while driving and almost hit another car while turning.

Took car to Ted Britt Ford for repair. They replaced power steering module but immediately the power steering would not work and pulled the car to the far right, locking it into that position. Ford would not pay for the repair and said this was not covered under the recall. Cost to fix was $1,500 for new steering column.

I've submitted a formal complaint to Ford, NHTSA, FTC, Dept. of Transportation. This recall does not fix the power steering issues and in many cases, causes cars like mine that had no prior steering issues, to fail AFTER Ford completed the so called recall work. Ford Corp. would not pay for the repair.

Update from Apr 11, 2015: Sent letter to Dept. of Transportation, FTC and Senator Warner in Feb. 2015:

Ms. Jennifer Timian Chief, Recall Management Division Office of Defects Investigations/Enforcement U.S. Dept. of Transportation / NHTSA 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE Washington, DC 20590

RE: NHTSA Campaign #14V-284 -- Ford Recall #14S05

Dear Ms. Timian,

I respectfully request that the NHTSA and the Department of Transportation revisit the Ford Recall 14S05 for the power steering safety issue.

In my case and in thousands of other similar cases, Ford completed the required “software” update for the power steering safety issue when I had no prior issues with my power steering. About 200 miles later, the system warned me of the pending power steering failure while I was driving my car and making a left turn. The steering system failed while turning about 30 seconds after the warning. Luckily I avoid hitting another car due the force I had to use to turn and straighten the vehicle.

The Ford recall only covered the software update and I was required to pay Ted Britt Ford approximately $1,500.00 to replace the power steering column, which is the vast majority of the cost to fix this safety issue. My 2008 Ford Escape VIN# is: 1FMCU03168KE77338 and my Ford Case numbers are: CAS5893995 & CAS5877050.

I believe it is clear that the power steering system involved with this recall was poorly designed and manufactured and is unsafe to drive. It appears that many of the models with this steering system begin to fail at 35,000-100,000 miles with many failing right after the “software” update was completed.

If only 10% of the Escape 2008-2011 owners covered under this recall like myself are required by Ford to pay for the replacement of the unsafe steering column system, this would equal $112,500,000.00 and at 50% would be half a Trillion dollars. Now that car manufactures are building more complex and self-contained systems, it is no longer a simple $50-$100 repair to replace one of the parts. The consumer must now pay to have an entire new self-contained system installed to the tune of thousands of dollars.

Therefore, the various governmental agencies involved should reevaluate the terms, conditions and validity of this recall to ensure the consumer is not unfairly paying to fix Ford’s power steering safety problem.

I hope this does not turn out to be a similar recall issue with unnecessary death and injury due to the delays in identifying the complete power steering assist defect and safety issues as General Motors and its owners have been going through with the defective ignition switches.

As part of the reevaluation of this recall, the following questions should be asked: 1) how many cars under this recall have been repaired and how many required the consumer to pay for all or part of the repairs associated with this recall?, 2) of the cars with no prior power steering fault codes or issues that then had the recall software “updates” completed, how many then shortly after had complete steering failure and, of this group, how many customers were forced to pay for all or some of the required repairs costing them thousands of dollar each?

I am hopeful that the NHTSA is not allowing automobile manufactures to build unsafe cars that have severe safety issues with the only stipulation or requirement being that the car must notify the driver prior to a critical safety system failure, putting the responsibility, burden and cost on the car owner to quickly pull off the road, if possible, call a tow truck and then write a check in the amount of $1,500.00+ to fix the defective and unsafe part(s).

Please let me know if the NHTSA will revisit and re-investigate this safety issue to insure the automobile owners are not being put at risk and being held responsible to fix this Ford safety issue at their cost.

Sincerely, Charles E. Hunter, III

Update from Apr 11, 2015: Sent copies of this letter to: cc: - Anthony Foxx, Secretary of Transportation, US Department of Transportation, 1200 New Jersey Ave, SE Washington, DC 20590 - Consumer Reports, Marta Tellado, President, 101 Truman Ave, Yonkers, NY 10703-1057 - Nancy Lewis, Associate Administrator for Enforcement, U.S. Dept. of Transportation / NHTSA 1200 New Jersey Ave S.E., Room W45-306, Washington, D.C. 20590 - Jessica Rich, Director, Federal Trade Commission, Bureau of Consumer Protection, 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20580 - The Honorable Mark R. Warner, 475 Russell Senate Office Bldg., Washington, DC 20510 - Steve Kenner, Global Director, Ford Automotive Safety Office, Fairlane Plaza South, Suite 400, 330 Town Center Drive, Dearborn, MI 48126-2738

Update from Apr 11, 2015: Contact your Congressman or Senator to have them push the NHTSA to make Ford pay to fix this defect. See update from NHTSA below on new petition filed under NHTSA Action#: DP15001:

Report Date : April 11, 2015 at 12:03 PM NHTSA Action Number : DP15001

NHTSA Action Number : DP15001 NHTSA Recall Campaign Number : N/A Vehicle Make / Model: Model Year(s): FORD / ESCAPE 2008-2011 FORD / ESCAPE HYBRID 2008-2011 MERCURY / MARINER 2008-2011 MERCURY / MARINER HYBRID 2008-2011 Manufacturer(s) : Ford Motor Company Component(s) : STEERING:ELECTRIC POWER ASSIST SYSTEM Date Investigation Opened : April 1, 2015 Date Investigation Closed : Open Summary: On May 27, 2014, amended June 2, 2014, Ford Motor Company (Ford) submitted a Defect Information Report (DIR) to NHTSA describing a safety defect that may result in a sudden loss of power steering assist while driving in approximately 740,878 model year (MY) 2008 through 2011 Ford Escape vehicles equipped with electric power assisted steering (NHTSA 14V-284, Ford 14S05). Ford's DIR describes the defect condition as "a poor signal to noise ratio in the torque sensor within the Electric Power Steering (EPS) system [which] does not allow the PSCM to determine the driver's steering input." When the system detects this fault condition, it transitions the EPS system to the fail-safe/manual steering mode. Ford's DIR indicates that loss of power steering assist while driving would require higher steering effort at lower vehicle speeds, which may result in an increased risk of a crash. Ford's remedy instructs dealers to check the Power Steering Control Module (PSCM) for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) to determine the proper repair procedure. If no DTCs are present, dealers will update the PSCM and instrument cluster module software. The updated PSCM software changes the torque sensor fault strategy to no longer remove power steering assist while driving for a single torque sensor fault and provide audible and visual warnings to the driver if a torque sensor fault is detected. If certain loss of steering assist DTCs are present during the initial recall inspection, the dealer will either replace the torque sensor or the PSCM, depending on the DTC present. The Ford remedy is designed to reduce the possibility of a sudden loss of power steering while the vehicle is being driven. Subsequent failures of the EPS torque sensor of PCSM would not result in sudden loss of power steering assist while driving, but would provide audible and visual warnings to the driver that EPS service is required. If the system is not promptly serviced after warning symptoms appear, power assist may not be available upon subsequent key-"ON" vehicle start-up. Ford does not provide assistance for repairs in this circumstance under the safety recall. On February 5, 2015, ODI received a petition "for a Determination of Whether Ford Motor Company ("Ford") Reasonably Met its Obligation to Remedy Recall14S05 regarding certain 2008-[2011] Model Year Escape and Mariner Vehicles" from an owner of a vehicle that experience a torque sensor failure after receiving the remedy for 14V-284 (VOQ 10670665). The petitioner alleges that the software update provided by Ford's recall does not adequately remedy the safety defect and that "the software update itself may in fact cause further issues with the affected vehicle's power steering, causing it to fail, and ultimately requiring replacement of the torque sensor or entire steering column." ODI will evaluate the information provided by the petitioner and make a grant or deny decision.

- , Ashburn, VA, USA

problem #55

Jan 262015

Escape LX 2.3L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 105,900 miles

Ford sent a recall on the steering torque sensor in August 2014. I took the car to the dealer to perform the recall. The sensor did not have a bad code, so they did a software update. Five months later the sensor went out. I could not steer my car at all and had it towed to the dealer. I was told that since the software update was done, that Ford would not cover the cost of the repair!

- , Mission Viejo, CA, USA

problem #54

Aug 142014

Escape 3.0L Litre

  • Automatic transmission
  • 180,288 miles

I didn't think it was a major problem then but now it's arm-strong steering and I don't have the money to fix it. I thought it would be easy to fix but apparently there's more to it then that. Is my vehicle one of the recalls? And, can I get it fixed at no cost?

- , Wetaskiwin, Alberta, canada

problem #53

Jan 152015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 120,000 miles

We took the vehicle in for the recall and told the guy our power steering had been going in and out and we know it will go out because the steering column "Shimmies". He told us we were not eligible for parts but were eligible for reprogramming of PSC and IC. We got home, turned the car off, went to leave about 5 minutes later, turned the car on and NO power steering and NOW we get a "fault". Before the recall we would be able to turn the car off and then on again and some of the time the power steering would come back. NOW, there is absolutely NO power steering, none of the dealerships nor the headquarters will do anything about it. I consider this negligent homicide. These service people KNOW what's happening, customer service at headquarters is SCRIPTED to deny owners, and the problem is WORSE!

Update from Apr 10, 2015: Since the manager at Royal Oak Ford was having the same problem with his vehicle he understood our problem and was very compassionate so we went there for our service. The Highway Safety Admin asked us to do a total diagnostics on the car. We had to replace the entire steering column due to a short that was in no way under our control. It cost us $1200. The HSA requested we put in a formal complaint.

- , Clinton Township, MI, USA

problem #52

Jan 112015

Escape 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 152,000 miles

Power steering stopped working half way turning through an intersection, almost hit another car but managed to go onto sidewalk and come to a stop. Dash displayed Power Steering Assist Fault. Ford had a recall on these 08 Escapes for this problem so I thought it was covered. When getting in touch with them they had stated they did an update when the recall happened and that it shouldn't have happened because they had updated the computer. This so called "fix" sadly has not fixed many of the Escapes according to what I have been reading. They still break anyways. Sad thing is THEY LEFT ME STUCK HOLDING THE BILL FOR THEIR PROBLEMS. A PROBLEM WHICH RECALLED OVER 914,000 VEHICLES. I WILL NEVER BUY A FORD AGAIN.


problem #51

Jan 142015

Escape LX 3.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,000 miles

Ford had a recall in July. We had it fixed in August but they didn't do a thing because it didn't give the computer a "code". 4 months later power steering went out while driving. Cost us $600. If we had NOT taken it for the recall notice, Ford would have paid to have it towed and fixed but because it was scanned they would not fix it. Ford needs to RECALL the RECALL and FIX the problem regardless what the little scanner says. A safety hazard is big bad business and needs to be fixed.

- , Louisville, KY - Kentucky, USA

problem #50

Nov 122014

Escape XL 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 100,000 miles

I have had intermittent failures of the power steering on my 2008 Ford Escape. I learned of Fords recall, so I took the vehicle into Ford. They had it approximately ten minutes and they said the problem was fixed. Less than three weeks went by and I experienced another loss of power steering, so I called Ford and they said it's been fixed. Well about a week after that the power steering completely failed no power at all and it says power steering fault in the information center on the dash. I called Ford and they said the problem was fixed. Would anybody say they fixed the problem? Could anyone help me resolve this, who do I need to contact?

- , Ahoskie, NC, USA

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