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pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
33,541 miles
Total Complaints:
31 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (15 reports)
  2. replacement of window (14 reports)
  3. ford just issued a tsb (1 reports)
  4. ford should repair (1 reports)
2010 Ford Escape windows / windshield problems

windows / windshield problem

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2010 Ford Escape Owner Comments (Page 1 of 2)

problem #31

Feb 202015

Escape Limited 2.5L V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 77,169 miles


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rear window exploded

This happened in the parking lot of the Winter Park, CO ski resort around noon as I was closing the rear lift gate. We drove off the mountain and dropped the car off at Lakewood Fordland to have the window repaired. I told the service rep that on the drive back we had plenty of time to do online research and discovered that this was a known problem. The service rep demonstrated no curiosity or bewilderment about the occurrence and reacted to my complaint as if there was no such thing as the Internet or the ability to research such matters online. FMC provided no relief for the repair.

- , Lakewood, CO, USA

problem #30

Feb 082015

Escape XLT 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 82,000 miles

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rear window exploded rear window exploded rear window exploded rear window exploded

Yup, it happened to me three days ago. I shut the tailgate, and a moment later the rear window exploded without any reason. I didn't get injured, fortunately, just surprised. I think more of it went into my car than onto the ground. I was glad that I had three witnesses see how crazy it was, because it just completely exploded without any provocation whatsoever. The temperature was in the 40's, and there was no stress of any kind on the window at the moment.

I noticed that others have reported an intermittent leak in the rear window beforehand; I experienced this as well. I never could find where it was coming from; the seal around the window was always dry whenever I'd find the back carpet wet.

I've been quoted a $500 repair bill. At this point, Ford does not have a recall. But I did call Ford Customer Service at (800) 392-3673 to (calmly) lodge my complaint. Hopefully if enough people do this, they will realize that there is a systematic problem and will issue a recall. I really love my Escape in all other ways; it looks like this one issue, though, is pretty severe and potentially dangerous.

- , Lebanon, CT, USA

problem #29

Feb 152015

Escape ES 3.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 77,000 miles

Surprised to find several complaints about this issue and no resolution. Glass flew everywhere, luckily myself and my son were not hurt physically, but the pain we felt is financial as I forked over $380 to fix the window, in the winter..

- , Dearborn, MI, USA

problem #28

Dec 272014

Escape 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 72,000 miles


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rear window exploded

I was getting belongings out of the back of my Ford Escape and a friend shut the car door normally when out of nowhere the entire back window EXPLODED. There was absolutely no reason this should have happened. The car door was closed in a normal fashion (and even if it was slammed shut that should not occur). The entire back window exploded and shot glass all over the ground, the people surrounding my car, and the inside of the vehicle. It was shocking and it is very inconvenient to have to have the entire back windshield replaced (windshield wiper and all) because of a manufacturer error. The most frustrating part of the whole ordeal is that Ford claims no responsibility in all of this and it is up to me to replace the window.

- , Centennial, colorado, USA

problem #27

Dec 142014


  • Automatic transmission
  • 30,000 miles

This is a problem that many people are having. Ford better take responsibility. exploding windows is dangerous!!!

- , Hamilton, Ontario, canada

problem #26

Nov 212014

Escape XLS 2.5L 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 57,000 miles

This just happened within the past hour. It's about 20 degrees outside.

Will try to plead my case tomorrow with the dealer armed with info gleaned from the web searches.

- , Cleveland, Ohio, USA

problem #25

Aug 192014

Escape Chrome I4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 48,898 miles


The car is less than 4 years old and it exploded for no reason. Partly sunny, low 80's temperature.

- , Elmwood Park, NJ, USA

problem #24

Mar 212014

Escape XLT 2.5L I4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 88,507 miles

The weather has not been cold or hot for that matter. All we did was shut the tailgate and the glass shattered. At the airport no less. Nothing hit it, just hundreds of little pieces of glass everywhere!

- , Lacey, WA, USA

problem #23

Mar 012014

Escape XLT 2.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 38,000 miles


- , Fpo, AE, USA

problem #22

Jan 152014

Escape Limited 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 72,000 miles

Opened and shut the rear gate on my 2010 Ford Escape this evening after work and the rear gate glass shattered. Glass everywhere inside and outside the car. Temp was 14 degrees F. I see there was an investigation into this issue over a year ago but no recall was issued. Looks like I was one of the lucky few to get a weak rear window. Joy.

- , Milwaukee, WI, USA

problem #21

Apr 282013

Escape Linited V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 26,048 miles


Sunday, April 28, 2013, I just loaded shopping bins in the back and closed the door when a minute later the rear window exploded sending glass flying everywhere. Good thing I was on the side going towards the drivers door. The glass was everywhere. The explosion threw the glass about 6 feet in some places. I was shocked. Will be contacting my dealer tomorrow and hope to contact Ford to lay a formal compliant.

- , Edmonton, Alberta, canada

problem #20

Dec 062012

Escape 4.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,273 miles

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rear window exploded rear window exploded rear window exploded

was having birthday supper for husband and neighbor knocked on the door and said we better go look at our truck. She was outside when this happened and said it just exploded. We went to view our vehicle and the back liftgate window was all over the ground in pieces. There was nobody around, it just exploded. It was not even that cold outside. For Canadian complaints please look up a vin decoder and find out where your vehicle was made. I bought mine in Ontario Canada however my truck was made in the missouri plant.

Have not had window fixed yet, as I do believe this should be fords responsibility not ours. I do not feel it matters whether it is warranty or not it is obviously a defect of some kind....one ford dealership had actually heard of this happening, and had one repaired as little as two weeks ago, and he said it was a interior cabin pressure issue. Again this would be a flaw in the design and a ford problem not a customer problem.

Still waiting but it is looking like I may have to go to a lawyer! :(

Update from Feb 7, 2013: so just to update my situation.....from Dec 6,2012 to date Feb.8,2013 my back window is still in plastic, and ford telling me not their problem so it looks like a lawsuit to me as this is not somthing that I feel should be a customer issue. Will keep you updated as it changes

Update from Feb 7, 2013: so just to update my situation.....from Dec 6,2012 to date Feb.8,2013 my back window is still in plastic, and ford telling me not their problem so it looks like a lawsuit to me as this is not somthing that I feel should be a customer issue. Will keep you updated as it changes

Update from Feb 8, 2013: OK...so now I am just done with Ford. This was my first Ford and I really loved my Escape, now I just want to take it back to the dealership and blow it up. I would not of course do this, but am so frustrated. So 2 months after window exploding, still not fixed, Ford I believe stalled til I was out of warrenty as I was close when this happened, and now having electrical issues with truck not holding a charge. Have had to be boosted 3 times now this week with new battery, and twice last week. What the hell is ford doing? I have looked back and these have been ongoing issues....this law suit just keeps getting bigger by the day....this is BS....I am done....I will NEVER buy another Ford again....not even if they give it to me would I take one again. I went with a Ford in 2010 as I needed a new vehicle, and toyota had so many recalls and the recession had hit others soooo bad I thought well Ford has stood true through it all....now wonder if they were sacrificing on bad parts to stay on top....hate to think that but what the hell are they doing, really....I have had 15 year old vehicles that I have never had to replace a starter or alternator much less have the window blow out on me and I drive for a living....REALLY FORD? And you tell customers out of warrenty that it is their problem....bad on you ford....gonna loose a lot of customers.....I personally am going to papers with this as well as law suit....someone needs to teach them they cannot push around customers just because they are the Big guys! BAD BAD BAD FOR BUSINESS FORD!!!!!!!

- , Ottawa, Ontario, canada

problem #19

Apr 132012


  • Automatic transmission
  • 20,940 miles

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rear window exploded rear window exploded

Pulled the truck into the garage for the night and opened the back door hatch to remove our purchases. When I shut the back door hatch there was an explosion and glass all over the garage. The hydraulic window arms are now sticking out where the window used to be; it was like they did not slide up and literally shattered the window when I tried to close the hatch, which is weird, because I never use that window.

Sure glad my dogs weren't in the car when the glass went -- would have scared them half to death.

- , Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

problem #18

Feb 172012

Escape XLT

  • Automatic transmission
  • 34,175 miles

My son had opened the tailgate (not window) to place his hockey bag in. Just after closign the tailgate, the window literally exploded! Was told this wasn't a warranty and gave me a quote of $500 to fix. This will have to be an insurance job. As a side note, I had taken the Escape into the Ford dealer several times for problems with the back window leaking.

- , Hampton, New Brunswick, canada

problem #17

Jan 022012

Escape 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 29,826 miles

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rear window exploded rear window exploded

Was about - 5C out. Car had been running for about 10 minutes to warm up. Heater was on and so was front defroster. Car was blowing warm air from heater. I put the window and rear defroster on, as well as my seat warmer as I sat in the car waiting for my husband. I was sitting in the car for at least 5 minutes minding my own business, when suddenly the back window EXPLODED for no reason. It wasn't like it just shattered, it exploded, mostly outward with pieces reaching at least 3 feet. It was hard to see them all in the dark and the snow. Will try to get them all gathered up today because my horses walk this path and the last thing I need is glass in a hoof. Ford is closed today for New Years holiday, but thanks to this website, and all the complaints I've printed off, I plan on NOT PAYING for this repair. I'll update it when it's fixed.

- , Elora, ON, canada

problem #16

Dec 072011

Escape XLT 3.0L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 36,700 miles

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rear window exploded

After getting groceries last night, I gently closed my tailgate. (NOT the glass, the tailgate). As soon as the gate latched, the back glass exploded inwards like it just got shot. My vehicle is 15 months old.

After taking it to our local Ford dealership this morning, the service manager said this was not covered under warranty and despite the fact that it is clearly a MANUFACTURER'S DEFECT, I now had to file an insurance claim. Hardly seems like my insurance should go up just because I closed my tailgate........Way to go, Ford!

- , Cumming, GA, USA

problem #15

Oct 032011

Escape Limited

  • Automatic transmission
  • 36,840 miles

This morning I was loading up our vehicle to take my husband to work and our 8 month old daughter was already fastened in her car seat in the back. My husband pulled her stroller outside for me and ran inside to get my sunglasses. I turned the car on, as it rained during the night, so I could run the wipers on the front and back windows.

I noticed that there was water on the inside of the back window and I was really annoyed because this had been already "fixed" by the dealership only a couple months prior. I jumped out, opened the back and touched the window....Yup, sure enough the seal was broken again!

I loaded the stroller in the back and shut the hatch and just as it closed there was a very loud explosion and I had glass flying at me! It went all over our parking lot, all over me and all over the inside of the trunk area. I rushed to my baby and luckily the glass never made it that far into the vehicle. It took my husband a hour to clean up all the glass from the parking lot and off our stroller, still have to vacuum that though.

After securing a babysitter I took the car to the dealership where they took photos and told me they would have to contact Ford to get approval to fix the window. Only just over 3 hours laters the service department called me to tell me that they had approved repair but would be end of the next day. I asked if we would get a loaner car and was told no because the car is still drivable...in our rainy season.....I AM NOT DRIVING THAT AND RUINING MY INTERIOR!

I was transferred to my sales rep who sold the car to us and he is setting up a demo for us to drive until the car is fixed. He said this is the 2nd car in the last month that this has happened to and that he is shocked they approved the repair so fast, so clearly Ford knows there is a problem. He will be looking into it further just so he knows about it. If Ford knows about this, why no recall on these windows yet, HUH HUH HUH.......

Are they going to wait until a child is seriously injured before they do something to change how these vehicles are being built

- , Windsor, Ontario, canada

problem #14

Jul 092011

Escape V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 24,233 miles

I drove my daughter and 3 yr old twin grandsons over to our property on the Olympic Peninsula from Seattle, taking the Bremerton Ferry so we would have less drive time. It was a beautiful, sunny 70 degree day and we arrived at 7:30pm. After unpacking the Escape, I close the back hatch and it exploded into a million pieces with glass flying 10 feet in all directions. The twins were standing close by and for some miraculous reason, none of us were hit by the the flying glass. There wasn't any reason for this to happen and we were shocked beyond belief! Glass was all over the back of the vehicle, in the pebbled driveway and bushes and still hanging from the window frame. The struts were just hanging outside the vehicle as well and it looked like a bomb had gone off in there! It took my daughter and I hours to clean up all the glass and it it still all over my property and a real safety hazard now. I am calling my lawyer tomorrow and will then decide on the right action to take after reading all of the complaints regarding this issue.

- , Seattle, WA, USA

problem #13

Dec 042010

Escape V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 12,427 miles

Saturday, December 4, 2010 - Visiting my folks in Quebec City alone with my 2 young kids and the minute I got there and emptied the trunk, the rear window exploded in a million pieces when I closed the rear latch. Of course it was Saturday afternoon and Ford dealers don't work on week-ends. I came back to Montreal with my 2 kids (250 km away) on the highway with a new found air conditioner....and it's WINTER!!!!! Kids had had and gloves on the entire ride.

Thank you to everyone to take the time to post this....hope Ford sees that this is a real problem and does a recall.

- , Montreal, Quebec, Canada

problem #12

Jan 122011

Escape Limited V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 11,500 miles

We had snow in my area, and I went down to clear off my car. I turned it on to melt some of the snow, and opened my tailgate to grab my snowbrush. When I closed the hatch, the rear window exploded. It took me a minute just to absorb what had happened; I couldn't believe it! A mess of glass everywhere, and now I have no rear windshield in the middle of winter. I contacted the dealer, who needs to check to find out if it's covered by the warranty (the car is only 8 months old). If they make me pay for it or tell me to go through insurance, so help me I will follow it up to the president of the company. Absolutely ridiculous.

Update from Jan 24, 2011: The dealer is fixing the car at no charge and gave me a rental - apparently there's a service bulletin out on this problem. I suppose I should be grateful given others' experiences, but I have now had to drive a subcompact during the worst 2 weeks of winter we've had since I moved to NH while I make payments on the car that I bought for the sole purpose of driving in the snow. To say I'm displeased with Ford would be a substantial understatement.

- , Portsmouth, NH, USA

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