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CarComplaints.com Notes: The 2010 Honda Accord has a solid reputation (so far), with one very significant flaw: uncomfortable seats.

Owners have consistently reported uncomfortable seats with the entire 8th generation (2008-2012) of Honda Accords. Complaints range from back pain to leg circulation problems due to bad lumbar support, cushioning, & seat angle. Complaints aren't limited to only a certain body type -- the seat comfort problems are from a wide spectrum of owner height & weight.

The common theme we hear is "we never noticed this during the test drive." Unfortunately for unwary buyers, the seat pain is noticeable after 15-20 minutes.


pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
37,371 miles
Total Complaints:
37 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (22 reports)
  2. Honda replacing engine (6 reports)
  3. replace engine or take car back (6 reports)
  4. pistons and rings replaced (2 reports)
  5. switched to Castrol 5-20 full synthetic (1 reports)
2010 Honda Accord engine problems

engine problem

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2010 Honda Accord Owner Comments (Page 1 of 2)

problem #37

Mar 142015

Accord LX 2.3L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 85,000 miles


The oil light came on when I used the brake. There were no oil leaks in my garage, so the obvious reason was that the engine was consuming oil. I reported that to Honda and they recommended a Oil consumption check .

I will update once I hear back the results.

- , Monmouth Junction, NJ, USA

problem #36

Nov 062014

Accord LX 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 63,000 miles

I am taking care of this 2010 Accord 4 cylinder for my niece and it is using a lot of oil every 1000 miles. I found out by reading the claims on this issue with the 6 cylinders. I called the dealer and they said to bring it by the shop and they will do a check on the oil consumption every 1000 miles. This is time consuming and it is hard for people to take time away from their work to bring it by. I think Honda needs to make sure all of the issues with their cars are taken care of. We as Americans deserve the right to see them make it correct, because we pay a lot of money for the vehicles. If we do something wrong we have to pay for it.

- , Newnan, GA, USA

problem #35

Dec 122013

Accord EX-L 3.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,000 miles

I bought my car new in March of 2010. I had been taking my car to get the oil changed on a regular basis to the Honda dealership. Last year I had my oil changed and my oil light came on before it was time for me to get my oil changed. I added oil thinking maybe they didn't put enough oil in. I went back again when it did the same thing and I told them to make sure that they were putting enough oil in because I'm having to add oil. Then it happened again.

So I didn't go back there, instead I took it to F & F tires and I told them the problem. They said that the Honda's tend to burn oil. My oil light is coming on again and it's under 3000 miles, and I had to add 2 quarts again. How can it be burning 2 quarts of oil in between oil changes? That's not normal! Now I'm pissed and freaking out! I'm still paying on that car, it has almost 75000 miles on it and I still have over a year left on payments and I can't afford to go get it fixed. Now what? It's getting worse!

- , Delavan, WI, USA

problem #34

Jan 012013

Accord LX V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 52,000 miles


My Honda Accord Coupe, V6, was consuming very large amounts of oil. The dealership (Manley Honda in Santa Rosa, CA) made me pay for an oil consumption test when all the while they knew that this was a common complaint and there was actually a class action lawsuit settlement regarding this problem. The dealership stated that 1 quart of oil per 1,000 miles was normal oil consumption. Well, I didn't fall off of the turnip truck yesterday, I know that was outlandish.

Several months later, while driving in the desert, the engine light came on and the car began running very rough. So rough, that it was un-drivable. I paid out of my own pocket to have the car towed back to the dealership (187 miles) without reimbursement. Amazingly enough, this is a problem that is covered under a class action settlement agreement (Engine Misfire Settlement). By the way, this was the reason for the excessive oil consumption.

Honda replaced only 4 of the 6 rings, because they stated only 4 were damaged. How much sense does that make? They all work together. Anyway, since the major engine work was done, the car burns excessive amounts of gasoline. Again, denial from Honda.

- , Santa Rosa, CA, USA

problem #33

May 012012

Accord EX-L V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 68,000 miles

I bought my Honda used from a Honda dealership. About 2 years ago I started to notice it using a lot of oil. I have a service contract so I told the dealership on multiple occasions. They acted like they had never heard of this problem. I finally worked it out to bring my car back ever ~500 to have the oil monitored. (Got that? A quart of oil every 500 miles.) Each time they had to add a quart of oil.

After multiple checks they mentioned it could be a problem with motor, but they wanted to check it one more time. I brought it back as requested. It was after a holiday and their normal staffing was off. They add the oil, took my info, and told me someone would contact me the following week. Nothing. No phone call. So I called them. Was not able to talk to anyone in the service department, so I left a message. Nothing. No phone call. I called again and had to leave a message. Again, nothing. After three tries with no returned call, I went there the following Saturday for another check. I was again a quart low and they told me the service manager would call me on Monday. This time someone (not the service manager) called me and said "a quart of oil every 1,000 miles is within what the car will normally use." We went from 'yes, we think there is a problem' to 'oops, no one recorded the last time you came in, so everything looks fine.'

I understand Honda has acknowledged there is a problem, but this only includes V6. Not sure what to do from here. I'm getting the run around at the dealership.

- , Fairmont, WV, USA

problem #32

Sep 022012

Accord LX 4 cyl

  • Manual transmission
  • 25,000 miles

I've had this issue since the car was about 2 years old, but didn't realize I was losing oil because I change my oil frequently. The first time I realized it was an oil issue was when the noise on cold start up drew my attention - and after checking, realized OIL loss was an issue.

Since the cold-running engine noise sounded bad, I checked the oil - and sure enough, after about 2000 miles, no oil shows on the dipstick.

I've owned 2-3 Honda's at a time since the 80s and never experienced an issue like this. I've Got Civic Si's for my kids, Odyssey for my wife and Accord for me.

Honda - I consider myself a Honda-guy (much like my Dad was a Pontiac-Guy) keep this up, and you'll lose a dedicated customer.

Update from Apr 16, 2015: The Honda Dealer (Schlossman's Honda in Wisconsin) keeps adding oil. I stop in every 1000 miles or so, and they add oil.

Wow - what a great fix Honda.

I met with the salesman that sold me this (and 5 other new cars in past) and told him that he'd be losing a Honda customer. He wasn't happy. He offered to take in as trade-in, but couldn't tell me how the new one would be any more reliable.

At this point, I'm shopping for another car.

- , Franklin, WI, USA

problem #31

Jul 012014

Accord LX 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 46,000 miles


Bought my car about 4 months ago from a private owner. Only 46,000 miles. 2 months later the engine begins rattling on cold start-up. It got significantly worse, very quickly. I took it in and it was completely empty on oil. The rattling went away for one day and came back the next morning on cold start-up. Kept checking fluids and the oil was gone again a month later. We thought maybe the rod and main bearings got damaged so we checked those as well, they were perfect. Gave another full synthetic oil change with Lucas Additive and now here we are a month later, only about 1,000 miles down, and it's COMPLETELY EMPTY AGAIN! So.....I have no idea whats going on with it.

I see that others are experiencing the same problem, can anyone help? Does anyone know anything?

- , Coarsegold, CA, USA

problem #30

Sep 212014

Accord EX 2.4L 4-cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 80,000 miles

Last week, my car started making this weird grinding (not sure if that's right) noise. I got on google and started doing with my car what moms do with their first born kids. Of course, everything I found was "blah blah is wrong, 100% certain of it, $2000 repair cost". A week later a few panic attacks later (because what full-time student has that kind of money), I saw my oil light (not maintenance minder, but the actual oil can light) come on for about 30 seconds. I figured I'd go get my scheduled oil change. No more noise. The oil was low. I was a couple hundred miles late but my oil should not have been low. I ended up posting the issue on Facebook, asking for insight from friends that may know what the issue is. That's when the comments started rolling in about the lawsuit, problem, potential consequences of it not being fixed. My car is a 4-cylinder (not covered by the settlement), but having the same exact issue. That's just a coincidence?

My guess is that the majority of the plaintiffs owned the 6-cylinder and they settled for the "good of the majority" instead of chancing a loss. But what about the rest of us that are stuck with crap cars? Honda knows that by including 4-cylinder models in the settlement, the extended warranty would have to cover an unknown, but possibly significant, number of vehicles that haven't started having trouble yet. Maybe it just takes longer for the effects to manifest in the 2.4L engine. I am extremely upset at the idea that this is even a possible explanation for what has been happening to my car. If it becomes a more severe problem and Honda does not rectify it, they will go out of business.

~ TB

- , Salem, VA, USA

problem #29

Feb 042014

Accord EX 2.4L V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 68,000 miles

It has been determined thorugh official Honda oil consumption test that my car is burning in excess of 1/2 quart per 1,000 miles. Although Honda coorporate had agreed this is an issue they are saying "even though this is a known issue with the 2008 - 2012 Honda Accords they are unwilling to pay for repairs due to the fact the car is outside it Warranty ( and at the time of the issue only exceeded it by 6000) miles. In reviewing the claim action suit it appears that only V6 engines are covered, when the issue is effecting both V6 and V4 engines. Can you explain to my why this is and are there any more venues to resolution before I take this to the local news and ask that they report into this. I live in Raleigh, NC and it is obvious the Honda Accord is a VERY popular car in this area and I sure the news would love to check into this expose Crowne Honda of SouthPoint, one of the largest Honda dealers in the area.

Thank you.

- , Durham, NC, USA

problem #28

Aug 012010

Accord 4DR 3.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 3 miles

click to see larger images

excessive oil consumption excessive oil consumption excessive oil consumption

Very disappointed. This is not the Honda Motor Co I have known for many years. Verrry high oil consumption, caused other issues to be in separate complaint. For some reason unknown the oil consumption is now almost acceptable using full synthetic but the damage has been done to all OEM plugs. I now carry a spare set of plugs and required tools. Also now carry a scanner to read the codes. Mine is P0303. Fouled plug.

Update from Aug 30, 2014: I have a plan now to get the expected 200k miles from this vehicle. If someone comes up with any improvement to the plan,please advise.

1. Do not take to Honda dealer unless a personal friend. ( they would not tell you the full extent of the problem)

  1. Immediately switch to full synthetic ( Castrol 5-20 others may work but i know this oil does) for reduced oil consumption. During same service, replace ALL six plugs. I could only find them at O'Reilly, NGK 7751 Iridium @ $15ea.

    3. Every other oil change , replace the three rear plugs. I have a pic to share showing drastic difference in oil fouling from rear 3 plugs to front 3 plugs. Every 4th oil change replace all plugs. Do not torque plugs down excessive as you will be changing plugs frequently. This could be a hint on the design issue, I don't know. Maybe oil is pooling in the rear head and not front, leaking into valve seals?. The synthetic oil probably drains down to crankcase easier from it's flow characteristic. I'm guessing.

    So thats it. I changed my own plugs and cleared the P0303 code. Best Regards vonStuka

    Update from Aug 30, 2014: Mileage correction for this vehicle complaint. The correct mileage is 52,200 miles. The rough idle started around 5k miles ago. I do not get to drive this one unless there is a problem. Its my wife car and I was looking at the trip meter adding a zero. Correct mileage today is 52,200.

    The oil consumption issue I'm afraid has been in place since driving off the dealer's lot. Regards vonStuka

- , Spring, TX, USA

problem #27

Jun 092014

Accord LX 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 54,672 miles


I was told that because I had a 4 cylinder that this wasn't the same problem as the 6 cylinder issue but that they wanted me to come in every 1000 miles to verify that this is the same excessive oil consumption problem the 6 cyl are having. So I guess it is now up to me to do my part and I will update results as I go along.

- , Fort Worth, TX, USA

problem #26

Jul 012013

Accord LX 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 90,000 miles

I took my Accord in for the 4th time since August 2013. I'm currently set up for an oil consumption test. I lost 1.75 quarts of oil since my last oil change and was told that is less than 1 quart per 1,000 miles. On the next consumption test, I was down almost 3 quarts and even though I was above the Honda standard, the car was no longer under warranty and the repair would not be covered.

Service rep. maintained Honda is that 1 quart per 1,000 miles is normal. I bought a Honda because of its reputation of being dependable. I no longer feel I am driving a dependable car if I'm having to pull over on the highway to have to top of the oil in a 2010 model year car.

- , Lanoka Harbor, NJ, USA

problem #25

Oct 202010

Accord LX-P 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 19,000 miles

I normally change my oil every 3,000 to 4,000 miles, even though Honda states 7500miles. I was on the road took my car in for an oil change at Wal-Mart. They advised me there was no oil showing on the dipstick. I had to sign a paper relieving them of any responsibility in the event the engine failed. We called our local Honda Dealer when we got back in town. They did an oil consumption test In fact they did several oil consumption tests and it was always within the National Transportation standards. A quart of oil every 1000 miles has been the norm for this car. This was my third Honda Accord so I knew this was not normal. I am very disappointed that Honda knew they had a problem. I was at Honda dealer today to pick up my 2013 Accord. The service manager was still denying that a quart of oil every 1000 miles is excessive.

- , Burlington, KY, USA

problem #24

Sep 062013

Accord EX-L 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 56,000 miles

click to see larger images

excessive oil consumption excessive oil consumption

I have a 2010 Accord EX-L with a 4 cylinder engine. I have been dealing with excessive oil consumption for the last 5-6 months. I brought the car in about 6,000 miles after the previous oil change because the car was running rougher than usual, and the check oil light would randomly come on and off. My husband checked the oil and it was bone dry (would not register any oil on the dipstick). Honda told me they would put me on an oil consumption test, and to come back after 1,000 and have them check the level. Well, they overfilled the oil tank when changing the oil, so of course when I brought it back in after 1,000 miles, they said it was well within the normal range and said there was no problem. Here it is about 4,000 after they checked it, and again my oil is almost gone. There should be no way that a car that is less than 4 years old with 61,000 miles on it should be burning through 4 quarts of oil in 5,000 miles. I will be bringing it in to Honda again today to see what they will do for me. I will update when I hear back. I fully intend on making a big stink not only with my local Honda dealer, but with Honda corporate and on social media if this is not resolved to my satisfaction.

Update from Mar 25, 2014: Went back to the local Honda dealer yesterday when the oil was reading below the bottom dot of the dip stick (which was about 3,300 miles after it was topped off by the dealer in January 2014).

The service writer "conveniently" has no record in the computer of me bringing in my car in January, and blamed me for the lack of oil because he claimed I was overdue for an oil change. Funny how I have brought the car in two other times before then complaining of the same issue.

They changed what oil was left and put me on yet another oil consumption test. I am to drive it for another 1,000 miles and bring it in to be checked. I will be doing my own documentation with photos.

I did blast Honda on Facebook and Twitter after that. No response on Facebook, but someone in customer service did respond to my tweet, asking me to message them with my VIN, name, and phone number, and that someone will be calling me back by 3/27 (it's 3/25 today). Not holding my breath on that.

I will update again if I hear from Honda Customer Service or after my first 1,000 miles of the consumption test. Ridiculous that we are being forced to jump through a million hoops to prove that we have a KNOWN issue.

Update from Jun 26, 2014: FINALLY, after 3 failed oil consumption tests with the dealer (and almost a year of hassle), Honda Corporate has agreed to replace the pistons and rings at their cost, and are providing a 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty on their work. I brought my Accord in this morning for the repairs. After my car had been at the dealer for an hour or so, I get a call from them stating that the timing chain is covered in sludge (as well as the rest of the inside of the engine) and that it needed to be replaced. Gee, I wonder why it was covered in sludge? Maybe because oil has been leaking into the engine for who knows how long?? I was told that Honda Corporate would not cover the replacement of the timing chain and I'm on the hook for replacing it ($176 plus tax). At this point I am so sick of dealing with this that I will probably just pay it (although my husband is pushing me to fight them on it). I will update if there are any new developments.

- , Social Circle, GA, USA

problem #23

Nov 042013

Accord EX-L 3.5L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 23,900 miles

Honda of America knows there is a problem with the V-6 using huge amounts of oil.Went on a 800 mile trip and the emissions light came on. I pulled over in a small town and paid $6.99 for 10-30 oil. It took 4qts to get it up to a decent level. I found a Autozone and had them check with a diagnostics machine. It came up internal leakage on cylinder 2 & 3. The guy said I would drive slower and check oil every hour or so.

We made it home and I took the car to Meyer Honda in Ofallon Illinois. In the meantime the light went out. Honda said since Autozone checked and cleared codes they couldn't do anything. But there is a recall to replace the rings on V-6 engines with certain codes. I said I should have let the engine expire from lack of oil,because I know they won't fix the problem until trouble codes appear.

Even though the company is aware of the problem Honda of America is trying to wait out the warranty's so they don't have to re-ring thousands of cars. Don't try and diagnose your oil usage problem, just get it into a dealer THEY KNOW THERE IS A RECALL BUT THEY ARE TRYING TO KEEP IT QUIET..

- , Alton, IL, USA

problem #22

Oct 162013


  • Automatic transmission
  • 65,000 miles

Honda Service Bulletin 13-078 for 2008-12 Honda Accord V6 A/T was released on 9OCT13. They will be fixing my car on Tuesday and I'll let everyone know if it resolves my problem!

- , Nashville, TN, USA

problem #21

May 152013

Accord EXL 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 70,000 miles

Similar to others with vcm. first had excessive oil consumption with fouling of spark plug, @ ~30K mi.fixed that and did new computer program, then @ 70K had to replace small engine block. I paid 5% of the estimated $6,000 cost. . Now at 100K, so far, no new problem

- , Boston, MA, USA

problem #20

Nov 132012

Accord 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 48,116 miles

The dealership tries to put you off and not fix the problem. I'm still battling with the dealership

- , Houston, TX, USA

problem #19

Jul 222013

Accord EX-L 3.5L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 59,670 miles


This summary shows the 16 times I had to bring my car in for routine and unplanned service throughout the 3 yrs and 5 mos I have owned this 2010 Accord; purchased brand new The number above each paragraph represents the visit. I have included the mileage, date and place of service.

Purchased new on 2/2010.

(1) [8,243] (9/20/10) [Honda-Annapolis] - Check engine light came on (steady yellow), car was still performing well, took in to have it diagnosed. I was told that tests were done and codes were cleared. Oil was changed, tires rotated, no charges were made except for the cost of the oil change, regular maintenance. [Some of the codes retrieved – P3400, P3497]

(2) [16,687] (4/9/11) [Honda-Annapolis] - Steady, check engine light came on, car was still performing well, took it in to have diagnosed. I was told there was nothing out of the ordinary. Oil was changed and all fluids were topped off. [Some of the codes retrieved – P3400, P3497]

(3) [25,362] (10/28/11) [Honda-Annapolis] - Car was significantly pulling to the left when driving, took car in for alignment check, oil and regular mx. Alignment was out and was charged $74.95 to correct problem (odd that a brand new car with 25,362 miles would need an alignment adjustment). Changed oil, rotated tires, replaced air filter, interior micro filter, and inspected and adjusted drive belts. I was charged $344.78 for this service.

(4) [29,797] (2/10/12) [Honda-Annapolis] - Steady check engine light was on. I was told that it was a faulty oil pressure switch, part was ordered and replaced. [Codes found – P3400]

(5) [31,550] (3/20/12) [Price-Dover] - During a drive from home to Dover, DE, car started to run very rough, sputtering, revving low and high with a flashing check engine light. Luckily, this occurred ¼ block from a Honda dealer off the highway and a managed to drive the vehicle directly to the service department of Price Honda in Dover. Mechanic explained that oil was 1 qt low, and that he replaced 3 spark plugs (#3, #2, #1). He also performed a multi-point inspection and all was good, no charge for all the warranty work. [Codes – P0303, P3400, P3497]

(6) [33,798] (5/25/12) [KI Shell] - Had the oil and oil filter changed before a long trip .

(7) [40,993] (11/2/12) [Price-Dover] - Noticed while driving that the ECO light has not been coming on. I called and was advised that I should bring the car in. I took it to Price Honda in Dover because they were the last to perform service on the vehicle. I was told that there was no oil on the dipstick, but my “Oil Life” gauge in the vehicle was 30%. 7,000 miles with the Oil Life indicating 30% should not use all the oil in the car. I was told that there was still over 2 qts of oil in the Accord even though the dipstick is shows none. Multi-point service was performed and oil/filter was replaced, cost of the service was $155.74. [Codes – P3400, P3497]

(8) [47,915] (2/16/13) [Honda-Annapolis] - Steady check engine light was on. Took car into Honda-Annapolis, was told that the vehicle would need: Induction and valve cleaned, flush and replace hydraulic brake fluid, and oil because there was no oil on dipstick. Again, 7000 miles and no oil on the dipstick is “normal”…..Oil Life again at 30%. I had all of these mx items performed and total cost for this was $387.82. [Codes – P3400, P3497,

(9) [50,394] (3/23/13) [Honda-Annapolis] - Vehicle was pulling to left, so I brought in to have alignment checked. Charged $84.19 for 4-wheel alignment.

(10) [53,131] (5/03/13) [Honda-Annapolis] - Flashing check engine light came on and vehicle was noticeably running rough. Also, vehicle was still pulling to the left. They found that the car was 2.5 qts low on oil. I asked if this was strange given that the oil was changed about 5,000 miles before. I was told that this was within parameters. They added oil and the steering was realigned.

(11) [55,101] (5/31/13) [Honda-Annapolis] - Vehicle started to run very rough, sputtering, revving high and low, sounding like it was misfiring. I brought the car back to Honda-Annapolis and was told the car was 2 qts low on oil. I was again told that this was within parameters (2 qts after 2,000 miles) and that an oil consumption test would be performed. Come back in 1000 miles to recheck.

(12) [56,263] (6/13/13) [Honda-Annapolis] - Started car at home and flashing check engine light came on, car was sputtering. Checking the dipstick, there was no oil registering. I could not get a hold of any service technician at Honda at 7am and could not get a return phone call. I had important business to attend to that day so like an idiot, I thought putting 1.5 qts of oil and driving the car to the dealer so they can check the engine would be a common sense activity. I was told that by adding oil, I negated the oil consumption test. The dealer found that the oil level was still ½ qt low and they performed a multi-point inspection. Changed the oil and charged $572.09 to remove and replace brake pads and machine rear rotors. I later found out that machine grinding the rotors is an unnecessary procedure given the cost of new rotors, but that’s not indicative of the manufacturer. A new oil consumption test would have to be performed.

(13) [57,972] (6/26/13) [Honda-Annapolis] - On highway, check engine light started to flash followed shortly after with the car sputtering and running really rough. I pulled over and shut the engine. Subsequent starts of the engine revealed that the problem of the engine running rough was still present, so I had the car towed to Honda-Annapolis. Mr Owens told me that the #3 spark plug was fouled out and they replaced the spark plug. I was also told that the oil level was “ok”. [Codes – P0303]

(14) [58,566] (7/3/13) [Colonial Honda-Richmond] - On highway outside of Richmond, VA on vacation, the car exhibited the same problem as the week prior, check engine light flashing, sputtering, running extremely rough. Pulled over and had the vehicle towed to the nearest Honda dealer, Colonial Honda. I was told the oil level was 1 qt low and the #3 spark plug has fouled out. They replaced the fouled spark plug and I was reassured that the car would make the short drive home, so I cut the vacation short to drive straight home. [Codes – P0303]

(15) [58,760] (7/5/13) [Honda-Annapolis] - Michael Owens checked the car and I was advised that the technicians had switched coil pack #2 with coil pack #3 to verify what is exactly causing the problem with the spark plug fouling. If the spark plug fouls again and it is the #2 plug, then the problem will lie in the coil pack. If the spark plug fouls out and it is the #3 plug, then the problem will be somewhere in the #3 cylinder. Oil was checked and I was told to bring in when any problem arose.

(16) [59,669] (7/16/13) [Honda-Annapolis] - Car started to sputter and run rough with the yellow engine light flashing on the way to work in the morning. I managed to turn the car around on the highway and brought the car to the dealer. After waiting 3 hours, I was told that more testing needed to be accomplished and that I will be called later in the day. I was told that a loaner vehicle is not this dealership’s policy to be given out!? I arranged to be picked up.

(7/17/13) [Honda-Annapolis] - I received a call around 5:45 pm informing me that the engine is in serious need of repair. Parts were ordered and I was told they would be replacing the “short block”, not sure exactly how much of the engine this will entail.

(7/18/13) [Honda-Annapolis] - I went in the garage and the mechanic showed me the engine. I was able to see and feel that the #3 cylinder was badly scorched and the #2 cylinder was scorched as well. I was told that the cylinder walls would normally be smooth, for obvious reasons, but there were significant perpendicular grooves in the #3 cylinder and grooves in the #2 cylinder. I was told that the grooves were probably due to a defect, which got progressively worse. Also, oil escaped through the grooves and was fouling out the spark plugs and contributed to the high oil consumption rate my car has been experiencing since 30,000 miles.

(7/22/2013) [Honda-Annapolis] - I called and was notified that the short block and parts arrived today and that they were going to start to “drop the short block” in my vehicle.

(7/23/2013) [Honda-Annapolis] – I was called by dealer stating that the short block would be installed today and that he will call me once the tests were completed so I can pick up.

I am in contact with Honda America to see about Honda picking up the tab for a $2,100 extended warranty to cover the "new engine" because after replacement, the new engine does not have a warranty.

Update from Aug 21, 2013: Honda replaced my engine but will not extend the warranty past 60K for the "new" engine. That's great considering I have 330 miles to go before I go over 60K. I paid for an extended warranty through the dealer and Honda America will not reimburse me the $2100. I called and worked with Honda America and a case worker named Sarah Frank and her supervisor, Jennifer P. To make a long story even longer, these case workers read my ordeal and find nothing wrong with all of my visits, time lost, etc., they do feel “sorry” that I had to experience them, but nothing Honda deems extraneous enough to warrant compensation beyond a Honda “Loyalty Card.” They will not provide me anything in writing (letter, e-mail) stating what I discussed with them and nothing about their review of my complaint and their judgment. All they can provide me is a “verbal” acknowledgment of what they have done. Heck, the supervisor wouldn’t even give me her full name?! Their company policy does not allow them to give full names, phone numbers, e-mails, or even letters--basically anything that leaves some sort of proof of what they are doing. So that’s it folks, Honda Customer Service at it’s best. All I can do is identify the fact that their customer service is ridiculous for a company which prides itself on a superior product……hope your Honda does not have a problem.

- , Stevensville, MD, USA

problem #18

May 022011

Accord EXL V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 70,000 miles

At less than 30000miles I replaced the brake pads, that sucked. Now I have an oil consumption problem. Apparently Honda says it's normal to burn 1 qt of oil every 1000miles, I say NO. WTF I bought this car because of Honda's good name. Well it's JUNK to me, and the fact that they just keep sweeping this problem under the rug pisses me off even more. Time to man up Honda, just like Toyota did with there rust issues.

Update from May 23, 2013 BIG news, after numerous complaints Honda called me to tell me they are giving me a new engine. Well I wish I wasn't so harsh with my first complaint. Guess the squeaky wheel gets the motor. Thanks Honda.

- , Woodbury, CT, USA

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