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pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
No data
Average Mileage:
103,061 miles
Total Complaints:
10 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (9 reports)
  2. reattach loose ground wire from bottom rear of motor (1 reports)
2001 Chevrolet Silverado accessories - interior problems

accessories - interior problem

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2001 Chevrolet Silverado Owner Comments

problem #10

Sep 102013

Silverado Z71 5.3L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 123,000 miles


I bought this 2001 Chevrolet z71 4x4 on Sep 10 2013. I got a good deal on it if I can fix the problem. All the gauges are dead, no function. The security light flashes 5 time then the battery light will flash once. Then repeat. I have no odometer lit at all. The shift position out as well. I put a used cluster panel in from the auto salvage yard. I did get a odometer and shift position to come on, but still no gauges. So I didn't buy it. Someone told me I would have to have a dealer to plug in the cluster and program it to work. Does this sound right to anyone else?

- , Llano, TX, USA

problem #9

Jul 162012

Silverado 4.3L V6

  • Manual transmission
  • 48,051 miles

The low fuel light came on and the fuel gauge read empty right after I filled the tank. Then, very slowly, the needle on the fuel gauge started to rise, and after about 15 minutes of driving was finally registering what seemed to be the correct amount. This also happened on the previous fill-up, but that time the fuel gauge registered empty and then suddenly jumped up to the correct level.

- , Cincinnati, OH, USA

problem #8

Nov 122008

Silverado Z71 5.3L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 116,000 miles

This problem started shortly after I returned from Iraq. First it was the fuel gauge malfunctioning, reading low fuel when knew good and well it was full. I heard a similar story that it was about $500 to fix. Hardly fair if I do say, to fix one sensor, however i do realize the amount of labor; lifting bed, draining tank, etc..., but with the prevalence of the problem shouldn't it be a recall? Oh that's right, that would mean GM would have to take responsibility. Moving on, now the low coolant light comes on when I know the level is fine. Next, the ABS lights come on intermittently, again they are fine. Finally, the cruise control decides to work when it wants to. I hooked up a code reader which transmitted "PASS no codes found". Now I may not be a genius but something is not right and if the fuel sensor is as steep as I hear, I can only imagine what this will run to "find" and fix. If anyone has any solutions you will receive my eternal gratitude. Ok maybe not eternal but I'd really appreciate it. Also, if anyone from GM is reading this all I have to say is, Really? Do the right thing, fix the problem in a recall and thank all your customers so that they may continue to fund your retirement.

- , Greenwood, IN, US

problem #7

Feb 092010

Silverado 1500 5.3L

  • Manual transmission
  • 99,500 miles


My 2001 Silverado guges and lights on the dash started going nuts about 2 weeks ago was driving home from work and all the lights air bag abs brake and on the security center showed the battery light security low engine oil change engine oil check engine oil and service 4wd lights all came on and then went out and then started all over again plus all the gauges rpm speedometer engine temp oil pressure all of them went to zero and then back to normal constantly some days is worse than others. some days it don't happen at all and then all at once it will happen and just wont stop. its pissed me off so much that i will never again buy another GM product this is my third one and is the worst my first one i put well over two hundred thousand miles on and never had a single problem my second one never had a single problem until a buddy of mine ran it into a tree. GM has just lost a life long customer because of this problem.

- , New Paris, OH, USA

problem #6

Nov 012007

Silverado Z71 1500 5.3L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 150,000 miles

I'm having the exact same problem. I've found that a temporary fix is to pull the negative battery terminal. That seems to work for a while, but it always comes back. I've asked tons of mechanics and they always tell me they don't know. Awesome. I talked to one a few days ago and he said to replace the ignition switch. He said it shorts out and causes knock sensors to read wrong and all kinds of gauge cluster glitches. Does that make sense? I haven't tried it yet because I don't have enough money to fix things if I'm not sure.

- , Pensacola, FL, USA

problem #5

Feb 182009

Silverado Z71 5.3L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 130,000 miles

i had this problem and really flipped out and didn't know what to do so me and my buddy spent two whole days looking at any thing that we could think of and come to find out all it was was the ground came loose from the bottom rear of the motor and goes to the driver side fire wall so check this and maybe it will help someone.

- , Pass Christian, MS, USA

problem #4

Jan 012009

Silverado HD 6.0L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 102,000 miles


Having the same problem with the cluster gauges going haywire. Happens more when it is cold outside. Gas gauge won't work, speedometer, drive, park, neutral lights don't work,

then after I hit a few bumps, gas gauge starts working, drive, park neutral, etc.

show up, gas gauge keeps going up and down. and the speedometer starts working.

pushed in all the fuses (someone said to take off the side panel where the fuses are and push them in, it worked for a minute!) Went into hood fuse compartment did the same thing (didn't work at all). If anyone finds the problem I would like to know, can't afford to go get an electrical diagnosis as you know, will probably be ripped off and then they won't find the problem. Of course vehicle is out of warranty. Also replaced the battery in 2006 and then again yesterday (so getting about 2 years 8 months on a battery) I also noticed when the vehicle is turned off and the key is taken out of ignition, bright light icon and cruise control icon show up on dash.

- , Wappinger Falls, NY, USA

problem #3

Dec 012008

Silverado LS 6.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 42,500 miles

this truck is the love of my life mint condition ext cab reg 2500 not had not many like this model fire engine red shes a beauty. just replaced brakes this year 51000 miles on her . this gas gauge thing really burns me up, gas gauge fluctuates reads empty when it's full up and down i think gm ought to stand up and take responsibility for this after all they know about it i am sure of it. HEY GM IF YOUR READING THIS DO THE RIGHT THING YOU'LL BE A HERO TO ALOT OF PEOPLE!! THANKS!

- , Milford, NH, US

problem #2

Nov 272008

Silverado 1500 5.3L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 61,000 miles

Problem already posted, but can't believe I am only the 2nd posting of this problem. About 10 days ago I noticed a problem with the fuel gauge. If truck is stationary for several seconds fuel gauge will display empty even though it is not. Not a major problem but definitely a symptom. Then 2 days ago started truck, took off down the road and message center displayed battery problem, speedometer quit, tach quit, fuel gauge quit, radio began to cut out intermittently but oil pressure gauge was still okay. I got home, parked truck and turned it off. Attempted to restart and would not respond to turned ignition. I reset, pulled key and tried again and it started. Investigating a possible solution now.

- , Cincinnati, OH, USA

problem #1

Sep 152008

Silverado Blue LS 6.6L Lb7

  • Automatic transmission
  • 158,560 miles

I know Im out of warranty but i can't believe this is the only time this has ever happened.... So here I go.... Driving thru Flint Michigan, PotHole capital of the world, I hit a hard one. So hard that my ass end slid to the side about 3 feet, I was doing 70 when this happened.The message center started to flash battery and security and then low fuel... The tack went to 0 the speedo went to 100, the gas gage when to empty,(FULL TANK) engine and Tranny temp went to cold.(I'D BEEN DRIVING FOR ABOUT 45 MINUTES OR SO, SO SHE WAS GOOD AND WARM)..... Oil pressure and Voltage gauge working fine. With in about 15 seconds, The message center started to flash the red battery, security, and low fuel...Then it would stop about 10 to 15 seconds then start again, then about 5 minutes later it started to do it continuously... When that happened the TACH went to 4500, the speedo sat at 100 but the Odometer was working properly.( I was doing about 50 trying to figure out my situation)... The Gas tranny an eng temp gauges stayed inop but the Voltage and oil pressure gauges worked fine.


I got a code reader on my truck so I checked that and there are NO codes in the computer. I have a performance computer (Juice Edge) on board and it was reading proper Speed and Eng RPM, boost and % load. So the computers were working fine....

The other things that work fine that I know and do not have lights now, Is the cruise, and tow/load button. Both work fine, but the dash lights don't come on when you have them active.

I think it is a plug under the dash... But being the Voltage and oil pressure gauges work properly, I'm at a loss where to start. I looked over the fuses, I looked over the quick to find plugs and have started it many times to find nothing has fixed it... Has anyone had something like this happen? I have hit bumps before and it has done this briefly, but usually when I shut it off and restart, it is fine. This is the first time it has stayed like this...

Any thing??? Anyone???? Thanks for letting me Vent!!! John

- , Black River, NY, USA

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