Notes: The second generation Durango was introduced in 2004 and instantly came under fire for, well, catching on fire.

From 2004-2006 electrical overloading in the driver's side instrument panel caused numerous reports of interior fires. The interior infernos became so commonplace that Chrysler eventually issued a recall.

The problems didn't stop there, however. Owners of the recalled vehicles complained about being treated unfairly and given take-it-or-leave-it low ball settlement offers. "They offered me $2000 under NADA retail as a settlement," said one owner, "and have been rude and hostile to deal with." Nothing says awesome service like treating your customers rudely after their cars have caught on fire.

Have we mentioned all the reports of complete engine failure due to oil sludge?


really awful
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
114,121 miles
Total Complaints:
138 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. replace engine (104 reports)
  2. not sure (15 reports)
  3. replace engine or junk it (10 reports)
  4. Dodge recalls due to design flaw (4 reports)
  5. gave to charity (2 reports)
  6. replace cowl to prevent engine hydrolock (1 reports)
2004 Dodge Durango engine problems

engine problem

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2004 Dodge Durango Owner Comments (Page 7 of 7)

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problem #18

Nov 012011

Durango SLT 5.7L Litre Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 145,000 miles


Its time for my Durango to get its inspection, so while I'm there i get the oil changed (Monday 3pm). With the oil change comes an 'DNA' of your vehicle (diagnostic test of vehicle) problems. Tuesday @around 5pm I'm at a red light, the light turns green and iI step on the gas and BOOM...the worst noise I have ever heard from a vehicle. I immediately pull over to see whats going on, look under the truck and I see oil pouring out. My first thought was "what the #%&! did they do to my truck. After having it towed back to the shop, we make sure they did everything they were supposed to(oil,cap,ect) Upon further inspection we see a big hole in the side of the block. How in the world can A vehicle be fine one day, and then blow out an engine the next day..if someone has the answer (Chrysler), could you please tell me.I really loved that truck, but unless they help me with my problem, it will be the last dodge I buy. I will also try and deter anyone from buying anything from dodge/Chrysler. I know its going to be hard but maybe if enough people complain something may get done.

- , Richmond, VA, USA

problem #17

May 292011

Durango Limited 5.7L Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 116,000 miles

Have a 2004 Dodge Durango Limited. Loved it to death and had very few problems with it. Drove it about an hour and a half away from home to go camping and it drove perfect just like always. We drove it for the last time Saturday night up to the campstore for wood and still it was running perfect. We went to start it on Sunday afternoon and the engine made this terrible noise like something was flapping around clunking metal so my husband turned it off right away, we look down and oil is pouring out. Our connecting rod went through our oil pan and we now need to replace the engine. Dodge still has not done a recall on this motor even after this same exact thing has happened hundreds of times, many probably not reported. I called Dodge to ask for assistance in the bill and was out of luck because I had over 100,000 miles. I would think that when you pay 35,000 to 40,000 for a vehicle, the manufacture should stand behind it a little more. My family will no longer be purchasing any Dodge/Chrysler vehicles in the future and I will let everyone I know how shady they are being regarding this KNOWN problem.

- , Warsaw, IN, USA

problem #16

Apr 252011

Durango 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 82,000 miles

We drove all over the place the day before without any problems. My husband went to leave on Monday morning to run an errand and when he started it he heard a loud clicking sound. Upon investigation...he found a hole in the oil pan and we had it towed to the Dodge dealer where we purchased it new in the summer of 04'. They called the next day and said it was Engine failure and it would cost $6500.00 to fix. Are you serious???? No engine lights, smoking, noises....nothing until the morning he went to start and found the oil on the ground. I did have a problem twice with the engine just dying while i was in driving it....and was powerless to steer it or use the brakes...luckily both times I was in very little traffic. It started right back up both times as soon as I put it in park and turned the key. We have maintained the vehicle the entire time we have owned it and cant understand how they can just charge us for an engine when it was nothing that we did....and by reading the complaints on this site and is apparent that it is a common problem for the 04' Durango's and the 04' Rams and even the 04 Jeeps....why isnt Chrysler doing something about this?

- , Dayton, OH, USA

problem #15

Mar 292011

Durango 5.7L Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 94,000 miles


I used my Dodge Durango to get my kids from school. That is until last week when I started my engine and the rod broke and punched a hole in my engine. My car now need a 6k new engine. In doing research on this problem I have found dozens of examples of this happening to other people and Dodge seems to think that major engine failure at 90,000 is perfectly fine.

- , Vickery, OH, USA

problem #14

Jan 162011

Durango Limited 5.7L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 117,000 miles

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engine failure engine failure

Last month, my Durango passed away. The engine had never given me a problem. No rough running, no skips or bumps, not anything one could perceive as a warning. The last time I drove the car, the engine performed as usual, taking a highway trip and getting it's usual fuel economy along the way. I took care of this engine. However, the very next time I got in the car, the engine failed on start-up as I turned the key. Horrible loud metal noises lead to less loud, but equally disturbing banging noises in the timing of the engine. I knew it was a goner.

I had the vehicle towed to Dodge, where they reported that a rod bearing had gone and with it taken out a piston and cylinder. The engine was dead. I would be saddened, but looking on sites like this one and others, I see a pattern of start-up or low-idle engine failures on this car. Dodge wanted nothing to do with my complaint to them, and refused any assistance on the repair. The dealer, of course, couldn't wait to get me to talk to their sales man, who happily offered me $450 for the vehicle. Used engines are pricey for this make, according to my repair guy, because the Ram trucks use them too, and they keep blowing. Great Dodge. Just great. Thanks for nothing. You will not be seeing this sucker in your dealerships again.

Update from Apr 6, 2011: Just thought I'd update this: On the tear down, it became apparent that a rod went through the block on this too. Nice quarter-sized whole. Bought a used engine and replaced it. Upon picking it up, the mechanic strongly urged me to get rid of the vehicle. Fun.

- , Austin, TX, USA

problem #13

Feb 262011

Durango 5.7L Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 117,000 miles

This is crazy, i cant believe my truck needs a new engine no misfire no smoke. i am a new mother and i cant believe this is happening to and i cant believe all the information i am finding out that dodge knows about this..what the hell do they all go to work high and figure out ways to screw the people.

- , Pittsburgh, PA, USA

problem #12

Nov 112010

Durango SLT Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 120,000 miles


I walked out one morning - and tried to start my Durango and bang, the motor went. I was told that a rod broke and went through the side of my block. The day before I had driven it and never had any warning signs. I maintain my vehicle as required. I contacted Chrysler - and they directed me to have it towed to a Dodge dealership. Unfortunately the dealerships in this area are not trust worthy and over priced. Chrysler, at my own expense, wants me to have this dealership tear down my engine to find the cause, because "the maintenance records can't prove the cause". I found that your maintenance of a vehicle will not support any mechanical issues for assistance from Chrysler. They expect you to pay thousands to get a "diagnosis" from a dealer, then they will give you an answer. Chances are they will find some reason to not help with the cost of repairs and you will get stuck with a lot of expense for diagnostics and then still not have your vehicle repaired. Ridiculous. This is our 11th Chrysler product - never had this problem and I will NEVER buy another one.

- , Phoenix, NY, USA

problem #11

Dec 222010

Durango SLT 5.7L Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 114,426 miles

I purchased my 2004 Durango SLT 5.7 liter Hemi brand new off the lot in January 2004 with 53 miles on it. Today she has 114, 426 miles. Had all routine maintenance done when recommended by dodge dealer, oil changes, fluid flushes, brakes, tires. NEVER had any issues with it besides the electrical dash board recall that was taken care of very nicely by the dealer. No complaints there. I drove it across country to Virginia and back twice, ran like a CHAMP. go out one day to warm it up on a cold morning and it makes a sound like it ate itself and shook so i turned it off. I saw oil on the ground underneath it and thought it was the transmission, after crawling under to take a better look i find a silver dollar size hole in the block on the passenger side just above the oil pan. The chunk of the block that was knocked off has some nicks on the inside face of it like something inside the engine hit the block and knocked a hole in it. i'd had the oil changed on December 2nd. I knew my Durango wouldn't last forever, but i expected to have it for longer than 6 years. WHY CHRYSLER WHY ?? ? ?

- , San Diego, CA, USA

problem #10

Jun 012010

Durango V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 81,000 miles

I've been searching the web in an attempt to find out what the problem is with my suv. when i start my engine, the rpm is all over the place. i'll drive it and it acts as if its having trouble shifting gears. I can be at a stop light and parked with the engine running and it will just stall, I have not received an engine light. i've taken it to firestone and certified transmission and no one has a clue. unbelievable! there is something terribly wrong and i'm afraid i'm going to end up stuck somewhere and i will not be happy!! i think i'm going to check with the gentleman that was interested in a lawsuit against chrysler because i think they are aware of the issue, but are ignoring it. very similar to toyota.

- , South Bend, IN, US

problem #9

May 172010

Durango Hemi 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 100,000 miles

I have a 2004 dodge Durango that had engine failure with no warning. I drove my truck to work that morning no problem what so ever. When i finished work later that night I went to start my truck it would not start. It just gave me a click sound and that was it. So my friend thought it might be my battery so we hooked my battery to his and started to charge my battery. After about 30 min i went back to start it it still made a click sound but it was more then one like it was trying start up. So I ended up leaving my truck at my job to have the mechanic look at. So we hooked it up to a more powerful battery it started up but sounded like a lawn mower so I cut it off. I had it towed and the mechanic inspected it and called me at work and told me the engine was done. The engine block had a hole in it. It really sucks because it happened with no warning, I took very good care of my truck oil changes etc.....for this to happen it put me in a bind. I hope someone reads all the complaints about the same problem and do something about it i could use a new car right about now.....thanks dodge for making life more difficult......

- , Clayton, NC, USA

problem #8

Mar 012010

Durango LST V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 78,000 miles


I'm having the same problem everyone else is having with my 2004 Durango. I've taken the car to the dealer and they couldn't find a problem. Why now, my car isn't under warranty! I don't feel safe in this car with my family. I'm afraid its going to leave me stranded somewhere. I turn on my car and the rpms are jumping up and down in. While I'm driving down the street the car jerks like its going to take off or just stall. Please if anyone has any idea on what we can all do to have Chrysler fix this problem let me know.

- , Bethelehem, PA, USA

problem #7

Dec 202009

Durango 5.7L Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 50,000 miles

On 12/20/09 I went to warm up my car for church. When I turned the key all I got was on click. Not good. Considering my car only had 50,000 miles on it I figured I needed an alternator or something like that. We had it towed to C&C Dodge Toyota and they said after looking at it the engine failed and it need replaced!! What! This car has ran perfectly until today and had been serviced every 3,000 miles or earlier. Upon disassembling the engine they claim they found water in it??? What? Well since we have all the oil change receipts and a waranty we figured we were ok. No, guess again. They said the waranties don't cover neglect of the vehicle. This is the statement they are using to justify engine failure in a very well maintained car.

We have all our maintenance records so why are they aloud to not honor their waranty when they can not tell positively how this could happen to my car? After reading several websites it seems I am not alone. It appears several vehicles under waranty have been denied repairs and these companies are getting away with ripping us off.

- , Parkersburg, WV, USA

problem #6

Jul 142009

Durango Limited 5/7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 78,500 miles

I already griped about my 2004 Durango. Engine blew up after just 78,500 miles; routine maintenance, and regular oil changes. I went into yhe dealer, Arena Dodge, and showed them the blown-out engine parts that were in my driveway. Is this what I should expect after just 78,500 miles? Well, they did the right thing. The Service Mgr said he'd make some calls to Chrysler, and he did, and they agreed to cover all of the cost over $1,000. Needless to say, I was a happy camper. I also said I'd tell my story on-line since I griped on-line. Now I'd like to just get my car back and drive it. I'd like to keep it for a couple more years, then get another. Now I can say that I would go back to Arena Dodge.

- , Dayton, OH, USA

problem #5

Jul 232009

Durango Limited 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 78,500 miles

We purchased this vehicle new in 2004. It always seemed to have a grinding during acceleration but we were told this was standard with a hemi and were too trusting to check it out. Our last payment was this July 2009 and this morning while my wife who usually drives the car was backing it out the engine failed spilling oil all over the drive and street.She made it to the dealer where the vehicle was purchased (And I don't know how) and a few hours later we were informed that the engine had failed and would cost 2900 dollars to repair. Since the vehicle has 78000 miles on it it was out of warranty of course. I have owned several cars two of which were Chrysler products and while both rode well they were essentially junk after their odometers passed 60000 miles.

I am a loyal made in America guy (at least assembled here) but after this last experience , a bad taste has been left in my mouth. A 36,000 dollar vehicle with 78000 miles on it should prove a lot more durable after all IT IS AN SUV!

My wife changed the oil faithfully every 3000 miles and essentially "babied" this car. Personally I will never buy another Chrysler product and intend to unload this one as soon as possible! No wonder both them and General Motors are in trouble. I understand nothing lasts forever and anything mechanical eventually fails. But 78000 miles??? Gimme a break.

Arrivi derci Chrysler and GM.

Bill Vance Dayton Ohio

- , Dayton, OH, USA

problem #4

Jul 222009

Durango Limited 5/7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 78,000 miles

I purchased my 2004 Durango in July 2004. It was a dealer demo, fully loaded, and had approximately 5,800 miles on it. I have regularly changed the oil, had routine maintenance, and really didn't have any real problems with the car. Two weeks ago I took it in for an oil change at approximately 78,500 miles. Today, I turn the engine on and the check engine light is on, then it starts to flash, then I hear a rattling sound. I backed the car out of the driveway so as not to block my husband in. I immediately took the car to the dealership. I got the worst possible news, the engine was gone!

Is the the normal life of a Durango engine, 78,500 miles? I had not indication that anything was wrong before now; no rough ride or rough idling. And it was only two week ago that I took the car in for an oil change. Could there have been some indication then that this problem was looming out there.

And, of course, I'm out of warranty. The warranty was 7 years/70,000 for the powertrain, 3 years/36,000 miles basic. Maybe I should be glad that I got 5 years out of the car, but really is this what we should expect out of American made cars?

I would really like to hear from other Durango owners about this. Are you experiencing the same problems?

- , Dayton, OH, USA

problem #3

Dec 152008

Durango LS V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 72,000 miles

The engine light first came on a month after I had purchased the vehicle. I took it in to the dealer and was told that maybe I should check the gas tank lid. If it is loose it may cause the engine light to turn on. Well now that I am going to pay it off this year the light is on and won't turn off. I have to take it in to get checked. I have 2 jobs and no time to deal with this sort of issues. I always take it in for oil changes as required. I was driving home around 1:00 am after my 2nd job and suddenly it started accelerating and slowing down at the same time. It scared me. Now I have to warm up the truck for about 15 minutes before I drive off or it will do this.

- , Houston, TX, USA

problem #2

Jul 122008


  • Automatic transmission
  • 75,000 miles

After months of dealing with a car that quits, today it finally stalled out in the middle of a very busy intersection. I'm told the 2004 Dodge Durango needs a new engine! WHAT!!!

With 5 other vehicles in the household (one is a 1967, and one is 1965) the 2004 Durango needs an engine!!! I've NEVER had to replace an engine in any vehicle I've ever owned since I first started driving! Jennifer the service adviser at Fairbanks Dodge stated "when you had the oil changed maybe they were putting in the wrong oil". NO! NO! NO! What a SMOKESCREEN! After reading all the similar complaints on here and learning of a class action lawsuit regarding this engine. I'm ready to pull out all my receipts for all my cars and jump on board the lawsuit. It will be interesting to see how much more maintenance this car required compared to all others. (It was definitely more maintenance than all the other vehicles). DO NOT BUY A DODGE. DO NOT BUY A DODGE. DO NOT BUY A DODGE. YOU WILL GET BURNED! I'm past the manufacturers warranty, however, engine failure in this many vehicles (you can be sure if this many people found this site and took the time to register and complain) there are ALOT more of us out there. You would think that Dodge would be making an offer to "make it right". As in the current state - it is ALL WRONG. No wonder the American Car Makers are hurting. When they have a problem they act like a bunch of crooked attorneys and hide behind a bunch of bullshit worthless warranty information. The fact is they should act like REAL MEN and stand up and admit they have a problem and that they will get to the bottom of it and stand behind their product. Dodge is nothing but a bunch of pencil pushing sales figure motivated company. The kind of company that you don't want to do business with. It will be like being married to a loser that has a family that keeps bleeding you to death. There is no excuse Dodge! Hide behind your sales figures all you want - I will never ever buy a Dodge. Neither will my kids, or anyone who attending my family reunion next week. Because I will spread the word on every blog, website, radio show, consumer panel that I can. And at every party, picnic, event, and show I'm involved with. Besides the Durango is a HUGE gas hog!

- , Plantation, FL, USA

problem #1

Jun 122008

Durango 3.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 114 miles

This engine had a engine flush in august 2007. The engine camshaft journals broke and the engine failed. The engine oil light came on just prior to the failure. The engine was removed and it was discovered that the oil pump pickup was blocked. Customer was aware of reported oil sludge problems with the Chrysler engines. There was no evidence of sludge but evidence of varnish and high temp discoloration. It is obvious that the oil flush done at a local oil change place had displaced a large amount of the varnish which finally made its way to the oil pan and was picked up by the oil pump screen which finally became blocked. When it started to become blocked it allowed a low oil supply problem at the camshaft journals (overhead cams) and they broke causing the engine to quit. This also allowed a drop in oil flow and pressure which caused the oil light to come on. I have been building and working on may different types of engines and this probably is the worst engine design I have seen. My suggestion is to not get an engine flush no this engine as it caused this engine to fail.

- , Youngstown, FL, USA

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