pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
104,150 miles
Total Complaints:
55 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. replace TIPM (30 reports)
  2. not sure (19 reports)
  3. problem fixed but not without further issues (4 reports)
  4. $1,825.68 repaired (1 reports)
  5. rewire (1 reports)
2008 Dodge Grand Caravan electrical problems

electrical problem

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2008 Dodge Grand Caravan Owner Comments (Page 1 of 3)

problem #55

Mar 252024

Grand Caravan SXT 4.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 120,000 miles


This car is EXTREMELY dangerous due to the electrical issues we've been experiencing. Randomly the horn blares, wipers run, washer pumps, lights blink, and the car won't shut off. It happened first several years ago, and then was okay for a few years. Lately it is becoming more regular. We're afraid to drive this vehicle. Why the government does not order a recall is beyond belief. I'm sure we'll wait until someone is killed first. Crazy it isn't getting more coverage.

- Gerard O., Howell, NJ, US

problem #54

Apr 112015

Grand Caravan SE 3.3L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 137,000 miles

Oil is Leaking down the Back of Engine into Starter Causing a Short. Changed out the Starter with New one and Trouble Started with (Chrysler put in a Used) TIPM’s Totally Integrated Power Module(Fuse Box).Electricity Current from over loaded Capacitors is Backing up into Fuse Box TIPM'S and Computer. (Changing Starter and Fuse Box Worked Fine for 6 Months) but Now Dash is Lighting up with False Warning Lights.(Chrysler put in Used Fuse Boxes That is What's Causing the Trouble.) Capacitors Electricity Current are over Loading system then is Shutting off to stop a Fire. Letting Warning Lights stay on a Long Time Without Fixing Sensors may also be causing some of the Trouble. (Temp Fix Disconnect the Battery) on both side for 10 min to 1 hour or overnight. Keep doing each day 1 time a day or when Van or Car Shuts off.

- edwwjr1, Memphis, Tn, US

problem #53

May 162019

Grand Caravan

  • Automatic transmission
  • 86,992 miles

Went to go take kids to school, opened sliding door and all of sudden wiper blades and washer fluid spraying everywhere, horn going off on full blast and didn't stop for ten minutes! Door locks were going off and on as well the whole time.

- Brian K., Shelburne, ON, Canada

problem #52

Jan 032019

Grand Caravan SXT 3.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 123,879 miles


Horn, lights, doors, and wipers came on intermittently. Sometimes all at once, sometimes individually. Front blower motor stopped working and started working intermittently.

- Curtis H., Troy, US

problem #51

Jul 222018

Grand Caravan SXT 3.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 110,000 miles

I bought this 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT 6 months ago with 110k on it. Since buying it, i have replaced the radio, the fuel pump, head gasket, radiator, and ignition coil. It now has 112k and have gone through 3 batteries due to a parasitic drain. After replacing the fuel pump ($350) I found that the fuel pump relay was not working, so i did a fused jump from the keyed accessory fuse slot to the fuel pump fuse. This allowed the pump to work. An aftermarket radio with the can bus adapter ($90) solved the intermittent radio problem. I have parked my car only to find when I returned the hazard lights where blinking without the button on. Occasionally the car would not start or crank. I've pulled every single fuse and relay to narrow down the battery drain problems. After much research and frustration, I believe my problems to be interrelated to the TIPM. ( except for the head gasket and radiator) I have order one online and even if this solves my problems, I do not trust Dodge electrical anymore, and will pass this van on like a "hot potato" and take my losses.

- John B., Ishpeming, MI, US

problem #50

Jul 082018

Grand Caravan Loaded 36.L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 65,000 miles

Vehicle presented several symptoms that indicated the TIPM was faulty.

1. Fuel pump would not shut off. Engine was still running while key was in my pocket.

2. Horn would beep on it's own.

3. Wipers would wipe and spray on their own.

4. Van wouldn't start on one occasion. Appeared that the Theft System had been engaged.

5. A/C Blower fan would not turn off when van was shut off.

- Timothy C., Waynesboro, PA, US

problem #49

Feb 282018

Grand Caravan SXT 3.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 118,000 miles


Bought used 2008 Grand Caravan, had it about two weeks when the headlights started intermittently working. Then one night while driving home the lights all went out but came back on quickly about five minutes later the horn started going off, the wipers - front and back - were on very fast with a steady stream of washer fluid coming out so much that I couldn't see, even with the wipers going on. Inside lights were flashing. Luckily I was only five minutes from home. Pulled in the driveway, turned the car off and it kept going!!!! Had to disconnect the battery. Totally crazy and very unsafe. If I had been on a highway - which I often am for work - it could have caused a terrible accident. Of course, I researched and saw this was a common problem that Dodge refuses to do something about.

- Patti F., Perkasie, PA, US

problem #48

Sep 092017

Grand Caravan SE V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 127,761 miles

Many problems with items controlled by TIPM. Horn randomly beeps when you open the driver side door, headlights don't work, wipers jump for no apparent reason.

- Christopher C., Wappingers Falls, US

problem #47

Aug 312017

Grand Caravan SE 3.3L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 208,047 miles

Took my van into Jeff Wyler Eastgate Auto Mall, in Batavia, Oh 45103, to have the two recalls fixed on my van and when I call to check up on the progress I get told that the TIPM needs replaced and they are wanting to charge me $1,337.60 to fix it before they will even be able to fix my recalls. Both recalls are the ignition and the air bags, both of which are caused by the faulty TIPM. So what are they repairing and replacing on my recalls knowing that the TIPM is the main reason my van has recalls to begin with.

- Timberly M., Goshen, US

problem #46

Aug 152017

Grand Caravan 3.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 166,758 miles

Well when I was driving home from work one day my van started acting "possessed". The horn was honking by itself and the wiper blades with the window wash was going off. I freaked out!! I was at a spot where I could not pull over. It lasted about 2 minutes at least, I honestly did not notice the horn as my music was up loud. The first thing I noticed was the wipers moving slightly, but honestly thought I was seeing things (LOL) Anyway this was on the 15th of August, well it never did it again till yesterday the 19th of August. My husband went to go somewhere with my van and for a good 5+ minutes it was going nuts again with the horn going off the wipers and the window solution. He had to disconnect the battery in order for it to stop!!!! I have a child that I have in my van everyday, and if anything that the website said happens and my child gets hurt I WILL BE ONE PISSED OFF MOMMY!!!!!

- engebretsen, Algoma, US

problem #45

May 042017

Grand Caravan SE 3.3L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 137,380 miles


I am Veteran. Dodge please fix my van, for GODS sake Dodge / Chrysler, do what is right! In my case when my van stalled caused an accident I have that totaled out my van, it is drive-able but is totaled.

Dodge / Chrysler, Fiat failed to tell owners or dealers about the TIPM,Total integrated power modules (Fuse Box) problems,which caused a delay in knowing what was causing the problems.The lawsuit says Chrysler owners have shelled out thousands of dollars on unneeded repairs on batteries, fuel pumps and other car parts.Those repairs were in vain because the real problem was the defective TIPMs. total integrated power modules, or (Fuse Box).

The lawsuit alleges Chrysler owners started complaining in 2008 and by the end of 2011,the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had received over 100 complaints about the TIPMs.Total integrated power modules.(Fuse box).Plaintiffs allege Chrysler violated various state consumer protection statutes by failing to disclose to them and other consumers that the vehicles were manufactured with defective TIPMs Total integrated power modules.(Fuse box)

Additionally, plaintiffs allege Chrysler violated various states’ statutory emissions warranties.The lawsuit accuses Chrysler of selling numerous models with TIPMs that can cause failure of the engines to start, fuel pumps that won't shut off and engines to stall.

- edwwjr1, Memphis, Tn, US

problem #44

Apr 012017

Grand Caravan SXT 3.8V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 88,000 miles

Car has gone crazy! Horn, wipers, wiper fluid spraying, door locks going up and down, radio display periodically works, has stalled while going down the freeway. Same as everyone else's complaints! Still owe on car. This has become so bad can't drive it. Will never buy Chrysler/Dodge again.

- Gwen H., Huntsville, AL, US

problem #43

Apr 272017

Grand Caravan

  • Automatic transmission
  • 106,000 miles

After the (recalled) ignition module was replaced, the TIPM issue began. I am being told that this is just related to the age and mileage on the vehicle. The case manager at Dodge is basically just relaying the same information as the service manager has stated, and does not give a damn about the fact that this should be a recall.

- August M., Houston, US

problem #42

Apr 062017

Grand Caravan STX 3.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 37,000 miles

2008 Grand Caravan, currently (2017) with 36k miles. In 2013 I had to get the Totally Integrated Power Module replaced (had 27K miles on the vehicle at the time). Now, only 9000 miles later, I am having the exact same problem. The vehicle is fine, but it won't start. The dealership diagnosed it with the same issue, defective TIPM. There were numerous recalls on the TIPM, but my year vehicle was not included in these recalls, yet, the problem is clearly there. In 2013, it cost me $1200 to replace the defective part, now I am facing the same issue. Contacted Dodge, they are aware of the problem but refuse to take responsibility.

- ozn, Valparaiso, US

problem #41

Mar 012009

Grand Caravan 3.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 10,000 miles

My van was one year old when it first activated the horn (off and on making a wierd warbling half honk sound) and wipers/spray while driving down the highway on a highway switch ramp at 65 mph. It lasted about a minute and then stopped. We were on a trip so we asked when we got back to the Arkansas dealership. They told us it was likely corrosion (ON A BRAND NEW CAR THAT WAS DRIVEN IN NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES). They said it wasn't covered under warranty and we didn't have proof. It repeated about once every 6 months or more. Now The battery dies randomly and the horn/wipers/etc go off randomly while it's just sitting there. I've had to jump it several times without any warning. I've double verified that the alternator/battery are in great shape. Really Dodge ! A brand new car and you couldn't help us!

- Blair M., Providence, UT, US

problem #40

Jan 222017

Grand Caravan

  • Automatic transmission
  • 94,800 miles

Same problem as everyone else here describes. Horn starts to blare... windshield wipers go off with fluid spraying everywhere.. lights flash... then it just stops.. goes off at very inopportune times...very embarrassing. This has been happening on occasion since about 60,000 miles but is now much more frequent. Local car parts store ran diagnostic that says TIPM s/b replaced. After reading these complaints, it doesn't sound like the solution.

- tertracay, Fairview Park, OH, US

problem #39

Nov 162016

Grand Caravan SE

  • Automatic transmission
  • 81,000 miles

Bought this van in Aug. 2009 loved it at first..then things started happening. Would hesitate while driving, never die on me but still feels like it will sometimes.. Steering wheel has locked on me several times. Different panel lights come on and go off since day one. Have changed brakes way more than should of been necessary..other repair to brake system. Had power steering line changed. About 6 months ago, panel lights started coming on more often, then the gauges wouldn't work, wipers come on and won't stop. headlight flash on and off or don't work at all; turn signals work on and off, power locks come on and off, can't roll windows down or up from drivers side or lock or unlock doors.everyday it gets worse.

Took it to Dodge dealer 11/2016 cost about $100.00 to tell me , its not a call back and not related to the ignition problem, and my past complaints - they had didn't have any of these problems listed, even though I had told them about them before. So because control lights had gone off at that time they couldn't do anything. It was probably an electrical problem and the last time they did one it took about 10 hours to find the problem. ($128.00 an HR) I can't afford that and I think Chysler should stand behind their cars..Now for the last 2 weeks all of these things stay on and continue to do it all. Low mileage 81000 always taken care of now I'm 70 yrs old and have a van that I'm afraid to drive...

- Barbara W., Lake Station, IN, US

problem #38

May 242016

Grand Caravan SXT

  • Automatic transmission
  • 119,224 miles

We purchased a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan from a car dealership. Within weeks of our purchase we started seeing some odd behavior of the car. We were not able to duplicate it for our trusted mechanic. Over time the list of odd things grew, below is the list:

- Limp Mode: after cranking the van it will drive but will not shift or go over 40mph, once the van is turned off and restarted it drives fine - Sliding Doors: The sliding doors would not open the first few times and would also close again for no reason - Traction Control: The TC light will come on, the steering wheel will lock, the brake and gas will lock up, and the car will stop in the middle of the road, once the van is turned off and restarted it drives fine - Horn: If using key fob to unlock door the horn would blare for 20-30 minutes with no way to stop it, the engine would also be off - Wipers: If using key fob to unlock door the window wipers would turn on with washer fluid spraying, the engine would also be off - Locks: If using key fob to unlock door the door locks would lock and unlock on their own, the engine would also be off - AC: The air conditioner will stop blowing cold air after 20 minutes if sitting in park In May 2016 we took it to our mechanic and he suggested it was the main computer and that a dealership would need to replace it and reprogram the car. May 24, 2016: We took it Countryside Dodge in Jackson, GA. They said it was a short in the ground wire of the AC control unit. They explained that a short could cause all these other electrical problems. I told them that the previous mechanic said it may be the computer. They were confident that it was the AC control unit. May 31, 2016: We paid $659.26 for this repair.

June 1, 2016: The day after we picked it up we started having all the same electrical problems again. When we tried to restart the car after an episode it would not start at all and we had to have it towed back to the dealership. At this time they said they still stood by their claim that the AC control was the problem but that there was also a recall on the wireless ignition node module. They said they did not replace it the first time because it was back ordered but that they would fix it this day. When we got the car back none of the electoral problems had been solved.

June 20, 2016: Returned vehicle to service department, the technicians now claimed we needed a whole new transmission. We had a very heated discussion with Arvin the service manager at the time. I told him we felt like they had not fixed the problems and we wanted a refund or it corrected without charge. He still stood by the work they had done at this point and would not agree to these requests. We also asked for a loaner car to transport my son to therapy appointments and school. He said it was not his responsibility to take care of my child, which I felt was rude and unprofessional. We walked out and mentioned these issues on their Facebook. The dealership operations manager saw the post and repeatedly attempted to smooth things over with us. We continued to drive the van over the summer because we had used a large part of our available money to fix it so far. In late August we had all the electrical issue happen at once and would not allow me to drive for over 24 hours. September 1, 2016: We took our car back to Countryside Dodge because they asked for a second chance and there had been some staff changes. At this point I had researched that Dodge has a lot of complaints about the Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM). Many other owner’s had similar issues. I expressed all of this to the service department. They kept my van, without offering a loaner for a month. They told me they called a Chrysler technician to come and look at it, and he said the TIPM needed to be replaced. We agreed to the repair and got the van back on October 11, 2016, the charge was $801.63. The service manager eventually only required us to pay $639. The problems seemed resolved for a few weeks.

October 22, 2016: All of the power locks stopped working, would not work with the fob, the buttons in the doors, or the side panel. I returned the van on November 11 per their request. They did issue me a rental car, and replaced the TIPM again along with the lock switches. November 16, 2016: Returned the van again because some of the previous issues returned, including Limp Mode, as well as not starting for several attempts. After five days they could not duplicate the issues. Within the week we have had it back this time we have seen the following issues: - Limp Mode: after cranking the van it will drive but will not shift or go over 40mph, once the van is turned off and restarted it drives fine - Lift Gate: The sliding doors would not open the first few times and would also close again for no reason - Traction Control: The TC light will come on, the steering wheel will lock, the brake and gas will lock up, and the car will stop in the middle of the road, once the van is turned off and restarted it drives fine - Starter: When fob is turned to start position it will click but not start, all lights come on, this happened a few times in succession and then will start again.

- nutmeg1282, Locust Grove, GA, US

problem #37

Sep 012012

Grand Caravan 4.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,000 miles

I have had dodges most of my life but now I will never by another piece of crab again. This problem started about a mouth after we bought it. The first time it did it we were at home the van was just sitting in driveway and the horn blowing windshield wipers going lift came on. I didn't no what to do I lifted the hood and just happen to hit the the black box and it quit. A few months later we got a recall for the ignition switch after a year of calling Chrysler on when they will be fixing it they called and we took it up to the local dealer the guy said that this would fix all the problems well it didn't it still does the horn,wiper,headlight thing but it will turn off going down the road. We paid alot of money for this piece of sh*t and can't drive anywhere my wife takes it to work a few blocks away but that's about it. I wish someone would make dodge fix it or buy it back so we can go get a Ford or something. I feel better well maybe not

- taylorpa, Warren, PA, US

problem #36

Aug 312016

Grand Caravan SXT 3.8L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 78,174 miles

Randomly the car honks, wipers go off, if we are driving the transmission disengages, and then the power steering locks up as well. I end up stopping the vehicle and then shutting it completely down and restarting it.

The other night it started going off in the driveway, and I had to disconnect the battery to get it to turn off.

When driving around town, the car will randomly honk, even if we are waiting at a red light. Very embarrassing.

I am in the process of having a mechanic take a look at the issue, but after researching online, I saw that I am not the only person with at TIPM issue.

- Thomas C., Avon, IN, US

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