2017 Ford Fusion electrical problems: dead battery

Dead Battery

2017 Ford Fusion (Page 2 of 2)

This problem may be covered under warranty. Ask your Ford dealer.


pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
No data
Average Mileage:
5,500 miles
Total Complaints:
32 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (26 reports)
  2. replace battery (3 reports)
  3. warranty replacement & software update-audio control module (2 reports)
  4. replace radio (1 reports)
2017 Ford Fusion electrical problems

electrical problem

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2017 Ford Fusion Owner Comments (Page 2 of 2)

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problem #12

Oct 032016

Fusion Sport 2.7L V6 Tt

  • Automatic transmission
  • 57 miles


Ordered from the factory in July 2016. Took delivery on 12 Sep 2016.


Battery died the 1st time on 03 Oct after sitting for one week in my garage. 57 Miles. Died a couple more times and I blamed myself for leaving the key fob in the car and using the door numeric pad for entry. This was not the issue. Car went in on 08 Nov 16 at 1100 miles. Changed two batteries and the OBDII module. Got the car back 12 Dec. Dead 13 Dec Towed to Fraser Ford, Oshawa, Ontario , Canada on 16 Dec. Still sitting at dealer as of 30 Jan 17.

The mechanic,service advisor and service manager have been great but this is a electronics issue that is causing the car to wake up arbitrarily and ultimately kill the battery. An engineering matter that is beyond the scope of the dealer.

Ford of Canada has been abysmal in their handling of this issue. Not calling when promised. Not returning calls. (All I asked for was a once a week update) At least 50 reported cars in Ford dealers for the same problem. Now they are saying it may be the ACM but they can't give me a ETA for the part.

Loved the car, love the dealer but Ford of Canada customer service upper management needs to address these shortcomings.

- flew, Bowmanville, ON, Canada

problem #11

Nov 282016

Fusion Sport 2.7L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 497 miles

I recently purchased this car and have had 4 occurrences now where after as little as 2 days when I go start the car the battery is dead. I have reported to the dealer after each occurrence as this is a brand new car. I have also reported to Ford Canada customer service. Ford Canada not aware of problem. The dealer checked today and found nothing wrong. I am leaving it at the dealer over the weekend which will be 4 nights.

Update from Feb 15, 2017: After 5 nights at dealer they could find nothing wrong. The car is in our garage. I am going to monitor the battery voltage and take it back next time it dies. Not sure what else to do.

- Rick S., Calgary, AB, Canada

problem #10

Jan 072017

Fusion SE 2.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 3,000 miles

I've had the same problems as the others and more. I purchased my 2017 Fusion in late September 2016. Almost immediately, my rear speakers started popping and "eject disc" would randomly appear on the touchscreen (even though I didn't have a CD in the player and hadn't pressed the eject button). A few weeks later, the rear camera intermittently failed. I took it in for service in December and was told they needed to replace the audio control module. It took a week for them to get the part and install it. I was told that would fix everything except the speaker popping. The dealership told me that Ford told them that was normal. Yep, that's right. Normal. It's always nice to have your intelligence insulted.

The day after I got the car back, the rear camera again failed. I called to schedule another appointment, and the manager called back surprised I was having the same problem. It was close to Christmas, so I told him I would come in after the new year. A few days later, the audio buttons on the touchscreen and the physical console would not respond to commands. Nor would SYNC respond to voice commands.

A few days after that, I smelled something like campfire smoke when the heat was on. The same night, I remote started my car. When I got to it, the car was on, but the heat was not. The climate buttons would not respond. I had no heat, and no defogger. You might expect that I froze my buns off on the way home, but the seat warmer was the only thing putting out any heat! The next morning, Saturday, January 7th, I tried to remote start. I heard two clicks and no start. When I entered the car and tried to start it, the touchscreen displayed: "System off to save battery." I had to call a tow truck. It took the guy 30 minutes to get it jumped.

I took the car to the dealership. The service rep told me that the problem was the audio control module. Yes, the same module they had just replaced a few weeks earlier. They told me that, despite its name, the audio control module essentially controls all of the electrical systems controlled by the touchscreen and physical console buttons. Their solution to this faulty ACM? Pure genius. Replace it with a new one. Yes, that's right. For those counting at home, this will be the third ACM in four months. Third time will be the charm, right? Problem is, it's on back order. I was told it would arrive on Thursday, January 19th. It's now January 29th. No module. Ford customer service told me that the supplier can't commit to getting one to me until the week of February 13th. Yep, that'll be over 30 days in the shop.

I talked to the head service manager at the dealership and to the president of the dealership. I told them that this seems to be an electrical problem, perhaps a short, and that the smoke smell signaled a wiring problem. I was essentially ignored. I was told Fusion is one of the top selling vehicles in the Ford fleet, and no one had reported similar problems. Clearly, they aren't familiar with this website.

Update from Feb 2, 2017: Ford managed to get an ACM earlier than expected. It was received on January 30, 2017. It was installed and tested on January 30-31, 2017. I picked it up on February 1, 2017. The backup camera cut out again on February 2, 2017. The humming is back, too. Very frustrated at this point. Guess I'll just have to run out the ground balls for the lemon law at this point. I have no faith that Ford will fix this.

- Joe R., Detroit, MI, US

problem #9

Jan 142017

Fusion Sport 2.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 994 miles


Defect in ACM and GSM draining battery been in shop 3 weeks and counting back ordered

- John M., Edmonton, AB, Canada

problem #8

Jan 222017

Fusion S 2.5L I-4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 4,480 miles

Walked out to pick up my son from his friends house today, clicked the button on my fob, no light flashes, tried a couple more times, no luck. Opened the door, no lights came on no reaction to my presence, no reaction to pressing the start button. Pulled the battery, took it up to Autozone, had them test and charge, they said battery is fine. Brought it home, hooked it back up, car started up like normal.

Things i had before today. A charging cable in the USB port with nothing on the other end. The Ford Pass app on my phone, and my phone hooked up to Sync.

I did notice after driving to the store and back home when i shut the car off, the ford emblem stayed on the screen even after i opened the door to get out. Pressing the power button without my foot on the brake and then again after a few seconds turned off everything properly. I intend to call the dealer tomorrow since i'm close to my first service anyway, will update with fixes.

Update from Jan 27, 2017: Took my car into the dealer this morning, they couldn't find anything wrong within the solutions that had been discussed here or other boards. I'll keeep a close eye on it. I haven't put the Ford Pass app back on, so it may have been that. Will update if I get anymore information, hopefully Ford pinpoints the problem and addresses it.

Update from Feb 15, 2017: So far, so good, after uninstalling ford pass app, leaving the keys further away from the vehicle and shutting off the radio before exiting the vehicle, I have not come out to a dead battery, though it required a change in habits on my part.

- David R., Indianapolis, IN, US

problem #7

Dec 152016

Fusion Sport 2.7L TtV6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 1,056 miles

I've been getting "system off to save battery power" messages on the radio all the time, the occasional labored start, and a totally dead battery twice. I took it to the dealer once the first time, and they replaced the battery which I knew wouldn't fix it.

A little more than a week later and that new battery is having the same issues, except more frequently now that it is getting really cold.

I think it may have something to do with the CD player, as it cycles the eject motor about every 8 seconds after shutting the car off, until you start it back up. This happens regardless of if its locked, how far away the keys are, or if you used the keypad or remote.

The other thing I've noticed is that the lights on the gear selector dial stay lit for a long time after turning off the car. That might have something to do with it as well, although that is harder to tell, and they do shut off eventually.

Just really hoping that the other fusion owners that I know are having this problem as well will submit their complaints too so Ford takes notice and comes up with a fix. I'm tired of not knowing whether my car is going to start in the morning or not.

- Vince K., Highland Heights, OH, US

problem #6

Dec 202016

Fusion Sport V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 1,864 miles


Same electrical problem as the others. Had this car only 5 weeks. Got up one morning to take the kids to school and the battery was dead. It will start with a "jump start" but the battery dies overnight. Took it back to the dealer and it's been there since Dec. 20th. The dealer still can't figure out what's wrong with it...where the battery drain is coming from. Ford Customer Care has been no help whatsoever so far. They promised to get back to me in 2 business days with, QUOTE, "A resolution". They got back to me in 2 days alright. Their idea of a resolution? "I'm so sorry you are having a bad experience. I understand it's frustrating. Give me until,say Tuesday, and I will call you back and see what we can do for you." That's it. Stuck me with a rental...a 2015 Ford Escape...not even close. I'm so pissed...I paid big bucks for a top of the line Ford Fusion. Being treated by Ford just as one would expect from a big company...they have my money so they don't give a s**t. I have owned 19 GM vehicles and I never had any problems like this. This is my 3rd Ford. I have seen other forums where people have posted the same problem, so I expect a recall will be eminent for 2017 Fusion owners...if they can ever diagnose the problem. I have owned 19 GM vehicles and I never had any problems like this. This is my 3rd Ford...And my last if this is how they treat their customers. I will update when I hear back from Ford Canada.

Update from Jan 24, 2017: Car is still in the shop. Engineers still cannot diagnose the problem. Ford customer care won't even return my calls any more. Been over a month now. I've gone to local media and they are interested in doing a story on it...the lack of support from Ford is unacceptable. Will update if/when I know anything.

- trentw, Courtice, ON, Canada

problem #5

Dec 202016

Fusion SE 1.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 1,474 miles

Went out to car in morning after sitting all night in my garage. I went to start the car and there was absolutely no response from the electrical system. I called roadside assistance and they came and jump started the car. I had called the dealer for another problem the day before and already had an appointment. When I arrived at dealer the engine would not shut down, there was a check engine light on and there was a warning that the lane keep feature needed service. Was given a loaner to use and to this date the dealer still has my car.

- Larry W., North Ridgeville, OH, US

problem #4

Nov 212016

Fusion SE 1.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 1,174 miles

Went to start car in morning. No electrical at all. Had to call roadside service to have battery jump started. Took to dealer. They had car two plus days. Said they replaced element and repaired wiring harness. Tried to duplicate issue and did happen.

- Larry W., North Ridgeville, OH, US

problem #3

Nov 112016

Fusion Sport V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 3,300 miles

My 2017 Fusion Sport is so fun to Drive.. That is once I get it jumped off!! Had it few weeks. Battery dead in morning at the house in the garage! Jump it thinking perhaps I left something on..Fly out of town, come back three days later batter is dead again, AT THE FREAKING AIRPORT CLOSE TO MIDNIGHT! Jumped again.

two or three other jumps later I finally get it to the dealership. They run tests on battery say all is good. Next day dead battery, jumped... Next day dead battery (This is today over weekend). Started off dead after a few days of not being driven, now EVERY MORNING! HELP!

- rcar1, Dahlonega, GA, US

problem #2

Dec 052016

Fusion Sport 2.7L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 631 miles

Two week old cars battery died randomly had to boost it and ever since radio hasn't worked properly and battery keeps dying. Battery must be faulty and I have booked a appointment.

Update from Dec 21, 2016: The cars shifter was telling the computer it was still in drive which would keep the electronics running and killed the battery they did a software update which seemed to fix the problem.

Update from Jan 17, 2017: Battery died again so took it in they kept it for three weeks and think it might be due to radio trying to constantly eject for some reason so they replaced the radio and the battery guess we will see if this works.

Update from Jan 26, 2017: They replaced radio as it was supposedly continuously trying to eject a disc that wasn't even in the radio which would kill battery. Has been a week and a half since getting it back and so far so good.

- Cale R., Calgary, AB, Canada

problem #1

Dec 062016


  • Automatic transmission
  • 5,100 miles

Purchased car just two month ago for my son who is in college. We have not had any problems till last night, 12/6/16. He went out to the car, open the door and no dome light. Tried to start car and it was dead. No power, nothing would work. Jumped battery and car turn on and worked fine. However, the service engine light came on and has not gone off. Well take to dealership today. Being researching on internet that other owners having same problem, dead battery after car sitting over night or longer. Reading that possible parasite drain due to battery sleep mode not function like it should. Also read that the CD player is activating when not suppose to. Already call FORD Customer Care and made them aware of this issue.

- martinjose, 78569, TX, US

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