Recall List for the 2015 Ford Transit Connect

Official recalls have been issued for the 2015 Ford Transit Connect by the NHTSA. The complete details of all recalls are listed below, along with what they cover and the recommended solutions.

Recalls don't cost you anything to get fixed, but most are time-limited, so if your car is affected you should call your local Ford service department immediately!

If you have questions about a recall, write down your VIN & then call Ford customer service.

  1. RECALL: Engine Cylinder Head May Leak Oil

    If the cylinder head cracks and leaks oil, the oil may contact a hot engine or exhaust component, increasing the risk of a fire. Read more »

    Date Announced
    MAR 27, 2017
    Vehicles Affected
  2. RECALL: Doors May Unexpectedly Open

    A door that is not securely latched could open while the vehicle is in motion, increasing the risk of injury to a vehicle occupant. Read more »

    Date Announced
    SEP 06, 2016
    Vehicles Affected
  3. RECALL: Instrument Cluster May Be Inoperative/FMVSS 101

    If the instrument cluster is inoperative, the driver of may not be warned of safety related issues such as low tire pressures or disabled air bags, increasing ... Read more »

    Date Announced
    JUN 24, 2015
    Vehicles Affected
  4. RECALL: Improper Plating On Fuel Pump May Result In Stall

    If the fuel pump fails, the vehicle may stall without warning, increasing the risk of a crash. Read more »

    Date Announced
    JAN 09, 2015
    Vehicles Affected

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