pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
80,750 miles
Total Complaints:
35 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (14 reports)
  2. rebuild engine (9 reports)
  3. add oil between oil changes (6 reports)
  4. service bulletin 11-049 (4 reports)
  5. replace engine (2 reports)
2010 Honda CR-V engine problems

engine problem

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2010 Honda CR-V Owner Comments (Page 1 of 2)

problem #35

Aug 012017

CR-V ES 2.4L Dohc Mpfi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 100,000 miles


Excess oil consumption. Need to add 1 plus quarts of oil per 1,000 miles. Oil indication light does not appear when there is no oil on the dip stick. This first started to happen at around 100,000 miles (8/2017) and continues to do so. Must constantly check and add oil to engine. I am the original owner and have always used top-tier gasoline and I am also a very gentle drive. I have remote start, so car is always warm when I begin to drive in very cold weather. Are there any class action suits regarding this issue???

- wojo1953, Western Springs, US

problem #34

Mar 252019

CR-V EX 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 100,000 miles

On 11/27-18 we brought our Honda CR-V to the dealer to have them check a vague engine noise. A mechanic took a test drive with us to listen to the noise and then returned to the dealership to check out the possible cause. He reported to us that the engine was very low on oil. We told him we had not seen any warning lights or the oil consumption gauge (ie. % left). He said we need to check the oil via dipstick regularly and add oil as needed.

My wife was getting ready to take a trip to Pittsburgh in Feb. so I checked the oil level and could not find a level on the dipstick so I added enough oil to fill it. On 3/25/19 she asked our son -in-law to check the oil as I was recovering from a recent surgery. Son-in-law reported there was no level noticeable on the dipstick so he put oil in. He went on to research this issue online and learned about the 'oil consumption issue' pertaining to Honda CR-V's.

We never received the reported TSA settlement issued by Honda previously about this issue (despite having all maintenance work done by our local dealership since buying the car new there (Great Lakes Honda, Akron, and despite receiving recall notices for several other problems over the years.

It now appears we are beyond the 8 year "extended warranty" period Honda issued. What recourse do we now have available to get this problem addressed?

- Mike D., Akron, OH, US

problem #33

Jan 082018


  • Automatic transmission
  • 61,000 miles

This is awful. Honda must own it up and repair for free.

- Natures C., Collegeville, PA, US

problem #32

Nov 272017

CR-V LX 2.4L 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 74,561 miles


bought car new changed oil as scheduled used synthetic 0- 20w and new filter and noticed I was missing oil but was not burning no blue smoke the oil was disappearing why I could not figure this out , I all ways took care of my cars and never lost oil so I am peeved about this going on

- Stan K., Yonkers, NY, US

problem #31

Sep 282017


  • Automatic transmission
  • 84,949 miles

2010 Honda CR V-excessive oil consumption problem: Honda is refusing to admit to the seriousness of this safety issue. I doubt that any honest and transparent investigation has been done to link the oil consumption issue to auto accidents with the affected vehicles. If they do not specifically investigate a causal connection, they do not have to report it/admit to it. This avoids them doing the proper thing which is to recall the vehicles. My car also has the well-know grinding noise at startup-VTC actuator issue which is also well-known to Honda. I suspect that there is a link between the two defects but Honda refuses to acknowledge it.

Honda is dismissing this well-known issue alleging that the excessive oil consumption issue occurs in rare cases and is due to hard revving on a cold engine with bad gasoline...this is absolutely ridiculous! The problem has been well-known to Honda for a long time (many years) yet they continue to hide it and allow vehicles to be sold to innocent consumers. My car has only ever been driven normally (light) with good quality gasoline. The issue occurs from normal use. Honda's dealers are resistant to allowing the warranty repair. My nightmare with the dealer continues. The dealer performed an erroneous oil consumption test and initially declined my warranty repair. The erroneous oil consumption test involved overfilling the engine with oil. They did not drain the oil and do an oil change first which is normal protocol for the test (possibly rushing or inexperienced tech?). This has caused additional problems with the vehicle. A second oil consumption test did show a different result and the warranty repair was then authorized but the catalytic converter repair denied. They also denied the defective VTC actuator repair. The dealer will not discuss the oil test problem and will not disclose what they did during the first alleged oil consumption test to deny my warranty repair. A big concern is the lack of transparency regarding the test. They do not deny that the issue occurred but they also will not openly admit to it. Honda customer service does nothing to address the problem or assist Honda owners. Customer service has been very reluctant to explain the complaint process and has been unwilling to attempt any resolution. The excessive oil consumption is a big safety hazard especially when it starts to occur without knowledge to the driver. There is no warning that the oil level is low. My vehicle stalled out while driving and the oil pressure light came on. Stalling out while driving increases risk of accidents. The excessive oil consumption has ruined the catalytic converter creating a residual environmental hazard as well as increased engine fire hazard. Honda is refusing to repair the damaged catalytic converter as part of the warranty repair. The dealer is not willing to make good on the damage caused by the erroneous oil test. The car will not pass the state inspection due to emission issue from the damaged catalytic converter.

To top all of this off, I was treated very rudely at the dealer. The dealer denies that overfilling an engine with oil damages the catalytic converter and also continues to deny that burning excessive oil through the engine damages the catalytic converter. The real issue was overfilling the oil in an engine that was already experiencing high oil consumption. Both denials are ridiculous and false. I am currently seeking a warranty repair to repair the piston ring problem and the resulting failed catalytic converter to get the car repaired for safe operation to both driver and the environment and to pass state inspection. The VTC actuator probelm (grinding noise) has to be another battle. Honda owners are experiencing a huge loss of value to their vehicles (potential buyers should not buy these defective vehicles). Honda has previously been sued (class action) for this same issue occurring in other Honda models. The consumer is left with no other choice but to seek legal help.

- Catherine G., York, US

problem #30

Jul 212017


  • Automatic transmission
  • 94,767 miles

The vehicle is burning between 1.8 and .66 quarts per 1000 miles. Honda made us come back 5 times to participate in an "oil consumption test" only to tell us that because the average of the five visits showed oil consumption was just below 1 quart per 1000 miles, they would not repair the car and declared the oil consumption "normal". Their advice was to add oil every time we fill the car with gasoline.

My confidence in the vehicle, the dealership and Honda are all shot to heck. The car is both a liability and an excessive polluter. What a waste of time, money and fossil fuels.

- Earl L., Salinas, US

problem #29

Jun 012017

CR-V EX-L 4WD 2.4 V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 75,000 miles


Will Update in morning. Its late and I will be able to fill out this section fully and clearly in the morning.

- billy8230, Fort Wayne, US

problem #28

May 052017


  • Automatic transmission
  • 109,000 miles

I submitted a request to Honda on May 23rd to consider replacing the engine of my 2010 Honda CR-V under the extended warranty for excessive oil consumption. I purchased the car in October 2016 from Auto Trademark of Manassas. When Auto Trademark received the car they did a full inspection and determined the vehicle only needed an oil change and an A/C compressor. Auto Trademark made those improvements and sold me the vehicle. My teenage daughter is the primary driver of this car and doesn’t put a significant amount of miles on it.

In January 2017 I made an appointment with Auto Nation Honda of Dulles for an oil change, a new key and program, the airbag recall and to take a look at the windows because they wouldn’t roll down. The appointment was scheduled for February 16th. However just prior to February 16th my daughter heard a noise under her hood and a teacher at her high school told her she had no oil in the car, he put oil in the car and she drove it directly to Jiffy Lube in Leesburg and received an oil change. My daughter still took her car to Auto Nation Honda of Dulles and let them know that she would no longer require an oil change because she had to take it to Jiffy Lube due to no oil in the car. Honda of Dulles then proceeded to make the requested repairs such as the new key, fixed the windows, did the air bag recall. Additionally they performed an inspection and made several other suggestions. They replaced brakes, rotors, tires and some fluids, the entire service cost me $1,200. At no time did anyone consider the excessive oil consumption or mention any issues with the engine of the car.

On April 30th 2017 my daughter broke down on the side of the road. A man stopped to help her and he told her she had no oil in her vehicle. She added a quart of oil but the car still would not start. The dashboard said she still had 50% of oil life and her Jiffy Lube sticker said she still had 1000 miles until her next oil change. We had the car towed to Western Loudoun Service Center of Purcellville at a cost of $265. Western Loudoun replaced the alternator and added 3 quarts of oil for a cost of $403, they took a look at the engine and couldn’t figure out why it was sucking up so much oil.

Honda of Dulles had given my daughter a card for a free oil change at her last visit in February, so I told her to take it to the Honda of Dulles and redeem her free oil change and ask them about the excessive oil consumption. I had found a consumer reports about 2010 Honda CRV’s having an excessive oil consumption problem on some vehicles and that Honda had extended the warranty to 125,000 miles or 8 years for this issue. This information was found here: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/news/2015/05/honda-accord-cr-v-warranties-extended-for-excess-oil-consumption/index.htm

On May 5th 2017 my daughter took the car back to Honda of Dulles. Honda of Dulles acknowledged this issue and would initiate the oil consumption test, however during the oil change the car would not start. Honda of Dulles notified me that the timing chain skipped and bent the valves, I asked Ryan (my technician) if this could be a result of the excessive oil consumption and he stated that it was a possibility. This article here states exactly that: http://www.superstreetonline.com/how-to/engine/htup-1005-honda-k-series-tensioner/ He said he was going to contact Honda Corp and try to get this covered under extended warranty. I did not hear from AutoNation of Honda again until May 23, 2017 after many calls by me, the vehicle had been there for 17 days at that point. I received a call from Alfred, a manager asking me to return my loaner. I told him I was very confused and told him that I had not heard from Honda in many days. He said he didn’t know why anyone hadn’t called me but Honda denied my claim to fix the engine and that they would do a rebuilt engine for $4,400 or they would buy the car from me for $4,700. I told them that I wanted to contact Honda Corp directly and appeal. I sent a letter, fax and an online request the same day on May 23rd.

I bought this Honda CRV for my teenage daughter because I was sure that I was purchasing a safe and reliable vehicle. I could have purchased many other cars but I knew that Honda would be the best for her. So far it has been anything but. While she was broke down on the side of the road, the man who “helped” her and told her there was no oil in her car, also touched her and tried to get her to get into his car with him. This was a traumatic for her, being a young girl on the side of the road. The costs have been exuberant. Since I purchased the vehicle in October I have spent $2,000 in repairs and maintenance and I am facing the possibility of having to pay for even more.

I was hoping that Honda was going to do the right thing and cover the repairs under the extended warranty. I have located other articles and complaints on the web due to this specific issue. Including a Class Action Suit for the same issue but didn’t include the CRV for some reason. Honda knows this is an issue and should have handled it much better from the beginning. I had hoped that Honda would want to preserve the safe and reliable reputation that it was known for. Here are some of the complaints that already exist on the web that I was able to see, unfortunately after the fact: https://www.carcomplaints.com/Honda/CR-V/2010/engine/excessive_oil_consumption.shtml

On May 26th I received a call from Dora at Honda Corporation as a result of this letter, she stated that she didn’t have enough information and would be calling AutoNation Honda of Dulles and the regional Manager to get some more information and that she would call me back on Tuesday May 30th. I left messages at her extension on June 1st and again on the 2nd. I thought maybe the poor communication I received from AutoNation Honda of Dulles was exclusive to them but apparently it is a Honda issue. Finally Dora returned my call on the evening of June 2nd. She told that me that Honda was denying my “Good Will Claim”, I’m not sure what the good will claim is, my claim was to have the engine repaired under the extended warranty for excessive oil consumption. She said that since there was no inspection and the Honda hadn’t been certified they weren’t going to fix it. I expressed my displeasure and told Dora that I would be sure to share my story via any avenue I could find. She said that was my right as a consumer but that I should hold myself accountable as well, that when you buy a used vehicle that’s what you get sometimes. So here I am, holding myself accountable. Learn from my lesson…. DON’T BUY HONDA, they are not the reliable vehicles they once were and that we once believed they were and additionally have very poor customer service. A simple google search will validate my statement as well. I wish I would have done more research prior to such a large purchase, this is a very well known issue as you can tell by some of the links I have included.

One last link is the Yelp reviews for AutoNation of Honda, I also wish I would checked here prior to my purchase and prior to my multiple trips for service. Many unhappy customers. https://www.yelp.com/biz/autonation-honda-dulles-sterling

- h8honda, Leesburg, US

problem #27

Jul 272015

CR-V 4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 83,320 miles

In August of 2015 Honda issued a warranty extension notification for sticking piston rings resulting in high engine oil consumption. In July of that year I began to add oil in-between required oil changes and reported the condition to Manchester Honda. The rate is approximately 1QT/2,500 miles. Honda agrees this is 'abnormal' but that the rate does not meet the 'excessive' consumption required to be covered under the warranty extension notification. That rate is not documented anywhere and reported to be 1QT/1,000 miles.

For 'customer satisfaction' Honda has agreed to fix the problem only charging me $1,000. My primary objection is I paid for a normal car, that is what I thought I was getting, and see no reason to pay anything to make the car normal. The word argument - abnormal vs. excessive - Honda has forwarded does not impress me. The warranty notification states "... high engine oil consumption" and that is what I am experiencing. Whether it is abnormal or excessive is a philosophical discussion they can have on their own.

Briefly stated: My car is exhibiting a high engine oil consumption which Honda acknowledges exists on 2010 CR-V models. The poor terminology excuse offered and lack of support from the entire Honda service team does nothing but add to my anger and frustration.

- John Z., Columbia, US

problem #26

Feb 222017

CR-V 4WD 5DR EX-L W 3.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 107,222 miles

CATALYTIC CONVERTER FAILURE. I also found out that the vehicle is covered under an excessive Oil Comsumption Warranty which they will replace the engine piston rings due to oil entering the system. This problem will also cause oil to get into the fuel system and eventually get it the Catalytic Converter causing it to fouled and set efficiency codes .I am in the process of enquire to see if Honda will replace the CATALYTIC CONVERTER.


problem #25

Nov 162016


  • Automatic transmission
  • 124,372 miles


I had taken my car to my local Honda dealership in 2015 to check for oil leak since the oil light would come on between oil changes. They did not find any leaks and said the car was working as normal. I experienced the problem again in 2016 2 months after an oil change the light came on again.

I Googled it and found that my car was subject to an extended warranty for the issue until 8 years or 125k miles. I contacted my new dealership and took my car in. My advisor stated that an oil consumption test would need to be done which consisted of and oil change and bringing it back in 1000 miles later to see more than 1 quart of oil had been burned. Since I would be over the extended warranty period at the end of the test I contacted Honda directly to make sure it would be covered. I spoke with someone who assured me that since I had started the test before the warranty period was over I would be fully covered.

I took the car back at 1000 miles and that said there was no issue. In Jan 2017 my oil light came on again. I took the car back to the dealership and they discovered it was burning more oil than 1 quart per 1000 miles. My car now had 127653 miles. Honda is now refusing to fix the issue under the extended warranty. I spoke with the representative From American Honda Corp and she stated that even though I was told it would be covered since the process was started before the extended warranty expired that information was not correct and she would give a coaching to the representative that noted my file.

I will note my local dealership has been great in offering to fix the issue for a $250 deductible.

- nctoygirl, Raleigh, NC, US

problem #24

Jul 212016


  • Automatic transmission
  • 67,233 miles

The first time we became aware of any issue was around 3/3/16 (64224mi) when we started hearing engine/muffler noise and we mentioned it when we brought car in for airbag replacement. By 7/21/16 (67233mi) we were hearing very strong motor noises and the car began to drive very rough. When we took it in they advised us we were 3qts low. From the last oil change at 60742mi that amounts to 1.0qt/2164mi. They told us we needed to do an oil consumption test. On 8/10/16 (67942mi) we were already 1qt low after only 500mi and they asked us to do an oil change when we were only at 40% according to the "oil life" indicator.

By 12/2/16 when we finished the oil consumption test and they took several weeks to get back with us, they said our oil consumption was "within normal limits" according to the factory. On 1/9/17 (73743mi) we requested Honda check our oil and sure enough it was down 1.8qts after 2790mi. That's 1.0qts/1500mi. They suggested we do another oil consumption test.

Clearly, Honda has set convenient "normal limits" in order to delay repairs that could mitigate future engine issues after our warranty (or extended warranty) has expired. We have requested that they fix this problem once and for all so we do not have to be guessing as to when we need to add oil and most importantly because it has most definitely lowered the resale value of our car and made it much harder to sell. The number one reason we purchased this car was for it's high resale value which it can no longer live up to.

- Susie M., Santa Ana, CA, US

problem #23

Mar 262010


  • Automatic transmission
  • 30 miles

I am writing regarding my frustration and disappointment with American Honda regarding my 2016 Honda CRV with the VIN# 5J6RE4H52AL041580. Here are the facts surrounding my experience with the car since the date I purchased it. When I purchased the car on March 26, 2010 I made a decision to invest in a Honda CRV based upon performance ratings, quality and reliability boasted by the manufacturer. Although I found the car to be comfortable there have been signs of a manufacturers defect from the start. Since this is the only vehicle I own I am completely dependent on it for my business and livelihood. The following details my experience with my Honda CRV to date. • Purchased the car on March 26, 2016 • There are currently about 118,000 miles on the car. • Within the first few months I started hearing pinging/tapping sounds from under the hood. I passed the Honda dealer one day and pulled in and was advised that I was low on oil. The tech put a quart in, I drove away and the sound stopped. He advised that whenever it made that sound I should just add oil. This was all before my first oil change. • I did as instructed and continued to add oil as the sound re-occurred. I always wondered why I had to add multiple quarts of oil between oil changes. • Every time I went for an oil change I questioned the consumption and asked the dealer to check if perhaps oil was leaking somewhere or not. The answer was always that they found nothing wrong and no indication of any malfunction. • July of 2011 Honda acknowledged the problem and issued a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB#11-033). In November of 2011, after bringing my car in for an oil change I realized via the receipt that the dealer performed an oil consumption software update. At this time there was no recall in effect. • As the years went on I continued to pour oil into my car at an alarming rate in between oil changes to the tune of 4 quarts of oil each instance. The cost incurred has been substantial as the car uses synthetic oil. The funny thing is that the oil light never comes on as a warning. • It was no surprise when Honda finally issued an Oil Consumption recall in 2015. I brought the car in for an oil consumption test. I was charged for an oil change even though it was related to a recall. When I was unable to bring the car back within 1000 miles due to business travel I then had to undergo a second test. I chose a different dealer who did not charge to top off the oil. • The car failed the oil consumption test, no surprise here, and the Honda dealer performed the required service as per Honda ‘s Oil Consumption recall protocol. I requested that the tech check the catalytic converter since I have been concerned about the impact the ongoing oil issue would have on it. Sure enough the tech indicated that the catalytic converter does need to be replaced. Since the warranty for this part expires at 80,000 miles mine no longer qualifies. • At this point I contacted Honda who agreed to pay for 50% of the catalytic converter repair. I declined the offer based on the fact that I have nor money to put towards this car due to unemployment circumstances, nor should I be expected to put one cent towards a car that has been defective from the start. • In addition, my car has also been recalled for Takata Airbag replacement. So much for reliability dependability! Upon completing the oil consumption test the Honda dealer still has my car as I await the airbag modification. I am driving a rental car as per the Honda agreement. • Once the airbag modification is made they will return my vehicle which I will not be able to drive since the catalytic converter is no good at this point.

Following is a summary of my concerns regarding the Oil Consumption recall. 1. I have been driving a car that has had a substantial defect from the day I bought it. 2. I have spent countless dollars on pouring oil into it from the start. 3. The car is no longer drivable or dependable due to the state of the catalytic converter. 4. I have huge concerns about the longevity of the engine, which has been severely compromised over an extended period of time due to faulty oil consumption. I will never be able to drive this vehicle without being fearful that the engine will cease. 5. To add insult to injury I have been without my CRV utility vehicle negatively impacting my life as I am unable to accommodate my recreational activities with the rental car. 6. Combining the two recalls is adding much unnecessary stress to my life! 7. My biggest fear is what happens when the airbag is fixed, the car is returned, and I am unable to drive it due to the compromised catalytic converter.

- Marian J., Basking Ridge, NJ, US

problem #22

Jul 302015

CR-V EX-L 2.4L 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 63,000 miles

I was driving my car in Feb 2015 timeframe when my oil light quickly flashed (this was the only time the light ever came on during this whole issue). When I got home, I checked the oil and it didn't even register. I had to put two quarts in my vehicle (oil life was about 40%). When I took my car in to get the next oil change, I told my service advisor that my car lost 2 quarts. When my car was ready, they said they couldn't find any leaks, so they wanted to do an oil consumption test. I came back in 1,000 miles, level was fine. Since I live over an hour from the dealer, they told me to keep track of the oil myself, but didn't tell me to bring the car to them if it went low again. Between that visit and when my car was ready for the next oil change in July 2015, I filled my engine with over 4 quarts, but kept records of the date, mileage and how much oil was added. I was told that I needed to bring it to them when the oil was low and not to fill it with oil. I kept checking it and brought it back in when the oil went low again, probably two-three weeks later, around the end of July 2015. The service advisor I talked to the last time wasn't there and the guy came out and said that they checked it and I was ready to go. Once I explained it to him that I was there to determine whether I had the piston ring leak problem per my normal service advisor, he came back out to let me know that my piston rings needed to be replaced and they would provide me with a car rental. It took almost 10 days for the repair to be completed because of parts being on back order. My biggest complaint about the service advisor I had was lack of communication about the status of the repair that was originally a 3 day job. I also ended up with a three month fight with the rental company bc Honda would only cover three days of the rental. It finally got taken care of by the dealer after repeated calls to the rental company and the manager. Ironically, I received a recall notice from Honda about this issue months after all this headache. Since the piston rings have been replaced, my car is running smoothly and I have had no other oil leaks and my car is now registering over 74,000 miles.

- wlc70, Charlottesville, VA, US

problem #21

Mar 302016

CR-V ES 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 82,000 miles

My husband knowing he was dying wanted me to have a good reliable car. we bought a honda. Now just a little over 82,000 miles its burning oil like crazy. the warranty is over, I either buy a new car or buy a new engine Neither was in the plan. I'm just so disappointed with Honda! This car has been babied taken care of Oil changed before it reached the 30% mark. Thought we were getting a good car, got a lemon instead, Mileage has never been that good either. but I can live with that.

Update from Apr 6, 2016: With this excess oil consumption came a almost out of oil at changes. with no low oil light, and the oil pecentage still reading above 30%

- Debra S., New Brighton, PA, US

problem #20

Oct 092015

CR-V V.6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 162,000 miles

Received letter of oil consumption issue from Honda called them and spoke to them about how it was out of the mileage allotment but they told us to have the test done which we did and it confirmed that the consumption rate was 570.95 miles per quart, when we called Honda back they told us it was out of the mileage and that we would have to fix it ourselves. I asked about pro-rating the repair and they were not willing to do so. I am so disappointed with the way Honda is handling this. I will never buy a Honda again. I bought the car in the first place because I knew I would be putting high miles on it and I wanted a car that woul last. I guess the jokes on me.

- Jean P., Litchfield, NH, US

problem #19

Dec 112015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 120,000 miles

This problem has been there for sometime but last time when I went to change the oil the mechanic told me that there is a leak and since then I am always checking the oil and putting more oil and I am scared to drive the car. Mechanic told me to fix the problem it will cost more than $1000.00 and you have to leave the car for 3 days. I have been hearning the noise every morning I start the car by the time I take it to mechanic it's not there.I have no check oil light coming on. It is very frustrating and costing me lot of money. I hope Honda can fix this problem otherwise Honda is going to have bad reputation.

- bal, Thornhill, ON, Canada

problem #18

Jan 012015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 95,000 miles

Car has been burning oil for over a year. I brought it to Hondas attention a while back and was told a little oil burning is normal as a car gets older. Then I received a letter from Honda a few months ago stating they recognize there may be an issue with my model burning excess oil and extended my warranty however they put mileage limits on it and my car was already over the miles. I called Honda and explained that this has been an issue for over a year and I'm having to add atleast 5 qts of oil a month and they said they wouldn't do anything because I was over the mileage even though this has been an issue for a year. I filed a BBB complaint and they said they could do nothing. Now I'm at the point where its burning oil so bad I have fumes coming into the car and am putting a bottle of oil in a week. I called the mechanic today and I'm being told it will probably cost atleast $1000 to fix but won't know for sure until they look at it this week. Honda has known about this issue and should have recalled it instead of extending a warranty. This is total bs. I can't even trade my car in because I still owe quite a bit. If anyone knows of a lawsuit I can join for 2010 Honda crv please let me know

- Jessica R., Johnstown, NY, US

problem #17

Nov 122014

CR-V EX-L 2.4L V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 65,492 miles

My wife is the principal driver of the car and first noticed the engine light flickering on and off and is how we first discovered this issue. Upon checking the oil level we discovered that there was no oil on the dipstick and took it to our local auto repair shop and they confirmed our findings. Neither the oil consumption indicator nor the low engine oil level gave any clue of low oil levels.

Since that time, I have complained at each service visit to my dealership in Mississauga where we purchased the vehicle brand new in 2010 about the low oil levels and they have since recommended an oil consumption test upon my insistence, which by the way I have had to pay for to determine if this is serious enough despite an official letter that I received from Honda on June 2015 basically extending the warranty and acknowledging this problem.

What bothers me is that my car goes into the dealership regularly for servicing but not once have they ever pointed out low oil levels and I'm constantly being told about the acceptable burn rate instead and I felt like enough doubt is cast to make you feel as if this is a normal occurrence.

It's worth noting that my catalytic converter had to be replaced this year under warranty and I'm curious to know if there is any correlation.

We have owned many cars over the last 27 years including Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and GM and have never experienced this type of issue before. Folks that I share this information with are alarmed as they don't see it as being normal for a fairly newer vehicle with low mileage from a reputable manufacturer.

In doing a lot of research over the internet and including this site, I discovered that this is not an isolated problem and there has been class action lawsuits in the US related to this issue on several Honda models. Not sure why Honda does not just do the right thing by recalling and fixing the issue before it causes harm to their reputation. I myself would be very weary of buying another Honda product unless this gets resolved to my satisfaction.

- 4allan, Mississauga, ON, Canada

problem #16

Oct 072014


  • Automatic transmission
  • 48,878 miles

unacceptable for a new car if I wanted this type of problem I could have bought a $2800 car with 140000 miles on it. if they don't give me a new engine then I will never buy another Honda this car has now been run on low oil multiple times and the idiot light doesn't even come on to remind my wife and why would you think that a new car needs oil put in between oil changes???

- Rickybob B., Wildwood Crest, NJ, US

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