pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
48,500 miles
Total Complaints:
169 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. replace bad control arms in rear of vehicle (47 reports)
  2. not sure (40 reports)
  3. replace the tires (14 reports)
  4. buy new tires (11 reports)
  5. honda should fix (10 reports)
  6. need honda too replace rear control arms for free (9 reports)
2007 Honda Civic wheels / hubs problems

wheels / hubs problem

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2007 Honda Civic Owner Comments (Page 7 of 9)

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problem #49

Feb 082010

Civic LX 1.8L V4

  • Manual transmission
  • 81,000 miles


I have had horrible premature wearing of rear driver's side tires. Exactly like everyone elses' complaint. Very uneven, almost rolling hills type wearing. I'll have full tread, bald, then full tread again. I have changed the wheels and tires. I rotate them regularly. Bought very nice expensive tires, and still had the problem resurface after about 20k miles. I'm getting rid of the vehicle over this issue.

- Marc S., Ocala, FL, US

problem #48

Sep 042009

Civic LX 4.0L

  • Manual transmission
  • 50,000 miles

Honda dealership was contacted in regards to two flat tires withing months of one

another. I read on the internet about the rear control arm part which is causing cupping on tires and premature wear.

Honda has known for a LONG''' TIME about the rear control arm being deficient and is strongly suggested replacement of it only on 2007 vehicles.

This happened when vehicle was under 60,000 kilometers brought to dealership they refused to replace rear control arm even though the serial number indicates it should be replaced. causes premature wear on tires alignment problems and various other issues.

Honda is fighting us on this now that we are at 60,000 kilometers, We have listed a complaint with the better business bureau also apparently there is also a lawsuit happening in regards to this hopefully Honda will recognize this and it will become a recall. good luck to future owners I used to believe in hondas quality and service NO longer.

- Donna P., Belle River, Ontario, Canada

problem #47

Jan 152009

Civic EX 1.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 15,000 miles

The tire flatspotting started at 15,000 miles. Ten tires and two alignments later, plus new control arms installed, and the rear tires are shot again at 27,000 miles. They want you to keep rotating them to get you out of warranty. I refused to pay for any of these tires and fought the good fight, and won. They said the car is fixed but I believe its an engineering fault.

On ice or snow there is danger, no control. I refused to drive this car and received a rental. The issue will not go away so the car was traded. Best feeling of my life. I had many Hondas and never a complaint, until this. Don't give up the fight, be informed and speak firmly and in even tones. Don't let your emotions speak (yell) for you. Good luck to everyone.

- Joe H., Park Falls, WI, US

problem #46

Mar 072008

Civic SI 2.0L

  • Manual transmission
  • 10,164 miles


I am experiencing the same type of problem that everyone else appears to be having. Extreme tire wear on the inside of the tires. I had taken my vehicle in for service in March of 2008 because it was wandering. I told the service technician that the car was wandering and that it felt loose in the rear. He told me that if I had done a little research, I would have found out prior to buying the Honda Civic Si that they drive that way because of the type of car they are. I thought that was a ridiculous comment and made them put it on the alignment rack. After it was all said and done, he told me that the problem was in my head and showed me the alignment spec sheet and told me that there was no significant difference between before and after the alignment.

Yesterday, twenty thousand miles later, while I was getting my oil changed and tires rotated, the mechanic called me into the work area to show me a problem. Wow.... I couldn't believe the excess wear that was showing on the inside of the tires. He told me that the cords were about to show through and that I needed to get them replaced soon. I called Honda today to complain and they gave me the run around and told me that it was normal wear for that type of vehicle, so I jumped on the internet and it appears as though, yes, it is normal for this 'type' of vehicle. The 'type' of vehicle that has manufacturing defects!

Let me sum this up.

Car wanders, vibrates, eats tires and feels unsafe to drive after ten thousand miles because that's the 'type' of vehicle it is.

They sure didn't mention any of this before they sold it to me. Can you imagine the sales pitch? "After ten thousand miles, this car will vibrate, eat tires and feel unsafe to drive, but it's okay because........... It's that way by design" lol.

I don't even want to get into third gear popping out because I am sure it was designed to do that because of the type of vehicle it is. Wow, I almost sound as sarcastic as the last Honda service manager I talked to.

- mmafan, Oblong, IL, US

problem #45

Oct 142009

Civic LX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 35,000 miles

The tires that come with the new honda civic are stock or EOM Bridgestones tires. They don't last long. You need to purchase different tires. I had 30K miles and I bought a new set of Michelin tires for about $130 each or $480 (on sale) for a whole set and the road noise stops. The car now drives more smoothly. Get rid of the stock tires, buy Michelin or Yokohama tires and you will be happy again. This has nothing to do with Honda. Just replace all four of your stock tires with a different set, and that's it...

- GotMucho B., Any City, XX, US

problem #44

Oct 132009

Civic EX 1.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 93,000 miles

Just had to purchase the 4th set of tires for my 2007 Honda Civic. The original set lasted 26K, the next set 41K (dangerously pushed), the next only 26K and now I have a new set. Tires only last one year max. This last set wore so unevenly. I'm sick of it. This is the 4th set of tires for 93,000 miles of driving (all interstate). I have a 1999 Toyota 4Runner and I just put the third set of tires on it after 164,000. What is the problem? This is not the honda I had when I was young. The one where you never had to do anything to the car but put gas in it and change the oil. I'm so frustrated. I'm tired of looking for solutions to fix the problem. The only solution is to get another car (not Honda).

- Mark H., Statesville, NC, US

problem #43

Nov 012008

Civic LX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 55,000 miles


I am having the same issue as everyone else with the recall on the rear arms control. I had really irregular wearing on my tires and now I am experiencing the worst level of road noise. You would think that I was driving a clunker. The last road trip I was on my car started shaking and I was worried that I wasn't even going to make it home. Pretty sad for a car that is only 2 years old. I was thinking about buying new tires but after reading all these complaints I think that I am just going to trade it in and get another vehicle- NOT HONDA.

They would not pay to replace my tires. With this type of customer care I would hate to see what things are like 5 years down the road when I no longer have a warranty.

- lisaks, Derby, KS, US

problem #42

Nov 032007

Civic LX 1.8L

  • Manual transmission
  • 14,300 miles

I am a long time Honda driver (20+ years) and have never had a complaint, but my recent experience with the '07 Civic has not been good. Approx. seven months after buying the car, the rear tires were became worn and cupped and had to be replaced. The first winter with the car was an experience as it was very unstable on snowy roads and windy conditions, which I suspect is related to the rear end problem. I complained directly to the dealer in May of 2008 and he failed to tell me that there was a service bulletin regarding the rear tire wear and control arm replacement and that they hadn't heard of this problem from other Civic owners. Another winter came and the car continued to be dangerous to drive on snowy roads, we added a bag of sand to the trunk. The car became to be very noisy in the rear end, which I attributed to the aggressive tread of the snow tires we had put on. My wife happened to be at a garage and mentioned this so they put the car up on a lift, this was in October of '09. The rear tires were badly cupped and wearing on the inside. I emailed the salesman at the dealership with a copy of my original complaint from the spring of 2008. He referred me to the service manager who stated that he would contact the rep. I mentioned that I had found a service bulletin (08-01) that addressed this problem. He called the rep who would not even provide the parts at no cost. I decided to get the car aligned and they found that it could not be aligned because of the control arm problem.

My next step is to contact the dealer again to see what can be done. Bottom line is that the tire wear is due to a manufacturing defect and should be corrected no matter what the mileage on the vehicle. Toyota just announced a recall for some of their cars for floor mats possibly causing the gas pedal to stick wide open. It is just a matter of time before this rear tire issue results in serious injury. Honda should not wait to address this issue.

Update from Oct 16, 2009: Contacted Honda Customer Service and filed my complaint.

Posted a BBB complaint against Honda and received a phone call from Honda within a week asking me to have my problem diagnosed by a Honda dealer before they can consider any action.

Also joined in a class action suit being filed by a legal firm in Canada (www.merchantlaw.com).

There appears to be some hope in getting this resolved.

Update from Jan 17, 2010: 1/17/10 update

I brought my car to the dealer at the request of the Honda customer service rep in order to verify that my car indeed had the incorrect control arms. Dealer verified this and after numerous calls to the customer service rep, he finally spoke to me and stated that I had not told him that my request had been denied by the local area rep and that he could not do any more for me because the local rep had the last word. I stated I was not familiar with the hierarchy of the Honda customer service department.

I finally just bought the control arms and had a local garage install them and align the vehicle.

This made a very marked difference in the handling of the car in wind and also snowy conditions. The car no longer feels like it is all over the road and handles in snow as well as all of the other 3 or 4 Civics that I have had.

I feel that this is still a safety issue and that anyone who has this problem should contact Honda and let them know so that it may eventually be a recall so that we can recoup our repair and tire costs.

- mgmvt, West Glover, VT, US

problem #41

Aug 192009

Civic EX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 29,000 miles

Rear tires worn at 27000 miles worn inside replaced tires had front end alignment checked was ok. rear alignment checked control arms no good...

- Robert S., Morton Grove, IL, US

problem #40

Jan 062009

Civic ES 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 42,600 miles

Our very first Honda purchased on the premise that it was the BEST car out there. Now I think we s/h stuck with a Ford!! Certified used w/12,000 miles. Starting making LOUD road noises - rear tires were wearing and HOnda replaced the rear control arm and did give us 2 new tires. Also visors broke!!! Have noticed some interior items that aren't made right. Warranty is up at 48,000 and not sure we want to keep this car since reading everyone else's problems. There sure are a lot of HONDA problems on your site. Wonder if Honda is paying off Consumer Reports!!! Not sure we can afford to trade this car off - it does get awesome fuel mileage, but these problems have us worried. PS Have a Ford Escape with over 115,000 on it and NO problems at all................Makes you wonder.............

- 4horses, Pleasant Hill, MO, US

problem #39

Apr 202008

Civic EX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 23,780 miles


My two rear tires have bulches or bumps, I took them to firestone and he said to take it to Honda dealership. Honda would not replace them.

- Tammy L., Ypsilanti, MI, US

problem #38

Oct 172008

Civic EX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 18,000 miles

My Honda dealer expected me to pay to replace the worn rear tires on our year old Civic. With a little bit of Internet research, I informed him that I knew that Honda knew this was a manufacturer's defect-- they installed the WRONG PART when the vehicle was assembled, therefore it was HONDA's problem to correct without cost to me. I also threatened to notify the local TV station's consumer advocate about the problem.

He called me back to say he would pay 1/2, and I assured him that I was not going to pay. He had to contact a regional rep or somebody, but eventually I got the defective parts replaced under warranty AND the two rear tires replaced for free!

Stand up to Honda! If their cars are so superior they need to stand behind them when they screw up!

- James D., Temperance, MI, US

problem #37

Aug 242009


  • Automatic transmission
  • 21,000 miles

I bought this car used. It was fine for about 5500 miles. Then, at 21000 miles (had only 15000 miles when I bought it) the car was making a lot of noise in the rear and vibrating very bad. I was out of state on vacation and called Honda Customer Service. At first they were very nice. Said to take it to the nearest dealer right away. Took it in. They also were very nice. Explained about a service bulletin on the control arms and a few other recalls. Showed a graph on the bulletin and stated because my tires still have a lot of tread, even though they are cupping badly, Honda will not replace the tires. I argued with Customer Service for my whole vacation. Told them the faulty control arms caused the tires to wear and cup and should be replaced. They agree the control arms caused the wear but stated because I bought the car from a dealer other than a Honda dealer they will not pay to replace the bad tires.

- Vickie F., Blanchard, PA, US

problem #36

Aug 082009

Civic EX 1.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 22,400 miles

PURCHASED this vehicle from a local dealership,the car has just 22400 miles on it when I returned it to their service center for routine maintance.One of the tasks I asked them to perform was a tire rotation. The service manager returned shortly later explaining that my tires would not be rotated,they were worn out. The manager was quick to point out the fact that no warranty would cover the bridgestone tires that came on the car,but he could give me a estimate for a new set.The rotation was every 6000 miles,the maintance was performed by their service department,the car was not driven hard,normal everyday commutes to work.The manager also told that I wasn't the first customer with this they had encountered.Its nice to know that according to what people say HONDA has one the best cars ON THE ROAD.They just forgot,without GOOD TREADS,YOUR NOT GOING ANYWHERE!

- kbuckland, Peterstown, WV, US

problem #35

May 012009

Civic EX 1.8L

  • Manual transmission
  • 20,000 miles

Car started vibrating badly several months ago so I checked out the front end components completely but could find nothing wrong. While performing a routine inspection of my tires last week, I found that the tread surface of both my rear tires felt like rolling hills on the surface of the tread. The entire surface has large uneven high and low points with no specific pattern to it at all, both side to side and along the forward rolling surface. Its Crazy! I have never seen a tire wear out like that. I contacted the Honda dealer where I bought the care 20 months ago and they told me that it was a tire issue and to take my car to tire dealership who sells this brand. I did, however, the tire dealership has told me that it's is a dealership matter and they will have to fix it. Later this week I'll be going back to the dealership to to speak with the Service Manager directly. I have no intention of leaving without a plan to get this problem fixed at no cost to me.

- Seamus R., Austin, TX, US

problem #34

Apr 152008


  • Automatic transmission
  • 25,000 miles

I bought this 2007 honda civic, in december of 2006 with 4 miles on it. The car ran perfect until it hit about 9000 miles.Since that time I've had nothing but problems. The car has been recalled 4 times for various things but the biggest problem is the rear wheels. I had noticed the car vibrating and getting louder while driving it on the interstate, which is solely what I bought the car for interstate driving, back and forth to work,,,,, good gas mileage right! So took it to walmart for oil change and tire rotation. Well the back tires were worn so bad they said they couldn't rotate because it would cause the car to shake so bad it would be undrivable. You could actually see the grooves in the tires where it had worn unevenly,21,000 miles on car. Take car to dealership where they tell me that the radial arms on this car were recalled and that was probably the problem. So they replace them and realign the tires... but I'm stuck with the cost of buying two new tires at 130.00 each plus tax, even though those tires had plenty of tread left on them, and would have lasted another 20,000 miles if not for the defective part. 18,700 miles later total odometer reading of 40,000 miles and some change. I'm going down the interstate to work, car starts shaking at 55mph, can't get above 60mph without it shaking me out of my seat, turn around take it right to dealership, and tell them that the car is doing the same thing it did when they replace the radial arms, the dealership looked at it and said the alignment was off according to their specs..... well duh, no sh*t! I wanted to know why the alignment was off!!! So they told me because I failed to get the tires rotated at the proper time, which according to them is every other oil change. So I was literally 2,800 miles late with my tire rotation. Give me a break, 2,800 miles is not going to cause my tires to wear bad enough that I need new tires, and amazingly the weaves in the tires were exactly the same as when I brought it in when the radial arms were bad but dealership told me that was not the problem any longer. If I had rotated the tires I would be buying four tires instead of two. Of course the car is not under warranty any longer so the dealership wants me to pay for two new tires (these tires only have 18,700 miles on them) a rotation and alignment, 500.00 and some odd dollars. So I tell them where they can put it. I go home call honda corporate to tell them whats going on. Corporate tells me that if the dealership can't find the problem they can't just start taking off parts and replacing them till they find whats wrong and to take it to another dealership. The next HONDA dealership says the same thing alignments off must be from pot holes or careless driving, not getting tires rotated..blah blah blah. So I go to a used tire place buy two tires, go across street to get alignment at non honda place. They do front tire alignment ask them to do back and they say it doesn't need it????? So I talk to this guy about whats going on with honda and he tells me that he's seen 6 to 7 civic cars in the last month with the same problem!!! He tells me that hondas radial arms are tilted in to increase performance on the cars handling but it cause premature and uneven tread wear. That honda needs to install adjustable arms so the tires can be adjusted straight up and down and not tilted in. The radial arms that were replace on my car were replaced with the exact same factory part that was on there in the first place. Once my tires in the back had been replaced it balanced the cars alignment back out since there was no un-even wear.

Through a non honda dealership I was quoted for two new adjustable radial arms, labor, and another alignment 560.00. I went back and called corporate honda, they're looking into it... that was a month ago. Hondas are supposed to be great cars, reliable,dependable, high re-sale rate, good gas mileage. That's why I bought one...... cant even tell you how disappointed I am.This is the only car I've owned other then a toyota. I will never buy another honda. Honda company needs to step up and stand behind their product and take care of this problem and quit trying to blame it on the consumer. I recommend everyone with this problem to call corporate and complain, till honda takes care of the problem.

- Lori B., Clarksville, TN, US

problem #33

Apr 102009

Civic LX 1.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 33,000 miles

Honda Civic 2007 Coupe LX Auto, steering wheel trembling, and tire noise, went to dealer and he suggested 4 new tires, and an alignment.In addition he recommended the rear suspension upper control arms be replaced according to bulletin.

I purchased new tires,had alignment and tires balanced, as well the suspension fix. I still have trembling in steering wheel at higher speeds, car does not feel right. Honda Customer service has been a nightmare, they appear trained to stonewall, the regional manager was condescending and snotty. he is now blaming it on balancing.

I called the dealer and he does not believe it is a balancing issue. When I pressed him about the suspension ffix, as to whether it is a real solution, his reply was "thats what Honda says'

Does anyone know if there is a class action pending ? Or how I can proceed legally ? My attorney generals office was useless, i have reported to NTSB and FTC.

- richyd, Quincy, MA, US

problem #32

Feb 232008

Civic EX 1.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 24,000 miles

My 2007 Honda civic came with Bridgestone tires at 24000 flat spots all over. I rotate every 7,500 miles myself. always check air every two weeks. so far my new Michelin Primacy mxv4 205/55R16 are doing find with 24,000 miles on them look like new car is driving great.

Update from May 24, 2009: after talking to my dealer he is replacesing control arms on my civic and a four wheel allignment for free

Update from Nov 9, 2009: new tires are wearing good 24500 on them

- michaelbruck, Momence, IL, US

problem #31

Nov 152008

Civic LX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 17,000 miles

Same problem as everyone else, and the same response from the dealer, Honda will not cover the damage caused to the tires. Honestly, what a way to run a car company.

- Patrick H., Burlington, WI, US

problem #30

Dec 152008

Civic EX 1.8l4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 37,000 miles

At 14000 miles the dealer told us over the phone this was an alignment problem. They did not suggest we bring it in to check it out. Now at 37000 miles we need a third set of tires. The rear axle roar is almost unbearable. We have had the car realigned at every schedule oil change and are experiencing premature tire wear and road noise that is unnerving. We just returned the car to our local Honda dealer since something is not right with this care eating up tires. We have been told there is a problem with broken and defective welds in the control arm. We are now 1000 miles out of warranty and it will cost us 250 dollars to repair. The service rep let slip that she has seen this before. I asked how many times. She said just once. I asked her to multiply that statistic by the number of dealers and how many is that. I also wonder how many others have been conned or mislead into the notion they have and alignment and owner maintenance issue that have not come in to the dealer. In addition we now must pay for a third set of tires. This is obviously a factory defect and should fall into the catagory of an issue that falls into the category of a product recall. I can usually smell when I am being misled. This falls into the catagory of stench. Step back and almost puck kind of stench that stays with you all day.

- martinfl, Deltona, FL, US

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