2011 Honda Odyssey electrical problems: low battery indication

Low Battery Indication

2011 Honda Odyssey

This problem may be covered under warranty. Ask your Honda dealer.

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Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
6,450 miles
Total Complaints:
17 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (12 reports)
  2. Honda fixed with a software update (3 reports)
  3. make sure battery cables are connected properly (1 reports)
  4. replaced sensor (1 reports)
2011 Honda Odyssey electrical problems

electrical problem

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2011 Honda Odyssey Owner Comments

problem #17

Dec 122014

Odyssey Touring

  • Automatic transmission
  • 50,000 miles


My car is 2011, I have only ever owned Honda's and I have NEVER had a problem with this one. I have had numerous problems with the electric sliding doors, draining the batteries, the tires losing air, the sensors not working.....

It has been one problem after another and it has been a money pit. The car is unreliable and I have small children. I never know when or if the battery will be dead and if the car will start.

My sliding doors were not registering that they were connected, so we were told not to use them. I have been having my kids walk in through the front passenger door and crawl to the back, WHAT IS THE POINT OF HAVING A MINIVAN!!!!!!!!!!!

My car alarm would go off at random times for NO REASON AT ALL!!!! This was happening so frequently that it was draining the battery as well. I am so disappointed and upset with this car, that was supposed to be my dream car. So far I have replaced the battery 3 times and taken it into Honda 2 times. I have replaced the tires and the tire sensors. It has been the WORST HONDA PURCHASE EVER!

- michelleu9, Webster, US

problem #16

Apr 012011

Odyssey Touring

  • Automatic transmission
  • 5,500 miles



March XX, 2013

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Honda Automobile Customer Service Mail Stop 500-2N-7A 1919 Torrance Boulevard Torrance, California 90501-2746



Dear AHMC:

This correspondence is formal notification of ongoing electrical problems experienced with the subject 2011, Honda Odyssey. The letter is being sent via certified mail pursuant to the provisions of Maryland's Automotive Warranty Enforcement Act, Md. Code Ann., Com. Law II., §14-1501 et seq.

The vehicle odometer reading as of the date of this letter is 6,379 miles. The minivan was purchased, brand new, from Ourisman Honda in Bethesda, Maryland on April 1, 2011. Within hours of that original purchase, we began seeing a battery charge/low power warning that has persisted off and on to the present.

Since then we have, patiently and in good faith, taken this vehicle to Ourisman Honda a total of five (5) times, as well as to Honda of Tysons Corner in McLean, VA for an additional five (5) service attempts to have this singular issue corrected. Unfortunately, neither dealership has been able to resolve or correctly diagnose the underlying engineering defect. We had also contacted Honda’s corporate offices back in July 2011 and were advised that this was a known issue and to work through the local dealerships for resolution (see case: XXXXXXXXX).

Most upsetting, on several occasions my family has been stranded by a dead battery, and inconvenienced well beyond any reasonable amount. I have had to expend a significant amount of personal leave from work to deal with this matter (taking/picking up/waiting for the car from the dealerships), and it has been an extremely frustrating experience. The car has now been out of service for a total of at least twenty (23+) days, with certified Honda mechanics having attempted to repair and address the matter a total of nine (9) times. Attached are copies of all repair orders that document these attempts. This record does not even consider the dozens of phone calls to the respective dealerships and with American Honda Motor Company (AHMC) in California.

Perhaps most disappointing, after all of this, as of the last service visit to Ourisman Honda on March 11, 2013, it appears that the latest AHMC response is that we are not driving the van enough or for long enough distances (see RO XXXXXXX), and that we should install an aftermarket device which we have to plug in to keep the vehicle operational.

This response is even more surprising considering that we drive the car nearly daily to transport our 4 young children to/from school during the week, and use it extensively on the weekends. When the low battery light came on this most recent time (less than two weeks after getting a new battery), I drove it 25 miles to Ourisman Honda and even that failed make the light go off.

Just how much/far do we need to drive it and why did it take Honda nearly two years and all this time and effort to reach this conclusion? If Honda would have openly disclosed that the ability of the vehicle to function depended on how much it is driven, then we most certainly would never have purchased it. The fact is that we still have an unreliable automobile that we heavily depend on.

The bottom line is that this 2 year old problem impairs both the use and value of our $49,000 family van, and it has diminished our confidence that we will have a functioning car on any given day – tarnishing what is an otherwise strong Honda reputation for quality and service. Please, we need your help in restoring our trust and faith in the Honda product. This is the fourth Honda we have owned. I hope it is not the last.

Unless you are able to conclusively rectify the problem within the requisite time period required by law, we request that you repurchase or replace the vehicle under the provisions of Md. Code Ann., Com. Law II, §14-1502(c). Failure to comply with this written petition may subject Honda, as the manufacturer, to additional remedies under the state’s Lemon Law, up and including additional penalties and legal fees.

Kindly contact me at the above inside address or telephone/email number below to arrange for a mutually convenient date and time to inspect the car (again), make the necessary repairs and/or take other appropriate action.



- Jeff O., Minnetonka, MN, US

problem #15

Nov 012010

Odyssey EX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 28 miles

I recently had the so called software upgrade to have this bloody battery beep fixed and it didn't work. What the heck is their problem that they can't get this fixed. Are the 2012's like this too? What a bunch of dorks. I am still driving my 1995 Odyssey and I regret buying this 2011. What a mistake!!

- qvminich, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

problem #14

Sep 142011

Odyssey EX-L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 17 miles


I have had this "idiot light" message since I bought the vehicle. I have taken it to my local trusted mechanic close to my home and they initially checked the battery to make sure it was good. They even "charged" it for 30 minutes as an extra boost, yet when I turned it off after arriving home, it still beeped! I eventually made appointment(s) with one (of two) dealers in my area. The service department immediately told me that it was a known problem and it just took a few minutes to correct. They popped the hood and hit some switch. Drove it home, shut it off then and did not go anywhere else that day. It didn't beep at this point. The next day, I get in the car, beep Beep BEEP! All over again. I called service AGAIN and they said to bring it back in, they would have to check deeper for a fix. I went in only to be told by the mechanic that there is nothing else they could do, but suggested I'm not driving enough daily to recharge battery. I was actually told (no lie) to drive it at least 20 miles daily and that should help! WHAT??? Are you kidding me? With no where to go, I should just waste my $$ and gas to "Sunday drive" around??? Not on your life, buddy....YOU fix it! Went to dealer #2 and didn't mention dealer #1. They informed me that there was a recall. I said I didn't get any notice, and they said "Honda is behind at sending them out." They said it would take 2 hours, and I made an appointment to come back when they opened in a few days (7:30am). I arrived and the mechanic told me to stay in the vehicle because it wouldn't take but a few minutes! I explained I was told 2 hours and asked what he was going to do. He said he needed to do a "software update." Ok, I thought. If it works! Drove home, parked van...no beeps. Didn't drive until 2 days later and voila! The stupid van is beeping to me all over again....so much for the recalled software update! Called back and informed service to which they want me to make another appointment. I won't go until they figure out WHAT if anything CAN be done to fix it! I'm not driving 15-20 miles to the dealer and waste my time once again. WHY IS THIS SO DOGGONE DIFFICULT!!! Anybody else having this same problem???!! If so, what did it finally take to fix?

- Anita B., Toledo, OH, US

problem #13

Oct 012010

Odyssey EX V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 500 miles

Low battery indicator activates without a valid reason. Dealer say's it is functioning as designed as does the bulletin released from Honda. Give me a break people and just fix the issue already!

- codyvan, Fort Collins, CO, US

problem #12

Mar 152011


  • Automatic transmission
  • 3,728 miles

Low battery - check manual message on screen plus three "beeps" with each message. The usual run of the message was 6 times - 24 beeps. Has escalated to 10 times - 30 beeps! Began 2 months after delivery, at various times (on entry and/or when turning off ignition). Dealer "reset battery sensor" multiple occasions - message and beeping returned. Finally after 8 1/2 months, the dealer is planning to replace the battery sensor. We will see if this fixes the problem.

- donnav, Burlington, ON, canada

problem #11

Apr 012011

Odyssey Limited

  • Automatic transmission
  • 150 miles


If this were the first car ever built and people did not know about power usage or operating habits of users, it were acceptable. However, cars have been built for more than 100 yrs and this problem has been resolved for about 50 yrs. Engineers can make mistakes (I am ME myself) but at least admit that the battery is undersized or the software is programmed too aggressively and warns too early. The car starts turning off the lights including the interior lights. REALLY annoying.

Dealers or Honda USA that I have talked to try to explain the situation about too much use of doors or radio etc.. Come on... this problem was solved 50 yrs ago and if you had used the right data and calculations, we would not have this problem. Just admit it and fix it: bigger battery or at least change the software to not switch off the interior lights. That one should be REALLY simple. You have had enough complaints. I have read a bunch and you ARE loosing customers, just because of this stupid thing.

- llalow.low, Cambridge, MA, US

problem #10

Oct 012010

Odyssey v6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 0 miles

Where to begin... My low battery dashboard warning is always on. The battery Issue was confirmed following serious arguments with the dealer, but the issue was not corrected.

Honda dealer is useless - no solution other than Honda USA says it's normal

Honda USA - van is operating normally (low battery light is normal on Hondas)

Honda USA customer service was just about the worst care I've ever been offered.

I hope that EVERYONE slams Honda when deserved. I can not and will not think Honda in the future.

- Slap M., Woodbury, NY, US

problem #9

Jul 222011

Odyssey EX-L RES 3.5L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 5,592 miles

This started happening in July when I was sitting in a parking lot listening to some music for about half an hour when the van started beeping and pique that the power was running low. It scared me since I just came off the hi-way (20min drive 100+ km/hr) and parked. I thought that was impossible since I came off the hi-way, but it did and it really pissed me off. It scared me since I was going on vacation driving to Niagara Falls American & Canadian sides with my wife, and to my surprise not one issue with the van. When I got back from a weekend it came back, and happening several times since then. I drive 20 km each way to work every day all hi-way, and still happening. I am taking it into the dealer with extended warranty to get it fixed soon, but I just do not have the time.



Update from Jan 14, 2012: The last time that I did maintenance on the van they corrected the problem with a software update. I had no problem so far.

- bbrownontario, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

problem #8

Sep 192011

Odyssey EX-L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 10,059 miles

We've driven the heck out of our new van and really don't use the "extra" electrical systems that much and the damn thing is giving this warning even though it just went on two one hour highway drives the day before! Now I find out everyone has this problem and Honda doesn't care. Lovely

- Sherry I., Wichita, KS, US

problem #7

Sep 182011

Odyssey EX-L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 10,019 miles


Repeat episodes of battery low warning (really annoying one) with normal usage and lots of driving. Piece of crap battery system.

- Sherry I., Wichita, KS, US

problem #6

Mar 242011

Odyssey EX V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 1,490 miles

I am posting a section of another frustrated owner's suggestions on what to do to make Honda take responsibility. Please pass this along...

Whether you contact your Honda dealer service department or not (and whether you bring it in for service or not), I and many other Odyssey owners STRONGLY recommend that you call or otherwise contact Honda's corporate Customer Service and let them know you are experiencing this problem and that you fully expect Honda to investigate and develop a fix to this design defect:

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Honda Automobile Customer Service Mail Stop 500-2N-7A 1919 Torrance Boulevard Torrance, California 90501-2746

Tel: (800) 999-1009 (press 7 to report a problem)

In doing this you will get your problem on record (they will give you a "case number") and you will add to the growing list of customers who find the current corporate response by Honda to be unacceptable. Be sure to let them know that you view this as some kind of defect with the vehicle and I would also encourage you to also let them know how disappointed you are in the fact that Honda's quality / customer service reputation can no longer be trusted or held in such high regard.

If you wish to go even further, tell the customer service representative that although you appreciate their taking the time to record your complaint and provide a case number, you wish to "elevate your customer service complaint" by having a regional customer service manager at American Honda contact you back to discuss the status of this complaint and what you expect American Honda to do about it. Remember, you paid a LOT of money for a brand new Honda Odyssey vehicle that should not be experiencing this kind of problem!

- Justin J., Portland, OR, US

problem #5

Mar 312011

Odyssey LX 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 300 miles

I bought a 2011 Odyssey in March 2011 and the change battery message keeps appearing on dash. on 2 separate occasions the technician just tightened the battery. On march 31, the car failed to start and it was discovered by a good samartian that the cable leaving the battery was not connected to the engine. The car is now in the Honda service department. it has been a pain in the ass morning.

- mr_xray, Grand Prairie, TX, US

problem #4

May 142011

Odyssey EX V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 360 miles

We bought the car on the 14 day of January 2011 and the problem started the next day. The dash light came on showing check battery, battery low.We drive the car on a regular basis and about every two days the light comes on. Also the wiper blade on passenger side needs fixed again since they never got it fixed the first time. As for the window on passenger side has not been fixed yet. The reason we bought the Honda Odyssey EX was because we were told they were top of the line and we like it very much. I am very upset with the problem. I need to know how I can get these problems fixed. I paid cash for the van and I need it fixed or replaced or get my money back $32,175.00 My e-mail is norineronnie@aol.com phone 1-276-236-6941

- Ronnie P., Galax, VA, US

problem #3

Dec 142010

Odyssey EX-L 3.5L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 300 miles

The low battery indication comes on whenever I get into the vehicle, open the door, or shut off the vehicle to get out. Took it into the dealer and they said everything was fine, until I went to leave and it happened again before I drove away. The service manager told me that was how it is designed to work and that I need to make longer trips in the car to make sure it was charged up. He went on to tell me how I could start the car and then load everybody up or keep in running until everybody was unloaded or that I could change the screen on the dash every time it happened to silence the alarm. He said this is a common complaint from owners and there was nothing that could be done to fix it. I contacted Honda USA directly and also let them know of my complaint in the hopes that enough complaints will encourage them to fix this issue. It is very annoying and the interior lights shut off as well.

- Bobby G., Burnsville, MN, US

problem #2

Dec 222010

Odyssey Touring 3.5L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 20,000 miles

This is the third, and probably last, Honda Odyssey I have purchased, since our first introduction to the car when we bought a 2005 Honda Odyssey EXL. The second car was a 2007 Honda Odyssey Exl and now we went up a notch to the 2011 Honda Odyssey Touring model. Overall, we still love the pleasant driveability of the Odyssey, but this year's model we aren't quite as happy with ! We get a low battery alarm, both flashing yellow light, as well as an annoying four beep reminder that the battery has now reached a below 60% battery charge level, every time we stop the car, open a door, as well as when we enter the car, to start it up. I have been told, by both the dealership and now the Honda Corporation, that they don't consider this enough of a problem to do anything about it, although the local dealership, checked it out and recharged the battery. It lasts a few days and I have even charged it up at home, which also only lasts a few days. There is really nothing else to do, but suffer the annoying alarm, and live with the problem until we buy a new car in three years. Honda won't fix it, only agree that it must be annoying ! The Honda engineers who designed it should at least look at the problem and do something about it on the 2012 model. The only other complaint, which is also a minor annoyance is the lowered roof of the 2011 Odyssey. They made this model one inch longer, one inch wider and one inch lower than the previous models. The length and width extensions, I don't have a problem with; but the lowered roof makes it difficult to enter the car and I am only 5' 9' tall ! My 6' 1" son complains as well if he on the odd occasion rides with me in my car. Fortunately, he has his own Honda, a 2009 CR-V, which he loves and seldom has to suffer getting into my car. I hope Honda engineers listen to these complaints and do something about them or they are going to lose some otherwise satisfied customers in the future !

- jendresen, Vaughn, MT, US

problem #1

Jan 242011


  • Automatic transmission
  • 1,000 miles

My Odyssey was only 6 weeks old when the dash indicated "Low Battery." When Honda service was contacted they indicated that this was a common occurrence and required the owner to drive many miles and the light may go out. If it didn't, the battery would have to be charged, and this was not covered by the warranty. I was shown a letter that Honda of America sent out that said this was a widespread problem on the 2011 Odyssey. After writing a letter to Honda of America I received a call from Walter. The jist of Honda's response was that there would be no recall and I would have to live with this situation. Apparently Honda is stonewalling and there is little to be done about it.

- Art A., Garden City, NY, US

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