pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
No data
Average Mileage:
39,000 miles
Total Complaints:
11 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (6 reports)
  2. replaced touchscreen (2 reports)
  3. button controls replaced (1 reports)
  4. cpu and screen replaced (1 reports)
  5. disconnected connection cable (1 reports)
2015 Mazda MAZDA3 accessories - interior problems

accessories - interior problem

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2015 Mazda MAZDA3 Owner Comments

problem #11

May 102023


  • Automatic transmission
  • 100,000 miles


The infotainment system acts with a mind of it's own when I turn the little silver wheel in the center console. It's nearly impossible to select anything because the infotainment will register clicks and scrolls on the screen that I never inputed. There was no liquid spilled on the system. The screen still works but I just always leave it on Aux.

- chrisblupocl, Durham, US

problem #10

Mar 082023


  • Automatic transmission
  • 83,400 miles

I'll let you know what the dealer says. Never knew this problem existed or had an extended warranty. Never got a letter, not a text or an email. They may lose a customer who has been with them since 2015 over this! Stay tuned please.

- Kathy J., Cleveland, OH, US

problem #9

Dec 112016

MAZDA3 I Touring 2.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 12,000 miles

Infotainment control buttons would get stuck in near freezing weathers in California. There were not any drinks that was spilled into the controls. I got in the car on a relatively cold day and a few of the buttons just became very difficult to press and after the issue occurred, a few buttons would constantly get stuck or click while trying to use the infotainment.

- Allen L., Fremont, CA, US

problem #8

Jan 012019


  • Automatic transmission
  • 55,000 miles


The touchscreen started going crazy, changing settings randomly. It happens only at speeds below 5mph when the touchscreen is activated. I googled the problem, and saw quite a few people that had the same issue, one even posted a TSB from Mazda, which stated that defective touchscreens were installed. As I rarely used the touchscreen, the best solution for me (I found a detailed YouTube video to follow) was to remove the unit, unplug the touch screen cable, and re-install. The entire process took about 30-45 minutes and didn't cost me anything. Obviously the touchscreen doesn't work anymore, but I don't have it randomly changing settings every time the car slows or stops. The vehicle was out of warranty when the issue happened, and I wasn't prepared to be ripped off by a dealer to diagnose and replace a part that was known defective in the first place. It's too bad because otherwise it has not been a bad car so far (85,000 miles now), but I probably won't be looking at Mazda in the future when I shop for another car.

- Timothy S., Chula Vista, CA, US

problem #7

Mar 012019


  • Automatic transmission
  • 40,000 miles

Infotainment system has broken down to the point where the only items still working are the radio and I am able to make calls. Screen will jump around and make it difficult to select anything using the touch screen or using the control knob. System will also randomly dial numbers from my address book over and over while I am driving. Bluetooth audio connection no longer works at all except when using for phone calls.

And cannot play audio from phone using USB, initially the Bluetooth and USB worked and now I cannot play audio from my phone.

- Kali B., Houston, TX, US

problem #6

Aug 012018

MAZDA3 ITouring

  • Automatic transmission
  • 77,000 miles

Infotainment screen has constant "ghost touching" on the right side of the screen. Most likely a touch screen failure.

- Kenneth C., San Diego, CA, US

problem #5

Nov 222017

MAZDA3 S Grand Touring 2.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 3,616 miles


The infotainment screen is possessed! It continuously clicks on items in the middle of the screen while the car is stopped or in park. This was beginning to become a safety hazard because I would have to fiddle with the infotainment center while driving in order to use the functions I needed. Here are the series of issues I had:

Navigation: I usually couldn't enter an address for the navigation while stopped because it would begin clicking through screens. On rare occasion I could click on navigate home, if I clicked through like the flash.To get around this issue I had to begin driving, in order to deactivate the touchscreen, and then use my Bluetooth to enter the address.

Phone: While I spoke on the phone I would be disconnected from calls once I came to a stop because it would disconnect my phone and my iPhone would pick up the call. The first few times I thought the calls were dropping, but then realized I was being disconnected from the Bluetooth when I came to a stop; I would then have to re-connect the phone to the Mazda's Bluetooth. Making sure the screen was on home before coming to a stop helped eliminate the calls being dropped when I came to a stop.

Radio: While listening to music from my phone the screen would continuously click the repeat/don't repeat button when I came to a stop. Resulting in beep,beep,beep,beep,beep...ad infinitum (or until the light turned green). If I was listening to a radio station the station would change continuously as if I was clicking through stations. Again this was prevented if I made sure it was on the home screen before coming to a stop.

Settings:It somehow clicked through and set my screen for night while it was daytime so I could only see a black screen. This was the worst! I had to pull over fix this since it was continuously clicking through random items at whim and I couldn't even determine what is was doing because I couldn't see the screen. Fixing this issue also required the speed force.

I put up with this issue for about a week before I lost my mind and took it into the dealer. Since the car was under warranty I didn't have to pay anything for the repair. The issue was resolved when they replaced the touchscreen. They said it was faulty since they tried to do a software update and that didn't rectify the issue. I've had the car for a week since they replaced the screen and it's still working impeccably. :)

- Melissa G., Riverside, US

problem #4

Oct 212017

MAZDA3 Grand Touring

  • Automatic transmission
  • 39,000 miles

For the past couple of weeks my infotainment system has a mind of its own. I can no longer connect my phone to the car as it will randomly dial numbers in my contacts list, normally the last number I called or the first A on my list. The navigation, when I attempt to enter an address, it goes off, selecting random options and when it does allow me to enter an address, it will change the directions randomly so I cannot use it anymore either. The Ipod will not work when plugged in, it causes the display to reset and when the radio is used, the channels will change at random and it will attempt to add channels to my favorites. This occurs while the car is in park or driving at speed on the road. I have always used the dial, rarely the touch screen except when in a hurry entering an address. When you touch the screen while it's happening, nothing changes and the dial doesn't work when this is occurring either.

Other complaints say it happens sometimes, or only at certain speeds. Mine occurs EVERY time and at all speeds. Even when placed in the HOME screen, it will eventually randomly start changing. I am unable to use anything on the display anymore and it's surpassed being annoying. The dealership claims to never have seen this before and have no idea what it is. They want to replace the screen for 800.00 but are not sure that's what it is and that's too much money for a maybe.

Anyone else have this issue?

Update from Dec 1, 2017: The dealership looked at the infotainment center and ended up replacing the CPU and the screen. I'm not sure how much it was as they gave it to me under warranty since I had an earlier issue with the system. Evidently the glitching at speed was a safety issue and my backup camera was not working properly either and it is connected to the system.

I have not had any issues since the repair.

- Misty M., Hayes, US

problem #3

Oct 272015

MAZDA3 Grand Touring 2L

  • Manual transmission
  • 800 miles

XM radio in 2015 has less functionality than 2010. Things I can no longer do that I really really want to do.

1. Replay song or segment 2. Pause and resume segment or song 3. See the artist name on the screen 4. See the year of the song or program on the screen 5. Limited screen characters with no scrolling text

Blind spot monitor makes no sense 1. Blind spot monitor light in mirror... if I am already looking in the mirror...why do I need a blind spot monitor light? It should light up on the dashboard so I see it when I am not looking at the mirror.

- nydoc, Ny, US

problem #2

Mar 102015

MAZDA3 Grand ITouring 2.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 5,500 miles

Now the unit drops calls on handsfree. Still no word from Mazda corporate on the problems with the infotainment. New car but can't use the iPod and no traffic updates that previous firmware versions had are no longer being offered in the US. Using a USB flash drive for my music but it doesn't list all Genre's and get's the Artists name and song wrong most of the time. Called Mazda no help. The dealer says that they can't do anything else until corporate releases a new firmware update.

- Robert J., Ocala, FL, US

problem #1

Jun 012015

MAZDA3 Grand ITouring 2.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 12,600 miles

Well called Mazda Corporate again since the firmware update still didn't fix the dropped call and blue tooth problem - Also didn't mention before that the dealer had replaced the blue tooth module somewhere between 2000 and 5000 mile mark. I told the lady that I was tired of the continued problems and wanted to go to arbitration over the problems. She told me in not so many words to do whatever I thought I had to do and sorry about your luck.

There wasn't any fix for the problems and she didn't no when or if they would be fixed. I said I wanted a supervisor to call me. She took down my number and I waited a week with no call. Frustrated I traded the car in and bought a Honda. The HR-V works great and all the tech works as it should with lifetime free traffic updates. Problem solved.

A week after I bought the Honda a Mazda customer experience person called to update me about a firmware update. The update is beta 53. I said why didn't the dealer know about it and he said it's not available in the US but that he could send it to the dealer and it should the problems except for....the iPod and Traffic updates. So no dropped calls and no more booting but still not a total fix. I told him I appreciated the update on it but after talking to the last person at Mazda I traded the car in on a Honda. He took more information and apologized. Very nice man but I had had enough.

- Robert J., Ocala, FL, US

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