pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
97,449 miles
Total Complaints:
19 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. Nissan should recall (11 reports)
  2. replace transmission (5 reports)
  3. not sure (3 reports)
2009 Nissan Rogue transmission problems

transmission problem

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2009 Nissan Rogue Owner Comments

problem #19

Aug 022017

Rogue S

  • CVT transmission
  • 83,102 miles


I had no idea there was a problem with the CVT until I started losing power while on the highway. I was lucky to be able to get home. I was fortunate that it was covered under the extended warranty.

- , Arlington, US

problem #18

Jun 012017

Rogue S

  • Automatic transmission
  • 110,000 miles

I bought my 2009 Nissan Rogue used in 2012. It's been a great little car but lately I'm having trouble accelerating after the engine warms up. I was hopeful it was my catalytic converter going out but it sounds like this is a common problem. I live in a mountainous area and drive about 27 miles to work and home again every day. What happens is that when I drive my car up the hill to my home, the car makes a whirring sound and lurches a bit back and forth -- like its not getting gas. Then last week I drove my car over the mountain pass. About 2 hours in, heading over a the pass at 4000 feet elevation, my car starts to whirr even louder and it begins to lose acceleration despite having the gas pedal pushed all the way to the floor. I inch over the pass at about 35 miles an hour literally praying that it doesn't break down in the mountains. I had my two small children in the back seat and I was really worried! Thank the Lord we made it home -- literally inch by inch, with people honking, passing and giving me dirty looks the entire way. I had my flashers on but people behind me were angry. I was embarrassed and really concerned, and a little frightened about what might happen. I'm just glad we made it.

Anyway, I called the reputable garage where I normally take my car and they were super negative about working on it. They said that they probably wouldn't be able to fix it unless they could replicate the problem. I was frustrated. I mean, it's really unsafe to drive a car like that! Then, this morning I began googling and learned that there are transmission problems with Nissan Rogues and that the warranty has been extended to 10 years and 120,000 miles. Talk about getting in under the wire - I have 111,000 miles on my car. I'm taking it to the dealership tomorrow and they are going to run a diagnostic to see if the problem stems from the transmission. That costs $135! I'm supposed to be going on vacation next month -- a road trip across the Sierra Nevadas! Talk about dangerous. We will have to cancel the trip or maybe rent a car if my transmission doesn't get fixed. And I am a single mom. I don't have that kind of money. We might have to cancel our holiday but all the hotel rooms are already booked and paid for.

I'm trying not to panic. I'm so disappointed. Other than this my Rogue has been such a great little car. I love it. But now it's not reliable and I am so worried about driving anywhere with my kids. I am hoping that Nissan takes care of this. :-(

- , Seattle, US

problem #17

Oct 162016

Rogue SV

  • CVT transmission
  • 62,428 miles

Driving approximately 18 miles on 45 mile an hour roads, not even on the highway, I was on my way home after dropping my daughter off and all of a sudden the engine revved and no power to the vehicle. Luckily it was a Sunday afternoon and I was able to pull into a restaurant parking lot. I tried turning off the vehicle and starting it back up a few times, shifted into D and R and nothing happened. No movement of the car. Had to call AAA to have it hauled to the dealer near my house. Awaiting word from the dealer on the extent of the problem. This was not highway driving in hot temperatures like other people have reported it was local driving in 60 degree weather. I had to chuckle when I dropped it at the dealer to fill out paperwork and one of the sales guys said he'd never heard of such a thing with these trucks (actually called it a truck) and that they were typically very reliable. He must live with the fairly godmother too.

Update from Oct 21, 2016: Luckily my Rogue is part of Nissan's CVT extended warranty which is 10 years and 120K miles. The transmission was shot and was replaced by Nissan and the dealer. The cost to me was zero. Other than this not costing me a thing I find this problem to be almost as bad as the airbag situation. Thankfully I was close to home but if I were ever on a busy highway during morning or evening rush hour this could have been disastrous. I'm almost 60 years old and have been driving since the day I turned 16 (learners permit) and have never ever had something like this happen to me. No warning, nothing. This car and this transmission is a POS. A local transmission shop owner once told me that the CVT is ok in a snowmobile but not in a 4000 lb automobile. I tend to agree. I've had this car 13 months and already had it into the dealer 3 times. Transmission cooler leaked (two trips) and dealer wanted $1100 to replace, had it done at the tranny shop for $250. I will never ever buy another Nissan again. I had a brand new 2007 Versa Hatchback for 8 years and 130K and had absolutely nothing other than normal wear and tear with it. I miss it.

- , Shrewsbury, MA, USA

problem #16

Jul 082016


  • Automatic transmission
  • 112,000 miles


Was going on vacation and going up a hill on the highway with my 3 grandbabies in the car and totally lost any power, car would barely move. I pulled into the rest area and pulled into a parking spot, tried to move forward and had the gas to the floor and the care wouldn't move at all. I let the care sit for about 10 minutes and it finally moved so I could keep going. Was totally afraid to drive the care home which was 1 1/2 hrs away but drove 40 mph on the highway with my blinkers on all the way. This is a horrible feeling when your car has issues, I thought it was gonna cause an accident on the highway when the car just wouldn't go above 40 mph and the traffic was flying by.

- , Ft Johnson, NY, USA

problem #15

Mar 092015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 185,000 miles

OMG.. Bought the Nissan Rogue loaded promised it would last to 200,000 miles.

At 99,000 Transmission was replaced (Plus a million other things that they SAID had to be fixed first - SCAM!)

then they replaced the CVT.

Now 60,000 later -This transmission is worst than the first one. AND it is totally not working. NOW I am told that I need to have it replaced but - First the Manifold & Tube for the Exhaust needs to be replaced first. WTF.. Nissan needs to do a recal on this lemon.

OH and I have sunk $6000. into this car in the last year. Sway bars, Tyrods, Wheel bearings, Abs Controller, CV Shaft, drive shaft, Need I go on...

Any advice?

- , Fulton, NY, USA

problem #14

Jul 052013

Rogue S 2.5L I4

  • CVT transmission
  • 102,000 miles

Nissan has been aware of this problem for years. They should have corrected the issue and recalled all the affected vehicles.

- , Reno, NV, USA

problem #13

Dec 182015


  • CVT transmission
  • 110,000 miles


My car has trouble climbing hills when my gas pedal is floored and has a consistent whining sound if I push the car. Further, after more than 30+ minutes of driving on the highway, when I reach a stop, the car will shudder and shut off!

- , San Jose, CA, US

problem #12

Aug 292015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 79,000 miles


- , Levant, ME, USA

problem #11

May 142015

Rogue LS 2.5L 4 cyl

  • CVT transmission
  • 138,000 miles

Previously had transmission replaced at 30,000 miles because of annoying vibration and excessive noise.

Recently had my 2009 Rogue in for a trans fluid change and complained about a low droning sound coming from the the vehicle. Said that they found wheel bearing were "loose" and needed replacing. I declined that service because the noise I heard definitely did not sound like wheel bearings.

Complete trans failure on way back from St. Louis on May 14, 2015, with about 86 miles to dealer and stranded for 4.5 hours before a tow truck arrived. Contacted Nissan and took them two days to diagnose with two error codes (P0715, P1723), solution is to replace entire trans at a cost of $3,800! Service manager contacted district specialist who declared that he is not willing to negotiate even though Nissan has extended warranty to 120,000 miles. Nissan would not provide a loaner car if repairs were to be made.

My thought is that my Rogue has 138,000 miles less the 30,000 since the other trans was installed so it fits into the 120,000 mile extended warranty. Also, since there has been so many reported problems with the CVT trans in the 2008, 2009, 2010 Rogues there should be a compensation to those who still own and have had issues with the transmission. I did notify Nissan's Consumer Affair Program (800-647-7261) and got a case number to proceed with complaint. However, this could take forever to rectify and I'm without a vehicle.

What I would consider fair is for Nissan to replace the transmission at no charge, and I would pay for half of the labor costs to install.

- , Lexington, IL, USA

problem #10

May 012015

Rogue SL 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 138,000 miles

I'm aggravated at Nissan. I bought my 2009 Nissan Rogue brand new and from a Nissan dealership. They were not helpful at all just telling me I need a new transmission. My car has always been maintained from a Nissan dealership. My car only had 138,000 miles on it should not have had to have a transmission put in. We spent a almost $30,000 on a Nissan that I had always heard they last a lifetime and 6 years later I have to have a transmission and spend $2000 on replacing it. I think Nissan should repair all of these transmissions at no cost to the customer and if the customer has replaced it already Nissan should give the money back to them. The technician at the dealership says the only way to fix it is to replace it but they don't know what causes the problem so they just replace the whole thing.

- , Morrison, TN, USA

problem #9

May 012014


  • Automatic transmission
  • 90,000 miles


We bought this car used about a year ago. I started to notice the issue when we would travel for more than 45 minutes. Basically, the car won't accelerate. This is so scary! I am afraid to turn into traffic not knowing if my car will stall or not. Just on the way to work today (only about 40 minute drive), I get off the freeway and then my car will not go at the light. Petal all the way down and it acts as if its in neutral. Clearly there are several other people experiencing the same issue.

Nissan really needs to recall this. it is unsafe. I have a baby on the way and I don't trust her to be in my car. God forbid something happens. We attempted to go to dealership two weeks after we bought it and they said there was nothing they can do. its ridiculous.

I will NEVER buy a Nissan again.

- , Buckeye, AZ, USA

problem #8

Apr 162015

Rogue SE 2.5L

  • CVT transmission
  • 63,000 miles

I have come across many complains regarding CVT transmission. Car would create loud noise when driving and give significant jerks to make you not drive it again. I some how managed to get on side of the road and called towing services. Currently due to transmission failure, Transformation Box assembly is broken. As per dealer it is not covered under warranty and I will have to pay out of my pocket @ $3500 to have it fixed.

I think Nissan need to really recall CVT transmission cars. Currently I am talking to Nissan assist to see if they can help me anyway to fix this problem.

Update from May 5, 2015: Driving back from work Car would create loud noise when driving and give significant jerks to make you not drive it again. I some how managed to get on side of the road and called towing services. Nissan is agree to pay for Transmission damages. However due to transmission failure, Transformation Box assembly is broken. As per dealer it is not covered under warranty and I will have to pay out of my pocket @ $3500 to have it fixed. Nissan is not ready to pay for transfer case as its not under warranty. But shame on Nissan as it was failed due to faulty transmission. They don's have character to man up and fix it.

I Nissan need to really recall CVT transmission cars and fix whatever is damaged due to it. Really shameful.

- , Cleveland, OH, USA

problem #7

Feb 272015


  • CVT transmission
  • 123,000 miles

I bought a brand new 2009 Rouge. The transmission failed on the way to work and I had to have to car towed to the dealer. The dealer said it is the transmission but I was over the warranty time of 120,000 miles. Nissan had extended the warranty due to the transmission problems. They will not recall the transmission and I have to pay to have it fixed. It will cost over $4,000 to have fixed and Nissan will not do a thing.

I called the corp office and they do not want to hear a thing...This needs to be recalled.

- , North Brunswick, NJ, USA

problem #6

Jul 232014


  • Automatic transmission
  • 82,000 miles

While driving in the freeway, I felt vibrating/shaking, I thought it's my tires. While changing lanes, my car started to acting up, I was having a hard time controlling my steering wheel that I almost lost my life and it felt like my car is running out of gas or someone is pulling my car, it's really scary/life threatening and I don't know what to do. I was able to exit myself safely while my heart was beating extra hard.

My car was taken at the nearest Nissan dealership. But unable to give me a diagnosis after 1 week. I was late at work for a few days. Called Nissan consumer affairs, they gave me 2 days of free rental car worth $35/day without tax. After waiting in many days, Nissan dealership finally gave me the diagnosis of my car and it's " Transmission Failure". But prior to this problem, I have had told them that I've been feeling the vibration/shakiness in the freeway, they said they test drive my car and found no problem at all. Few months later my car transmission failed. My car gave up on me :( . I thank God that I'm okay. I'm not 100% sure if my SUV is safe to drive it again.

I spoke to the Nissan dealership manager where I always take my car for maintenance, I ask if they put a new transmission, he said it's normally not a brand new transmission it's kinda like a refurbished kind. Is this true or not? Advise is highly needed. Thank you!.

- , Thousand Oaks, CA, USA

problem #5

Sep 302012


  • Automatic transmission
  • 55,000 miles

This sounds like the same problem as others on this site. After driving the car for approximately an hour it decelerates from 70-75mph to 50 mph going uphills. I always know when it's going to happen because it has a whine sound before it slows down. I have to turn on the flashers and pull off the road or wait for flat ground before it will "kick back in".

I have taken it back to Carmax twice (as that is where I bought it). They said it was a 'conversion point sensor'? and replaced that. I had bought the extended warranty so it only cost me $50. On the way home it happened again ( we live about and hour and a half away.) I took the car back in 2 days later , they checked it out and said " It's fine, there are no codes coming up and to bring it back when it does it everyday" I only drive it once a week which is about 200 miles round trip. I also was charged $90.00 for them to check it again because it was a new problem.UNBELIEVABLE!

Now here it is one year later same problem different week. Driving interstate 40 with all those semi's in this vehicle is a definite safety hazard!!!! Does someone have to get killed or badly hurt for this problem to get fixed? What happened to recalls for a nasty problem like this one? AND where are all the old timer mechanics that didn't have to rely on CODES to know what the problem was?

- , Waverly, TN, USA

problem #4

Jul 052013

Rogue S

  • CVT transmission
  • 85,000 miles

This problem has happened to me on several occasions. It happens after the vehicle has been driven for over an hour or if it is being driven at a slight uphill (for no specific time).

Once I am driving at speeds over 60mph, all the sudden, the car starts decelerating. The RMP stays around 2000-2500 and it holds a speed of 40-45mph. This is NOT OKAY as highway speed limits in the greater Denver area are 65-75 mph.

When I exit the highway and come to a complete stop the car would not accelerate when I'm ready to take off. It takes about 10 seconds before the car reaches speeds of 15-20 mph. NOT COOL AT ALL!

Getting rid of the car, I do not even want to waste my time with the dealerships. Pointless.

- , Littleton, CO, USA

problem #3

Jan 282013


  • CVT transmission
  • 110,000 miles

It took me 2 weeks before I got back this car. Then the front suspension broke because the dealer said it was probably because of the pressure when it was towed.

- , Katy, TX, US

problem #2

Aug 062012

Rogue S

  • CVT transmission
  • 74,000 miles

2009 Rogue S AWD-Transmission problems at 74,000. The vehicle would not accelerate on the highway with the gas pedal to the floor after breaking out of cruise mode. (Safety Issue1) Very scary on the highway!! I took the vehicle into the dealer and they said it was a break switch, replaced the part and I paid around $350.00. Fast forward about 5 days and the vehicle started having the same problems, RPMS' all over the place, sudden acceleration and sudden deceleration and an added problem of the vehicle not holding in park without emergency break on. (vehicle just rolled in park) (Safety Issue 2) Went back to the dealer, they indicated they couldn't find anything on the initial diagnosis and would need to do additional investigation which may or may not cost me a few hundred bucks depending on if it is found to be a warranty issue. I raised a stink about paying another fee for another diagnosis when the problem wasn't fixed after the first time- the director of service said " you drove it out of here and it was fine- so now you need to pay for us to look at this new issue" - I explained it wasn't a "new" issue but the same issue and the problem was not corrected the first time or I wouldn't be back with the same complaints. He said, well why did it take a week for that to happen. Unbelievable! The director of service was NOT customer friendly at all and the service guy assisting me was MUCH more customer friendly than the so called supervisor/director. In fact, I will be writing a complain to the dealership on this so called Service Director. After their diagnosis -they thought it was a circuit issue for which a bulletin was posted and they indicated it drove fine after on the first test drive following the repair. They drove it a few more times and the vehicle began having the same issues once again. End result-CVT transmission must be replaced. (thank goodness they test drove it more than once) Nissan needs to do a recall on this due to the excessive complaints on this as seen on this board. It is dangerous and apparently the dealerships are not always willing to correct this problem at the onset and it may end up costing a lot of money prior to getting an accurate diagnosis-worst case is , someone may be seriously injured due to this problem. I hope Nissan does the right thing and issues a recall.

Update from Jan 21, 2013: Ok... update 5 months later.... more transmission problems. After Nissan replaced the CVT transmission following my urging to check & re-check my engine problem complaints in August 2012- I found out it had a transmission leak today. I took it t a different (not the one that did the replacement-due to their total lack of respect for the customer) and this dealership inspected the vehicle and found that when the transmission was replaced they did not tighten the lines properly and that is what caused the leak. Lucky for me it was found and corrected before anything dangerous could happen. What the heck is going on with Nissan??A big shame on them for letting these transmission issues continue and for letting their dealerships do shoddy work.

- , Macomb, MI, USA

problem #1

Mar 282012


  • Automatic transmission
  • 50,000 miles

On a trip from Denver to Alamosa Colorado, my car set on cruise control at 75 MPH when suddenly it dropped to 45 MPH in a matter of seconds - without warning. I pushed the gas pedal down to the floor but it didn’t do anything. There was also a whining sound like the car was working extra hard. I immediately pulled off the highway; fortunately, there were no cars behind me. I was confused and didn’t know what happened so I sat there a few minutes thinking the car overheated and I would give it a chance to cool down, I had no idea it was a transmission problem. After about 10 minutes, I put my emergency lights on and got back on the road. I kept the emergency lights on and drove slower to see if it would happen again. It seemed to be okay as long as we didn’t have to go up hill and I kept my speed down, I tested it along the way.

When I got back home, I started researching and found many complaints on 2008 and 2009 Rogue’s that had the same problems as mine. At this point I knew my car wasn’t simply overheating…but the transmission was bad.

I scheduled it for an inspection at Nissan. They acknowledged there was a problem with the transmission and said they believe it may be caused by too much transmission fluid, put in at the factory. They removed some of it and said that nothing else can be done, we just have to wait and see if the problem continues to exist.

Driving at high speeds then quickly losing speed with no indication (brake lights) to the drivers behind me is without question VERY DANGEROUS. On this trip my grandson and niece were with me, my stomach turns thinking about what could have happened.

Nissan needs to recall these vehicles and provide owners with a model that doesn't have a history of life threatening issues.

Update from Sep 6, 2012: Since my earlier posting, acceleration failed a second time. I took my Rogue back to Nissan, they confirmed my transmission was bad and it was replaced.

I am still afraid of taking my Rogue on the highway for any great distance. I have read from other Rogue owners who have had the same problems as I, that the transmission failed again after the transmission was replaced.

I have contacted Nissan Consumer Affairs and requested they buy back or switch vehicles for a model that doesn’t have a history of transmission or safety problems. They refused, but offered an extended Power Train warranty. I have made it very clear to them that I don’t care about an extended warranty, just the safety of others. I have always taken my grandchildren on road trips but will not do that again in fear that my Rogue will fail and the unthinkable will happen.

I turned down the extended Power Train warranty and told them I would be contacting an attorney.

Since Nissan doesn’t see the transmission failure as being a life threatening safety issue perhaps we all need to contact an attorney.

- , Denver, CO, USA

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