Porsche recalls 1,800 Cayenne SUVs over faulty transmission oil pipe welds.

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Porsche Cayennes Recalled For Transmission Fluid Leaks
Porsche recalls 1,800 Cayenne SUVs over faulty transmission oil pipe welds.

— A 2020 Porsche Cayenne recall is issued for more than 1,800 SUVs in the U.S. that may leak transmission fluid, with another 67 SUVs recalled in Canada.

Porsche says a faulty weld on the transmission oil pipe allows fluid to leak onto the road, creating a very slippery surface for other vehicles.

A manufacturing error by the sub-supplier caused flanges of gearbox oil pipes to be built with uncertified materials. Porsche learned the error occurred during friction welding of the flange and pipe material, but a permanent connection was not created due to the wrong material of the flange.

In November 2019, an employee noticed an improper welding connection at the factory. The weld was for the gearbox automatic transmission oil pipe, causing the supplier to open an investigation.

The supplier determined mistakes were made in combination with a sub-supplier and the companies performed risk analysis and how aging affects the components.

The problem was corrected in production beginning December 2019, and Porsche says a dealer will be able to determine if a pipe is faulty by looking at the production week on the label.

A driver may notice transmission fluid on the ground and see a transmission warning light.

The Porsche Cayenne recall is expected to begin July 10, 2020, when dealers will replace any bad transmission oil pipes.

Cayenne owners may contact the automaker at 800-767-7243 and refer to recall number ALA5.


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