Hyundai recalls nearly 100,000 Genesis vehicles after at least 5 car fires were reported.

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Hyundai Genesis ABS Module Fire Recall: Park Outside
Hyundai recalls nearly 100,000 Genesis vehicles after at least 5 car fires were reported.

— A Hyundai Genesis anti-lock brake system (ABS) module recall has been announced to prevent fires in the 2015-2020 G80 vehicles and 2019-2021 G70 vehicles.

Hyundai is warning owners to park outside and away from anything that could burn until the vehicles are repaired.

Hyundai has issued multiple recalls for several models because of fires associated with the ABS modules. The Genesis recall is necessary because the modules can be affected by moisture and short-circuit, causing engine compartment fires.

Hyundai first noticed problems in September 2018 when it received a fire report involving a 2016 Genesis model. The anti-lock brake system module was suspected as the point of origin of the fire.

Hyundai was waiting for results of the investigation when it found another report of smoke coming from the engine compartment of a Genesis vehicle.

The initial results showed the ABS module may have electrically shorted due to water/moisture from previous damage to the module cover.

Between May and August 2019, Hyundai received three ABS module warranty returns, two which came from Genesis vehicles that had smoke coming from the engines and one claim from a confirmed engine fire.

However, Hyundai found about 20% of the returned modules showed damage to the covers which could allow moisture to enter the modules.

In December 2020, Hyundai hadn't received additional fire or smoke reports about Genesis models, but engine compartment fires were occurring on other Hyundai models equipped with the same ABS modules.

To date, the automaker is aware of two engine compartment fires in Genesis G80 vehicles and three fires in G70 vehicles. However, some of those fires occurred outside the U.S., and the automaker says it doesn't know of any crashes or injuries related to the ABS module fires.

Drivers should watch for illuminated warning lights along with the obvious signs such as smoke or burning odors.

The U.S. Hyundai Genesis recall includes more than 99,500 vehicles, and a separate recall in Canada includes nearly 4,900 Genesis vehicles.

Hyundai Genesis owners can continue to drive the vehicles, but don't park near anything that could catch fire.

The ABS module recall is expected to begin in May 2021. Hyundai Genesis dealerships will replace the module fuses with fuses rated at lower amperage to limit the amount of electrical current of the ABS modules.

Hyundai Genesis G70 and G80 owners with concerns should call 855-371-9460.


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