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Affected Component: BRAKES (PWS)

CBS BRAKE PAD CALCULATION AND CORRECTION. When a vehicle comes into the workshop for any repair or maintenance job, the bundling calculator recommends a brake maintenance checkup. No brake warning light is illuminated. CBS shows 3,107 miles or slightly higher for the next brake service displayed via Key Reader, or vehicle's Control Display (in Vehicle Info/Status/Service required/Brake pads) CAUSE CBS calculates the remaining brake pad wear based on brake pressure, speed, vehicle specific parameters (i.e. NAO pads), brake temperature as well as cumulative brake application time. Due to variation of these parameters and outside environmental influences, this calculation can deviate from the real brake pad wear. Starting from the above-mentioned production dates of the vehicles indicated, the CBS brake pad wear calculation has been changed, and is now based only on the brake pad wear sensor. Important Note: To avoid a too-slow wear prediction, the CBS brake model will estimate the need for repairs, in some cases, rather early. Calculation will level at 3,107 miles and stay at this value until the CBS brake pad wear sensor is triggered. https://www.bmwtis.net/tiscode/cgi-bin/bulletin.aspx?sie_path=/tsb/bulletins/htm_store/36...11/8/2016 Page 2 of 2 After the sensor is triggered, the CBS mileage will count down indicating to the customer that the brake repairs will be due.

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Date Published
OCT 01, 2016
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