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Front Collision Warning Check Control Message Displayed in CID. Occasionally while driving, a check control message (CCM) for Front Collision Warning is displayed in the Central Information Display (CID). This message is cleared from the CID by clicking on "OK" using the iDrive controller. CAUSE The KAFAS (camera-based driver support system) camera is affected by environmental conditions such as: * Direct sunlight (sunrise or sunset) * Rain * Fog * Dirt * Snow * Ice * High interior temperatures (may also cause a CCM to be displayed upon starting the vehicle) ?? Fault code 0x800AC0 - KAFAS camera switch off due to over temperature The pictures below show the direct sunlight causing the CCM: INFORMATION This is the current text in the Owner's Manual for the Front Collision Warning (FCW): The system may not be fully functional in the following situations: * In heavy fog, rain, sprayed with water or snowfall * In tight curves * If the driving stability control systems are limited or deactivated: for example, the DSC is off. * If the camera view field of the front windshield is dirty or covered. * Up to 10 seconds after the start of the engine, via the Start/Stop knob. Direct sunlight will be added as one of the causes for the FCW CCM.

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Date Published
JUL 01, 2014
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