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Affected Component: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

This Preliminary Information communication provides steps the technician will take to repair a no crank/no start concern with a diagnostic trouble code of B009F in the Serial Data Gateway Module equipped with Regular Production Option code HP2. The vehicle may exhibit a no crank or no start, or a Service Hybrid message with no codes. The technician will inspect the High Voltage Circuit Impact Detection sensor for water intrusion or corrosion at the weather pack. Inspect the High Voltage  Circuit Impact Detection sensor for cracks or terminal corrosion and replace the sensor or terminals along with the weather pack seals if damage is found. If there is no damage found the technician will leave the sensor unplugged and power up the vehicle to induce a code, then power down the vehicle with the Tech 2 unplugged from the vehicle for two minutes. Clear the code and recheck for the message and codes, if the code resets the technician will replace the High Voltage Circuit Impact Detection sensor and terminals with terminated leads. Technician is to repeat the above steps to verify the concern is corrected.   

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Date Published
DEC 13, 2018
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