Notes: The 2015 Chrysler 200 carries the torch of "never buy the 1st year of a new vehicle generation" with pride.

The 2015 model year is the first year of the Chrysler 200's 2nd generation. It has been plagued by problems from the start. Transmission failure at extremely low mileage, many recalls, problems stalling while driving... the list goes on. Maybe Chrysler should have stuck with the 1st generation.


really awful
Typical Repair Cost:
No data
Average Mileage:
12,500 miles
Total Complaints:
46 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. new transmission (27 reports)
  2. not sure (14 reports)
  3. new control module (3 reports)
  4. software update (2 reports)
2015 Chrysler 200 transmission problems

transmission problem

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2015 Chrysler 200 Owner Comments (Page 1 of 3)

problem #46

May 132016

200 S 2.4L 14 Multiair

  • Automatic transmission
  • 29,909 miles


This was the 3rd time the car completely died in the middle of an intersection & had to be towed to the dealership....same exact problem...the car now has a new transmission but still doesn’t shift properly & lurches at stoplight or stop signs.

- Tina L., Peoria, AZ, US

problem #45

Mar 122015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 24,000 miles

I purchased this car February 2015. First of all they charged me $51,000 for a $24,000 car. RIP OFF. This car has been in the shop at least 20 times for the same problem and now they want to replace the transmission. I have been in different places and the car wouldn't I have been driving the car and it would shift in low gear by itself and the car wouldn't be going anywhere it has been the worst experience that I have ever had with a new car. They have been working on this car since I've had it. I hate this car and the people I'm dealing with at Rt 1 Dodge Jeep Ram.

- Diana T., Ewing, US

problem #44

Oct 022017

200 6.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 36,000 miles

This is approximately the 5th time that I have experienced this problem. They have replaced the transmission and I've had several software upgrades but the problem still exists. I really want Chrysler to replace this vehicle. I owe so much money on it and I haven't been able to trade it in. The value of the car is less than half of what I owe. I feel like I'm stuck. I'm a senior citizen and widow. I was bulldozed with the financing. It took 3 months before the dealership completed the paperwork and I traded in my vehicle (2011) Chrysler 200. It was in very good shape. When the dealership presented me with the payment terms, I immediately refused because it was astronomical. After 3 months, my car was sold and I was stuck with this car. I brought this car in August of 2014, and I owe approximately 26,000. The most the dealership will give me is 16,000. What can I do. I will never recommend Chrysler to anyone. My deceased husband worked for Chrysler 34 years. I always bought Chrysler cars because I received the employee discount. I am so disappointed and overwhelmed with how I've been treated. I will continue to try to get out if this vehicle but it is difficult because I am retired and in a fixed income.

- cofieldgloriagc, West Bloomfield, US

problem #43

Jul 122016

200 C

  • Automatic transmission
  • 33,500 miles


I bought my 200C AWD Velvet Red Chrysler on July 28, 2014. I ordered it special. It has lots of electronics: backup camera, heated and a/c leather seats, heated steering wheel with all the buttons (voice commands,cruise, park assist, etc.), panoramic sunroof, UConnect, Sirius, shifting paddles along with the auto transmission - just to name a few. There have been recall on this model including - software updates, etc. However, I have never had any warnings about the transmission which left me with a useless rock of a car in my garage on Tuesday as I tried to get to my doctor's appointment.

On the Monday before, I noticed strange jerking as I drove over country roads at 30 to 40 miles per hours - shifting was obviously rough and I told my traveling companion the car will go to the shop soon (probably this week). I had no trouble driving at highway speeds (but I will be more cautious now that I've seen this car may die at any moment.)

On Tuesday, July 12, 2016, when I started the car with the push button, the dashboard indicator showed me a check engine light and the red circle indicating "have the transmission serviced" and "have the parking brake serviced" - the dial which is the modern counterpart of the shifter, would move, but the transmission lights wouldn't show up and, of course, the car would not transition out of PARK.

I called the garage; my service man said: Call the Chrysler number in your owner's manual for towing service. Which I did and they were very helpful in sending towing guys. The first guy could not get the car to roll out of the garage - we could not put the car in neutral so he could not get the car on his truck. The second guy came at said: when you get it in neutral I can come back (or someone else can come) and load the car. So, I called my service man and he sent Bill to help me. Bill used his cell phone to call another technician (they used to be called mechanics) to get the specks on 'how to put this 200 into neutral'... This information resulted in success. There is something inside the console with a tag, yellow or orange, which allows the technician to put the transmission into neutral. So he rolled the car out of the garage; the second tow guy came back; and now my less that two-year-old car with less that 36K miles is on the waiting line for transmission fix. I have never been so disappointed; I wanted dependable - I got 'the immovable object' ... Not the kind of car I thought I was spending my hard earned money for.

- pwalls, Clarksburg, WV, US

problem #42

Apr 252016

200 Limited V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 10,025 miles

I love my car but hate it I've had too many problems since day one, The second day that I tried driving my car it wouldn't start so I tried putting the fob next to ignition and it worked. then the next day same issue so I brought it in and they said it was a computer issue so they gave me a rental then fixed it the next day. The newest issue is that the transmission light would come on and my car could barely move, so I would have to turn the car on/off enough so the light would come off enough so I could drive it. So the dealership has the car once again and said I need a brand new transmission and now I'm in another rental. the first rental they gave me was a minivan smh I brought that back the next day thinking the car was ready but it wasn't and I said I don't want no damn minivan its hard to drive. I could understand if I gave you a minivan but I gave you a Chrysler 200 give me something similar, So now I'm driving a corolla until its fixed so all of these problems in under 1 year.

- Alton B., Queens, NY, US

problem #41

Mar 142016


  • Automatic transmission
  • 31,000 miles

Just bought car used. Two weeks later the engine light comes on. Dealer said to check the gas cap. Fixed gas cap and engine light went off. Engine light came on again. Check transmission light came on. I took it to dealership to check it out and found that it needs a new transmission. Thank goodness it is still under the factory warranty. I hope this fixes the problem. Now I'm in a rental until the car is fixed... Why has this car not been recalled?

- g15, Orlando, FL, US

problem #40

Mar 312016

200 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 52,000 miles


I bought this car in November of 2014. Since then, it has been in the shop on 1-17-15, 1-29-15, 9-25-15 and going back via tow truck today. All because it does this trick where, when I'm driving, it suddenly isn't in gear, won't go into a gear, won't go into park, I can't use the brakes or the parking brake. I have to coast to a stop, which unitl today I've been lucky. The second time it did it this morning, I was on an incline that I rolled down backwards and hit a curb. I bought this car for safety, now I'm in fear for my life and the life of my unborn child. Chrysler can't find any issues with the car, (although I bet they do now that it's out of warranty, which even though this is preexisting they have assured me that they will not cover), and the lives of customers seems to be unimportant. I am at a loss here. I don't know what to do.

- Courtney H., Harrodsburg, KY, US

problem #39

Aug 312015

200 LX 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 4,629 miles

I bought my car Aug. 28th 2015 around Aug.30th 2015 I was traveling with the cruise control set to 80kil and when I removed my foot from the accelerator. The car speed from 80kil. to 97kil. I have taken the car to the dealership numerous times and have been told it's the momentum of the car. It's the transmission but they don't know how to fix it. I feel that this is a dangerous and should be addressed. I have told the Dealership that they need to find a solution or provide me with another car.

- gsutherland, Truro, NS, Canada

problem #38

Dec 302015

200 Limited 2.4L I4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 6 miles

I attempted to buy a new leftover 2015 200 today. After a whopping SIX miles the transmission made a huge bang and died on Interstate 90. It refused to move or even switch gears, I barely made it off the road. Needless to say I will not be buying a 200. I'm sure the Nissan Altima that I'm test driving tomorrow will make it further than 6 miles.

- Hazel D., Spring Creek, PA, US

problem #37

Oct 012015

200 200S

  • Automatic transmission
  • 22,000 miles

Girlfriend purchased car 5 months ago. Been back to the dealership 5 times now and they keep trying to put different parts on the vehicle to fix transmission problem. Nothing works. It stalls, shifts hard and at times it will go not faster than 20mph. HORRIBLE customer service by the dealership in Lawrence KS. Talked about a buy back and they said it was a used car. It is in fact a demo car and not used. 1 owner. We have called Chrysler and they have said NOT to take the car back after they have put the next piece on to try and fix it. Two people at Chrysler has said NOT to take the car back until the buy back process figured out. Dealership wants car back and we told them we were instructed not to get back in that car. Now Chrysler is calling telling us we need to take the car and try it again. This is the 5th time we have taken car back in. DO NOT WANT THIS POS! Where is the buy back CHRYSLER??????????? Terrible customer service! Backed into another vehicle because of this crappy car. Of course they did not offer to fix it. JUST HORRIBLE HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! DON"T BUY THIS CAR!

- markks, Topeka, KS, US

problem #36

Oct 222015

200 LS 3.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 2,200 miles


I have just bought the vehicle when the vehicle broke down with only 2200 mikes on it, I haven't even payed the first payment on it, Chrysler offered to fix it and offered a conviencece fee of first months payment I should have took the money it was in the shop for a week when I got it back and the transmision went out a second time... I love the vehicle it drives and looks really good. I bought the live time warrenty offered with this vehicle, I have owed it for fifty days and it has been in the shop for two plus weeks currently and I have only made my first payment know.

- Derek H., Elk Grove, CA, US

problem #35

Aug 102015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 10,573 miles

This problem began is August, 2015. The car will randomly die while traffic or going 65 mph on the freeway. It has been in for repair four times with this same problem. Chrysler seems unable to repair the problem. I've received two recalls for this same problem. It was in the shop once again on October 27, 2015 for this recall item. They replaced one part but said there is an extremely long back order for the second part needed.

In early November, 2015, I attempted to drive it on the freeway, after about an hour on the road, it died on the freeway with no warning. The computer lost communication with the transmission. I was not in the slow lane at the time and had to quickly change lanes to get over to the side of the freeway as soon as possible. Once pulled over, it started right away. I traveled another 10 to 15 miles and it died a second time. I cannot take this car anywhere for fear of it dying. It not only dies on the freeway, it also dies in traffic on a regular basis. This car is a severe safety hazard and Chrysler doesn't seem to care.

At this time, I do not believe they know how to fix the problem. This elusive part I am waiting for seems to be non existent. The dealership and my case manager at Chrysler do nothing more than tell me lies. Their stories never match up and my card is still not fixed.

- Carey N., Antioch, CA, US

problem #34

Jul 012015

200 S 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 20,000 miles

My car stopped 5 times while driving, two in the middle of a intersection making a left turn and two on the freeway in the thick traffic and one at a stop sign. When I started taking Lemon Law language they gave me a new transmission. They re-flashed the trans module first time, second time replaced module and four time they replaced transmission. I will say, they were good about giving me a rental each time I brought my car in. I do not feel safe in this car. I just got a recall two weeks ago on the transmission and I took it in and they told me they do not have a way to fix it until Chrysler sends them the product to repair the transmission with. So I'm just left to wonder if my car will stall again on the freeway or intersection before they call me to have fixed. GPS has been faulty, they refreshed that. It works ok, I use Waze, its way better than my Chrysler 200 GPS.

I will be selling this. If this was my wife's car and I had young kids, I would have gotten very ugly about this. Extremely dissatisfied.

- William T., Wildomar, CA, US

problem #33

Oct 142015

200 Limited 2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 13,000 miles

10/14/2015 left work from exhausted day. I get in my car and I notice light for 4 wheel traction was on, even though button off. Call my husband to inform he said it would probably go off as you drive. As I began to drive I felt the car tugging, I continue to drive now I am on northern state highway, the car completely stops and shuts down. So I attempt to shut off it off it would not allow me. I go to take feet off brake and begins to go backward. I got nervous because of all on going traffic. I press hard on brake and I felt like it clamp, so I remove foot once again car stood still. I was very nervous I was on highway on middle lane. 911 was called and they could not move car. It's very frustrating because car is only 8 months old. For two days I got the run around from service people. After twenty four hours I call to find out it is transmission. I'm not feeling very safe. This has been second recall.

- Yvonne R., Great NecK, NY, US

problem #32

Sep 302015

200 S V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 8,000 miles

This transmission just plain sucks. Slams into gears / slow upshift 2/3. Transmission finally failed while being driven by the dealer tech. Dealer has had car for over 30 days. I'm lemoning this piece of crap.

- Carlos G., Pembroke Pines, FL, US

problem #31

Sep 292015

200 C

  • Automatic transmission
  • 8,567 miles

I was driving on a major road when the car made a weird noise and the dashboard lite up SERVICE TRANSMISSION. Was lucky to be able to get to shoulder of road because car stalled. Very scary.

- dmass, Bellport, NY, US

problem #30

Aug 092015

200 C 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 14,000 miles

This is at least the 7th time the car has been in for a transmission problem within the past two months. The failure occurred at 45-50 miles per hour on the highway. Failed to accelerate. Light to service trans. came on and stayed. Too dangerous to take on a road trip again. They need to replace total trans. not just the parts.

- William S., Hollywood, FL, US

problem #29

Jun 062015

200 Limited 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 7,800 miles

Brought car in to the dealership. Upgrade firmware drove home after 5 hours. Still shifts poorly.

1 week later, while Driving by the dealership the engine light came on. Pulled in, they checked it, told me the trans was shot. The car was in the shop 5 days. The transmission was replaced with a new version.


problem #28

Apr 102015

200 Limited 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 7,000 miles

Transmission shifts hard and transmission won't release when braking. East Tennessee Dodge said there is a software issue and Chrysler has not given them an update. Need to wait.


problem #27

Sep 102015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 32,000 miles

Driving home last Thursday going 70mph on the expressway. My 200 Shut down on me.. I was almost rear ended by a truck. The check engine light and transmission light and parking brake failure light came on. I was able to restart the vehicle after about 20 minutes and a lot of turning on and off and trying to shift. I took it to the dealer last Friday. It's still there! I called today and they told me they weren't positive, but they believe it is the control center and they were waiting for an engineer from Chrysler to look at it tomorrow and put in the new controller. Chrysler has no idea what is causing the problem with these vehicles. I no longer trust this vehicle or Chrysler. The 200 has a serious transmission problem and someone is going to be killed when their vehicle shouts down on them! Chrysler needs to issue a recall for this vehicle.

Update from Sep 29, 2015: Picked up the vehicle from service on Thursday. Vehicle is lurching when I come to a stop, sometimes while accelerating it will also lurch. When I accelerate the RPM's go up but the car doesn't speed up. Taking it back to the dealer tomorrow. A supervisor from Chrysler was supposed to contact me today,of course, I never heard from them! They can have this car! I want out! I don't trust it or Chrysler any longer!

Update from Nov 13, 2016: Vehicle kept having the same problems and Chrysler had no fix for the issue. Had to eventually sue Chrysler under the Lemon Law. Won my case!! Chrysler fought me through this whole process even though they were well aware of the problems with the vehicle. They have 30 days to pay the settlement and these creeps are taking every bit of the 30 days to pay. Assholes till the end. I HATE CHRYSLER!! Chrysler just issued a new recall. Taking the car in this week, I will report afterwards.

- dpark66, Zion, IL, US

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