really awful
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
61,724 miles
Total Complaints:
13 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. replace transmission (6 reports)
  2. replace tranmission (3 reports)
  3. not sure (2 reports)
  4. rebuilt transmission (2 reports)
2011 Ford Escape transmission problems

transmission problem

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2011 Ford Escape Owner Comments

problem #13

Jan 282016

Escape SE V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 57,910 miles


After the transmission burned at around 57,920 miles, Ford refuses to meet their obligations i.e. this car was a REAL LEMON. Moreover, when the car was at R, the car was moving forward and at D, the car was moving backward.

Since this car was not in a position to be back on the road, I had to return the car to the company.I have lost a good amount of money ( around $ 25,000.00), was out of a car for a full 4 months, went through a depreciation of my credit rating to the lowest (9) because this car had been returned and finally after 4 months was able to purchase a used car ( which I never did in the past and it is a 2009 year car Mazda 5) at 30% rate of interest.

I have just read about the latest report on the 2011 Ford Escape and I am appalled to see that the Ford Company did not replace this car for me ( a lemon car) after some 40 years of buying cars with Ford and Lincolns.

If anyone can help me to recover the money lost from this very bad company who is so eager to take our money but at the same is also eager NOT to respect their responsability as a manufacturer of cars. This car WAS DANGEROUS FOR ME AND OTHERS AND HAD TO BE TAKEN OFF THE ROADS !

The company either the dealership took their responsabilities for this LEMON !

- , Ste-Adèle, QC, Canada

problem #12

Jun 152015

Escape XL 3.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 100,000 miles

2nd transmission on the same car. Just went over the warranty 20k and had to pay $5k to replace the transmission. Complaint to Ford Canada no luck. Over warranty. DO not buy this car ever. a nightmare.

- , Markham, ON, Canada

problem #11

Mar 202011

Escape XL 3.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 600 miles

I would never recommend to buy a escape with front wheel drive. Automatic. Worst car ever.

- , Markham, ON, Canada

problem #10

Jul 092016


  • Automatic transmission
  • 82,000 miles


Transmission failure on a 5 year old vehicle. Who has $3500 laying around?

- , Kokomo, IN, USA

problem #9

May 302016


  • Automatic transmission
  • 88,235 miles

Never ever would i ever recommend the ford escape to anyone. Biggest mistake. Ive done nothing but plunk money into this vehicle for the past year and half. Right when my warranty finished I've had nothing but problems. Recent problem go to press gas and no power finally revs high and catches up to speed . Loud bang noise wrench light gos out and engine light comes on. After 2 hours engine light goes out and no issues... yet.... codes P0756 and P2701 came up on the scanner pointing to the solenoid in the transmission. As a result they are telling me need a rebuild. 4000 dollars later.. still havent done, been driving day and half no issues again.

These need to be recalled!!!

- , Edmonton, AB, Canada

problem #8

Feb 262016

Escape SE V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 57,912 miles

I have been a customer of Ford/Lincoln for a few decades. This Escape 2011 was a real lemon and a VUS with a multiple and serious problems both mechanical and electronic. I started to pay for quite a few repairs, replacements etc since le last 2 years. When the seal of the transmission went off ( yes, I was told by my mechanic that the seal went out, all transmission oil went out and the Transmission burned out !!

I never had any visual sign on the front panel indicating that there was a problem and furthermore, there were 2 recalls on this vehicle and the second one dealt with the ' colonne de direction' and the electronic component of the automatic transmission. That letter specifically said that the automatic transmission could revert to a manual transmission being dangerous while driving.!!!

That morning when the transmission went out, I had placed the automatic transmission to R and the car instead of going backward, it started to go forward. I was frightened since at my place, there is a steep area not far from the parking area. It did it 2 times after which I immediately called to have it towed to the nearest Ford dealership in Ste-Agathe,QC. Afterwords, I learned that there was absolutely nothing that could be done other than a full replacement!!

I contacted the dealership in Ottawa where this vehicle was purchased. I then learned that even if this car is 2011, it could not go under the warranty since the car was purchased in December/Nov 2010. At the time of problem, my vehicle was at 93,200kilometers while the warranty goes to 100,000.kilometers!

I contacted Ford Motors and opened a case re complaint and it was met yet again with a refusal.This car is still financed with Ford credit and I contacted them also but never got anywhere with them either.

I am now aware that in the Laurentians only, there are 9 owners who had the same problem and there are a series of cars in Mont Tremblant also having the same problems also involving other ford models !! I would willing to work at a class action as against the manufacturer, the dealership if there is a sufficient no of people having or having had the same problems with their Ford escape 2011. I am retired but I would assist in finding the right counsel to deal with the case and also work as a volunteer for the case. It is a shame that a multinational like Ford goes away with murder while having a huge publicity system over the various media.

Personally, I am in a position to make a volunteer return of this car to Ford credit and the consequence of this is that my personal credit is seriously affected because of this badly manufactured Ford escape.

So, should you wish to get in touch with me, you are welcome to do so.

P.S. Ford Motors had offered to pay ( finally) 40% of the cost of replacement BUT it also asked me to choose a brand new Ford transmission at more than 6,000.00cdn + taxes when it should have offered 40% for a reconstructed transmission at about 3,000..00 $. Over that,Ford motors has also paid fully for the diagnostic and mechanic costs at the Ford dealership. THIS INDICATES THAT FORD KNOWS IT HAS RESPONSIBILITY in this mess !!!

I will never opt for a Ford or a Lincoln product anymore. This company has seriously gone down in quality while their prices still are going up!!

- , Ste-Adèle, QC, Canada

problem #7

Jan 152013

Escape XLT 3.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 61,000 miles


It is only 1000 mils over warranty, had reported and had it in a Ford dealer last week in Oklahoma City for the problem. They said it low on transmission fluid, which had boiled out while being towed (by the recommendation in the book) and so they had to drain and clean it up, put new fluid in. Charged me $480.00, got less than 200 miles and it did the same thing, blew fluid out all over the motor. Took it into a Ford dealer in Bemidji MN, now they want 6500 dollars to put in a new transmission and warranty won't cover it !!

- , Okeechobee, FL, USA

problem #6

May 202015

Escape Limited V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 51,574 miles

Started almost a year ago; loud clunks from the middle of the drive train area, then lost forward power and truck stalled. Got it towed, was told there was an open recall on it which should fix the issue. Ran pretty good for almost a year, although there were a few instances where the transmission seemed to slip or not want to gear down, then 4 days ago again, one loud clunk this time, no forward motion and stalled. Sat waiting for roadside assistance for over an hour, at which time the truck started up fine and we were able to drive it onto the deck of the truck.

Dealership was "unable to duplicate the problem" over the course of 2 days they had it and, because of this, they charged us $175 + tax for their diagnostic. Picked it up, got 3 blocks away and it stalled. Got it to go again, so decided to just run it until they can't deny the problem anymore...took all of 24 hours before it had another serious issue and didn't want to start except in neutral. Then, this morning, complete failure - felt the tranny slip out of gear, lost engine power and had to coast from a main thoroughfare into a parking lot to get it out of the way. Attempted to start, got the engine to crank once in Park, heard loud THUNK and it stalled again. Now it won't crank even in neutral. BEYOND FRUSTRATED!!!!!

- , Calgary, AB, Canada

problem #5

Sep 202014

Escape XLT 2.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 43,186 miles

I purchased the 2011 Escape XLT in June 2014, the first time I noticed a problem was two weeks after that. I went to accelerate and could hear the engine rev up but no speed increase. After releasing the gas the RPMs went up to 4K. I had to shift it into neutral for it to disengage. When I shifted back into drive everything seemed normal. About a month later I noticed after accelerating it would shift up, down, up, down and then it would find a gear. Finally, one morning it decided to give out and I was unable to accelerate, or engage drive or reverse. The Ford dealership found the forward snap ring came apart and caused damage to sun gear and metal all through transmission. They replaced the transmission with a Ford re-certificated transmission under Ford Powertrain Warranty.

- , Akron, OH, USA

problem #4

Aug 172014

Escape 2.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 83,000 miles

We bought this newer '11 Ford Escape for a road trip to California. Just getting into Sacramento on Hwy 50 there was a severe clunk and the car began to lose power. The car came to a stop in the center lane. The transmission was completely locked. The car would not move in either direction and it could not be pushed. It left us stranded in a very dangerous place. We had the car towed to the nearest Ford dealership and there the car sits waiting for a rebuilt transmission. We flew back home to Colorado and will have to fly back to California to get the Ford. I wish I could just leave it there but it is financed and I need the car. I've owned Toyotas, Volvos Geo Metros in the last 25 or so years and have been happy with all of them. I thought I'd buy an American car for a change and I'm not pleased with what I've been reading about these Ford automatic transmissions. I expected better. At this point I have more confidence in my 30 year old Volvo than I have in this Ford. I feel that Ford must know that they are selling an inferior product based on the many complaints about the transmission. If that's the best you can do Ford, I'll never buy another one and I won't have anything positive to say about your company or your product.

- , Fort Collins, CO, USA

problem #3

Jul 162014

Escape Limited 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 90,000 miles


We were flat towing, which is the reason we purchased this car. The car was in neutral and key on accessory per the owner's manual. When we arrived home, couldn't get car out of neutral and couldn't start car nor remove the key. Had it towed to a local Ford dealer who said the transmission seized and it was in park - not true it was in neutral. After three calls to Ford Customer Service, received a call from Sally or Sarah (she uses both names) and said the best she would do is $500 toward a $5000 repair. Needless to say, we"re not dropping this issue and plan never to purchase another Ford product. This was our eighth Ford product over time.

Also, when we first took possession of this car it starting clunking in the transmission. We have returned it to the Ford dealer in Wayland, MI and mentioned this several times. We were told if we couldn't replicate the problem, they couldn't help us. So now we are facing a huge bill on a three year old car that we don't feel we should be stuck with.

- , Grand Rapids, MI, USA

problem #2

Oct 042013


  • Automatic transmission
  • 45,000 miles

while diving there is an abrupt "jerk" and although the engine remains running, pressing the gas pedal does nothing. The brake pedal still worked but applying the gas did nothing, the vehicle just began to slow. This was VERY frightening while my daughter and I were less than 5 miles from home and it happened while we were traveling in the middle lane (fast lane on the left, slow lane on the right) during rush hour/weekend/fair traffic right where two highways merge. The vehicle began to slow (because pressing the gas pedal did nothing) while we were in the MIDDLE lane with semi trucks honking and whizzing by us on the left AND on the right and all we could do was hope for an opening on the right, and pray that we'd make it over to the shoulder before being slammed into. We found that putting the truck in park, removing the key, then putting the key back in and starting it would make the gas pedal work again...for a very short distance. We made our way home with our hazard lights on limping along on the shoulder of the highway. The gas pedal failed again on us 3 more times in the relatively short distance to our home. The dealership wound up picking it up on a flatbed and fixing it for free, even though they tried to make me feel like they were doing me a favor!!! Even though the transmission light was on and the transmission was under warranty, they told me THAT part of the transmission was not covered???? WTF?? I called BS, threatened "3rd party intervention" and viola - they magically decided to fix it free of charge. Mark my words - the 2011 Ford Escape WILL sooner or later be recalled

- , Kernersville, NC, USA

problem #1

Jan 032013

Escape Limited 3.0L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 42,000 miles

Shortly after getting the Escape back from it's engine replacement, the transmission started shifting hard. It would seem to drop out of gear, then catch again. A few miles from home, it started acting normally again. Since the dealer was closed for the night, my plan was to drop it off in the morning to have them look at it. The next morning, on my way to work, the transmission dropped out of gear while going up a hill and never recovered. I had to have it towed to the dealer. Upon dis assembly of the transmission, the cause was deemed to be a failed valve body, which caused a loss of pressure to the clutches resulting in excess slip.

The warranty repair was to rebuild the transmission at the dealer, which took about 2 weeks. After I got it back, I've put about 2000 miles on it. In that time, I've had a number of harsh shifts, erratic shifting, and what feels like occasional slip when accelerating hard. I've had it back to the dealer once after an especially hard shift. They were unable to replicate the fault and there were no codes stored, so there was no repair. I'm currently operating under the assumption that unless the "wrench" light comes on, don't bother with dealer unless the fault can be replicated.

I will not be owning this vehicle outside of it's powertrain warranty, as I cannot afford a multi-thousand dollar repair bill on a vehicle this new that I am still paying for.

- , Waverly, IA, USA

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