pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
96,050 miles
Total Complaints:
21 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (11 reports)
  2. recall (7 reports)
  3. fuel pump replaced (2 reports)
  4. replaced catalylic converter (1 reports)
2001 Ford Focus fuel system problems

fuel system problem

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2001 Ford Focus Owner Comments (Page 1 of 2)

problem #21

Jun 052015

Focus LE

  • 145,000 miles


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fuel pump cutting out, engine stalls fuel pump cutting out, engine stalls

Ford Focus 1.4, 2001, 145000 miles. No fuel to engine: no sound of fuel pump. Fuel pump ran when I removed it from the fuel tank and applied 12 volt battery. The fuel pump connector INSIDE the fuel tank was melted / burned, so the fuel pump was not getting power. See photos.

- Ray N., Cork, Cork, Ireland

problem #20

Dec 162013

Focus SE

  • Automatic transmission
  • 82,000 miles

Bought the 2001 Ford Focus for my son in June of 2013. Took it to a mechanic to have it checked out, test drove it, did the carfax check on it. All checked out. It seemed like a nice car with low miles for a 2001 (81,000). After 5 months the car started stalling both while driving and just after starting up. Found out that the fuel pump had been recalled on some of these cars (certain VIN numbers) mine was not one of them. Even if it had been the recal was only for 10 years so that was up also. Since I needed him to have a car to go back and forth to school I had to pay to have it fixed.

Any problem a Ford car can have...this one has..more to follow. NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY A FORD!!!

- Mary T., Lemont, IL, US

problem #19

Sep 102013

Focus ES 2.0L Zetec

  • Automatic transmission
  • 105,000 miles

I recently purchased a used ford focus in upstate ny. On our return trip to ky I experienced intermittent hesitation, loss of power, rough idle, stalling, and eventually engine shut down. We did have diagnostics run at Crystal Lakes Auto outside Erie PA and several anti theft errors were found and cleared (we later found a loose fuse that restored dashboard and anti theft light so that may have caused error?). Computer was reset via terminal as well as battery reconnect. 100 miles or so later same issued occurred. Hesitation, bucking, loss of power and eventual engine cut off. After ten minutes it was running fine. Passing gear will not engage and if attempted car will buck and lose speed. Another 60 or so miles at service center the engine stalled and could not keep running unless continual throttle pressure was given. It was transported by flatbed home. Apparently this is a longtime issue with this model and has several recalls pertaining to fuel system. Engine continues to stall out repeatedly.

- barenakeddoggies, Edgewood, KY, US

problem #18

Nov 262012

Focus ZX3 V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 98,000 miles


I purchased my 2001 ford focus (used) from the Dept of Safety in Denver CO. (Auction) specifically for commute to and from work along with saving on fuel costs. Ford has been my choice of vehicle for quite some time mainly because of the safety and many lines of vehicles they produce. On Oct 10 2012 I purchased this fine little black ford focus, I was thrilled with it. (I've always been and still am a truck and suv kind of a person). After the emissions and title were complete, I proceeded with a full service check, bought brand new tires, had it washed and scubbed inside and out, new matts and front seat covers. That little fine black focus ran so great! And what a savings for me... Unfortunately after 3 weeks it all came to a terrible jolt. Entering the HWY as I started to accelerate it pulled back and started to sputter and lose power. This was so unexpected, it scared me!! I immediately put on my emergency flashers and pulled over to the right shoulder.... after sitting a few minutes I started the car and slowly pulled back on to the hwy, staying all the way to the right lane with my flashers on. I did finally make it home moving very slow. Lucky me I was off the next day. I drove to the store, it sputtered and sputtered and stalled. I drove home didn't know what I was going to do. The next day I decided to take it to the mechanic on the corner. I got in it and could not even get it to turn over let alone start... That was the end of my 6wk ride... As of the 30th Nov. it still sits in my driveway.. I REALLY NEED HELP... where do I go from here.???? I really can't afford this to just stop here, It's a terrible feeling not to trust your vehicle's safety. Please I need to know where to start ... these previous complaints I've read are horrible why aren't these people getting help this is a defect and I certainly want ford and or the manufacturer to step up. This is a hazard for drivers to be operating unsafe vehicles that are on recall. How can I check if my vin number has been or is part of this recall. I need to move forward... thank you for your help.

- Janet F., Lafayette, CO, US

problem #17

Mar 042013

Focus ZX3 4.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 70,000 miles

I got the "Sports" addition car right ah! The car has as of lately been turning off while I was driving, it turns back on quickly. Had the Fuel filter charged with little improvements. And it's wasting the gas is half the time.

- seatothesun, North Miami, FL, US

problem #16

Apr 012011


  • Automatic transmission
  • 190,761 miles

I have owned my car since 2003 bought it @ 2yrs old. Has been a great car in general, pretty reliable and has left me stranded only once due to temp housing. But one problem that has more plagued it more than once is probs related to the fuel. First time it started was about 4-5 yrs ago and would stall or just chug for no reason anywhere. ie waiting to turn left at a light and you make the judgement to to but put your foot on the gas and it lurches a little then goes when the oncoming car is too close to go, so you have to slam on the brakes. Stalls when on the bend entering the highway. There was a recall for fuel mod, got it repaired but it has now come back except now it stalls while driving straight and apply the brake just a little, almost like there is something cutting off the fuel? I know it is up there in age and have taken it to be looked at, and it is not worth fixing now due to the age. Def fuel to the engine related problems with this car.

- Patricia M., Brampton, Ontario, canada

problem #15

Jan 062010


  • Automatic transmission
  • 105,000 miles


Okay so this time, the guys at the shop found that the spark plugs needed to be replaced. So they fixed that and found nothing else to be out of order. BUT THE PROBLEM STILL PERSISTS!!!! Every time my mechanic looks at it, he cannot find an issue!

- andeeh1974, FORT WAYNE, IN, US

problem #14

Apr 032010

Focus 2.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 125,000 miles

damn car acts like its running out of gas after its been running awhile or when its warm out. its been going on for about a year now. it didnt happen in the winter months. during those months it just felt like the transmission was slipping. I've been to quite a few mechanics but they cant figure it out. i just put a throttle position censor on it and a fuel filter. can anyone help?

- Maggie L., Little Birch, WV, US

problem #13

Mar 092010

Focus ZTS Zetec

  • Manual transmission
  • 92,179 miles

This is the second time I have had to change the fuel pump in less than 2 years, and I change the filter often. Pain in the Ass... Never mind the stabilizers, arms, the ignition switch, rear window cable.......Other than these issues it isn't a bad little car.

Time for a new car..or truck.

- barbb.c, Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada

problem #12

Feb 022010

Focus ZTS

  • Automatic transmission
  • 79,400 miles

i thought my car ran out of gas but i put a gallon in and it started up and then it seemed like i ran out of gas again so i put 3 gallons of gas in and it so i tried starting it up but it starts and it dies...

- Megan M., Sarasota, FL, US

problem #11

Sep 012004

Focus SE

  • Automatic transmission
  • 70,000 miles


This problem caused my car to go from 300 miles a tank to 100 miles a tank. My car first stalled in one of the most dangerous parts of the interstate in New Orleans. Good thing this happen to my mom's new Escape. I knew to pop it in neutral and try to restart it. It restarted and I didn't cause an accident.

- Vanessa E., Metairie, LA, US

problem #10

Jan 142005

Focus ZX3 2.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 30,000 miles

The fuel pump has been replaced in this piece of junk 4 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!! My car spent many weeks in the shop. I finally took it somewhere other than ford and so far so good! THIS CAR STINKS! Not mention ALL the other problems

- Cindy B., Beach Park, IL, US

problem #9

Aug 212004

Focus SE 2.0L

  • Manual transmission
  • 50,000 miles

Fuel pump acted up while I drove cross from Toronto to Tennessee...

Recalled, replaced.

- Al W., San Jose, CA, US

problem #8

Apr 072007

Focus SE

  • Manual transmission
  • 101,000 miles

I was driving Home from work in rush hour and all of a sudden my battery light came on and went off. So I thought I needed a new battery. Took it to a mechanic and he tested the battery and the alternator and found no problems with them. Driving home again and the battery light came on and I started losing power and it sounded like it was about to shut off. Took it to the mechanic again and could not reproduce the problem. It happened again and I took it to the mechanic and left the car overnight. The mechanic called me the next day the problem happened and found out that the fuel filter needed replacing. Ford replaced the Fuel Filter less that 2 years prior. Car ran fine until about 6 months later and it happened again. This time the car would shut off when at speeds of 65mph on the interstate. I would have to pull over and restart the vehicle again and its jerking and shaking and shuts off again. This car is a death trap!!!!

- teepee, Norcross, GA, US

problem #7

Mar 242008

Focus SE

  • Automatic transmission
  • 104,000 miles

The car is a pile of crap that should be repoded. I have learned a great lesson - never buy another FORD. I have had to replace the starter, the rack and pin and now there's this problem with the car. It cuts out and now I smell gas, it stalls out and has no power when I start it, if it will start. I can't believe you spend your hard earned money to buy a car that you need to get to work and you can't even keep it on the road. This crap car doesn't even deserve to be in a junk yard. I'd be afraid that some might try to use it for parts.

- autumn, Stoneboro, PA, US

problem #6

Feb 062008

Focus SE

  • Automatic transmission
  • 90,000 miles

This will be the FOURTH TRIP to try and fix this problem. The car is really rough

when I start it, give it some gas then its ok. Of course should I hit a red light well

then I'm screwed. The bucking and near stalls begin! Last night was the worst,

every time I hit the brake it threatened to stall out. The first trip to the shop they

SWORE that the computer needed to re-learn itself (BULLS*%T), didn't help the problem. The second trip was to the dealer, they replaced almost $2000 worth of crap that didn't need to be replaced and then upon picking it up i drove it right back to the dealer as it was worse then before. Then three months ago it was at the dealer AGAIN because of the same issue, this time they said it was the spark plugs and now I have an appointment to get it there at some point tomorrow. I HATE THIS CAR this is the very last Ford I will EVER spend money on. I can't even stand putting gas in this thing anymore because that means I'll have to keep driving it. DO NOT BUY THIS CAR, honestly I'd be fine at this point should a Mack Truck hit it and total it.

- Janine K., Towaco, NJ, US

problem #5

Jul 182007

(reported on)

Focus SE

  • Automatic transmission
  • 130,000 miles

The car was stalling but only intermittently. I took it in and they found that something was clogging the exhaust. They went ahead and checked it out and found that the catalytic converter had deteriorated. They fixed it $1,200 but the car was STILL stalling. Come to find out that there is apparently a fuel filter or fuel pump problem that the car is being recalled for. However, BOTH of these problems were causing the car stalling problem. I am in the process of taking the car in to have the fuel system problem taken care of.

- diegom8, Oviedo, FL, US

problem #4

Sep 212007

(reported on)

Focus 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 105,800 miles

UGH! My car does the same thing. It is awful. My car continually stalls out while driving. All of the dashboard lights come on and I have to put the car in park & restart it again. Sometimes it just surges while driving and doesn't turn off. I had my alternator tested and was told that it was fine. I also took my car in for the recall and supposedly they changed the fuel filter. This was a couple years ago and only temporarily relieved the problem. Mechanic did not find anything wrong with the car, because it does it intermittently. Ugh. I'll try the cleaning the heat sensor, but the problem is seriously dangerous....

- christinap, Citrus Heights, CA, US

problem #3

Aug 112007

(reported on)

Focus SE 1.8L V TEC

  • Automatic transmission
  • 55,000 miles

I have a Focus with the V Tec engine. The engine stutters and nearly stalls. It looses power and jerks badly. There is no engine light (MIL) or code. I have replaced the fuel filter twice to no avail. I may have to pull the tank and replace the pump. Don't know who decided the fuel tank was a good place to put the fuel pump? This car is really becoming annoying

- Hal R., Burlington, NC, US

problem #2

Jul 182007

(reported on)

Focus SE

  • Automatic transmission
  • 140,000 miles

I have two problems which were leading to the stalls - the first one was fixed (catalytic converter deterioration) but the stalls are still occurring. I get the exact same symptoms that everybody else has. The car stalls (usually while on the highway) and the you have to coast to the side of the road and wait about 5 to 10 minutes, in which case the car will restart and run fine (for a while). The problem is intermittent so no mechanic has been able to "find" the problem.

Though I've heard anything from clogged fuel filters, bad pumps, to needed to replace the distributor coil.

My mechanic has taken the car for a week to see if he can duplicate the problem. However, after reading these other complaints I see that I need to call the dealer and specifically ask them about this problem. I haven't owned the car for 10 years so they should be able to do this at no cost (ha ha ha - we'll see). Too many problems with this car, I'm getting an import next. As a matter of fact I finished paying off the car a little while ago and I plan on selling it (as soon as this problem is fixed) and then getting any car that is not American made. What an awful thing to have to say, but a free economy means that I buy the best car out there and right now, they are not American. This car as well as the other Ford I own has given me just one too many headaches.

- diegom8, Oviedo, FL, US

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