2013 Honda CR-V electrical problems: dead battery

Dead Battery

2013 Honda CR-V

This problem may be covered under warranty. Ask your Honda dealer.


fairly significant
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
26,250 miles
Total Complaints:
19 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (11 reports)
  2. replace battery (7 reports)
  3. replacement of power seat module (1 reports)
2013 Honda CR-V electrical problems

electrical problem

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2013 Honda CR-V Owner Comments

problem #19

Jan 082016


  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,000 miles


REPLACED battery in January 2016. Now March 2018 needs to replace battery AGAIN....

- Donna K., Northvale, US

problem #18

Mar 272018


  • Automatic transmission
  • 55,555 miles


- Letha J., Tallmadge, OH, US

problem #17

Feb 092017


  • Automatic transmission
  • 41,015 miles

I had to replace the battery after 3 years 6 months of owning this CRV. Dealer said the battery was defective. Dead cell. Dealer also mentioned that the old battery was to small to properly do the job in our winter climate. Not enough cranking amps which probably contributed to the problem.

- Brian P., Kenora, Ontario, Canada

problem #16

Jan 132013


  • Automatic transmission
  • 200 miles


Had sudden battery drain (need jump start the car) the 1st month of the new vehicle, intermittent, several times the 1st year, never got meaningful explanation or solution from dealer. This problem was not overwhelmingly reported in 2013. The selling dealer didn't know what happened. They attribute to the 3rd party remote starter (removed and sudden power loss still happens). Since in many cases it happened right after use, it's likely the electrical system or charging system intermittent malfunction, more frequent in extreme cold weather.

Dealer replaced the battery at 1st year end and it happened less frequent since then but still happens. I essentially carry a jump starter to deal with sudden loss of battery, pain in ass. During the past week's extreme cold weather, it was left outside garage one night (-17 F at night). The battery was completely drained. Since then the sudden lost of battery power (not to start car) happened 3 times in 2 days, on and off. All happened within minutes of use (restarting minutes after short stops), thus it's clear not the power drain but charging or electric system problem. One happened after fueling gas, drove 6 miles after jump start and no problem to restart, then can't start the next stop (6 miles). Intermittent, on and off, pain in ass... Just want to add it to the report and hope to be included in statistics somewhere.

- Gary J., Edina, US

problem #15

Aug 012016


  • Automatic transmission
  • 39,000 miles

My husband bought a brand new Honda CRV2013 in 2013. Within 3 years and 8 months, we've replaced the battery for two times, one in Jan 2015, one in August 2016. So far, there's only 39,000 mile for this car. Can you imagine this is a new car? We have to call road assistance to help two times because it dead somewhere.

Besides,each time replace the battery cost over $100, even the battery is within the guarantee.

bad car, bad service. regret choosing it 3 years ago.

- Qilan L., Saint Louis, MO, US

problem #14

Jan 092015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 20,000 miles

My husband bought a brand new car, Honda CRV 2013 in 2013. To August 2016, we've already replaced two battery for the car. The first replacement was in Jan 2015, when the car is only two years old and around 20,000 mileage. After a one and half years, we have to replace another battery! Can you believe this is a new car? Within 3 year and 8 months, we have to ask road assistance for 2 times because the car is dead somewhere!

Because of the bad battery, the dealer Honda of Frontenac found a chance to get money from us easily. Even within guarantee, the dealer charged us over $100 for the labor of replacing the original battery. One and half years later, the replaced battery dead, dealer charged another over $100 for both labor and the new battery.

- Qilan L., Saint Louis, MO, US

problem #13

Mar 012016

CR-V EX 2.4L I4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 16,555 miles


When we travel to Chicago on March 1, 2016. The weather is so cold that day. After driving 5 hrs, the car parked in parking building over 1 hour and then want to star the engine. Found out it will not start, thought maybe not at "P" gear, double check and still won't start, called Road assistance and jump the vehicle, right away, it started.

Back home next day (3/2/2016), everything is fine. Went to Page Honda dealer to check the battery. The test results showed battery is in "Good" zone. Went to COSTCO to buy a new battery to replace it. The vehicle is still under Honda warranty (3 years, 36 months), but my wife won't feel comfort unless the battery been replaced, so I did it anyway.

- Alvin W., Troy, MI, US

problem #12

Feb 142016

CR-V EX 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 11,570 miles

DEAD Battery. 2 1/2 years old

Having purchased 5 Hondas over the years, I experienced very few problems until now.I HAVE to depend on my vehicle because of MEDICAL REASONS. The present situation is unacceptable

FIRST JUMP REQD ABOUT 1 year ago Needed jump 2 times 13 Feb 2016 Needed jump 3 times 14 Feb. 2016

Each failure to start , the outside temperature was between 5 and 10 degrees F. Now that the temperatures are above 35+ ,the car starts except very slowly around 30F.

Went to Weymouth Honda ( outside temp was in high 30s) where they performed: 1. A full battery inspection 2. Battery and charging system test 3. After this they said the battery passed their test

After 2 + hours and the exact charge of $54.50, the words of wisdom I received from the manager were that the car is OK now and "I did not drive the car enough". And that" my problem is not common among Hondas".

- Robert R., Hingham, MA, US

problem #11

Nov 022015

CR-V LX 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 35,500 miles

American Honda will not replace the battery unless the diagnostic machine prints a code that indicates the battery is defective or no good. I believe this diagnostic machine never puts a true load test on the battery. I do know a few things about electronics and electricity. I have been an Extra Class Amateur Radio operator for over 50 years and my examination of the problem indicates the battery is no good. The car charges the battery when it is running and the voltage appears to be right, but turning off the engine, and leaving the headlights on for just a few minutes makes the battery unable to start the car. Putting an 8 amp battery charger on the car, the battery charger may charge at the higher rate for, maybe a few minutes, up to an hour. Turn the headlights on for a few minutes and the battery will be dead.

Any suggestions or helpful advice would be appreciated.- Thanks

Update from Nov 3, 2015: They fixed it! We had brought the car to the local Honda dealer for diagnosis. This was the 3rd time! We got a phone call this morning that they had it fixed, and that it was the battery that was defective as I maintained all along.

They had it on the diagnostic machine again, then went just a bit further and then the machine agreed that the battery was no good. Finally - And credit should go to the service co-coordinator for listening more carefully to what I had to say about the problem.

- dexnjan, Albert Lea, MN, US

problem #10

Jan 142016


  • Automatic transmission
  • 51,000 miles

battery died after 6 months.. dealership was getting ready to close and they replaced the battery.. but didn't document it. Then I had an intermittent inability to start the engine requiring charging, or jumping.. (thought maybe it was me leaving a light on or door slightly open..) brought it to the dealership. but apparently not documented. I probably asked them to check the battery to make sure it was OK.. and thought it was something I did. until finally it required jumping consistently and I brought it back in. Then service found where it was a computer problem consistent with people who don't do as much city driving and I had no problems for almost a year.. Now my battery died today. They replaced it for free even though I work downtown New Orleans and it is not safe and I feel frightened driving my 2 year old vehicle. dealership is offering me a good deal for a new car..but I am trying to pay it off and am afraid it will happen again in a new Honda. I spoke to regional manager for customer service and because the car was started at the hospital for free and by friends for free and with my charger at home for free and dealership didn't document all of the complaints.. they couldn't do anything. I told her I have bought 2 Odyssey's, a Civic and a CRV in the last 15 years. I asked for assistance getting into a vehicle I could trust... Honda regional manager offered me a 250 gift card as Honda reward for being a good customer.. I love my CRV when it works.. unfortunately I never know when it won't start! My dealership is wonderful but considering Honda customer service regional manager must know about these problems with the battery and computer issues making the CRV not start... and is not willing to throw me a bone to get into a new vehicle I don't know if I could buy Honda again. ... My wonderful salesman talked to service and they did something with the alternators in the 2016s that corrects this problem and is going to get it into writing.. I also asked them to call the regional manager for customer service and mention this blog and my concerns. I hope Honda really does care about customer loyalty. If they do they will help me get into a new vehicle (if the problem is corrected in 2016's)

My Odyssey had a problem with the transmission and Honda participated in the repair ... second odyssey needed a lot of repairs after 60-70k miles... bottom of the line civic I bought for my daughter is the only Honda that has been OK... I think Honda owes me some customer support... and HONESTY about these problems!!!

- Cindy D., Mandeville, LA, US

problem #9

Aug 242015

CR-V ES 3.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 23,859 miles


Aug 2015. Dead battery, jumped and drove to dealership, accused of leaving something on, but they could not tell us what it was. They said there was a drain on the battery in the first test but after contacting Honda they reran the test and could not find anything wrong. We decided maybe the door was ajar. October 15,2015 dead battery in the morning again! Jumped and drove to dealership. They checked bulletins and updated software PE bulletin 12-041. rechecked battery, no parasitic draw. So after reading these posts, I don't believe the problem is solved. We will wait and see but will travel with a boost it .

- musfeltks, SALINA, KS, US

problem #8

Jan 052016

CR-V Limited

  • Automatic transmission
  • 35,793 miles

Since we bought this vehicle we have had a dead battery several times. once after listening to the radio for 15 minutes. Today after the dog hit the 4 way flashers. No satisfaction from Honda. They say it is a design issue. Thanks for 2013 CRV Design. Not great for Canadian winter!

- Kelly B., Bridgewater, NS, Canada

problem #7

Jan 172015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 63,000 miles

I bought this CRV thinking I was making the right choice. I bought it since my other car was giving me problems so I thought this was going to solve the problem. Instead it has given me more problems then the car that was giving me problems. The battery on this CRV dies on us at least 3x a month. We took into the dealer to get it checked and of course nothing wrong with it. After taking it in to get checked, battery died one week later. Dealer wanted me to pay for getting car checked when I had only had the car for one month. What is Honda doing about this problem on these cars?

- Imelda L., San Diego, US

problem #6

Feb 242014


  • Automatic transmission
  • 900 miles


I purchased a 2013 Honda CRV in January of 2014 and have had the battery die at least 12 times with different accessories on in the car. (I guess that is why.) Took it to two Honda Dealers in 2014 total of three times. The fourth time was two days before Christmas. I had a very sick cat at home and opted not to take it to Honda because they had had it locally twice and could not diagnose, were rude, and blamed me for the problem. That was a mistake as it would have been Number four for service and I would have had a stronger case.

Additionally, my local mechanic (not with Honda) hemmed and hawed and said, well it is probably because you have too much stuff on in the car. I said, what? I left the car on with the radio. I later found out this is his way so he can come help the ladies and flirt. Had I not listened to him, I would have gotten it in possibly before the end of 2014. He does have some ideas such as installing a second battery etc. I believe this is Honda's problem and why would I have to buy a new battery and pay a mechanic outside of Honda for a vehicle that is under warranty? He has personally assisted me four times with a jump start. He is a nice guy, but, it isn't his responsibility to fix Honda's problems. The time is adding up and that makes these issues even more costly.

I left my radio running with the car shut off for long periods of time when I had my Infiniti G2o and it never died in 14 years. The funny thing was I got much the same hemming and oh, shucks attitude from the Honda Mechanics. The second time I took the vehicle back to the dealer where it was purchased and they replaces a sensor for something to do with the air conditioning. I was stranded out of town and had a huge tow bill. I got the same type of responses from that dealer and the service guy claimed they knew of only one other case where this happened and it was software. He said that wouldn't solve my problem because her vehicle was much older. They really did not try to fix the problem and they simply started it the next day and said it is ready! I said you must be kidding! Keep it for another day and test it as if you are me out running errands etc. They did and the same call was made to me the next day.

I asked several times to speak to the mechanic directly and they kept transferring me to service advisers. I could tell they had not listened to what I said at all. I then said well, maybe I should talk to sales and trade this in for a 2015. Well, all of a sudden that service guy said, oh, let me consult with my mechanic and oh, we can try some other things. He then called back and said they had found a software update that needed to be done and they were going to do it and fix the problem.. I said that I would believe the fix when the car was actually running properly. Of course, I picked it up and before I got out of town I left the radio on with everything else off just to see and yep, it died. Not life threatening issues such as catching on fire etc, but frustrating and if stranded in the wrong place could be life threatening.

This is my first Honda and I am NOT impressed. The service is awful and cheap. They won't replace the , the alternator, or battery and told me it is extremely hard to get battery replace under Honda America. after reading all these complaints on here about CRV 2012 I can see that they don't want to spend money on the battery because they know it won't fix the issue. Other strange issues include screens on GPS being dark after the last time the car wouldn't start and a fuse was blown. Also, someone told me my lights were all flashing except one small headlight right before the car died. I also think cell phone use drains the battery. I have been stranded twice when talking on the phone with the radio and cell phone plugged into the cigarette lighter. Honda America isn't paying for the Tow, my hotel or anything. They told me to take to the dealer. I did and what a joke, that guy told me it was my fault and they did not have a loaner. then I called the dealer where I had taken it to when it was towed and they said they couldn't look at the car again for two weeks! They are so busy! I imagine for once they might be telling the truth since they are likely swamped fixing problems with crappy Hondas. I have owned Pontiacs, Saturn, Infiniti, and have company cars that were Chevrolet and Nissan and never had any significant issue other than wear and tear and a minor issue with Saturn that was repaired the first time. I don't recall what it was but, it was taken care of swiftly.

Honda had the worst Customer Service of any vehicle I have ever owned. I have bought new from 1987 until I had my Infiniti purchase in 1999 and drove it through 2013. Such wonderful service from Infiniti. Honda should be ashamed. They wont' even wash your car when you bring it in for service. Oh, and the all weather mats, I never got,,,well, not holding my breath.....Napleton Honda. The worst by far is IKE Honda... Snotty and unresponsive. Bluegrass Honda had the nerve to tell me well, ya know you should take it to the same dealer. What, I said.....well, that is kind of difficult when I was stranded two states away! This was a lady service advisor. I was sort of shocked but, given the fact Ike Honda didn't want to help me with a GPS question because, "you didn't buy the vehicle. here." I said have you been in sales long? What goes around comes around and repeat business will surely not come to you often with that attitude.

Honda get off your ASS and fix the issues or refund our money! I am so disappointed in Honda. There are issues with ease of using GPS and I am not entirely sure if those are tied into the electrical or not. I guess those problems may be with the programming. I don't find the GPS easy to use and the seat is not comfortable. It is bad when my 15 year old car seat is comfy and the one on my new vehicle is not. If Infiniti had a small Suv with good cargo space. somewhat close to Honda in price and gas mileage, I would have never bought anything else. Most of all HONDA, reimburse my tow and hotel bill at least! Why did I buy a new car just to be stranded. My 1999 was WAY more reliable. Seriously, once I get it registered and the struts replaced, I may just dump this Honda. Why pay just to have a SUV and heated seats. I can make do without the GPS buy getting a new IPhone way cheaper! For someone who doesn't travel for business, it could be an OK vehicle. One could live with the issue and just turn all accessories off if they felt like that was the trade off for owning a Honda or having a newer vehicle. For me, with my car payment, it is not a good deal at all.

Honda America does not assist you in getting into a different Honda either. This says to me, they don't trust their own product. In other word, they don't work with the local dealer, and they aren't going to give you a good deal on a new vehicle to help cover any cost of trading up.

- mykitties, DuQoin, IL, US

problem #5

Jan 052015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 6,322 miles

Car won't start in Winter time, dead battery. It is not charging correctly.

- Gary H., Marion, IA, US

problem #4

Nov 092014


  • Automatic transmission
  • 20,000 miles

Ok, yet another problem with car not starting.

1st time - 11/8/14: Car would start (warm outside) & neighbor gave me a jump. I immediately went to Pep Boys to have the battery tested and they said the battery was fine. So I just figured it was a fluke and let it go, since had been sitting for three days while I was out of town. 2nd time - 12/2/14: I am leaving work a little later than normal and the car doesn't start. Fortunately, I saw someone at work in the parking lot and he gave me a jump. We discussed this and he thought the alternator may be the issue. I drive straight to the Honda dealership, where they keep the car overnight. The next day when I return, they said the infamous "battery software update" for the "alternator to properly give the battery the correct signal" needed to occur, but the battery & alternator tested fine. I expressed my concerns, as I had 2 previous Honda's (a CR-V & Accord) that had numerous problems with lights going out and the air conditioning electrical issue. Those things heavily factored into my decision to trade to another Honda...but I am digressing so... 3rd time - 12/15/14: I am leaving to go to work at 7am and again the car will not start. This time it is really bad...no lights would come on in the car, including overhead, turn signals, dash, etc. Also I was not able to use the remote to open the door lock. I had to use my key to get in the car, and when I pushed the door unlock button, nothing happened. I could not physically open the back doors of the car!! This time I decide no jump, and called Honda to tell them what had occurred. Their wrecker service did not pick up my car until 2 1/2 hours later. Long story short, the service manager wanted to "jump" my car, and I told him "no"; he needed to go outside and see what was occurring with my car before doing anything to it, since they always seem to say that "they cannot replicate the problem".

Honda had my car 3 days, so on 12/17/14 (since I had not heard from anyone) I go to the dealership to find out what is happening with my car. They "found" the problem and fixed it. When I asked if any parts had been replaced, they said "no"; it was a "loose electrical connection on a component residing in the power seat module" (I may not be using the exact correct terms). This really disappointed me, as they did not replace anything to fix the car, knowing this has occurred 3x! The assistant service manager said this was "a non billable fix". REALLY!!!

I don't believe my car is "fixed", and frankly I am "petrified" at the thought of driving it again. I have been a victim of crime in my car, so I don't feel safe having a car that you have no idea of when it will/won't start. This could be dangerous and unsafe for me! A woman sitting for possibly hours in a car alone is neither the smartest nor the safest thing to do. Also I regularly have kid(s) in my car, and I am concerned for their safety as well. I am now in the process of trying to figure out how to get rid of a car that I have negative equity in, talking with Honda Corporate, along with the dealership. Of course Honda Corporate feels "the dealership carefully look at the car and have correctly fixed the car based on the data they have". Yet, they supposedly "fixed" it before with the software update that did absolutely NOTHING! I spent about an hour expressing my concerns about to the asst. service manager, who feels his mechanic put in "numerous hours with tech support (aka. the software engineers at Honda), and on his own trying to identify the "problem". Well I don't need this to happen again to know that something is very wrong with my car, and a "loose connection" that was not "replaced, but fixed" is not going to stop this car from having starting problems.

What do I do? No electrician I know would tell me to "fix" a bad electrical connection...they would tell me to replace it. Replace the car is what I will do and, take the hit financially, unless they make a decision to replace the “defective” parts in the car. If not, no matter how much money I lose, from getting rid of the car; my life and safety are worth much more than that!!

For other 2012/2013 CR-V owners, here are my suggestions: 1. When the car doesn't start more than once, run to the dealership immediately and have them check the "electrical" modules/components which have some relationship to making a battery discharge if they are not turn off correctly when the car is turned shuts down. Do not buy a battery first. 2. Ask if the "power seat" connections are loose or any other electrical connections related to battery problems. 3. Verify the "battery" software update has been done. 4. Get a "portable charger" so that you can be prepared, mace for protection, [and a spare cell phone portable charger in case you have to sit around for a while :-)]

Update from Oct 21, 2015: Honda did finally replace the part which was something that had to do with the "power seat" module (driver side). I refused to take the car back unless the malfunctioning part was "replaced" and not "fixed". That did take care of the battery drain problem/ However, I have traded the car as for me I lost the confidence that I had in it, and just didn't like driving it anymore.

- F W., Atlanta, GA, US

problem #3

Mar 012014

CR-V Navi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 4,999 miles

Brand new CRV in September . Battery dead when I bought the car. They gave me a new one. At 4999 miles I drove for two hours on the thruway. Stopped to get gas. Turned the car back on, drove 10 more miles. Stopped to meet someone and when I tried to restart it was stone, cold dead!!!

Had to cal AAA..... I bought this car for reliability. That is gone now..... Don't know when it will happen again.

Had the car checked and they found nothing. No parasitic drains on the battery or anything ...

However. My key does not flash the lights or honk the horn when I press 'lock' twice!

That's a new problem!

- Linda C., Clifton Park, NY, US

problem #2

Oct 222013


  • Automatic transmission
  • 6,000 miles

My wife and I both had Honda vehicles when we were in college. Each of us had great experiences owning our own at the time as well. When we started talking about purchasing a new vehicle, it didn't take long before the decision was made.

My wife and I purchased a brand new 2013 Honda CR-V this summer. We live in Wyoming and drove to Montana to the Honda dealership to make the purchase. We specifically bought the Honda because of the name, durability and reliability, so naturally, we felt good about what we were about to do.

Four months, and 6,000 miles later, we went out to the car (which was in our garage) and found that the car wouldn't start; the battery was dead. We called the Honda dealer. They told us that a door must have been ajar, or the dome light must have been left on. A later investigation proved that it wasn't either. In fact, I'm still not 100% sure why it happened. In any event, the Honda dealer gave us the road-side assistance number. The folks at road-side told us that a jump start wasn't covered under the warranty. I called the Honda dealer back and relayed that information. They said they would help, but that a tow would cost me if they find out we drained the battery. Well, I charged the battery myself and fixed the problem - at least for now...

So, what's my beef??? 1. IF a door were ajar or a dome light left on, should that REALLY drain a battery enough that it causes the vehicle to not start? I can remember when I was a kid and I would grab my parents keys to their car and listen to the music (key in the ignition - reversed) for hours while I shot hoops in the driveway. They never had a problem starting the car afterwards. According to the Honda rep I spoke with, it only takes 15 minutes to drain a battery if the door is ajar and the engine isn't running on the CR-V. THAT is a serious problem Honda needs to fix! 2. I'm incredibly disappointed about the lack of professionalism I got from the Honda dealership. I took care of my own problem and felt like all they did was sell me a car. What I got from them was an assumption for what they think the problem is. However, the next time I'm in town, I'm supposed to stop by and have them look at the battery to make sure it's "OK."

This is a serious problem that I don't want to deal with. It's a new vehicle! When will this happen next? How confident am I supposed to feel with my wife driving her new Honda CR-V???

I'm very frustrated and disappointed in Honda.

- Pat N., Cody, WY, US

problem #1

Jun 062013


  • Automatic transmission
  • 7,000 miles

Waiting in the car in a rain storm with lights left on/engine off. After ~ 15 minutes the battery went dead/could not start the engine. Used a "jump" successfully.

With all the nanny stuff these days, the old one of automatically switching off power use no longer applies on these Honda's it seems.

Dealer says to keep the engine running or be sure to switch everything off manually. The computer does not allow the alternator to charge all the time so a bad timing could coincide with a low battery charge & the above problem. First such problem in 40 years!

- Douglas B., The Villages, FL, US

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