Notes: The 2014 Honda CR-V has a trend of engine hesitation when accelerating.

Honda has tried to fix this delayed acceleration with a software update, but many owners report it didn't fix the problem.

This defect trend is not quite bad enough yet for us to slap on the "Beware of the Clunker" seal. But it's a concern & definitely something to keep in mind for a test drive.


fairly significant
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
37,500 miles
Total Complaints:
24 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (14 reports)
  2. replace vtc actuator (6 reports)
  3. fix or stop selling a car that you know has a problem (2 reports)
  4. replace timing chain (1 reports)
  5. upgraded variable timing controller (vtc) (1 reports)
2014 Honda CR-V engine problems

engine problem

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2014 Honda CR-V Owner Comments (Page 1 of 2)

problem #24

Jan 032022

CR-V LX 3.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 150,000 miles


Kept requesting to the Honda Authoised dealers to fix the problem, they were saying that I’ve to change my oil every 3 to 4 thousand miles. Even if the oil life was staying at 70%. They also said that your car is burning oil, which is ridiculous.

- Kalpesh P., Rochelle, IL, US

problem #23

Feb 252017


  • Automatic transmission
  • 36,535 miles

I am very upset about this issue because the car sounds terrible. This is a known issue with Honda as they've recalled other model years but somehow didn't include years 2012-2014. The cost to repair the vehicle is around 800-1000 depending on where you go. It's not fair to the owners of these vehicles such as myself to have to pitch out that kind of money. Honda needs to put in a recall for these other two years.

- Tamara P., Pottstown, US

problem #22

Oct 052015

CR-V EX 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 15,000 miles

Honda is well aware of the VTC problem as they have every single model of the 2014 CRV listed under the Technical Service Bulletin (16-012), yet Honda has not issued a recall!!

This can easily destroy your engine! I've always loved my Hondas and had great service out of them, reaching over 300,000 and still running when I sold them. Come on Honda, do the right thing! Issue the Recall!

This is 2022 and my 2014 still has 60,000 miles on it. I'm afraid to drive it out of town!

- L W., Bristol, VA, US

problem #21

Jan 142020


  • Automatic transmission
  • 71,000 miles


I purchased my 2014 Honda CR-V in August 2014 at Community Honda in Orland Park, IL. January 2016 I heard a horrible grinding noise when I would start my vehicle. I called the dealership to make an appointment and when they checked my car out, they told me they couldn't fix the problem yet because they were waiting for a recall for this from corporate Honda because they have had so many complaints. I got very upset and loud at the dealership because I only had 16,000 miles on my Honda CR-V and 20,000 more to go on my warranty and was told they couldn't fix my vehicle.

Finally after a lot of me yelling, they supposedly fixed my Honda by putting in a new VTC ACTUATOR. The noise went away for 4 years and 55,000 miles, and then January 8, 2020 it came back. I called my dealership and they wanted me to pay for it and then take it up with Honda to be reimbursed. I don't trust Honda or the dealership that I bought my vehicle from anymore, I took my vehicle to a mechanic I trust and he had to replace my timing chain which cost me 2,000. My mechanic told me he has heard a lot of people with this same issue. I have called corporate about this matter and they don't want to be bothered. I than wrote a letter to Channel 7 News Eye team, hopefully they can help us get justice!

- duda, Orland Park, US

problem #20

Mar 122020


  • Automatic transmission
  • 79,456 miles

I’d never purchase another honda. There are so many problems with this 2014 crv. I purchased a Honda because of their so called dependability.

- slacker62052, Trafford, US

problem #19

Dec 122018

CR-V LX 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 20,000 miles

We bought the car used in April 2018 with 16,000 miles on it. By December 2018, we began noticing a rattle/grind noise we felt was coming from the engine immediately after starting it while cold. Because the noise only occurred on startup, and lasted a second or 2, we thought it was related to the starter. We asked our local vehicle service center to look into the problem, but of course, they never identified it because it only happens when cold.

This noise has persisted for 3 years and 46,000 miles; we have reported it often but were always told to hold off doing anything unless the problem worsened. Well, that problem continues and has not become any more noticeable, but with the advent of another, potentially more serious issue with excessive oil consumption, we were wondering if there was a relationship. I am now reading something about a VTC actuator (variable temporal control). It's a known, and often encountered problem that Honda should have issued a recall on years ago.

- Geoff T., Rochester, US

problem #18

Dec 202019

CR-V LX 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 33,390 miles


Purchased a low mileage 2014 CR-V, and when the weather got cold, started noticing a 2 second rattle from the engine at start-up. Doing research, realized that this issue started back in 2008 with the Honda Accords having the 2.4L engine that the CR-V uses. I've gone roundabout between American Honda and local dealership, and finally got the TSB (16-012) that is supposed to fix this rattle problem done. Before the repair the vehicle would rattle at any ambient temperature (not just when cold). After the repair, I am now back to hearing the rattle at cold startup (40F and below). This issue is more than just a nuisance rattle, as most who have ignored it end up with timing chain damage. Yet again after contacting American Honda, have been going roundabout with this problem. I am fed up with the need to justify my problem with this vehicle that has a know mechanical defect. A defect known by Honda since 2008! I am lucky that a warranty picked up the outrageous repair bill, which did nothing to resolving the problem. STEP UP HONDA!

- raven09, Tehachapi, US

problem #17

Feb 122018

CR-V LX 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 48,000 miles

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engine rattles on cold start up engine rattles on cold start up

I've been having this rattle since I bought the car in February of 2018. I've mentioned it and had it looked at Several times. Nothing works. They have replaced the VTC actuator, there was a small leak in the timing chain they fixed with HondaBond. It still rattles, it's not always related to the constant low oil either. Now that I threatened lemon law they are finally doing an oil consumption test to check oil level every 1k miles to figure out how much it's using to decide it they need to replace the rings in the engine ( told it's expensive), I'd prefer a new engine. I'm not paying for it.

- jwagar3, Fairport, US

problem #16

Aug 012018

CR-V EXL 2.4L 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 58,000 miles

Actuator was covered by Honda, but dealership also stated I needed serpentine belt and tensioner which also caused noise, so they say. I am seeing people state even after actuator is fixed, noise continues which is caused by a prematurely stretched timing chain. I had an independent 3rd party mechanic look at the car months ago and they thought it was timing chain. Honda wanted to do actuator first, to see if that works. If not, I started a case before warranty was up and thus Honda gave me my case # and stated they would replace timing chain if I hear noise again and Honda dealership corroborates that vehicle needs timing chain since I was under warranty when this happened. Don’t wait to bring your car in! Even if you bought used you may be under warranty. The actuator was covered through extended warranty due to technical bulletin Honda released.

- James P., Schenectady, NY, US

problem #15

Feb 012019


  • Automatic transmission
  • 40,000 miles

Engine loud rattle at cold start up. a lot of reports of this issue, VTC change might fix it. HONDA TSB

- Craig S., Norfolk, VA, US

problem #14

Jun 152016


  • Automatic transmission
  • 65,000 miles


Right after my warranty expired the engine started rattling or ratcheting a cold start up for one to three seconds. I started reading online and watched a YouTube video that verified it was a VTC actuator. I contacted dealer and he said I need to bring it in and let them started in the morning when it’s cool. I live an hour and a half away from the nearest Honda dealership. He also said it was out of warranty and Honda would not take care of it I called Honda USA and they said that they could not help me because it is beyond the warranty. Further, the dealer repair person told me the replacement parts are identical to the ones in the engine and it would just recur.

- Troy M., Mtn. Ranch, US

problem #13

Dec 152017


  • Automatic transmission
  • 51,000 miles

Same scraping, metallic sound after first starting the car when it's cold that everyone else is hearing. I was more worried about the excessive oil consumption until I read that everyone else is hearing this noise and it can't be good. Great. Another problem with my "good" car.

- djmorrison, Sturbridge, US

problem #12

Mar 262017

CR-V LX 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 37,500 miles

I have experienced the grinding upon startup, but this one was a metallic clunk that shook the whole car. Sounded like it could be a major problem if it happens too often. Reminded me of the kind of thump you get when you shift out of park on a hill, without emergency brake set.

- Steve B., York, PA, US

problem #11

Nov 012016


  • Automatic transmission
  • 45,000 miles

The first time I took the car in regarding the problem they told me it was the VTC actuator. Then they came back with no it is a belt and replaced the belt. Now I took it back for the was rattle and they are saying it is because I am at 20% of my oil life so they tried to pressure me into the 45,000 mile Honda Care package for a mere $500. I told them for the moment just an oil change and tire rotation.

My car never made noise at 20% oil life. The car singles you at 15%. I change my oil regularly. I told them that there appears to be a national problem regarding the VTC actuator. This was no new to them they knew about it. Well hell just fix it! It doesn't look like they are going to.

Anyone having these issues please help!

- Kellie J., Bessemer, AL, US

problem #10

Nov 232016

CR-V LX Stock

  • Automatic transmission
  • 23,000 miles

Dealer couldn't find noise. Have transmission issues with same vehicle. This is my fifth and final Honda. Dealers and Honda aren't customer focused. I'm taking my business elsewhere.

- pedro2aircraft, Indianapolis, IN, US

problem #9

Feb 012016


  • Automatic transmission
  • 16,000 miles

Complained to my dealer regarding the start-up noise/rattle during colder months. Only noticed the noise during the colder time of year and it seemed to reside on its own during Spring and Summer time. Dealer made me aware that Honda now has an upgraded Variable Timing Controller (VTC) that should resolve this problem. New VTC part became available in April 2016 time frame. Dealer replaced the stock VTC (a 4-hr job) under the new car warranty with the new part and so far, so good. Won't know for sure until Winter hits again I suppose. So, this is a KNOWN (via Tech Service Bulletin) issue by Honda. Therefore, your dealership should replace the part under warranty as long as they can replicate the problem beforehand. If not, then find one that will. I was also told that the rattle is not detrimental to the engine overall but it simply didn't make me comfortable that a low-mileage car would make such an internal, destructive-sounding noise upon cold start-up. Hence, that's why I pushed the issue and the dealer responded appropriately. In my view, the noise will only get worse with age should it not get addressed early.

- razor80, Beavercreek, OH, US

problem #8

Jun 042016

CR-V LX 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 38,000 miles


- Timothy S., Johnstown, PA, US

problem #7

Nov 122014

CR-V LX 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 5,000 miles

Hi Honda CR-V owners. I am so disappointed with Honda. They are selling products they know are defective and aware of it. 2008-2016 2.4L. The engine rattles at start up when cold 55 degrees or less. The car only had 5000 miles on it, even if I get the actuator fixed when they come up with a fix, I was told 3-1-2016 or around that time I will NEVER purchase another Honda because of their dishonest business practices!!!!! And don't get me started with the dealerships I called, they will lie to you and try to avoid fixing any problems.

Update from Feb 15, 2016: Also I have found that if you turn the key to start position for just 1/2 second or so just enough to move or rotate the engine some but not enough to start it, do this twice and the cam pin will lock in to the retard position where it should be. And NO NOISE this works on my car every time. Its worth a try. good luck, when I pay this car off I will go back to Toyota with J vin # made in Japan or scion.

- tim5757, Memphis, TN, US

problem #6

Oct 012015

CR-V LX 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 12,000 miles

The first time I start the engine every day there is a bad grinding noise for a couple of seconds. The dealer says this is a known problem they have been working on since 2009. My question is why did they continue to sell cars with a known problem and tell buyers about it. I'm contacting a lawyer about the possibility of a class action suit.

- hornbac, Concord, NC, US

problem #5

Dec 012015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 32,861 miles

2014 Honda CR-V cold start rattle, VTC actuator, if you know about a problem over the years and keep selling cars with the same problem, not a good way to keep costumers. It's my third Honda, I am worried if the car is going to last until I pay it off?

- Jeffery F., East Stroudsburg, US

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