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Adaptive Cruise Control Sensor 1) If you are replacing this part due to the cluster displaying Clean Radar Sensor in Front of Vehicle or DTC C1266 ACC Sensor Blinded, please verify that there is no blockage in front of the sensor. Blockage can occur from mud, ice, snow, front end damage, bracket damage, the sensor not attached to the bracket properly or an aftermarket fascia installed. This fault can occur intermittently in muddy or icy/snowy conditions and is considered normal operation. Under some circumstances, a misaligned sensor can also cause the C1266 DTC, please complete an alignment procedure. No replacement is required.~ 2) If you are replacing this part due to the cluster displaying ?ACC/FCW Unavailable Service Required?, please check the DTC fault codes. This will indicate which module needs to be serviced (TCM, PCM, ESP/ABS, etc). This fault is not due to the ACC Sensor. No sensor replacement is required.~ 3) If you have fault code DTC C125E ACC Sensor Adjustment Required, please verify that the radar sensor is fully seated in the clips and there is no damage (if clips are damaged on a 2013 or earlier vehicle, order P/N 68085813A$, otherwise please replace the module), please verify there is no blockage to the sensor due to mud, ice, snow, front end damage, bracket damage or the sensor not attached to the bracket properly. Perform the Vertical Alignment and the Electronic Horizontal Alignments procedure as stated in the service manual. Please note, if the horizontal alignment procedure will not complete, check the vertical alignment and confirm that the sensor is seated properly. Rerun the horizontal alignment procedure. No sensor replacement is required. **Hints for running Horizontal Alignment procedure: A) Verify speed is between 45 and 75 mph, B) verify the road is relatively straight with signs, poles, guard rails, etc C) Do not tail a vehicle too closely this inhibits the learning procedure

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Date Published
APR 20, 2016
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