pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
96,812 miles
Total Complaints:
5 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (4 reports)
  2. rebuilt engine (1 reports)
2002 Nissan Maxima engine problems

engine problem

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2002 Nissan Maxima Owner Comments

problem #5

Mar 012014

Maxima SE 3.5L V6

  • Manual transmission
  • 190,000 miles


Engine ticking started around 120K when I would drive more than 2000 miles without adding oil. It would stop ticking when oil was added. I just kept checking the oil every 1000 miles to keep it from ticking. Eventually the ticking started and never stopped. I took it in to get checked out and the shop said that it was a valve making the noise and they would need to rebuild the engine to fix it. I have driven the car for 20K miles since this started and there has been no further issues, just an annoying noise.

- , Olathe, KS, USA

problem #4

Aug 312011

Maxima SE 3.5L

  • Manual transmission
  • 118,061 miles

Engine made loud noise. Dealer diagnosed as timing chain tensioner/guides.

Repair involved dropping engine and opening engine or put in rebuilt engine. Did not bother got rid of vehicle. Very disappointed as vehicle was well maintained and always serviced on time at Nissan dealer. Unfortunately Nissan's quality has dropped lately. I've owned many Nissan's and noticed the drop in quality.

- , Mississauga, Ontario, canada

problem #3

Jun 022008

Maxima SE 3.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 70,000 miles

I love this Maxima....Nissan Maxima is an awesome car lots of power and lots of quality like Honda, at least i thought???!! I love the power and performance, but to my Dismay i got this PAIN IN THE ASS Noise in the Engine upon starting, especially in COLD climates. Occurs off and on. Here i am bragging about what a great car i have and then i get this annoying noise, like a ticking, knocking, or rubbing of metal together. It sounds like the timing chain or valves hitting the casing.

Yea, Im really upset and scarred about this noise and I hope Nissan will help with this problem, this is the first NISSAN i had after owning two Honda accords, and i was expecting the same "quality". I mean i love this Maxima's Power and style, just this f*cking noise gets me scarred and worried that a valve, piston, may come flying out of the side of my engine one of these days.

I worked on cars before and I know metal to metal noise is not a good sign..........and definitely should not be there.......

- , Chandler, AZ, USA

problem #2

Nov 082007

(reported on)


  • Automatic transmission
  • 52,000 miles

(1)Statement of Events: 5/21/2007

I purchased a Nissan Maxima Se/4 Door Sedan on May 9, 2007 I thought that the vehicle was suitable so their for I made the decision to purchase the vehicle. I drove the vehicle for about 1 week and two days and began to hear a rattling noise from the passenger side. As Nissan States it in the report a ticking noise in the motor, (I never reported and problems with my motor!) I called the service department on 5/21/2007 and spoke to a Thomas Wright and told him that my check engine light was on and that I could hear a rattling noise coming form the vehicle. I was told to bring it in for service. I was called approx 5/23/2007 and told the engine light was on due to the gas cap (I said ok fine for that issue) But what about the rattling noise? I was told their was major spark knock we will clean air flow? I received my vehicle back and drove it a while only to make another service call about a week later.

(2) I called the service department on 6/05/2007 and spoke to Tommy Wright once again and told him this problem has not been resolved period. At this time they were talking about taking the car to The Nissan Dealership to see if they could service the problem. I was treated rudely and disrespectful at this point because I was made to feel like I was overreacting about this persistent noise that had not gone way. I had to get up-set for them to even offer me something to drive to even get to work. I was told the Technician cleaned Injectors, and Throttle and Added fuel additives. Nissan Reported back to Flow that the problem was solved. At this particular time I was a frustrated and mad because I had just purchased this vehicle and I should not have been having these problems and having to beg for transportation. I received my car back on 6/7/2007 I drove my car for about a day or two and the problem had still not been resolved. At this point I did not know what to do I was scared to keep calling and frustrated I felt like I had been through enough.

(3) At this point I continued to drive the car frustrated, debating on calling Tommy Wright again with this same Problem, but to my surprise I began hearing a scraping noise also coming from under the vehicle near the brakes! I called and left Tommy Wright 2 messages which were never returned. I drove the car another week to determine whether this noise I was hearing was valid. I was then faced with decision of calling again and finally after numerous of unreturned phone calls I reported my situation on 6/26/2006 to Tommy Wright. I left my car again only to pick it up and be told we don�t hear any abnormal noise and we don�t hear any other problems.

(4) I picked my car up on 6/26/2007 and drove home only to discover the rattling noise has worsened and the scrapping noise is real whether Tommy Wright and the Technician believed it or not. I was very angry and at this time I did not know what to do, This was my first dealing with a Car lot issues and the way things were handled were ridiculous. I would not take no for an answer I drove my car once again for another week unsure of what was to come. I called my sales man on 7/2/2007 Mr. John Burns. I told him what was going on and that I wanted out of this car. I explained to him that Tommy Wright and the Technicians said that no problems were found and that was that. At this particular time I stated that I should ride with Tommy Wright and that I should ride with the technicians to report what I the consumer was experiencing first hand.

At this particular time I was referred to a Curtis B. Rollsson who decided that he wanted to ride with me to see if he heard any thing from my vehicle. I agreed , My car began to rattle on the passenger side just as clear as day, I sated to Mr. Rollsoan If he had heard the noise at this point , he told me I don�t hear any noises and he stated that he did not feel any thing was wrong. I told him that something is wrong with this car and that a mechanic should have rode with me and that he did not know about fixing mechanical problems. At this time Mr. Rollsson got a bit angry his voice and facial expressions changed, he told me that it was not his problem and that he can�t hear a thing. I then told him I would not continue to drive this car in the state that I knew it was in and I had just purchased this vehicle. I then stated I would like to speak to some one over his head and that I would like to speak to Mr. Don Flow he laughed at me and told me I could drive to his house and nothing will be done. I told him to wait one minute that he would not to continue to talk to me in a rude tone any longer. I told told him I don�t have to keep a car that cant be fixed He said you will or you will have a repo on your hands! I got back to the Office and asked the front desk clerk to call my salesman John Burns to tell him about what I had just experiend (basically I was harassed in my own vehicle). John Burns called Tommy Wright over to the service Dept to tell him about the incident and that he had not heard any problems from the vehicle. I was told to take the car on home and if any thing persists to bring it back. I told them no I was tired of this crap and that I would like my Sales man to ride in the vehicle. I went the exact route I had taken Mr. Rollossom and to my surprise My Salesman identified the noise and told me to proceed back to the sales dept. Jhons Burns called Tommy Wright again and told him to come get my car that their indeed was a problem with my vehicle. I then had to fight for transportation once again; angrily Mr. Rollsom gave me something to drive. I went home. My car then was sent again to The Nissan I was with out my car for about a week and 2 days.

I was called on 7/13/2007 By a Greg Bodoh and told that MY RIGHT AXLE HAD BEEN REPLaCED!! And that they found no other problems. There was a great problem there why was my axel replaced? When was it broken? Oh it was broken when I purchased the car; at this point enough is enough.

I went to the sales dept and demanded That I speak to Don Flow , I was told that I could only speak to a Mr. Greg Bodoh and this is when hell started I told him about the problems and the history of events that had taken place, as if he did not already know about them. I picked up my car furious that my axel had been replaced and to discover the existing problem still had not been resolved. At this point I did not know what was going to happen and thought this has gone way too far. I drove my car for about 2 weeks trying to figure out a plan of what could be done. Mr. Greg Bodoh refused to let me speak to Mr. Don Flow the head of Flow Auto Plaza

8/15/2007 During the next few weeks I had a death in my family and had not called in again about the still existing problem with my car. I had a family crisis so at this particular time and also was moving from one location to another. Greg Bodoh believed the problem was all fixed since he had not heard from me in about 3 1/2 weeks, at this time I had a lot going on but the problem with my car still remained. Time pasted with this issues worsening.

9/28/2007 I went to work only to not be-able to start my car one morning , It wouldn�t crank I had to have it towed to Flow and that totaled me out of pocket 55.00 to have it towed from the City Employees Credit Union were I was on my Lunch Break. I called Greg Bodoh and asked if I could spoke to him face to face to find out what else could be done about my car. I had already spoken to him days before on 9/21/2006 to bring it in. Things between he and got a little ugly because I was angry I did not feel like this was being handled correctly and that I was getting the run around. H e said that they would try to fix it again. They agreed they would keep my car another couple of days after the towing issue arrised I received a call to come pick up my car on 10/5/2007. I was told the reason the car would not start was due to the battery and fuse. I asked about the remaing problem had it finally been fixed I was assured they finally fixed the problem. I got a copy of the report from flow I don�t see were they even serviced my car for the existing problem. All that is written on the report was about the battery and fuse. As soon as I left the service center my car began the rattling noises once again I tried to keep it together but I lost it in the car. I drove home to think of what to do next a week passed.

- , Winston-Salem, NC, USA

problem #1

Jan 312006

(reported on)

Maxima SE

  • 54,000 miles

ticking noise coming from the engine while it's running. when speed up the noise gets worse and while I take the turn it became more worse

- , Norfolk, VA, US

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