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Affected Component: ENGINE (PWS)

ABNORMAL NOISE FROM FRONT ENGINE MOUNT SERVICE INFORMATION A two-piece design front engine mount is currently being used for the Applied Vehicles listed. A single thunk noise may be heard during the first few accelerations of the day from this type of mount, and is considered normal operation. The mount has also been designed with built-in free play that is normal. Under normal driving conditions: - A thunk noise may be heard during the first few accelerations of the day, And - Does not occur again, or at any other time. DO NOT REPLACE THE MOUNT: - If it has free play or a ?single event? thunk sound during the first few accelerations of the day. This is considered a normal characteristic of this type of engine mount. - Allowable free play (vertical movement) is 5 mm. - If a shift shock condition is present when shifting from Park into gear or between any combination of gears. This condition is due to transmission line pressure and not movement of the mount. - If a whistle type noise is heard. This is caused by a disconnected vacuum line. NOTE: Refer to the appropriate section of the Electronic Service Manual (ESM) related to transaxles for further diagnostic information on shift shock. Warranty claims for front engine mount replacement due to a whistle noise or a mount that has 5 mm or less free play will be denied.

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Date Published
JUN 04, 2019
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