More than 2 million DENSO fuel pumps recalled due to cracked and deformed impellers.

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DENSO Fuel Pump Recall Issued For Impellers
More than 2 million DENSO fuel pumps recalled due to cracked and deformed impellers.

— A DENSO fuel pump recall has been issued for more than 2 million pumps at risk of failing, causing engines to stall and vehicle occupants to become stranded.

The fuel pump recall is necessary because the low-density impellers in the pumps may deform from fuel absorption, causing the impellers to strike the outer parts of the fuel pumps.

DENSO says the impellers were exposed to solvent drying during production which caused cracks on the impeller surfaces.

According to DENSO, the defective fuel pumps were sold to these manufacturers:

  • Ford
  • Honda
  • Mazda
  • Magnuson Products
  • Subaru
  • Toyota
  • Mitsubishi

Toyota issued a DENSO fuel pump recall in January and in March expanded the recall to nearly 2 million vehicles. Then in April, Subaru recalled 200,000 vehicles to replace the DENSO fuel pumps.

According to the DENSO fuel pump recall, a vehicle owner may notice the illumination of check engine warning indicators, an engine that runs rough or a vehicle that won't start. A failed pump while driving will cause the vehicle to stall and a call for a tow truck.

Affected automakers will announce their own DENSO fuel pump recalls as necessary to install pumps which have improved impellers made of higher density to decrease the chance of cracks and fuel absorption.

Lawyers also picked up the scent and filed a class action lawsuit against Toyota in February, then another Toyota fuel pump class action in March and another one April.


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