Safety regulators say Land Rover rear spoiler recall will likely prevent spoilers from flying off.

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Range Rover Sport Detached Spoiler Recall Closes Investigation
Safety regulators say Land Rover rear spoiler recall will likely prevent spoilers from flying off.

— A Land Rover Range Rover Sport rear spoiler recall was good enough to convince federal regulators to end their investigation into rear spoilers that detached while the SUVs were in motion.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) learned about actions initiated in Japan after rear spoilers detached in 2010-2011 Range Rover Sport vehicles, although no crashes, injuries or deaths had been reported.

Land Rover decided there wasn't an "unreasonable risk to safety" in the U.S., but Japanese regulators wanted a recall of SUVs in that country.

The Japanese recall included Range Rover Sports built at one assembly plant from July 22, 2009, to March 29, 2011. Customers reported the rear spoiler detachments involved delamination of the upper covers of the rear spoilers from the main bodies of the rear spoilers.

The automaker blamed the spoiler problem on adhesive bond used to secure the covers to the spoilers.

NHTSA compiled complaints and found 132 reports alleging the rear spoilers detached while the Range Rover Sports were in motion.

There have been at least three detached spoilers that broke windshields, and six reports that claim the spoiler covers flew away and struck trailing vehicles. Additionally, four Land Rover drivers watched rear traffic swerve to avoid the detached spoilers.

Land Rover provided information concerning detached spoilers on 2010-2011 Range Rover Sports and identified 266 claims related to detached spoiler covers and 252 claims related to loose covers.

Land Rover told NHTSA after numerous heat cycles, high-speed driving could loosen the spoiler covers because of the adhesive bond.

The automaker issued a recall of nearly 22,000 Range Rover Sports in the U.S. so dealerships can apply new adhesive to secure the spoiler covers.

According to federal safety regulators, they believe the Land Rover Range Rover Sport recall will likely be enough to prevent the rear spoilers from flying off.


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