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NHTSA Defect Investigations for the 1996 Chevrolet Astro Van

The Office of Defects Investigations (ODI) is an office within the NHTSA which investigates serious safety problems in the design, construction or performance of vehicles. The NHTSA is authorized to order manufacturers to recall and repair vehicles, if the ODI finds a safety issue. NHTSA investigations for the 1996 Chevrolet Astro Van, both ongoing and closed, are listed below:


    NHTSA Engineering Analysis #EA02006

    Component(s): Visibility:Windshield Wiper/Washer:Motor

    Summary: As a result of this, and the precedinginvestigation, RQ99-003, GM has expanded the population of safety recall 98V-150 (replacement of the windshield wiper control module) to include an additional 1.77 million vehicles.included are various 1994-1997 my M/L vans, S/T trucks and SUVS, & C/K trucks and SUVS.see attached technical report for details.

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