Notes: The 2000 Honda Accord suffers from widespread transmission failure, subframe rust, & problems with the airbag system (SRS). We recommend avoiding this model year like the plague.

The transmission begins slipping & eventually has to be replaced, typically soon after 90,000 miles & with a repair cost of over $2,000.

Subframe rust near the front passenger side wheel has become a problem recently, due to the poorly positioned A/C drain hose directly above that area. Repair cost to the subframe is over $2,000.

The SRS warning light likes to come on due to a defective seat belt sensor -- typically the driver's side. This sensor is covered under Honda's lifetime seat belt warranty, but some dealers charge a $100+ "diagnostic fee" or tell customers the entire SRS unit ($800) is bad.


pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
116,019 miles
Total Complaints:
101 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (52 reports)
  2. replace transmission (31 reports)
  3. replaced transmission with rebuilt (14 reports)
  4. swap out the automatic transmission with manual (2 reports)
  5. have good independent transmission shop fix problem (1 reports)
  6. replaced torque converter,selenoid & rebuilt transmission (1 reports)
2000 Honda Accord transmission problems

transmission problem

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2000 Honda Accord Owner Comments (Page 4 of 6)

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problem #41

Aug 052009

Accord EX 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 120,000 miles


My car had transmission slipping problems and a very hard shift into reverse. I took it to Cottman Transmissions where they found metal shards in the transmission fluid. They ended up rebuilding the transmission. It took about a week and half for the repair. I called Honda to see if they would cover it and they wouldn't help at all since it was over 100,000 miles.

- , West Columbia, SC, USA

problem #40

Jan 042010

Accord Limited Edition 2.3L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 160,000 miles

The transmission in a Honda Accord should last longer than this.

- , Kannapolis, NC, USA

problem #39

Aug 012010

Accord EX 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 135,000 miles

The tranny was rebuilt about 30k miles ago and is already giving me the same problems as before with either a hard jerk to start off from 1st to 2nd, or sluggishness, or hard unpredictable down shifts. All and all I am still impressed with this car and all it has been through.

- , Hephzibah, GA, USA

problem #38

Jul 152010

Accord LX 2.2L 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 195,000 miles


this is the 3rd transmission that failed on this vehicle. honda refused to offer any $ assistance to replace. the first 2 transmissions were replaced without cost to me. i spoke with the maint mgr of the honda dealer and he said that he would try for a warranty replacement but the honda service rep denied this claim. hte car is worth $3200 and the transmission would cost $2800. I could sell the car because the symptoms are not very bad yet. but i dont want to rip anyone off so i am stuck. i feel that honda should support me since it is an obvious design problem and they replaced the previous 2 transmissions with rebuilt transmissions with the same design problem.

- , Harwinton, CT, USA

problem #37

Jun 202003

Accord EX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 134,000 miles

First off this is my third Accord, I have had a 90, 95, and now a 2000. The 90 and 95 were excellent, I ran the crap out of them. Over 200,000 miles on both with just your basic problems, you could not ask for better cars! My 2000 Accord has 195,000 miles on it and has had the crap ran out of it as well, but the transmission sucks so bad. Going from first to second is about retarted, it just winds up then finally shifts and I have a aftermarket muffler on it and its pretty loud. So you do the subtraction on how dumb my car sounds going down the road trying to impress some hotties!! I love Hondas and Im going to stay faithfull to them, but never another 2000 model.

- , Bluffton, OH, USA

problem #36

Jun 252010

Accord LX 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 130,000 miles

Took 2000 Honda to dealer for routine oil change. Was told that the transmission was slipping and had a fluid leak. I had noticed very minor slipping for about 2 weeks prior but no fluid leak. The transmission fluid was changed about 90 days prior, no mention of a problem at that time. Long story short - was told a rebuilt transmission was needed and would cost $3000. I'm single, work hard, and live paycheck to paycheck. Don't want to take out a loan to repair, will never feel safe driving it on freeway. Mostly likely it will sit until I can sell to someone who works on cars as a hobby. My consolation is that I did not buy the car but was rather it was given to me two years ago when the second owner bought a brand new car.

- , Lompoc, CA, US

problem #35

Nov 182009

Accord EX 2.3LVtec 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 152,000 miles


it slips .. but i was told that there really isn't anything i can do for this besides getting a new transmission.. but it stops ... not sure what the deal is??

- , Texarkana, TX, USA

problem #34

Dec 142009

Accord SE V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 148,000 miles

If somebody can let me know if they have the same problem, its just the slipping between the 1st and 2nd gear but also I have a problem with clutching in between other gears also.

Recently I had a problem of my seat belt also, which Honda Dealer had fixed for free but I don't know what the problem was.



- , Holt, MI, USA

problem #33

Mar 072010

Accord EX V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 115,000 miles

Bought used 2000 Accord V6 06/2008 with 87,000 miles from my Honda Dealer. Have 3 new purchases from them. Auto tranny has been slipping since 95,000 miles. They said yesterday repair would be $2800. I complained about their not notifying me of the prior problem they knew of and they talked to a Honda rep. They said they can reduce the repair cost 10%. I'm going for more.

- , Orlando, FL, US

problem #32

Jan 012010

Accord LX V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 208,300 miles

I've notice this sometime last year that my transmission was slipping. So I had the transmission fluid changed. I believe that by changing the fluid made it worse. When it's cold outside it takes a while for the transmission to warm up, after that it ok. I've even notice that when I break hard to stop at a stop light or stop sign and give it a little gas, the RPM revs up before the transmission kicks in.

- , Galloway, OH, USA

problem #31

Dec 232009

Accord SE 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 192,000 miles


This transmission was recalled back in 05 at 98,000 and I had it replaced at a local dealership and found out after the job was done it was a re-manufactured one and now it lasted 94,000 and its out again. Car is not worth the cost of a rebuilt transmission. Its sad but Honda was known as a trustworthy brand and now I'm not sure.

- , Plainfield, IN, USA

problem #30

Aug 182009

Accord SE 2.4L I4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 79,687 miles

I see there was a class action lawsuit against Honda for the 2000 and 2001 Honda Accord and other models. I never received anything about this and am the original owner of the vehicle, plus had an extended warranty through Honda which expired 3 years ago. From what I read about this suit it only extended the warranty an extra 9 months or 89,000 miles whichever came first. Am I out of luck on a repair? My car now has 83,000 miles and just started this a few months ago. Slipping between 1st and 2nd gear and slightly between 2nd and 3rd.

- , Palm Harbor, FL, USA

problem #29

Jul 022009

Accord V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 140,000 miles

It's a pity this whole thing of Transmission system of Honda Accord is just a fraud from Honda. The question is - didn't they do a thorough test before releasing this product? and again, why didn't they just stop the production and then go back to their drawing board after millions of users complained?? but instead, production was still on-going. I use a 2000 V6 Honda Accord and this happened to be my first car in life (and certainly would be the last from Honda). I bought it from someone who has changed the transmission once when he was using it. With another transmission, I haven't enjoyed it one bit.

Anytime I move from a stationery point, the car finds it hard to shift to 2nd gear. And before it does that, the car drags, the engine roars like a useless lion, the gear slams with a scary sound and a terrible jerk occurs chirping the tires. On reverse, you can hear the slamming of the gear too.

Now, who were the guys that designed this gear for Honda? I really don't know what to say about them. All my friends using this type of Honda Accord all have their stories to tell concerning this TRANSMISSION thing. This would definitely be my first and last honda product in my lifetime. I seriously urge the Honda Company to take a cue from Toyota Company on how to design and manufacture a high performing TRANSMISSION SYSTEM

- , Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

problem #28

Oct 192009

Accord EX 4 Cy

  • Automatic transmission
  • 33,345 miles

I just came back from the dealer and they indicated that I need a new transmission. I realize that the car is 9 years old but at less than 35,000 miles I really don't think the transmission should need to be replaced. I see that this has been an issue that I didn't know existed with this car. I see in one complaint that there was a class action law suit and I will try to locate that on the internet to bring up to my dealership. Just wanted to vent on the issue.

- , Baton Rouge, LA, USA

problem #27

Oct 162009

Accord LX 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 149,000 miles

2000 Accord - progressive slipping (D1 to D2) requires repair or work around.

Will try starting in D2 to avoid D1 completely. Then shifting to D3 or D4 when underway and at reasonable shift point. Then reversing on the way down. Need repair. Don't need to spend on ineffective solutions which looks to be the case as rebuilds fail reliably.

Irony abound as I was looking to pick up a Honda CRV. But a company that fools me once is shameful. It would be a mistake purchase from a company that treats a customer that way.

- , Woodland Hills, CA, USA

problem #26

Apr 012008

Accord EX V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 135,000 miles

I have this Honda Accord where the transmission is sticking from 1st to 2nd gear... of COURSE the EXTENDED WARRANTY has run out! I am really wanting to know if there are others who have this issue with the transmission and AFTER the extended warranty has run out??? I think Honda should help with the cost since it IS a very common problem with cars in this year!!! Please email me at if you have the same issue. Maybe we can combine efforts and get them to do something OR maybe REIMBURSE you if you have already made the repair :)

Thanks & good luck!

- , Pelham, AL, USA

problem #25

Jun 012009

Accord V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 142,000 miles

I have noticed that there are some issues with this particular year of Accords- V6... I already did more work on this car then I ever did on the 93 Honda Accord that was at 218,000 miles. At around 140,000 miles I started noticing that the transmission was having a rough time shifting from 1st into 2nd. But it got progressively worse to the point where now it WON'T shift out of first. I can feel the rpms climb and then slams down and the D4 on the dash starts blinking. I then have to shut the car off to reset the mechanicals, and do it over and over until it finally shifts into 2nd. After the initial problem of starting up for the day, it works just fine. Still revs a little high before shifting in the lower gears, but a dream compared to when it sits. I'm not exactly sure what to do about this, I don't have a job right now and am afraid to hear the cost of a fix!

- , Maple Grove, MN, USA

problem #24

Jun 022009

Accord EX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 105,000 miles

I had the same problem as everyone else: slipping between 1st and 2nd gear, and sometimes 2nd and 3rd at low speeds and especially when cruising (as in turning a corner), then engaging the transmission and getting a slip when trying to accelerate again.

Diagnosis from the transmission shop: burned up converter, needs a rebuilt transmission: $2400. I called the Honda "goodwill repair" office, and they told me there was no chance of getting and help on the transmission repair, since they had already settled a class action suit that extended the warranty, and mine was 6,000 miles outside of the class action boundary. Sounds like this is a common problem with the 2000 Accords, Honda knows about it, and decided only to help with cars the law suit forced them to. I was hoping "goodwill" would be just that, but no luck.

Don't buy one of these Accords! I used to be a loyal Honda customer (this was my 3rd), but this changed my mind. This is the first Honda I've owned with over 100k miles. I bought it because I thought a Honda would last well past 100k, with maybe to 200k without this kind of repair. Ha! I'll look for a Toyota or Nissan next time. Better yet, I'll buy American.

- , Austin, TX, USA

problem #23

May 122009

Accord SE

  • Automatic transmission
  • 34,000 miles

This should be covered 100% by Honda however they are only willing to pay a partial on it which would leave me paying minimum $1500.00 on a car that has ONLY 34,000 ORIGINAL MILES ON IT!!!!! I am a single mother with a child who has a disability and I have no options fix it or have no car. Right now, I am just without a car because I have no extra dollars to fix it. Honda doesn't care!!!!

- , Oviedo, FL, US

problem #22

Apr 222009

Accord SX 2.4L 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 86,992 miles

The transmission on this car has been slipping on an off for at least four years. Each year I complained to the dealer that it was dangerous, that during acceleration when turning through an intersection it would slip for 2-3 seconds, creating a dangerous situation. Passing also was dangerous, due to me driving it like an an old 1.1L Vauxhall Viva I once had in the mid 70s.

The dealer continually indicated that they could not identify a significant problem that would justify replacement under the extended warranty (extended from 5 to 7 years by Honda and 175,000 km, whichever came first due to a recognition of the problem). But, surprise, in year 8, with 143,000 km on the car, the dealer points out that I now have to fix the transmission; the problem apparently is now obvious although the warranty is expired.

- , Ottawa, ON, Canada

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