2008 Honda Accord electrical problems: premature and frequent battery failure

Premature And Frequent Battery Failure

2008 Honda Accord

This problem may be covered under warranty. Ask your Honda dealer.

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CarComplaints.com Notes: The 2008 Honda Accord has several serious defects: poor brakes, excessive oil consumption, & uncomfortable seats.

BRAKES: There was a class action lawsuit against Honda in 2010 for premature & excessive brake wear. See our page on Honda's brake problems for more info.

OIL CONSUMPTION: Honda issued a TSB about this in late 2011, claiming it could be fixed through a software update to the VCM (variable cylinder management). There are class action lawsuits pending. See our page about the Accord oil consumption.

UNCOMFORTABLE SEATS: Owners have consistently reported uncomfortable seats with the entire 8th generation (2008-2012) of Honda Accords. Complaints range from back pain to leg circulation problems due to bad lumbar support, cushioning, & seat angle. Complaints aren't limited to only a certain body type -- the seat comfort problems are from a wide spectrum of owner height & weight. The common theme we hear is "we never noticed this during the test drive." Unfortunately for unwary buyers, the seat pain is noticeable after 15-20 minutes.


pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
40,631 miles
Total Complaints:
11 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (4 reports)
  2. replace stock 400 CCA (cold cranking amps) battery with a 500 CCA one (3 reports)
  3. replace battery (2 reports)
  4. replaced faulty a/c relay that caused battery drain (2 reports)
2008 Honda Accord electrical problems

electrical problem

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2008 Honda Accord Owner Comments

problem #11

Jan 082015

Accord EX V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 74,804 miles


Starting in January of 2015, my 2008 Honda Accord EX V6 car started having a dead battery when left to sit overnight. I brought it to a local repair shop who told me the battery needed to be replaced. Shortly after the replaced battery, it happened again. I brought it back to said shop. They told me that I must be leaving an interior light on or that an accessory plug must be draining the battery (which I knew was not the case).

Between January and May they replaced the battery twice. For a few months the car seemed fine until the fall of 2015, when again I was waking up to a dead battery. This time I brought it to a Sears Automotive shop where they also replaced the battery telling me that the battery in the car wasn't holding the charge fully.

That was October 31st, 2015. Since then, the car has continued to have a dead battery several times. I've borrowed my neighbors car battery charger and had to jump my car several times to get it started. During the jump I noticed that I'd turn the key over to start the car and it wouldn't start yet and after removing the key, the car will try and turn over by itself repeatedly until I disconnect the cables. This seems to tell me that the problem is electrical or computer related and not battery or alternator related. Sears tested the alternator and starter and told me they were both operating correctly.

However after continued problems I brought it to a local Honda dealership thinking it might be a parasitic battery drain that only Honda could diagnose and after being charged $110 for a diagnosis they told me it was the alternator. This contradicts what Sears told me and Honda wanted $800 to replace the alternator so I haven't had it done yet. My gut tells me that it isn't the alternator but from what I've read about this problem perhaps its a bad solenoid motor, stuck solenoid, stuck AC relay or loose connections at the starter.

PLEASE HELP before I waste more time and money trying to fix this car!!! I have always bought Hondas because they are generally reliable easy to fix cars but after 3 mechanic shops and several days wasted having it checked out, I'm ready to trade it in for a different brand of car. The winter is coming and I'm due to move 550 miles away to a more rural area and I need this problem fixed before I go. Thank you!

- , Huntington, NY, USA

problem #10

Mar 052015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 83,000 miles

I thought I did enough research before I purchased my pre-owned 08 Accord. Of course I wanted a reliable car; but this is not one. The battery goes dead an average of once a month. I've two had dignostics completed at two different honda dealers, which both came up with no problems. Then got a new battery, but that went dead too. Just had it towed again. :(

- , Middle Island, NY, USA

problem #9

May 302014

Accord EX V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 58,000 miles

I could not start my car. I got the car jumped and took it right to Honda Dealership. I had to loose a day of work. They had to replace my battery again. I already replaced it at 27k miles for the same issue. I'm barely getting 3 years for these batteries. What a joke!!1, and the fact that I have to pay for it is ridiculous!! Something needs to be done about this. Since I purchased my 2008 Honda Accord v-6 engine it has been nothing but problems. Between the battery, the rear brakes, and then the engine misfire, I don't even want this car anymore!!!

- , Broomall, PA, USA

problem #8

Dec 152012

Accord EXL V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 26,000 miles


Battery died after about 3 years. Bought a new battery. No reason given by the dealer.

- , Windham, NH, USA

problem #7

Dec 052011


  • Automatic transmission
  • 80,000 miles

My battery on my 2008 Honda Accord keeps going dead. I suspect that the A.C relay is sticking on and keeping the A/C running while the car is even off which is draining my battery. Apparently you can't buy this after market so I'm gonna have to buy it from a dealership, anyone know how much it is?

- , Madison, NC, USA

problem #6

Aug 302011

Accord LX V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 16,000 miles

I have the battery fail since the first year I bought. If I didn't drive it for 2 or 3 days, the battery died, I could not start the battery. Honda dealer either told me battery was no problem or replaced the battery, it was replaced 2 times already. Honda dealer always blamed the Guide Point satellite system for drining the battery.

My newest battery was installed in March, 2011. After that, I still had same problem to start the car. Guide Point replaced a newest system with battery backup, but the next day I still could not start the car. 4 days later I went to a service station to have the Guide Point system removed. But the very next day I could not start the car again. I called Boch Honda (where I bought the car). they said that I had to pay $140 for the diagnos because my warranty expired on 9/6/2011, and if battery is bad, I need to pay for it too, even if it was installed by the dealer 5 months ago.

I called Amercian Honda customer service, first time they did not call back, the 2nd time i got somebody, she could only suggest Boch through email to try to work with me, but Boch did not get back to me, i had to call them, and one female manager said I need to pay for repair.

Honda would not do anything, Boch Honda would not fix it for free, even I have bought extended warranty too. Honda Accord is supposed to last for 20 years, and my car did not even last for 1 year. I would never buy Honda car again.

I have called Honda 2 times, they did not even call back.

- , Longmeadow, MA, USA

problem #5

Mar 102011

Accord E-XL 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 30,000 miles


I had to be jump started by AAA two times...I then purchased my own portable battery charger that I carried in my trunk. I had to use this four times to start my car by myself. Each time I called and went to the dealer and they told me the battery was low!! Then I was told to open and shut my door when I stopped and turned off my car, if I was not getting out of car for a few minutes. This, they told me, would break the electrical cycle that was draining the battery.

After me returning so many times it finally happened when it was at the dealers and then they changed the ac relay. I am still not convinced that this was the only issue because they ac comes on & off. I was told to keep climate control in auto mode.....again on & on with my concern re heat/ac.

- , Andover, MA, USA

problem #4

Oct 012007

Accord LXP

  • Automatic transmission
  • 2,700 miles

I must say that this car has been a disappointment on reliability, their solutions and with its Honda name. I purchased this car in late 2007, so that my family can be safe and to have the reassurance that I will not breakdown anywhere in a new car. I complained to the dealership about the problems and even to American Honda. They both claimed that there is nothing wrong with the car or its battery, that everything tested OK. They made me think that it was my fault and I was the one doing something wrong, like leaving the interior lights on. I knew that was not the case and to hear that other people are having the same issues, reassures me that I'm not the one with the problem.

Also, the right rear quarter panel was making noise when you hit a bump or drove up an incline. They took about 2 months and 5 visits to resolve the problem by having a professional from American Honda do the job. The quarter panel was incorrectly attached or welded to the vehicle.

I guess American Honda will need a lawsuit before it can really take its customers seriously instead of applying a band aid solution.

It's been 3 years and counting with this issue and would like to thank Shaji58-Canada & hh2008-Bronx NY for pointing out the exact problems that I have experienced and as of December 2010 continue to have. I will take Shaji's advice and look to purchase a 500-600cca battery to eliminate this problem which I have confidence will work.

I must add that American Honda should take action for the earlier models as I've noticed that 2009 and later customer have not reported any similar instances, which only proves for now that they have addressed this deficiency at our expense.

Update from May 14, 2012: Please be aware, do not buy a 2008 Honda Accord!!!!

- , Queens, NY, USA

problem #3

Sep 162010

Accord EXL V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 40,000 miles

My car just wouldn't start. My car is just over 2 years old. This is so wrong! Wish I had leased this car and could give it back! Had to get it jumped twice! I replaced the batter with a cold weather one.

Update from Aug 15, 2011: Battery was covered. Whew!

- , Bronx, NY, USA

problem #2

Feb 292008

Accord LX 2.4 Vtec

  • Automatic transmission
  • 621 miles

My battery became dead within about 1 month of buying the car. The dealership took the car to their shop and after testing they said the battery is perfectly alright. One week after that the battery became dead again and this has been going on for the last 2.5 years. Sometimes I call Honda plus for a boost. I call the Honda Plus only 2 times out of 10 dead battery since they take a long time to arrive.So most of the times I call my friends for a boost. This has put me in numerous embarrassing situations and inconveniences like missed appointments, late arrivals etc. In addition the headlights and other lights dims and brightens frequently at night.People coming on the opposite direction thinks that I am deliberately flashing at them or the driver in front of me thinks that I want to overtake even at unsafe places or change lanes. So they sound horn or flash at me.

Recently when the problem became more frequent I took the car to the dealership close to me. They said I have to pay $ 60 for the AVR test. So I took the car to the dealership from where I bought the car which is 150 km from where I live now. They did the AVR test free for me and said the remote in my car which was fixed by them at the time of purchase is draining the battery and disconnected it for 2 weeks to test . Even then I had the problem, even though less frequently. This time they told me I need a bigger battery, but I have to pay $ 100 for a 500 CCA battery which is 50% of parts since the replacement warranty on the battery is good for only 2 years. When I pointed out that I had reported the problem with in 1 month of purchasing the car they said that doesn't matter.They cannot give me a replacement of the same battery since the battery tests good.So I am now planning to contact Honda Canada and see what happens.

The 400 CCA battery that is standard in the new Accord is really underpowered for a big car like Accord with on board computers especially in a country like Canada where the winter is very harsh.Also this is a serious safety issue in winter and at night.When I checked with cars of my friends I found that most of them have a 500-600 CCA battery except the Hondas. Even though the battery case of the Accord is for a big battery, the standard battery is a small battery that fills only half of the battery case. I tried a 600 CCA battery on my Accord for 1 week. I found that the battery no more becomes dead even with the remote connected and also the dimming and brightening of the lights ceased.

Even though Honda may be saving a few dollars by installing a small battery, they are actually putting the lives of the people using the car at serious risk in a cold country like Canada.

- , Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

problem #1

Jun 222009

Accord EXL 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 35,813 miles

I have been stranded twice because the car would not start. I've taken the car to the Honda dealership twice and they keep saying that nothing is showing wrong on the diagnostic test and they don't know what is wrong with it because nothing appears to be wrong. It's even had two new batteries in it the last month. When it first happened I was told maybe an interior light cause the first battery to go dead. I've even had another new Honda battery put it in and the battery went dead again within a week. Common sense tells me that something is draining the battery. Why can't they figure it out. It's been in the shop twice and it's going back for a third time. I have a car that I'm afrain to drive (at least not a far distance anyway) because I don't which day it's going to start and which day it might decide not too. The car rides good ... when it will start.

Can someone help me PLEASE?!?!?!?!?! It doesn't seem like the Honda Dealership can tell me anything. I'm disgusted!

Update from Dec 21, 2009: This is a follow-up to my original complaint regarding the premature and frequent battery failure. I took the car to another Honda Dealership in July and they diagnosed the problem. Apparently the A/C relay was sticking open which caused a parasitic drain on the battery - even when the car was turned off. This is the reason the battery was continuously going dead and the car would not start. The second Honda Dealership (Priority Honda in Huntersville, NC - GREAT PLACE) found and fixed the problem. It seems that the first Honda dealership that I took it to had no interest in figuring out the problem since I didn't purchase the car from them - even though it was still under Honda warranty. The first dealership kept telling me that the diagnostic read fine so there was nothing wrong with it. Therefore, they did nothing. Their words to me was that they could not fix something when there is nothing wrong. However, they had no problem selling me a new battery that I did not need since it turned out that was not the problem. I have not had any other problems with the car other than the brakes wearing out too soon. But as you can see from this website, brakes are the number one problem with this car.

- , Charlotte, NC, USA

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