2016 Honda Accord lights problems: daytime led lights burning out

Daytime Led Lights Burning Out

2016 Honda Accord (Page 2 of 4)

This problem may be covered under warranty. Ask your Honda dealer.


fairly significant
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
42,700 miles
Total Complaints:
64 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. replace headlight assembly (47 reports)
  2. not sure (12 reports)
  3. honda replaced it for me free of charge. thanks to them (3 reports)
  4. honda has extended warranty (2 reports)
2016 Honda Accord lights problems

lights problem

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2016 Honda Accord Owner Comments (Page 2 of 4)

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problem #44

Dec 042018

Accord Sport V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 39,500 miles


Daytime LED running light on driver side of my 2016 Honda Accord Sport burned out. I saw several other people complain about the same issue. Mileage on my car was 39,500 so it had just gone out of warranty. This happened about a month ago and I didn't get a chance to take it to the dealership right away.

I called Honda USA and they weren't willing to help at all because there was a minor damage to the opposite side(passenger) of the bumper due to an incident. Driver side LED light was burned out before this happened. The insurance company agent validated there is no correlation between the two. I was on the phone with Honda USA for at least an hour to get them to understand this but they kept coming back and saying they wouldn't cover it.

I went to the local Honda dealership where I get my Honda serviced and asked the manager to explain to honda dealership that there is no correlation between the incident that happened on the passenger side of the car and driver side LED light being burned out and he straight up wasn't willing to validate anything.

I insisted to ask him to check with Honda USA and explain the situation from his side because it might look biased coming from me. He stated he would reach out to Honda for me but I didn't expect much from him, after calling him at least 3 times to get an update he just told me he can't do anything.

Now I am stuck with around $600 out of pocket expense.

Thanks Honda!! Your customer service is amazing!

- Raj S., Ashburn, VA, US

problem #43

Dec 172018

Accord EX-L 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 83,000 miles

This is ridiculous, this part should be user replaceable, it is an LED strip, that should be no more than $40 to fix. Both the Dealer and Honda America's comments so far have been: "This is the way it was engineered" . My response is that the "Engineer should be reprimanded!" It should not cost over $600 dollars to replace a light strip. To top it all off, my dealer would have to order one, so it could not be fixed for a week.

This should be a user replaceable part. that can be done in a driveway.

- Keith Z., Brooklyn, CT, US

problem #42

Nov 212018

Accord Sport 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 50,000 miles

I noticed the daytime running light on the driver side was only half lit. When I took my car in for service, I asked about replacing it. I was told that it was out of warranty and it would be about $650 to replace as the entire light has to be replaced.

- Manny J., Elizabeth, NJ, US

problem #41

Oct 152018

Accord Sport

  • Automatic transmission
  • 34,000 miles


Drivers side led strip is half way out. The only way to fix this this to change the whole headlight assembly!

- Jessica L., Batavia, US

problem #40

Dec 252018

Accord Sport

  • Automatic transmission
  • 51,103 miles

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daytime led lights burning out

I purchased my 2016 Honda Accord Sport brand new and I have had no other problems with this car and it currently has 50,103 miles on it. But this is the second LED light I am having to replace at my expense. The first one went out about 2 months ago, well over the warranty. These lights seem to be an issue, an expensive issue I might add. I believe they should be replaced by Honda with lights that would last longer. I love my Honda but come on replacing lights, I've never had this problem with my other vehicles purchased with LED lights. I don't seem to be the only one complaining about these lights either.

- Dana C., Terrell, NC, US

problem #39

Oct 042018

Accord EXL 2.4L V4

  • CVT transmission
  • 24,000 miles

Passenger side headlight, LED strip was half out. It was replaced under warranty. It looked great, went home, then noticed that the new light is brighter than the Driver side. I'm thinking it going out soon as well. I then noticed condensation on the driver headlight, could this be an issue with the seals that leads to the LED shorting out?

- Nick V., Bronxville, US

problem #38

Jun 012018

Accord EX 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 35,650 miles


The DRL light went out on the driver side at almost 36k, I was lucky I had it replaced under warranty. They replaced the whole headlight!! Am I supposed to pay for the whole thing if it happened again? Which it wouldn't surprise me since it seems to be a common issue with this particular model!

- Ahmad A., Santa Cruz, US

problem #37

Jun 012018

Accord LX V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 28,000 miles

Led lights drivers side went out around 28,000 miles. Dealer stated he was surprised and had no others came in with the problem. Lie. Passenger side one just went out at 35,500. Both were replaced free under standard 3 yr 36,000 mile warranty. This needs to be a recall by honda. I'm not paying the $1200 when they go out again.

- Jill B., Escondido, US

problem #36

Oct 022018

Accord V6 Touring 3.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 37,357 miles

Passenger side DRL LED light is gone. Brought to dealership and was told to replace the entire head light assembly for $1300CAD + labour. That is ridiculous!

Honda should issue a recall for this design flaw!

- Dom C., Stouffville, ON, Canada

problem #35

Sep 272018

Accord EX V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 39,500 miles

I have a 2016 Honda Accord EX. My DRL is burning out on the driver side. I called the dealer and spoke to a service advisor. Unfortunately, my car was out of warranty because I got 40,200 miles on the car. On the good note: I have to wait another week before the service manager came back and "HOPING" that he will call Honda Manufacture to ask them to do something about it because the car just got 4000 miles plus over the warranty. Of course, that have to be wait and see. Wish me good luck...

In the mean time, I am keeping my fingers crossed. Like most people said, it cost over $1200 to replace it. That's ridiculous. I am not going to pay for that.

* I will keep updating after talking to service manager next week.

Update from Oct 22, 2018: Updated: after talking to one of the Eddie service advisor. He suggested that i came and talked to the service manager. When I walked into the office of the service manager, Ryan S. I explained the situation of the Running Daytime Light (RDL). He knew the problem had been is very common. he go ahead and fixed it for me free of charge. I didn't have a spare a dime. Thanks to the Eddie G and Ryan S. from Stockton Honda. No more complaint on my part.

- Terry T., Stockton, CA, US

problem #34

Sep 272018

Accord Coupe EX-L 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 36,700 miles


This appears to be a common problem that Honda should fix

- John N., Phoenix, AZ, US

problem #33

Jul 162018

Accord EX V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 31,500 miles

The lower section of the passenger side daytime running lights have stopped working. Since I knew this was a problem with other similar Honda's I've seen on the road and online complaints, I contacted Honda national to see if there is an updated part number. From what I understand, the heat sink is not properly designed or seated on the OEM unit which leads to overheating and premature failure. Honda National Customer Support was of absolutely no use. They would not confirm a modified part number that corrected this problem and referred me to the dealer. I understand this one is under warranty, but the other side will likely fail within a few thousand miles and if the same faulty designed part is replaced, it will fail again. LED lights should not fail with less than 1,000 hours use. Honda customer support on this issue is pig-headed.

- shardin111, Houston, TX, US

problem #32

Jun 272018

Accord EX 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 42,000 miles

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daytime led lights burning out daytime led lights burning out

When my car had 32,000 miles the running LED light on the passenger side burned out, the car was still under warranty so they replaced the whole headlight unit without an issue and even told me "expect the same to happen to the other headlight". Now just hit 42,000 miles and the same problem happened to the driver side. Now, thanks to that factory problem, I have to expend a few hundred dollars to have the unit replaced and when I contacted the dealer the answer was "your car is over 36,000 miles so you can take it anywhere u want to fixed because is not under warranty anymore". Thank u Honda!

- Khristian Joel M., Belleville, NJ, US

problem #31

Jul 102018

Accord Sport 4 cyl - 1.50L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 53,000 miles

click to see larger images

daytime led lights burning out daytime led lights burning out daytime led lights burning out

2016 honda Accord sport 54,000 miles LED DRL daytime running strip burned out... I called Honda explained my frustration and they were not helpful at all. Told me I have to pay the $850 and over to have the headlight replaced!!!! I'm sorry on a 2 year old vehicle that is .. So now I am filing a case action lawsuit again Honda for not doing anything about a clearly defective headlight.. let me know if anyone would care .The woman I speak to on the phone told me she can't help over 36000 miles my car.... I have only owned Honda and it's sad to say but this is definitely my TOYOTA I COME and NEVER buy HONDA

- Hy C., Oklahoma City, OK, US

problem #30

Sep 012018

Accord Touring 3.5L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 37,000 miles

The bottom LED strip portion of my 2016 Honda accord touring DS headlight doesn't work. I have exactly 37000 miles on the car, which I bought brand new in Feb 2016. One of the primary reasons I bought the touring was these headlights and how the made the car look more aggressive than the lower level models. Needless to say I may regret that decision because I just got off the phone with the dealer and they quoted me $1100.00 for a replacement light....JUST ONE HEADLIGHT - NOT INCLUDING LABOR!!!!

I'm awaiting a call back from the service manager to find out if there's any options for me other than my own out of pocket cost to have this fixed. Better believe I will be in touch with Honda over this.

- Robert C., Evans City, US

problem #29

Sep 212018

Accord EX

  • CVT transmission
  • 17,000 miles

DRL on passenger side burned out a couple of days ago.. Luckily, I don't put much mileage on this car and should remain under warranty for the full 3 years. Given the number of similar complaints, I'm sure the other side will also fail. Just hope it will be during the warranty period. Don't to have to pay $500.00 plus for a known safety defect. Seems nuts that Honda engineers would have designed such a poorly thought out assembly!

- mas2016, Summerville, US

problem #28

Apr 012018

Accord EXL V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 48,000 miles

Passenger side DRL burned out once while my son owned the car, under warranty. Approximately 25,000 miles on the car. I purchased it from him, and at approximately 48,000 miles the same DRL burned out. I've searched and read online that Honda hasn't issued a recall on this problem. Cost from Honda, per the dealer I called, is $500 just for the part. The bumper has to be removed to replace the headlight.

Just a tip for the do-it-yourselfers, I just purchased a pair of genuine Honda headlights with a 3 year warranty (Honda told me one year or 12,000 miles) for $286. Just do a search, the part number is 33150-T2A-A81 and I'm sure you can find the same or similar deal. Hope this helps someone!

- Bill W., Manchester, US

problem #27

Aug 012018

Accord Sport

  • Automatic transmission
  • 59,000 miles

Like so many others, the drivers side daytime running light went half out. (out of warranty) I went to the dealer and was told it was a known problem to Honda, let them contact for me, and then I was told Honda would pay 90% of the $600 fix. So I called Honda USA myself- 1-800-999-1009 and was told if I had contacted them first, they would have paid the total, but since I went thru the dealer that contacted a third party, I'd have to go with that solution, and pay the 10%. I told him I was not happy with that, and this was my 4th Accord, hate it for me, I can't do anything else for you. But he also said if it happens again contact them directly and they would help me resolve. He also wouldn't admit the Honda knows they have a problem, they only know what people report to them and not dealers or outside sources, so please, call and complain. When I go back to the dealer, I'm also going to see the sales mgr, because when I bought the car, I asked the salesman about the lights, and what would it cost to replace if it went out and he said- It will never go out, it will last the life of the car. Bad info.

- Robin M., Pacolet, US

problem #26

Aug 102018

Accord Touring V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 34,654 miles

This is my second headlight assembly. I don't know what I'm going to do when the warranty runs out on the car. I'm not going to drive around with one LED burned out. It's unacceptable. They need to come up with a fix and a recall.

- Marcus N., Manorville, NY, US

problem #25

Sep 012018

Accord Sport

  • Automatic transmission
  • 67,000 miles

Passenger side headlight LED strip went out at 35,000 miles on my 2016 Accord Sport, got fixed under warranty. Now the driver side has gone out at 67,000 miles. Dealer wants $621 to replace. Does anybody have a link they can post where one can directly complain to Honda about a faulty part?

- Matt B., Beaumont, CA, US

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