Notes: Some vehicles alert you if you fall asleep behind the wheel, but the 2015 Honda CR-V has a different approach: just shake the heck out of you so you never fall asleep in the first place.

Owners have complained that the popular SUV shakes violently at idle and while driving. Buyer beware.


pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
No data
Average Mileage:
9,350 miles
Total Complaints:
69 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (36 reports)
  2. not fixed (31 reports)
  3. noise stopped but vibration continues (1 reports)
  4. turn the lights on it will be less vibration on idle.thankx (1 reports)
2015 Honda CR-V engine problems

engine problem

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2015 Honda CR-V Owner Comments (Page 2 of 4)

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problem #49

Aug 052015

CR-V Touring

  • CVT transmission
  • 50 miles


Has always vibrated at idle with the transmission engaged since new. Have complained to the dealer's service rep, who said he had never heard of the problem. Wow, he was trained well in the art of denial. He got into the car, started it, and said "I don't feel anything". I said, "Put it in gear", then he said "Oh". And he's a well trained service rep. Oh brother! Still too afraid to have them "fix" the problem since he had never hear of the three various mode fixes.

- Ken A., Mesa, US

problem #48

Jun 012017

CR-V LX 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 20,427 miles

My 2015 Honda CRV, vibrates like an old diesel truck especially during idle. It is really awful during dead slow traffic. I consulted the Honda dealer after it started giving me back pain, and they applied Honda recommended mode 1 & 3 repair, unfortunately that didn't help at all. So i had to contact Honda customer care as dealer said they can't do anything.

I took my car again to the same dealer again, as the Honda representative suggested (on my complaint) and the dealer performed engine/transmission mount neutralization.

Again it was the same story, there is no difference, rather it worsens the situation - vibration increased on co-passenger seat and sometimes I feel numbness on my arm because of vibration from steering.

It is surprising for me that an automobile manufacturer like Honda is unable to solve the issue.

Update from Sep 8, 2017: I reported this issue in June 17, and visited the service centre 5 times so far, and the issue still exists. Every time Honda customer care manger ask me to take to service center and service center people agrees there is excessive vibration from engine, but they says they don't know what to do next as they applied all the fix/patches Honda suggested. Now i avoid taking my CRV during heavy traffic or slow moving traffic (whenever possible) as it gives me knee pain on right leg after more than 30 minute drive in slow moving traffic condition.

Update from Sep 26, 2017: Now Honda is claiming it is the characteristic of the car!!! Today the case manager from Honda Mr. Larry called me and updated that it is the characteristic of that car. But he refused to get that statement as a written statement (i couldn't find such a feature anywhere in brochure or user manual) , even he refused my request to send the case summary as email.

He rudely denied my suggestion - to get my car verified at another Honda service center to check whether the fix was correct or not. As per him, i can get it checked anywhere but Honda consider it as the characteristic of the car.

Now i am worried, if in an unfortunate circumstance if its airbag doesn't work then will Honda claim that too as a characteristic of CRV !!!!

- Rajesh G., Milpitas, CA, US

problem #47

Aug 162017

CR-V LX 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 28,120 miles

I notice the vibration is very bad when not running the AC and at a stop light. My children ride in the back seat and my daughter said everything is shaking! I always use the AC and have up until the last few days because it is so hot here. The vibration was nauseating. I had to run the AC to make it go away.

Update from Sep 7, 2017: I had the TSB 15-046 performed for the vibration issue and it did NOT work at all. It is worse and I brought it back a second time but they installed a hatch damper...DID NOT HELP AT ALL!!! I now went from a low pulsing vibration in passenger side seats to a rattling, shaking rough idle in the front dash, floor, and steering wheel. The service men said "it's a 4 cylinder and vibration is normal.", and claimed that they did all three modes on it but I don't see that a software update was conducted based on the fact it is not on my invoices. I am certain its not normal and my daughter won't even ride with me in the car now!

- Laura H., Stone Mountain, GA, US

problem #46

Feb 282017

CR-V LX 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 17,000 miles


Car vibrates and shakes while at redlight or stopped while in "D" or drive gear. It is slight less annoying when AC is on. Also notice a slight whistle or airplane noise when accelerating and unsure if both are related.

- Laura H., Stone Mountain, GA, US

problem #45

Jul 302015

CR-V EX 2.4L 4 cyl

  • CVT transmission
  • 8 miles

Excessive vibration throughout cabin. Honda service recommended and applied the MOD 1 repair. This has only moved the vibration around in the vehicle. Now the vibration is much more felt in the steering wheel, the passenger seat and the rear seat. A much more aggressive vibration has now shown up at speeds around 70 MPH - though this vibration is much more intermittent. The vibration has been an issue since I purchased the vehicle with 4 miles on it. I went back to the dealer initially and they suggested running the air conditioning or an accessory to minimize the problem. Honda was working on a fix. Still waiting for the fix and also wondering what serious problems this is going to cause down the road. I am stuck with a vehicle that has a known problem with no trade in value. Just look at the reviews on I wish I had looked at reviews before purchasing.

- Dan S., Parma, US

problem #44

Mar 012017


  • CVT transmission
  • 14,000 miles

I really like this car and now I am irritated that it vibrates and the steering wheel shakes and vibrates and the seat shakes when I am stopped at a light.

- Scott H., Redwood City, US

problem #43

Jul 152015

CR-V LX 2.4L 4 cyl

  • CVT transmission
  • 2,500 miles


I have a very known problem for this model year - very disturbing vibration in the cabin, when the engine is running in the 900-2000 rpm range, which is a very typical range in every day driving. Basically the problem is present during most of the city driving. During the drive - this vibration quickly escalates from being very annoying - to disturbing and eventually it causes headache and minor nausea, which definitely affects my driving ability!! Now, I bought this vehicle brand new, and owned it for almost 2 years. Since the problem appeared almost right away - I've been taking the car to the dealership four times because of this issue. Eventually the dealership performed all the official "fixes" to this problem: 1) new radiator cushions, transmission mounts, and front head restraints. 2) update of the “PCM software” Now, after the first series of fixes, the vibration got a little bit lower (though it still remained).. The dealer told us that these are the only available fixes and there is nothing else that they can do. Well, what could we do? we accepted it as is.. as something we will have to try to live with. HOWEVER!!! that was not all!! later that year, we got a official letter from the dealership with a request to bring the car in for some kind of software update, which we did. And after that "upgrade" the vibration got much worst then even before! Of course I brought the car back to the dealership and complained about vibration. They checked the car and claimed that at this point the vibration is the same level as on the rest of same model cars, and that there is nothing they can do anymore and that i just have to accept it!

- Alexander K., Vancouver, WA, US

problem #42

May 032015

CR-V LX 2.4L Inj 4 cyl Awd

  • CVT transmission
  • 5,000 miles

In December of 2014, my wife, Nancy, and I purchased a brand new Honda CRV 2015 Model from Tom Wood Honda in Anderson, Indiana. Shortly after purchasing the vehicle, (at around 5,000 miles driven on the vehicle), we noticed that; the vehicle vibrated when stopped (say at a stop light) when the car was in “Drive”. The vibration was not detected when the vehicle was stopped and in “Park”. The vibration at this time was slight and only a little disturbing. The vehicle was taken to Penske Honda (on the North Side of Indianapolis) at around 28,000 miles or so, where a “16-053 CRV update” was applied. The vibration problem was made much worse, NOT better. Immediately after driving the car off of Penske’s lot, it vibrated so badly that it was extremely disturbing. Follow a few frustrating conversations with Penske Honda about this problem, the Vehicle was taken to Fisher’s Honda. Fisher’s Honda performed update 15-046 for vibration at idle, which ameliorated the problem, HOWEVER, the vehicle still vibrates quite noticeably when engaged in drive and stopped at a stop light for example. The idle speed drops to around 550 rpm when stopped and in drive. The entire car shakes. The steering wheel vibrates in the driver’s hands. In my opinion, no one would buy a new or even used car with this problem. I certainly wouldn’t. We took the 2015 Honda CRV to Tom Wood Honda. One of their Top Technicians drove the car with us in it. He acknowledged the problem, but stated that there was nothing more he could do to fix the problem than what had already been done, and that the problem had something to do with the engine and drive train pairing. Since that time, the vibration phenomenon when the car is stopped and engaged in drive has worsened. In addition, the car vibrates when driving the car at 35 to 45 miles per hour and the rpms are around 1,100 rpm or so. The car currently has around 33, 000 miles on it. We have been frustrated in our attempts to have these problems corrected while the vehicle has been under warranty and are investigating what sort of legal recourse we have to obtain justice.

- David And Nancy A., Pendleton, IN, US

problem #41

Sep 172015

CR-V EX 2.4L Inline 4 cyl

  • CVT transmission
  • 31,282 miles

Vehicle has significant vibration at idle when in gear. It has been doing this since it was new.

- alvinhebert, Houston, TX, US

problem #40

Jul 312015


  • CVT transmission
  • 10,000 miles

Honda need to resolve this vibration problem! I contacted the dealer where purchased and the service person was not aware of TSB 15-046 or the problem. When I said I have a printed copy from the internet explaining the 3 fault modes and actions for repair and part numbers, they still claimed ignorance.

I have owned Honda's in the past with good to great satisfaction, but this is unacceptable!! I'm retired now, but worked two extra years to cash purchase a new Honda. I purchased the car, but I'm not satisfied with the car and vibration problem. The vibration can be felt through the drivers seat and cabin floor boards. Why won't Honda fix this problem?

- dillonoh, Mentor, OH, US

problem #39

Nov 152016

CR-V EX-L 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 14,940 miles


vibration while idle or stop in gear. it feel really awful while the car is stop in gear

- Elme S., Fort Lauderdale, FL, US

problem #38

Nov 012016


  • Automatic transmission
  • 2,000 miles

My 2015 Honda CR-V will shake you to death sitting at a traffic light at idle. Rpm seem real low. Gets a little better if you put it in park but who wants to do that every light you come to. Honda said its because of the stiff suspension and offer a 3 step process to maybe fix the problem but who wants to bring it in three times to maybe fix a stiff suspension. Seems more of an engine Rpms issue than stiff suspension. Rpms seem too low when vehicle is sitting at idle. Unfortunately I'm going to put up with it and not get another Honda CR-V

- fmunson2, Greeley, CO, US

problem #37

Sep 012015

CR-V EX-L 2.4L, 4 cyl

  • CVT transmission
  • 200 miles

The car has been back to the dealer twice. Both times they claimed there wasn't a vibration issue. The second time they said they updated the software. I complained before I left the dealership the second time that the vehicle still vibrates. The technician sat in the car with me and told me that the vibration is normal.....

- Michelle T., New Hyde Park, NY, US

problem #36

Dec 312015

CR-V ES 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 150 miles

Vibration on idling started within a week of buying my 2015 CRV. The vibration, now at 12K miles is definitely worse , more consistent at idling and bothersome. Although Honda "has heard" about this problem, the dealership seems to be at a loss on how to solve the issue. My 1999 CRV with 250K drives better than my new car. For 30K, I don't expect to feel like I'm in a vegematic blender while at a stop light.

- Jean T., Duvall, WA, US

problem #35

May 062016


  • Automatic transmission
  • 32 miles

I purchased this 2015 Honda CRV in May 2016 as a leftover from a dealership. It had approx. 32 miles on it. My husband and I did not notice the vibration during our test drive. Within a week of driving this vehicle I was annoyed by the vibration and felt violated by the dealership that should have known there was a known issue with the 2015 CRV's and had it fixed before selling it to us. The car vibrates when it is running and sitting idle. I've only had it a few months and haven't noticed if it vibrates at high speeds partly because it has rarely been driven at high speeds. (current mileage - 1900 miles)

- Diane R., Morrisville, PA, US

problem #34

Sep 152015

CR-V EX 2.4L 4-cyl. Awd

  • Automatic transmission
  • 3,000 miles

The vibration begins to get worse as the car warms up. Stopping at lights while driving through town is embarrassing, especially when I have other people in the car with me. I usually switch the gear into Neutral to avoid the shaking but I'm afraid I'll get rear-ended one day if I fail to start driving fast enough. My son rides in the back seat and says he always gets a back massage.

- jkristy, Mt. Angel, OR, US

problem #33

Oct 212015

CR-V EX 185 Hp 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 514 miles

All started on 10/21/2015, when going at 40 mph there was a definite vibration coming from eater motor or transmitting made an appointment with Honda dealer the service manager took my car out for a ride and in his words there was no problem with the car . The second time 11/25/15 they did service bulletin 15-046 same problem on help.

Returned to Honda on 1/12/16 with same problems vibration around 40 mph service manager test drove car again and they did service bulletin 624440 and said the vibration was a normal character of car, at this point I started to get mad.

On 1/116/2016 I called American Honda and they sent another program (Laa-7500) to the dealer.

1/27 /2016 returned to Washington Honda and they added laa-750 tested car for one week still vibration problem

2/17/2016 returned to Washington Honda, again Service Manager road tested and said car preformed as designed, at this point I told him that I was not happy with his answer and would find other option.

I have in my live time at least 25 cars and not one gave me any problems that the dealer couldn't, fix I'm at this point there will never be a Honda in my garage. ,

Update from Apr 2, 2016: I wrout a letter to Honda almost a month ago and made my complaint at that time and as of today no response ,every time Im drive my car my blood pressure goes sky high, I had my car in for service five times with no luck and the last time the service manager told me they could not do anything and I told the manager that was not the answer and I would continue to get the vibration fixed

- weisner, Canonsburg, PA, US

problem #32

Aug 012015

CR-V EXL 2.4L I-Vec 4 cyl

  • CVT transmission
  • 8,000 miles

driver's seat already wore out

This vibration started the day we drove the car home. It vibrates in certain speeds and at idle in gear. After one year of continually complaining about it they finally fixed the vibration between 35-45 but we lost 3 to 4 miles to the gallon when they fixed it. The vibration while stopped in gear is still there and the garage keeps telling us there is nothing wrong with it. It is not at every stop and usually happens more often when it is warm, Somtimes the vibration is so bad it makes me sick to my stomach.

- Holly H., Ashland, WI, US

problem #31

Apr 162015

CR-V EX L 4 Cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 300 miles

The vibration is out of control now...not to mention the seats started getting really uncomfortable a few months after I owned the car ....I mentioned the vibration problem to the dealership almost a year ago and their response was.."Don't worry Mr. Murphy we'll let you know when Honda comes up with a fix".....I REALLY WANT TO BE PART OF THE CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT...AS IVE WRITTEN AND LEFT VM MESSAGES WITH THE LAWYERS YOU FOLKS RECOMMENED BUT HAVE NOT HEARD A WORD AS YET....HOW CAN I BE A PART OF THE CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT REGARDING THE VIBRATION PROBLEM...PLEASE ADVISE.


Dave Murphy

- David M., Westminster, CA, US

problem #30

Apr 102015

CR-V LX 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 204 miles

One year has passed with this Honda CRV vibration. It literally has made me jittery and I feel it even when I am at rest. My arms and hands itch and I know what they mean by being sick, it can make you nauseated after long trips. I drive a lot, at this point I have 30,000.

They have had my car in 5 times, once they took it entirely apart, had it three days, forgot to do paperwork for weeks and broke my trunk lock and did not tell me. Not only do I have vibration, I have doors that lock me inside the car, handle slips, locks wont work..key lock is the only way to get out... They finally did the software that is supposed to fix the vibration, not only did it not work, its way worse.

It now also has a funny sounding "hum" usually in the mornings, as though i sticks, also does the same thing going up or down hills badly... Each and everything they have checked, comes back with a report saying "they could not duplicate. They also took 4 mpg away from me when they did the second software updates.

I tried to sell but the vibration is picked up on immediately, and they declined...however Honda cannot feel it. I went to see about trade in and the dealers know of this car and the value goes way down immediately.

They have sent me many emails trying to sell me products for the car or upgrade to another But no emails asking me if I need assistance form the manager who has never returned a call.

It would barely start if left outside all night such as at a hotel when it was real cold.

I will never trust this dirt dealing Honda of Fishers again..or Honda .......PERIOD.

- ejs, Fishers, US

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