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65,900 miles
Total Complaints:
24 complaints

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  1. not sure (14 reports)
  2. repaint car (9 reports)
  3. dealer repainted the car. silko honda was great! (1 reports)
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2014 Honda Pilot body / paint problems

body / paint problem

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2014 Honda Pilot Owner Comments (Page 1 of 2)

problem #24

Apr 192019

Pilot Touring V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 72,000 miles


Walked into garage on the morning of April 19, 2019 and was surprised to see an area of paint peeling off of my wife's 2014 Honda Pilot Touring between the windshield and the sunroof. At first I thought it was a leaf but as I looked closer the paint was peeling off of the undercoat. The Pilot was shedding it's skin.

Went on line and found that this is a common defect for this car with white paint and it appears that Honda has not yet recognized it as a manufacturing defect. Contacted Honda Cars of McKinney, where I bought the car (as well a 7 previous Hondas) and they told me to bring it in. They took photos and measured the paint thickness and that they would contact Honda America. They could see that the paint could be peeled off with a fingernail.

On the way home I went to two body shops to get their opinions and get an estimate, both were about $1600. Honda Cars of McKinney asked me to take it to the Body Shop they use and get an estimate. All three body shops said it was defective paint job and that the area had not been properly prepared for painting. Honda Cars of McKinney got back with me and said Honda had agreed to split the cost and that my cost would be $350 for the repair. Seems they are taking partial responsibility for this defect but not all of the responsibility. The car is currently in the body shop and having the roof repainted. I only hope that this will not happen to other areas of the car.

We have bought another Honda Pilot Touring 2019 and can only hope the have solved the paint issue. We have been buying Honda's since 1980 (10 cars total) and have never had an issue with them. I only wish Honda would step up to the plate and admit they have an issue with this paint for this car and cover the repair.

- lowlevel, Rockwall, US

problem #23

Mar 252019

Pilot EX V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 61,000 miles

Decided to post my experience after reading and seeing pictures of the exact same paint peeling problem with my Pilot. I currently have a 6 x 6 inch chunk of missing paint between the sunroof and windshield.

Put in a case with Honda, who instructed me to go for an estimate at the dealership, which I did.

Just heard back and Honda's gave a repair estimate of $1,568, of which Honda is willing to pay $750, leaving me an out of pocket cost of $818.04 and 4 - 5 days in a rental $25/day, so a total cost to me of just under $1,000.

My first thought is to take it to another body shop to match and fix the spot rather than spending $100 for a rental car on top of the $818.

What would you do? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

- Ni S., Atlanta, US

problem #22

Jan 182019

Pilot Touring

  • Automatic transmission
  • 48,000 miles

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paint is peeling off paint is peeling off paint is peeling off paint is peeling off

Came back home from driving a few miles to find paint missing between the windshield and moon roof of our 2014 Honda Pilot. I've taken it to our local Honda dealership and service center which has been anything, but helpful in trying to get this remedied.

They had me take it to their service center for a quote which they then sent to Honda corporate and took 6 weeks to hear something back. They've told me they'd cover 70% of the cost to repair which left me with a little over $550 +tax to cover out of my own pocket which is ridiculous given that this is obviously a paint defect. My car has very low mileage and for a lot of the life garage kept.

Tried contacting Dupont for the Paint Protector service I had on the car to see if they'd cover the remainder and it falls outside of what they'd cover, but they too couldn't believe Honda wouldn't cover the whole cost and gave me her name and number if I wanted to share it with the service manager to have him call her to discuss it.

Basically since it falls outside of warranty they won't cover all of it is what I'm told which I get for mechanical issues that may arise, but not for what's obviously a defect in their painting.

I've reached back out to the service manager asking for the regional corporate representative, but I'm sure I'll have to call him 3-4 times again before he'll return my calls, thanks Wilde Honda of Sarasota!

- Eric M., Sarasota, US

problem #21

Mar 012019

Pilot Touring

  • Automatic transmission
  • 76,000 miles


A few weeks ago, I noticed a spot, between the windshield and moonroof, where the white paint was peeling off of my 2014 Honda Pilot. I took it to a body shop and received an estimate of $388 to fix. That sounded pretty reasonable. On my way back to work, I observed another Pilot, the same color as mine, with two areas on the roof in the same location with paint peeling off. I decided to do some online research when I was home that night and low-and-behold there are many other Pilot owners dealing with the same issue.

I made an appointment with the service manager at Germain Honda in Beavercreek, Ohio. He said it looked like rock chip damage and there were no known issues with paint peeling on these vehicles. (Yeah...right). He also said that since it was out of warranty and I was the second owner, Honda will probably do nothing for me since I couldn't prove that the vehicle was properly taken care of before I purchased it. I even had that waste-of-money Poly-Steel coating applied after my purchase. This stuff won't stop a manufacturer's defective paint job from ruining my 5-year-old over-priced vehicle.

I will be calling Honda customer service on Monday and will post their response.

Update from Apr 29, 2019: Called Honda customer service and they told me that there was nothing they could do since the vehicle was out of warranty (go figure). I guess it is normal wear and tear for paint to peel off a 5 year old vehicle. I took it to a body shop and they did a great job for $388. I will be waiting for the next area of the roof where the normal wear and tear paint peeling will rear it's ugly head.

- Roger E., Xenia, US

problem #20

Dec 122018

Pilot Touring V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 98,000 miles

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paint is peeling off paint is peeling off paint is peeling off paint is peeling off

I have a 2014 White Honda Pilot Touring. I am having some issues with the paint on the roof of the car peeling off. I opened a case with American Honda and I was told to bring it to a Honda dealer to have it inspected and then they will take pics and send it to American Honda. Case # 09263350. I did this in Jan of 2019. After a month I got a response back saying that this is not covered by Honda.

I purchased this Pilot brand new from Schaumburg Honda in Illinois in 2014. I also purchased the extended warranty which I think is for 8 years and 120,000 miles. I moved to Texas in July. This is a garage kept car and there isn't a single scratch on the car.

I took my car to McDavid Honda in Irving Texas and after talking to people at McDavid Honda I was told that they have seen other Honda's with Paint peeling off at the exact spot. There obviously is a problem with the paint on the Honda peeling off like wallpaper. If you google it bunch of stuff comes up and I have seen other Honda's on the road with similar issues at the exact same spot.

My biggest issue is this. There is a problem with Honda cars paint peeling off. Odyssey and Civics had the same problem. Honda knows about the problem but is not going to fix it because my car is out of warranty. I do have extended warranty that I bought through Honda but that does not cover paint. Such BS.

Bottom Line the paint should not peel off like a sticker after 4 years. Honda should do the right thing and fix the problem. I will keep posting this all over social media til my issue is resolved.

This is my 3rd Honda and probably going to be my last.

- Jas S., Euless, US

problem #19

Oct 192018

Pilot Touring V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 50,000 miles

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paint is peeling off paint is peeling off

We have a 2014 Honda Pilot with the paint coming off the top. We have called USA Honda and the Japan Honda Company about the problem. After talking with both of them and Howdy Honda the only relief we have gotten is for us to pay $500 and they would repaint the top which is $500 off the total cost of $1000. I was told nothing can be done after the factory warranty is expired. I was wondering if anyone else has had a problem like this on their Honda. If you have you need to call USA Honda and you can also call Japan Honda let them know what is going on. If enough complaints are given to them something may be done to fix the problem. This is going to be my last Honda. USA Honda Phone # (800) 999-1009 Japan Honda # 011-81-3-3423-1111

- Paul L., Austin, TX, US

problem #18

Jan 182019


  • Automatic transmission
  • 90,000 miles


I have a 2014 Honda Pilot with pearl paint, which I purchased new. Of course I got the extended warranty (Yes, I realize that was stupid). My truck is garage kept and we don't take if to care washes.

So, the paint started peeling in sheets above windshield. That's crazy!! My husband called Shockley Honda who said; Sorry - here is the name of the paint shop that we use. Did they say that they were paying for it, you wonder? Hell no! So, my husband also called Honda which said, Oh, so sorry but we can't help you.

Like my hubby said to Honda; you mean that if this happened even 3 months after we purchased the truck you wouldn't do anything?? No actual response because they were not asked that before. When does it become their issue?!

So, my friends, knowing me and my husband, said that it's time that I step in. This is my start of it and, when I feel that I'm getting screwed (with no kiss) I get down right nasty, until I get the correct result!

- Robin M., Keedysville, US

problem #17

Feb 202019

Pilot Touring V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,000 miles

Seems to be similar to other problems listed for this vehicle - paint peeling in two spots between the windshield and sunroof.

- Tom H., Lincoln, US

problem #16

Nov 222018

Pilot V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 40,300 miles

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paint is peeling off paint is peeling off

Started off with a 6" X 6" peeling a few days ago and saw this after a 15 minute freeway jaunt. Haven't been to the dealer yet, but if I have to pay for this, Honda won't be getting any of my business in the future.

- Robert C., Pomona, CA, US

problem #15

Jan 012019

Pilot LX

  • Manual transmission
  • 50,000 miles

Don't know how to deal with the peeling paint, it's too expensive to fix it.

- paul_m, Pearland, US

problem #14

Jul 082018

Pilot Touring

  • Automatic transmission
  • 125,000 miles


We noticed a small spot of paint chipped off between the windshield and sunroof. It has become two huge spots of missing paint and now spots are appearing between the two spots. I bought this vehicle brand new and expected it to have a decent paint job at least until I paid it off!!!

- Nicole J., Flowood, US

problem #13

Oct 242018

Pilot Touring V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 75,000 miles

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paint is peeling off paint is peeling off

Walk out to my car this morning and the paint was missing....no chips, no nothing. From the other complaints, this seems to be a common occurrence with this year and color. Call the dealership this morning and they have to submit to American Honda for approval. I will be taking it in this week to start the process.

I've never had this happen with any other car that I've owned (Ford, Mazda, Jeep, Chrysler). This will definitely make me leery of purchasing another Honda in the future.

There is also paint peeling underneath the hood of my car. I went through the same thing with American Honda in 2016, but they wouldn't cover it 100%. Seems to be painting/quality issue.

Hopefully, Honda will make it right or they will loose a Honda customer for life.

- Laura W., Santee, CA, US

problem #12

Aug 242018

Pilot Touring

  • Automatic transmission
  • 78,000 miles

click to see larger images

paint is peeling off

After noticing this last night, I went straight to Google. Clearly there is a problem with this specific area, on this specific car, with this specific paint color. Based on my web search, it is also clear that Honda has a track record of defective paint jobs, as they've recalled other cars in recent years for paint problems. With the way the paint is peeling, there is a straight edge, which seems to be and indication of the source of the problem. When I touched the area, it felt greasy. I wonder if this specific area had tape on it before paint, or it is where it was grabbed by an automated machine. Regardless, it does not appear the paint was applied properly, and due to the common occurrence, something was wrong in the process. Given that it appears to only affect white Pilots, maybe it has to do with the paint mixture? Either way, I know that this should not have happened.

Now this is where Honda is either making another sale, or losing a sale. My Pilot is 5 months away from being paid off, and the wife wants a van. Until yesterday, the Honda Odyssey Touring was my no brainier choice. Now if Honda doesn't make this right, knowing this history of paint problems, there is no chance I would buy the Honda over the Toyota.

- Nicholas S., East Hanover, US

problem #11

Jun 022018

Pilot Touring V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 50,031 miles

click to see larger images

paint is peeling off paint is peeling off

Bought this car expecting a quality lasting car. The paint is peeling above the windshield between the windshield and the sunroof. Same complaint others are reporting.Obviously and issue with quality control during manufacture

Update from Jun 7, 2018: Estimate to paint the roof is $3,000

Update from Jun 12, 2018: Honda has accepted responsibility

- Charles B., Pleasanton, US

problem #10

Apr 232018

Pilot EX-L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 50,000 miles

I have a white 2014 Honda Pilot that a rock actually flew up and cracked my windshield. I was not going to submit it to my insurance, however I noticed peeling paint between the windshield and sunroof roughly above the mirror area. I took my car to an immediate service facility from my insurance company. My insurance won't cover it due to manufacturer defect. The body shop estimator told me he used to work at Brown Honda body shop and this is a defect problem that has been occurring on Honda's in that time period especially with the white paint. He recommended to take it to Brown Honda after other work was completed and file a claim.

Contacted Honda....took it to Brown Honda body shop within minutes from having it at the other body shop. Was told I would have to let them see the vehicle and take pics, then when regional rep was going to be in the area, he would have me bring car in to see if it was defect. When information was submitted to regional rep...his response was...."Out of warranty and has no warranty extension on it. I don't see that the vehicle has ever been here". That's it. Nothing more.

I am going to contact Honda Care Line next @ 1-800-999-1009. This is my 3rd Honda and may very well be my last one. After all, Toyota is actually rated 3pts higher for safety than Honda but I was a true Honda believer until this incident

- Lesa C., Maumee, US

problem #9

Dec 042017

Pilot Touring V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 50,000 miles

The paint above the windshield is peeling off, size of a tennis ball, right above rear view mirror.

- dmehta, Elgin, US

problem #8

Apr 192018

Pilot Limited V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 64,000 miles

I appear to have the same issue as the others listed. First, a small round spot between the windshield and sunroof. Then today I noticed it expanding to about the size of a dinner plate. The paint is flapping in the wind. Could easily be pulled off. Planning to start with the dealership today. Since this appears to be a common problem, my next stop could be the media. This is clearly a defect of some kind.

Update from Jun 7, 2018: Update - I took it to my dealer Silko Honda. They sent me to the body shop they use, Central Collision. They took pictures of the car and said they would get with the dealer. Anthony and Linda at Central were great! The paint job was perfect!

I was ready for a fight and it was a non issue. Silko did the right thing and covered all of it.

I'll be back to Silko for my next Honda!

- Kevin W., Halifax, US

problem #7

Dec 152017

Pilot Touring W/Nav And RES 4dr V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,000 miles

click to see larger images

paint is peeling off

This is the response I received from Honda after contacting them about the paint peeling off the top of the Pilot, After talking with our local dealer who contacted Honda regional manager, was able to get the cost reduced to $1000, but had to get it completed in 30 days or they withdrew their offer, seems like they are trying to hide the issues with the paint. Our dealer also stepped up another $500, so now we're out $500 for something that shouldn't be happening to the paint, where will it stop peeling off.. We started out with 1 small spot and now have 2 spots between the windshield and the sunroof, and the newest spot is getting larger everyday. I guess they figured out how to get the paint to fail after the warranty runs out...Not sure that I want another Honda after this...

Thank you for allowing Honda Automobile Customer Service the opportunity of responding to your message. Our customer’s satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, and we assure you of our interest in your feedback.

We apologize for the issues you are having with the paint of your vehicle. Each vehicle has a new vehicle limited warranty of 3 years / 36,000 miles whichever comes first. Once the parameters are exceeded then any repairs become the owner's responsibility. It appears that you spoke with one of our representatives on February 13, 2018 regarding this inquiry and they informed you that the dealership's field representative had made a decision. We are in no position to overturn their decision as the field representative is someone from American Honda Motors Co., Inc.

- dandsmillerdm, Owensboro, US

problem #6

Aug 202017

Pilot Not Sure V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 64,000 miles

The paint suddenly started peeling off between the sunroof and the windshield. It is a huge spot of missing paint and you can see the primer. There is no dent or anything from a rock. This is a manufacturing defect, I have found several other posts about the same thing to 2014 pilots in the exact same area of the vehicle.

Also to note, I own a 15 year old FORD that has never had any paint issues. This car is barley three years old and the paint is peeling off?!? This is my first Honda and may be my last.

Hopefully Honda will stand behind their product and make this right.

- Roberta L., Franklin, US

problem #5

Feb 012017

Pilot Touring

  • Automatic transmission
  • 115,000 miles

My paint is peeling off between my windshield and sunroof.... Honda said they only warranty the paint for 36,000 miles. There have been too many people with the same problem for it to be just a coincidence. Honda should fix this problem. My Honda is a 2014 and the paint shouldn't have anything to do with the mileage.

- Jeanie C., Alvarado, TX, US

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