2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee engine problems: engine stalls/shuts off while driving

Engine Stalls/Shuts Off While Driving

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This problem may be covered under warranty. Ask your Jeep dealer.

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CarComplaints.com Notes: The 2012 Grand Cherokee hasn't seen the same complaint volume as the 2011, at least not yet.

It's worth noting both model years are part of a class-action lawsuit that focuses on a defective TIPM and a long wait for replacement parts.

The 2012 also received national attention after it failed a Swedish Magazine's "moose test". The test measures a vehicle's ability to swerve out of the way of an obstacle you wouldn't want to hit while driving down the road ... like a moose.


really awful
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
73,650 miles
Total Complaints:
23 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (16 reports)
  2. recall for fuel pump relay (2 reports)
  3. clean the throttle body (1 reports)
  4. replace alternator (1 reports)
  5. replace alternator, battery (1 reports)
  6. replace engine (1 reports)
2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee engine problems

engine problem

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2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Owner Comments (Page 1 of 2)

problem #23

Aug 272019

Grand Cherokee Overland Summit V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 122,000 miles


The Grand Cherokee has stalled at idle speed about 10 times in the same 2 locations while making a right hand turn. This problem has been ongoing for approximately 6 months. The last 2 times it's stalled has been within the last 2 weeks at both locations listed below. It has only happened in the morning after it's been sitting in the driveway overnight. The gas gauge has been at all different levels.

When the engine stalls no lights flicker, the radio stays on and the AC fan continues to blow. You hardly know it's stalled except for the fact that the power steering no longer works. Once I get to a stop I put it in park, press the brake and it starts right back up. It has never stalled after the first stall on my trip and doesn't sputter or show any error notifications on dash after I restart it or during the engine stall itself.

* 1st location the stall has happened at about 8 times and is exactly 2 miles down the road. I would have gotten to a speed of approximately 50-60 mph before the right hand turn.

* 2nd location is 14.5 miles away and I would have gotten to a speed of approximately 70 mph before the right hand turn. It has stalled at this location 2 times.

The rest of the trip up until these 2 points is a straight stretch of highway where I don't get down to idle speed.

We have brought it into a repair shop twice to address this issue. The 1st time they were unable to get the engine to recreate the problem. The second time we brought it in they were able to get it to recreate the problem a couple times and thought it was a kinked hose into the engine causing the engine to automatically shut off. They explained the engine had an automatic fail safe because it has tow capability and if it detected stress it would shut off. They did something so this hose wouldn't kink and it didn't stall for approximately 2 months. They did note that the engine is burning oil,they found no leaks and it was low when dropped off. I have been checking it weekly and have had to put a quart in periodically.

This has only been a problem over the last 6 months at most but prior to this it was brought into Jeep dealerships for not starting, not stalling but not starting up. The engine would continue to turn over but wouldn't start. That problem was a recall of a part and was addressed but this issue has happened a couple times over the last few months.

Bringing to the dealership to see if this issue can be resolved. Will update all if a solution is found.

- smmartin20, Fresno, US

problem #22

Apr 272019

Grand Cherokee Overland 5.7L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 53,000 miles

Last week my wife was driving home and turned left onto our street. When she pushed on the brake pedal, the Jeep died and she almost hit another car. She told me about it and I started looking for similar issues online and I found this site. She said the car had only stalled once before and it was months ago.

After reading all your posts, I found a post that mentioned the PCM screws being too long. So I added washers to the four cover plate screws and hoped it was fixed. The next day the Jeep stalled three times in about ten miles. My wife was really shook up and wanted to sell the vehicle immediately.

That night I looked at the PCM. When I had added washers, I had moved the Fuel Relay (recall work, done by the dealer) wiring to get access to the PCM cover. When I finished I had just pushed the wiring back into place and closed the hood. I started thinking about the multiple stalls that day. If the connection to the fuel relay were loose, it would shut off the fuel pump and kill the engine, plus it would not generate a code, because nothing went wrong with the system, the pump just lost power for a second.

When I started moving the fuel relay, I could hear the pump power on and off as I moved it. I took the relay apart and filled the plugs with dielectric grease and reconnected the relay. Then I zip stripped the relay and all of the wiring to the fuse panel, so nothing moved. And guess what, it worked.

We have been stall free for over a week now. The dealership did a poor job of securing the relay, it was just hanging there and moving when ever the vehicle slowed or turned. Check the relay and see if it is just hanging. If it is, secure it and see what happens.

- Paul M., Anchorage, AK, US

problem #21

Nov 102017

Grand Cherokee Overland V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 99,000 miles

My 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee would randomly stall while slowing down and turning left. I could be turning in an “s” curve, slowing down for a stop sign with the intention of turning left, or slowing for a stop light in the left hand turn lane. I began to keep track of details about the Jeep and any commonalities of the stall. I discovered that the stalls occurred on my first drive out for the day with fresh gas in the tank. Typically it would be the day after a fill up, but always with at least 3/4 in the tank. The dealer could not figure out the problem, because of the randomness of the issue. When I brought it in for the third or fourth time, I happened to fill the tank to full. I explained the commonalities of all the stalls. The mechanic discovered that there was liquid fuel in the vapor line of the gas tank. The gas tank and charcoal canister were replaced on the Jeep and it hasn’t stalked since. Luckily I had an extended warranty. I hope this helps you, because it was pretty scary not knowing when the Jeep would stall, especially when crossing traffic.

Update from May 2, 2018: Update: the new gas tank did not fix the stalling issue. I am still having the same problem.

Update from Nov 13, 2018: My father, a retired GM mechanic, came to town and while he was here he cleaned the throttle body on my Jeep in an attempt to help me solve the stalling issue. It’s been seven months and my Jeep hasn’t stalled. I am hoping that this is the magic answer.

- Chris T., Crystal Lake, US

problem #20

Dec 162017

Grand Cherokee LX 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 137,499 miles


Like I said before, I LOVE my jeep very much but I am very disappointed in this line of Jeeps. Although I am hearing that this is a common problem with all Chrysler vehicles. I purchased this vehicle used three years with no problems and now it's like what the hell is going on, they can not seem to be able to fix my problem. I took my vehicle to an independent mechanic who did a diagnostic test, stating that I need to replace the TIPM. I took the vehicle back to the dealer that only changed the fuel pump relay on Dec 11th. It was good for five days and on Saturday Dec 16th in the middle of driving the jeep started to freeze up and within seconds it cut off. I waited about 15 mins before trying to start it and it started. About 50 feet it shut off again. I had to leave it in a public parking lot until today (Sunday). I do not understand why this is not a recall part seeing that so many of your vehicles have the same problem. I had to have me jeep towed to the dealer today, hoping that they will be able to fix my problem tomorrow (Monday) at no cost.

- deniseedgecombe, Nassau, Bahamas

problem #19

Aug 312017

Grand Cherokee Overland

  • Automatic transmission
  • 90,099 miles

I had my 2012 GC Stall while turning a corner off the highway. I took it to the dealership they said it is not giving any codes and there is nothing wrong. I'm just wondering if anyone else has found the solution to this problem? This was the first time this has happened and I would like to prevent it from happening again.

- Alyssa S., Edmonton, AB, Canada

problem #18

May 152017

Grand Cherokee Altitude V8 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 44,000 miles

I have a 2012 Altitude. Sometimes when I am driving the engine will cut out. There are no warnings, no glitches in the electrical components or anything. The only way I know the engine cuts out is that there is no response from the gas pedal and I lose power steering.

I have to shift into neutral, ease on the brake, press the start button, and then when it restarts I shift it back into Drive and pick up where I left off. Doing all of that on an on/off ramp at speed in pretty scary without power steering and traffic barreling down on me.

Like I said, there are no glitches in the lights or anything. No Codes or engine lights or anything. I bought it in Sept 2016 and its been in the shop about 9 times. They cant even get the problem to happen, let alone fix it.

I emailed the Jeep and Fiat CEOs for a paper trail in case i got into a wreck- wanted to cover my *- and they responded. They said they'd pay for my rental car every time i brought my Jeep in for service on this issue. So that has limited me to bringing it into the dealer. They are giving me a number to allow me to purchase a new Jeep at employee cost, but, considering I bought a 2012 in 2016, I can't afford a 2017 model. I'd have to sacrifice a LOT of my current options to try to find a vehicle priced to maintain my current payments.

I've checked car fax and the car was maintained VERY WELL. All recalls were taken care of-including a fuel pump recall.

This has happened from all speeds. It happened to me while driving around 70mph, 30mph, and even after i came to a red light, and the light turned green, i pressed the gas and got nothing...

The only thing that i have noticed, and I'm not even sure i really noticed this, but if i'm driving hard, and go from fast to slow quickly, but not slamming on my brakes, kind of like flying down the street and then the light turns so you gotta come to a stop soon. i hope that makes sense. I'm not even sure this has anything to do with it.

I have aftermarket HIDs installed (DDM Tuning with Canbus plus or whatever it is) However, It's happened day or night, lights on and lights off.

I'm not sure what to do. I love my Jeep but I cant risk myself or my family's safety! I'm so damn frustrated.

Has this happened to anyone? Does anyone know how to fix it? If it has happened to you, was it fixed? What was your issue?

Please help on this.

- Edward N., Chicago, IL, US

problem #17

Aug 202015

Grand Cherokee

  • Automatic transmission
  • 44,000 miles


PLEASE HELP! There must be SOMEONE at Chrysler who cares about the safety of their customers. I too, drive a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee that randomly STALLS! I have dealt with Chrysler Customer Service too many times to mention, had several Case Numbers and had my Jeep into the dealership at least 10 times for this same problem. They have replaced the fuel pump, coils and spark plugs, power train control module, fuel pump relay (twice) and yes, my Jeep still stalls. I am in the process of trying to get a "Flight Recorder" installed at the dealership to try to get a little more information - but this too is a fight.

I am paying an awful lot of money each month to be driving this vehicle, and I don't believe that I should have to pay for a rental while they are trying to figure out why it stalls. I am becoming more and more afraid to drive my Jeep each day. I could never sell this vehicle to anyone knowing the dangers of driving it. I truly believe that if I could speak to the right person at Chrysler, this problem would taken a little more seriously and hopefully resolved. So, if you know who that person might be, please contact me! Been dealing with this for over a year now. STALLING IS DANGEROUS!

- macmom4759, Waterford, MI, US

problem #16

Jan 222017

Grand Cherokee Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Summit V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 66,456 miles

Attempted to buy a midsize SUV for my 16 year old son to be safe in. Mullane Motors Lockport NY provided this Grand Cherokee which looks awesome, but has stalled 9 times since it was bought 3 months ago while driving in traffic. First time it occurred I was driving from a stop light, thought I was a rookie with the remote start and wrote the problem off. My son had it do the same thing 7 times and assumed it was because he didn't yet use the remote start right, and didn't tell because he knew the hardship we experienced buying him the vehicle.

The ninth time if my son was driving he would be dead....I was entering a turn off a 55MPH road and mid turn the car died, brakes, steering all gone...it took all my strength to guide my vehicle off the concrete median as I was approaching entering traffic and cross a lane to guide it to the shoulder. I am convinced if my son was driving he would not have had the strength or knowledge to avoid the oncoming traffic and would be dead or hurt.

Brought to dealer, same as everyone else...couldn't recreate the problem, no relevant codes. Idea was to replace the TIPM and split cost 50/50...even though service wasn't sure that was the problem. Beware of buying a used 2012 Jeep Cherokee!!!! I have had 6 Chrysler?Jeeps and will never purchase another with the lack of a good solution from dealer or guidance from Chrysler

- Adam C., Clarence Center, NY, US

problem #15

Aug 102016

Grand Cherokee 4x4 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 49,500 miles

My 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee has stalled over 15 times in the last 2 years when slowing down to make a turn.

- Joe T., Mira Loma, CA, US

problem #14

Feb 092017

Grand Cherokee 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 82,000 miles

slowing down from a 45mph road and Taking a left turn the vehicle stalled but no warning lights came on. The power steering went out there was no forward power. Fought the car to the side of the road and put it in park. Turned it off and on and it worked fine the remainder of the day. I saw several posts on here with a same issue that reoccurs. I thought maybe it was a one time deal now I am concerned this is going to be an ongoing issue. This is extremely dangerous as my wife drives the car and is not able to stop or steer it when this happened. Is there any fix out there yet?

- James H., Batavia, IL, US

problem #13

Jan 062017

Grand Cherokee Limited V6 3.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 80,000 miles


Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd with 80,000 miles. Driving at 45 and noticed a little loss in power, like a "miss." In two miles the car was dead at an intersection. Car restarts and revs, but has no power and will stall if put in gear. Took to a dealer, they replaced fuel pump, then said there was no compression in two cylinders. I mentioned the extended warranty for 2012 Jeeps and they said it was different cylinders and it wasn't covered. Information from the internet indicates the single exhaust causes the left side cylinders to fail. Dealer said repair cost would be $8000.

I'm confused if this is covered by Chrysler or not?

- stevenor, Gearhart, OR, US

problem #12

Jan 092017

Grand Cherokee Laredo 3.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 61,000 miles

stalled going down hwy. stopped, turned off restarted and it was fine for about 20 miles then would not go at all. At dealer now. they say transmission. i think its TIPM

- rowens, Midland, GA, US

problem #11

Jan 012017

Grand Cherokee

  • Automatic transmission
  • 101,000 miles

Driving off major roadway to right turn into a gas station driveway entrance. Car stalled and lost all power. It rolled to stop. Fortunately it was in an empty parking lot. If I had turned in more prior to the stall I would have hit a car or the gas pumps. Holiday weekend So dealership closed. I drove car home but hesitant to drive again until I speak with dealership.

- Nellie V., New Braunfels, TX, US

problem #10

Jan 042017

Grand Cherokee Limited 3.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 94,000 miles

I was driving down a busy road in our town today. The battery light came on. Approximately 10 minutes later while still driving, the lights on dash started flashing on and off, seatbelt alarm started going off, windshield wipers started working without turning on. The radio turned off. I lost power steering. The vehicle shut off while still driving down the road. I had no power brakes--seemed to almost stop working. I was fortunate to get on side of road in grass to keep from getting hit by another car. Vehicle then was completely shut down--door locks would not work- Tried to put key fob in ignition and could not get it back out--was unable to get back gate opened. I had to have car towed to dealership where I was told it was the alternator which in turned destroyed the gel type battery. I was also informed this was not covered under the alternator recall due to not matching my VIN number. I was first quotes was around $2,000 to cover the damage. I am very upset due to the fact that there could have been a serious car accident today. I am thankful my child was not in the car with me. I think it is terrible that the recall does not include the alternator in this 2012 Grand Jeep Cherokee when the description of what "could" happen DID happen to me today. I feel that Chrysler/Jeep should cover this damage in the recall of the alternator.

- Tiffany J., Elizabethton, TN, US

problem #9

Dec 162015

Grand Cherokee Overland 3.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 74,565 miles

exactly what a gentleman wrote about car stalling while driving....steering wheel locks..engine shuts off...in the middle of the road...doesn't matter what direction you turn the wheel....happens mostly in the morning. and always when slowing down under 30 k in speed. If you hear of any solutions PLEASE SHARE

- mrsuspence, Markham, ON, Canada

problem #8

Oct 062016

Grand Cherokee Overland 3.6L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 61,000 miles

Car stopped in the middle of the road. Multiple warning lights were flashing, including the seat belt light, ride level light, engine light. The engine started gasping and a smell of burning electrical entered the car. The car would not restart. If this had happened at speed or on the interstate, it could have been life threatening. I had the car towed to my local Jeep dealer. I was notified that the alternator had gone out and would need to be replaced. Since it was the 180 amp alternator, it was not covered under the recall, which applied only to the 160 amp unit. The price would be $1,061.00 to be replaced. At that point, short of having it towed to another garage, I was a captive audience. I feel I was gouged on the labor and on the part. The replacement should have taken no longer than 30-45 minutes by a competent mechanic, and the part should have been hundreds less. The problem I experienced with this alternator was exactly the problem explained in the explanation for the recalled model. Calls to Chrysler were useless. This is my 6th Jeep, and my 3rd from this dealership. I was considering a new Jeep, but that is on hold, and if I do buy another, it will definitely not be from this dealership.

- Steve D., Plano, TX, US

problem #7

Sep 222016

Grand Cherokee Overland 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 52,000 miles

TIPM was replaced under warranty 7k miles ago. This pile of garbage about killed my family as it died at speed in interstate rush hour traffic with a full tank of gas. No power steering, etc. It is clearly the TIPM. It wouldn't start after repeated tries with warning lights all across the dash. It just cranked and cranked. I eventually shifted to neutral and it started. I got it home and shut it off. Started it back up and it idled rough, backfired profusely and all warnings lit up on the cluster. I disconnected the battery and let the computer reset. After 10 minutes I reconnected and it fired up as if nothing ever happened. It has started normal on the last 10 attempts while in the garage. I am supposed to leave town in 2 days - round trip 400 miles. I guarantee I will not be taking this and have to find alternate transportation. I have had the worst service with my local dealer, Dewey Dodge, who are careless and have no basic understanding of customer concerns. My prediction is they will tell me they cannot recreate the problem and will force me to leave with the death mobile. They have done this to me with prior complaints. A Jeep Grand Cherokee should only be purchased as a gift for your mother-in-law.

- Jeff R., Des Moines, IA, US

problem #6

Sep 132016

Grand Cherokee Laredo 3.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 84,400 miles

Driving in rush hour traffic on the DC beltway, the battery light came on. About 5 minutes later ac cut off, lights on dash started flashing, wipers came on (very slow) and then Jeep cut out completely. Had to get out and push car off of I95 - again in RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC. Had it towed to a local shop owner who I was familiar with but called Jeep since I have the extended warranty. Jeep (Mopar) told me it had to go to a Chrysler/Jeep service department for it to be covered. Called 2 local Jeep service departments and BOTH could not look at my car for at least 1 week. Mopar agent said I could get it fixed at an independent mechanic and I could POTENTIONALLY get reimbursed. What a crock of crap. Ended up getting it fixed at independent mechanic for $1200, went to pick it up and 10 minutes down the road the battery light came on again!! Took it back and he is currently working on replacing the alternator thinking it may be bad (not charging). I'm doubting that now after reading other complaints. Thank goodness I purchased the extended warranty but it does seem that this is happening quite frequently and Jeep needs to step up and do something before someone is badly hurt or even killed. I have the 180 amp alternator and who knows at this point if it took out the motor module or if the TIPM is faulty. JEEP/CHRYSLER....me and my attorney will be in touch if this is beyond the alternator!!!

- Patrick H., Ellicott City, MD, US

problem #5

Sep 052016

Grand Cherokee Limited 5.7L Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 92,000 miles

On 3 separate occasions in 2015 (June, Sept and Oct) the jeep just shut off while I was turning. This always happened first thing in the morning, but not during the first turn of the morning. Usually it happened 5-10 minutes into my trip. Twice it happened while I was turning right, once while I was turning left on the highway. The car just shuts off, and the wheel locks, leaving you stalled in the middle of an intersection with no warning. No engine lights, no codes, - nothing. Quickly put car into park, and it turns right back on. Rest of the day it works fine. The stalling happens randomly and with no common factors, except in morning.

Took it to dealership in October 2015. They were not able to replicate this. They did research into it, and said there were no recalls that would affect this. TIPM was recalled/replaced. Battery was slightly below normal. Told me the steering was electric, and connected to battery. If it pulled too much power, it could shut off the vehicle. Had a new battery installed, and it seemed to solve the problem.

It is now September 2016. Jeep stalled while turning right on Friday Sept 2, 2016. Didn't drive it much foe a few days. Engine stalled again Tuesday morning while turning left across traffic. dealership has vehicle again, and cannot replicate the engine shutting off, with no codes. I call edge Jeep, and they hadn't heard of this issue. My case number with Chrysler is 30062693.

Any help or suggestions?

- Jon B., Buffalo, Pacific Islands (US)

problem #4

Nov 172015

Grand Cherokee Limited 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 70,000 miles

Engine Stalls on Right Turn - Exiting Highway. Three times stalls exiting the same highway same location. November - 2015, December - 2015, March 17th 2016. January - stalls slowing down at a traffic light. The bad thing - you lose a little control of vehicle and anything can happen.

I had the Jeep in for the recalls in January. Fuel relay was replaced, sunroof module was attended to, booster brakes were attended to. I was told what was done will fix the stalling problem. until yesterday March 17th when I stalled again at the same exit.

I need some answers for me and other people safety.

- Curtis J., Queens, NY, US

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