Hyundai recalls 430,000 Elantras at risk of electrical shorts in the anti-lock braking modules.

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Hyundai Elantra and Elantra Touring Cars Recalled After Fires
Hyundai recalls 430,000 Elantras at risk of electrical shorts in the anti-lock braking modules.

— Hyundai is recalling nearly 430,000 model year 2006-2011 Elantra and 2007-2011 Elantra Touring vehicles to prevent engine compartment fires from electrical short circuits, even when the cars are shut off.

Hyundai says moisture may enter the anti-lock braking system (ABS) module and cause an electrical short, a problem that has caused at least three fires.

Although Hyundai has suffered from car fire problems the past few years, the automaker says the Elantra recall isn't related to previous recalls to prevent engine fires.

Hyundai doesn't know how it occurs, but moisture can enter the anti-lock braking system modules that are continually powered, causing short circuits and fires while the cars are shut down.

The automaker received a report of a 2007 Elantra engine compartment fire in October 2017 and confirmed the fire but couldn't determine why it happened because there was so much damage. However, various fuses related to the ABS module were found open indicating the possibility of an internal short-circuit.

Hyundai searched for other possible incidents and found two engine fire reports on Elantras. The affected parts were collected but engineers found too much damage to determine if moisture or brake fluid caused the short circuits.

Due to a low rate of vehicle fires and warranty part returns, Hyundai tested ABS modules that were being used in the vehicles to inspect for any signs of moisture or electrical shorts. However, all the tested parts were free of any signs of electrical problems and moisture ingress.

Engineers eventually did find evidence of moisture problems, but Hyundai couldn't determine exactly how moisture entered the modules.

The automaker will install relays that will shut off power to the ABS modules once the ignition switches are turned off.

The recall will begin April 3, 2020, but concerned Elantra owners should call 855-371-9460. Hyundai's number for this recall is 188. has complaints from drivers of Hyundai Elantra cars.


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