TSB Document:

Affected Component: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

Supersedes Technical Service Bulletin Group 00 number 10-01 dated February 5, 2010. Excessive accumulation of deposits on intake valves, intake manifold, fuel injectors and combustion chambers. Engine runs rough after cold start. Excessive engine cranking time. Hesitations while driving. Rough engine idle. Reduced engine performance. Poor fuel economy. Conditions may be severe enough to illuminate the MIL in conjunction with storage of DTCs for misfire (example: P0300, P030x) and / or lean fuel system (example: P0171, P0174, P1128, P1130, P1136, P1138) in the engine control module (ECM). Condition may be caused by use of contaminated gasoline. Condition may be caused by use of gasoline with a low content of deposit control additives.

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Date Published
JUN 21, 2013
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