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Affected Component: BRAKES (PWS)

Supersedes Technical Service Bulletin Group 46 number 15-02 dated February 9, 2015. The customer may report hearing brake noise from front or rear brakes. The customer may describe these noises as a squeal, squeak, grinding, groaning, thumping, or creaking. DO NOT use this TSB if there is another brake noise TSB applicable to the VIN. For additional information, refer to the Audi Brake systems brochure. Brake noise can be attributed to many causes. Brake discs or brake pads are close to or below their wear limit. New brake pads and/or discs have not been properly imbedded after installation. Aftermarket pads or discs are installed. There is debris (such as small stones, grit, road salt, or sand) between brake disc and brake pad. Discs are covered with rust. Rust can form when the vehicle has not been driven for a long period of time. Discs are grooved. There is chemical contamination on the braking surface of the brake disc due to wheel or tire cleaner being sprayed directly onto the brake disc. There are ?pad marks? on the brake disc as a result of brake pad material transferring to the discs. Pad marks can occur when a vehicle has been parked for long periods of time in a wet or snowy environment.

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Date Published
OCT 13, 2015
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