Print this page Notes: The 2013 Edge has its fair share of problems, but chief among them is an annoying “door ajar” warning light that won’t shut off even when the door is most definitely closed. While the retina-burning, ever-present false reminder on your dashboard is bad, it points to a deeper problem that can drain the battery, leave the doors unlocked while in motion, or render the key fob useless.


pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
88,750 miles
Total Complaints:
10 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. replace brake booster (7 reports)
  2. not sure (3 reports)
2013 Ford Edge brakes problems

brakes problem

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2013 Ford Edge Owner Comments

problem #10

Sep 182020

Edge SEL 3.5L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 86,750 miles


I have a 2013 Ford Edge SEL with the black out package AWD.

I first noticed the brake booster problem when my brakes didn't feel like they were as strong as previously. Thinking it was my imagination I moved on. A day later the brake booster started whistling inside the cabin. You could feel air coming past the brake pedal when you pressed it to the floor. I self-diagnosed it as the brake booster having a crack in the rubber. This was confirmed by a Ford Tech and $675 later they replaced it.

- Jarrett S., Owosso, MI, US

problem #9

Sep 102019


  • Automatic transmission
  • 118,000 miles

Driving along doing my errands on my day off and as I'm turning into a shopping center, suddenly my brakes had to be pressed all the way to the floor before responding. Thankfully no one was in front of me and I was able to stop completely, it just took a much longer space to stop.

I asked my husband to test out the brakes immediately to see if he had the same issue and sure enough, yes he did. He was afraid to drive the car. Called the dealership we bought it from, and they referred us to a brake place. I drove the car very carefully and slowly to the shop, about 10 minutes away and on the way the brakes gradually improved and are now working fine. I did research and found the issue mentioned in 13n02, but my car is not included. I think Ford needs to expand that one to include any of the models.

I had the shop document the issue even if they could not duplicate it. I will inform Ford directly of the issue as well. So should this happen again, I have documentation of it being an intermittent issue. I am worried my brakes may fail me with no warning as they did this time. No noise, no previous issues, and out of nowhere I could not get my car to stop!

- Tammy M., Austin, TX, US

problem #8

Jul 312019

Edge SE 3.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 129,000 miles

Noticed my brake pedal was hard to push in and my 2013 Ford Edge wouldn't come to a complete stop in the parking lot of my work. When I got to the stop sign, I was able to press down on my brake pedal but it had a "spongy" feel to it and I could hear a loud air leak or "hissing noise" from the brake pedal. Got to the stop and go lights further down the road and almost rear-ended someone because again my brake would not depress immediately.

I put my Edge in neutral and slowly started pumping the brakes. It finally softened and I was able to stop. I almost sh!t myself! I called our local auto body repair shop to get it looked at the next day. They told me it was a bad booster and needed to be replaced. However, they informed me that there was an extended warranty 13N02 on my Edge and if I called the Ford dealership I could get it fixed for no charge. I called the dealership and they said my VIN # wasn't covered under the recall list or the 13N02 list. WHY THE HELL NOT??? So I contacted Ford directly at 888-781-7319 and was told again that they would not cover my car as I was not listed as an "approved VIN" under the extended warranty.

So, as we speak my local mechanic is looking for the part for me and he's going to fix it as it's been deemed "unsafe to drive". I'm still waiting to hear how much this is going to cost me. Here's my thing...if you are recalling or covering certain vehicles based on VIN numbers, what is the criteria to be eligible? When I cause an accident for a known safety issue? Get it together Ford! I've been a loyal customer for 20 years and wouldn't think of buying another brand.....maybe it's time for something else though. Seriously DISAPPOINTED!

- Jill M., Ripon, WI, US

problem #7

Aug 202018

Edge Limited

  • Automatic transmission
  • 84,000 miles


first time this ever occurred with any vehicle. dealership repaired.

- S K., Urbana, IA, US

problem #6

Aug 272018

Edge Limited

  • Automatic transmission
  • 84,600 miles

So right after this was repaired the first time a few days ago, the dealership also put in a new master cylinder and bled the brakes long enough for the booster to work. all was fine.

- S K., Urbana, IA, US

problem #5

Jan 122019

Edge Limited

  • Automatic transmission
  • 91,000 miles

This is the third time in 5 months since the brake booster in this vehicle has failed. Its in the shop currently. The dealership is great, they are doing everything they can to find out why it happens and correct it. But this is the last time, I'm going to begin looking for a trade at same dealership. This is getting ridiculous. Is it a defective booster, lines, or what? Manufacturer defect or defect with car in general? Love the car but I'm not going to keep the car if it happens again. Does anyone know why this would keep happening?

- S K., Urbana, IA, US

problem #4

Jan 192018

Edge Limited

  • Automatic transmission
  • 136,000 miles


I started noticing issues with my 2013 Ford Edge before I ever had to bring it in. Before it went out, it would malfunction off and on. At the time I noticed my rpms bogging down, my check engine light almost always after hitting a bump while breathing. I would notice the brakes would go out to where I wasn't sure if I'd be able to stop. I've noticed that sporadically since 35k miles. January 2018 my brakes when out and this time didn't go back. It would go from a spongy non stopping issue to a hard pedal. I called my local Ford Dealership in Loganville (where the guy wasn't advocating and rude), and dropped it off to be evaluated. I was told it was the brake booster and it was covered under the safety program. They took two days to fix, didn't have a loaner car ahs I picked up after hours due to my work schedule. On my 1.5 mile drive home I stopped 3 times. My brakes seemed fixed.

The next morning I felt my car was bogged down and wasn't really accelerating. I pulled over, turned it off, checked everything out and then began to drive again. Still the same. At this point I couldn't pull off our tooooo having no where to pull and 1 mile down the road I pulled into gas station. There was black smoke everywhere! All coming from under my car, specifically the wheels. A mechanic from a neighboring car, said my brakes were burnt up by the color and smell. We waited for everything to go away and checked fluids, but all was ok. My wheels were black from the smoke. I started my car, but couldn't get oot into gear. I thought my transmission was fried! I called loganville ford edge they were jerks, saying it might be a malfunctioning booster and they woukdbt know until I brought it in. They would not tow or anything. 20 minutes later it started and drove normal. No issues at all, UNTIL I TRIED TO STOP, where my car died. I started it again, but the gears seemed to skip. I pulled over and parked it again. Then I noticed it started rolling, but I jumped in and applied the e brake. 45 minutes later seemed fine again, drove for 20 minutes with no issues until I stopped at a light where it again started shifting and revving down. Called the dealership was told to have it towed. I did. At my cost.

4 days later I picked my car up and it was perfect. No light. No shifting. Good brakes, except a annoying squeak. Please know all four brakes and rotors were replaced 5 weeks prior. . I ignored the noise, but weeks later it happened again!! Took it to the dealership where again they kept without a loaner. They said the booster was fine, adjusted the caliper which was causing the noise(the techs mistake at ford from the previous visit). All seemed fine after that until a month later. Again the brakes would go back and forth. Always seemed like there was lots of air in the system. Sometimes pumping the brakes or holding it down would clear the issue. Took to Ford AGAIN, they said it was HCL issue which was known to have issues along with the booster. They quoted 800 bucks. Told them I was taking elsewhere for another opinion. However the issue seemed fixed, so I didn't.

For months ago the brakes would act up here and there with a spongy pedal where you would not know if you would stop, there would be a high sound and the engine light would come on. Always seemed to go away by restarting the car or pushing down the pedal. Well now it's back and hasn't resolved. The hissing is horrible. Seems like a lot of air in the line. Have to push all the way down to stop. Now my brakes are grinding. No rings around rotor though. Ford needs to acknowledge the mass of issues concerning this vehicle. The booster should have been a recall(not safety) and they are negligent for not adding the matter cylinder/hcu. They are recalling this in the 2013 ford f150s but not the edges? What's it going to take? People dying?

I've contacted ford but haven't heard back. Monday I'm contacting my attorney. I did my due diligence but it's getting no where but a hazard. Hopefully no accident happens. I will never buy ford again!

- Brandy S., Loganville, GA, US

problem #3

Nov 122018

Edge SEL V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 38,000 miles

Been hearing a squeal when I push down hard on my breaks, whether I'm moving or not,for a few weeks now. Then I started hearing a "shhhhh" sound in the cab when I touch the breaks at all. Learned that it was my break booster and contacted Ford to see if it was covered under my Power Train Warranty. Of course not. It's costing my about $100 for the part, $550 for the labor + tax.

My car is a 2013 Ford Edge SEL. I bought it Jan of 2015 with about 23K miles on it for $24,500. It's now got 38K miles.

I'm super annoyed. Per my research, my mechanic and a Ford technician (off the record), these boosters should last AT LEAST 10 years. Seems to be a known issue with the Ford Edge. It's time for a recall, Ford!!!!!!!

- Debbe B., Burbank, CA, US

problem #2

Oct 182018


  • Automatic transmission
  • 58,808 miles

When pressing the brakes they seemed to go clear to the floor before it would stop on our 2013 Ford Edge. We took it to the local mechanic to have the brake pads replaced since we were leaving on a trip the next day. He tells us that it is the brake booster and it is going to cost $634.36. We panic and tell him to go ahead and fix the brakes, however after the brake booster was replaced we find out there was an extended warranty on the brake booster for certain cars.

I called and found out that my Ford Edge fell into this extended warranty. I then called Ford and the Lady gave me all the information on how to have my bill reimbursed. I submitted my information and Ford has informed me that they will NOT pay for my bill. Stating that the extended warranty expired 1/31/2015 and that in order to have it paid you have to take it to a Dealership. The extended warranty is for 10 years or 150,000 miles.. They also stated that they sent letters out, however I did NOT receive a letter!

I am really upset that Ford knows that this is an issue and is refusing to pay for the repairs on these cars. I have seen numerous complaints on this issue!

- Ann W., Independence, US

problem #1

Sep 132018

Edge Limited V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 61,000 miles

I have a 2013 Ford Edge Limited with 61,XXX miles on it. I recently noticed my car felt like it did not want to stop. I drive in St. Louis traffic everyday and it became extremely dangerous to drive. I had my brakes replaced recently and when I took it to the shop to be checked out, the repair shop told me it was the Brake Booster and there was a recall from FORD on 2012-2015 Ford Edges for 10 years or 150,000 miles. I made an appointment with Ford to have this taken care of to find out my Edge's vin was not included in this recall.

Doing some research I have found no less than 200 reported brake booster issues where the owners were told their Edge did not fall within the recall. How can you have the same issues with these cars and they not be included in the recall. This will now cost me $630.00 out of my pocket.

- Andrea D., Belleville, IL, US

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