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On August 19, 2008, Hyundai submitted a defect information report to NHTSA concerning fuel pump failure resulting in engine stall in approximately 65,000 model year 2008 Hyundai Elantra vehicles with 2.0 liter beta engines produced from November 5, 2007, through June 28, 2008 (NHTSA recall no. 08V-429, Hyundai campaign 086).the recalled vehicles are equipped with fuel pumps manufactured with upper body components from a different supplier than those manufactured prior to November 5, 2007.according to Hyundai, the new supplier's upper body components had incorrect dimensional characteristics resulting in misalignment of the armature shaft, which caused some of the fuel pumps to experience poor brush-to-commentator contact conditions that could result in engine stall. The use of ethanol blend fuel, containing up to 10 percent ethanol, causes a film build-up that creates high resistance between the brush and commutator.the misaligned armature shaft prevents the brush and commutator from making sufficient contact to overcome the high resistance film build-up, therefore producing less pumping pressure than required to supply the fuel injection system. Sixty-four of the complaints (72%), including the crash and injury allegation, involve the recalled vehicles.the complaint rate in the subject vehicle population is 98.5 per 100,000 vehicles, compared with 21.4 in the remaining population, which has on average been in service over a year longer.the warranty claim rate is also significantly higher in the recalled vehicles, which had 569 claims (0.9 percent claim rate) compared with 126 claims in the remaining population (0.1 percent claim rate). Hyundai will replace the fuel pump subassemblies in the recalled vehicles free of charge.this preliminary evaluation is closed with Hyundai's recall.
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Date Opened
JUL 17, 2008
Date Closed
SEP 03, 2008
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