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Steering:Column Locking:Anti-Theft Device

In response to an information request (ir) letter sent by the Office Of Defects Investigation (ODI), Ford stated consumer reports of higher than expected efforts when shifting into and out of park could be a result of a groove being worn into the swing arm ramp of the steering column. The swing arm is a component bolted to the steering column that assists in shifting through the transmission engineering evaluation conducted by Ford of returned steering columns found the groove could be created over time if consumer shift more quickly from the drive or reverse to park than the brake shift interlock (bsi) solenoid pin retracts after the brake pedal is applied. In November of 2004, Ford released a redesigned bsi solenoid with a shorter pin retracting time as a serviceable component. Ford has noted the shorter retraction time significantly lessens the likelihood of bsi solenoid pin to swing arm contact even with rapid consumer shifts.Ford also issued a technical service bulletin, tsb 04-22-12, to instruct service technicians on the proper diagnosis and vehicle repair. Reviewing complaints to ODI and data submitted by Ford, ODI has identified 200 alleged incidents of unintended vehicle movement after consumers believe they have shifted the vehicle into park, resulting in 85 alleged crashes and 32 alleged addition to the reports of alleged incidents of unintended vehicle movement, ODI has also identified 883 reports of consumers alleging difficulty or the inability to shift the vehicle into park.this preliminary evaluation has been upgraded to an engineering analysis (EA09-013) to further assess the scope, frequency and risk to motor vehicle safety of the alleged defect in the subject vehicles.
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Date Opened
APR 21, 2009
Date Closed
AUG 19, 2009
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No recall issued
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