Notes: The 2013-2014 Honda Accord is showing signs of an electrical problem with the starter failing soon after the 36K mile warranty expires. It's compounded by reports that the OEM battery doesn't have sufficient amps to start the V6 reliably after a year or two.

For now we are rating this problem with the "Beware" seal because it's occurring so soon after the 36K mile warranty expires. The upshot is when your Accord won't start, that's never good, but especially bad when it's just a few years old.

Also once again, owners are complaining that the 2013 Honda Accord seats are uncomfortable. Uncomfortable seats has been a significant complaint with the Accord since the 2008 model year.


pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
47,750 miles
Total Complaints:
44 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (25 reports)
  2. replace starter (14 reports)
  3. new battery (2 reports)
  4. repair starter (1 reports)
  5. replaced battery (1 reports)
  6. replaced starter which had a dead zone (1 reports)
2013 Honda Accord electrical problems

electrical problem

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2013 Honda Accord Owner Comments (Page 1 of 3)

problem #44

Oct 302019

Accord Touring V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 83,300 miles


Repeated ignition system failure on 2013 Honda Accord V6 Touring with push button. It left my daughter and me stranded on a night when it was only 13 degrees above zero. Push button start only resulted in a grinding noise, no attempt to engage flywheel to start the engine. Starter has been replaced twice and the torque converter once (at the recommendation of the dealer to fix this issue) with the same resulting grinding noise and failure of the engine to start. This issue has been reported to Honda Corporation many times; it is a poorly engineered and faulty design that they refuse to acknowledge and cannot fix. I have sunk over $3700 between new starters, torque converter, and diagnostic test to no avail to fix this issue and now I was stranded in 13 degree temperature weather. HONDA - TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND RECALL THIS FAULTY DESIGN!

- gunnerk, Centennial, US

problem #43

Nov 182019

Accord 4 cyl

  • CVT transmission
  • 45,000 miles

Car will not start when the button is depressed. The dashboard lights up, and I can hear some relay trying to energize in the engine compartment. This has been a PROGRESSIVE FAILURE PATTERN over a 2 month period. It started with one failed start attempt, then two, then three... four... and finally today, 10 attempts will not start it.

Dealership claims that they are unaware of such problems, so automatically, their credibility is no good.

Honda is a massive disappointment. A/C compressor change at 30k miles, and now a starter replacement at 45k miles? This is complete bulls***. (OTW... I have enjoyed driving this car a lot.)

- Sequi- T., Greensboro, NC, US

problem #42

Jun 012021

Accord LX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 108,000 miles

Maybe it would start on the fourth try. One trick was to turn key to auxiliary, wait 5 seconds, turn to next position, wait, then try to start. That worked 50% of the time. I replaced battery sensor, then starter started right up, don't know for how long. I am considering a more cranking amp battery. Not a secure car to own. Going to sell it.

- Cindy H., West Milton, OH, US

problem #41

Aug 292017

Accord EX 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 42,000 miles


The car would not start. I replaced the battery, and again it would not start. I replaced alternator - twice! And replaced battery - twice! This seemed to fix problem for 2 years - but now this same problem has begun again! I just replaced battery - third time now! - and the car doesn't start. I wait a few minutes and it starts. Autozone says I may need to replace alternator - third one? No way!

The problem must be in electrical system and Honda should have a resolution by now. Forums show many other buyers have the exact same issue.

Update from Nov 17, 2021: Finally Import repair shop properly diagnosed issue - turns out the starter had a "dead zone" isolated in a small area so it would start when that area of the starter was not involved. Replaced starter and have had no issues - too bad diagnoses were incorrect at first after replacing battery 3 times and alternator twice! We worried it was a big problem with the electrical system and it was not.Thank goodness! Nice to have technical experts available to help.

- MaryAnn A., Tucson, AZ, US

problem #40

May 012019

Accord EXL

  • CVT transmission
  • 75,000 miles

A couple of months ago, my Honda would not start, (panel light up, no turn, only a click kind of, but not really a click--just a hey--nothing!) Finally got it started and took it in to a local dealer. Dealer said it would be $190 to diagnose the problem because it may be electrical. They first tried to tell me it was the battery until I provided a receipt that showed the purchase of the battery less than a year ago. So I left with no resolve, wondering if it would randomly not start again.

Everything seemed fine-maybe a fluke so went on about my daily life with no issues. 5 months later, I was stranded again. After an hour of braking and pushing the button, it fired right up--like hey!! I've been trying!!! I'm alive!!!. Took it home, next morning started like a charm. Went on with life, no issues.

One month after the second incident, I came outside, one day after being in the grocery for 5 minutes and again, no start. After a month of no issues, but being the third incident, I knew it was no longer a reliable mode of transportation. Could not get it started and had someone boost me. The boost did not work and thought I would have to have it towed. Tried again with the boost 2 more times and it fired. Took car immediately to another Honda dealership as the first one was of no help.

They put a new starter on--$687.00 covered by an extended warranty I purchased for I believe around $1500.00. I almost didn't buy this warranty and feel bad for those having this issue, especially since there has been a battery "switch" recall. I sure hope this fixes the problem but wanted to log it as I have read this forum and it seems the starters and switches and all that makes a 2013 Honda start---are crap!!!!

- april2lake, Johnson City, US

problem #39

Feb 012018

Accord EX 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 13,000 miles

After a battery sensor was installed on a factory recall, the car would often enter accessory mode instead of starting when pressing the start button. Sometimes the car started fine on the first try, other times it would take 2-5 attempts. Each time the car would enter accessory mode and the starter would not engage. I would have to turn accessory mode off, then try again, VERY IRRITATING.

PROBLEM SOLVED. I always hold the button down until it starts, but a few weeks ago I started pressing the button and releasing instead of holding it, THE CAR ALWAYS STARTS on the first attempt when I do this. It also starts quicker and right after I release the button.

I will update this complaint if it starts acting up again, but if you never read an update then this action fixed the problem.

Update from Feb 3, 2019: PROBLEM NOT SOLVED. After three weeks of perfect performance, it started acting up again, NOW IT ONLY STARTS WHEN I HOLD THE BUTTON DOWN!!!

- David H., Indianapolis, IN, US

problem #38

Feb 082019

Accord EX 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 43,000 miles


I bought this car new September 2013 and have maintained it according to Honda's recommendations. It has been garaged the entire time, and I do not live in an area with heavy snow. The car has an approximate 43,000 miles on it at 5 years old. Six months ago the car began to not start on the first press of the start button, but would eventually always start on the second, third, fourth, fifth, etc... tries. Three weeks ago it did not start regardless of how many times I tried.

I tried connecting the battery to a battery jumper pack and it still did not start. The battery had been tested just a week and a half prior by a Honda dealer and passed testing. The car sat not able to start for about two and a half weeks. I was about to have it towed when I tried one last time and it started.

I immediately drove it to the nearest Honda dealer and had them look at it. They told me that the starter needed to be replaced and that it would cost around $850 which I had them do. I am dissatisfied with Honda over this. I think that they have a bad design for their starter since I am obviously not the only one who has had this problem with a car that has less than 50k miles on it. This will certainly be on my mind when it comes time to purchase my next car.

I think Honda should do a recall.

- J L., Nashville, US

problem #37

Aug 012018

Accord EX-L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 65,000 miles

This has been an on going issue for a couple of years. Car starter does not engage to turn engine. Sometimes it will take a half dozen tries before it finally starts. Honda dealership said they could not troubleshoot until it failed completely. This is my wife's car and she drives all over the state of NH for work. The dealership said wait until it fails to start and only then can we troubleshoot. ( WAIT UNTIL SHE'S STRANDED ! ) Of course they won't pay to tow the car back from Timbuktu or for our inconveniences.

I called Honda America six months ago and they said they would pay for part of the repair since we were loyal Honda customers and our family has owned 9 Hondas. The dealership required us to wait for a dead car before they did the repair. Last week we almost got stranded 60 miles away, so the next day I went to the dealership and they agreed to fix the problem, but first I needed confirmation from Honda America that they would help pay. So I called Honda America and the NEW case worker said I see from your record that the previous case worker agreed to help you with the repair cost, but I have decide that we won't be helping you, thank you for your customer loyalty.

- Carl B., Gorham, NH, US

problem #36

Dec 062017

Accord LX 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 49,000 miles

Replaced battery (twice), no luck. Honda dealer says they don't know the root cause but it's common for 2013-2017 Accords per them, it could be - starter, ignition control unit or something else. Never expected this from Honda. I believe there is a recall for same issue for v6 models only but not for 4cyls :( sucks

- R S., Castro Valley, CA, US

problem #35

Sep 012017

Accord LX 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 45,000 miles

I bought this brand new car for my wife thinking may be a safe, reliable and peace of mind car that it will never leave her on road and it will work best for her for 10 years. But no, I was wrong in that decision. Soon after 3 years the battery had to be replaced as one of the cell was bad as per dealer and made it to replaced at $450 cost out of my pocket.

Now, she is dealing with "Starter" problem that it has to turn key at least 15 to 20 times to start the engine. Of course dealer says it's out of warranty because of 3 years has been passed and says it will cost at least $800 to replace starter which is even re-manufactured. This problem was started at soon after 3.5 years but that time it was winter, so we thought it my be weather, it worked fine for sometime and started again something, but now it takes at least 15 attempts to get engine on. I mean with the type of crap Honda makes, I will never ever refer to anyone nor will buy this crap. They don't care what customers go through after paying $23k. I wish Honda reimburse for this at least. One after another expense is killing me.

- Himansu P., Laurel, MD, US

problem #34

Jun 152018

Accord Sports

  • Automatic transmission
  • 59,000 miles


I have a Honda Accord 2013 Sport. I am having starting issues. Had to jump start twice today. Had similar issue right 2 years back exactly same month of 2016 right when my 3 years/32k miles warranty got expired. They had to take the car for 2 days and gave me a bill of $905. Luckily Honda covered it then.

And now I am facing the issue again right after 2 years. Not sure if any fix has been found by Honda and this is annoying. It is like buying a car and having no piece of mind... I have gone to Autozone for free check up of battery, starter and alternator and they said it is a battery issue.

One issue that was common when both times happened was both times there was recall of batteries in 2016 it happened right after the battery changes and in 2018 it took 6 months to get this issue back.

- Sri A., Alpharetta, US

problem #33

Mar 012018

Accord LX 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 52,000 miles

I have a 2013 Honda Accord LX, I've been taking this car to all the manufacturer recalls, however after the last recall (battery sensor) I have been having issues when starting it. It lights up on the dashboard but it just WON'T START. This is very annoying. I have sent an email to Honda Motors 2 weeks ago and have not heard from them. I always thought the Honda brand was very reliable but not after this. I will not recommend a Honda to anybody, not only for the electrical problem I'm having but because of the poor customer service they have. My warranty will be over in July, what I'm thinking is that Honda does not want to get back to me now but after the warranty expired so I have to pay. But I will continue calling them and email them of my issue. I know people out there understand my frustration and hope the Honda people do too. I use to write honda with capital H, but they don't deserve it anymore.

Will be checking or updating as new events develop.

- Salvador S., Chicago, IL, US

problem #32

Feb 132018

Accord EX-L 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 49,800 miles

I took my Accord in for the battery sensor recall. Never had a complaint or issue with the car up to that point.

A few days after having the recall work done the car didn't start when I pressed the start button. It went into accessory mode instead of starting. Since then it has been doing this intermittently but on a regular basis. The frequency began to increase and the failure to start, and taking multiple attempts to start, was now occurring regularly each week.

I took the car back into to the dealer and reported the issue and asked them to look into this while they were performing an oil change, tire rotation and replacing cabin air filters. After about three hours waiting I asked what was taking so long. They indicated they were running some tests and the sensor they replaced for the recall was good, but they replaced the battery. I asked why they replaced the battery, as it was replaced the prior year under warranty. They indicated it was a proactive replacement as they received some complaints about batteries draining but I should be good to go. Three days later and the issue continues.

I just found this site and read some of the other 2013 Accord owners experiencing the same symptoms. I can't believe that Honda is claiming ignorance. My local dealer seemed to be aware there was an issue and attempted to fix it with a no cost battery replacement for a one year old Honda battery. There is clearly an issue here and Honda need to step up. Call and voice your opinion to the following numbers ... Honda Customer Service -1 800 999 1009 - Honda Headquarters 1 310 783 3000 - NATIONAL HIGHWAY TRAFFIC SAFETY BOARD 1 888 327 4236

The sensor, the battery and the starting issues are all related and Honda needs to step and correct the entire issue not just the sensor.

- John M., Pensacola, US

problem #31

Jan 012018

Accord EX-L 3.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 98,000 miles

I have a 2013 Honda Accord with the starter grinding. Talk to Honda corporate last year and said they had not had any complaints. After several modules had been replaced by Honda 500.00 dollars later still same problem. I saw all the same complaints that I had on this site . All came down to starter. Bought new Honda starter installed it problem went away for about five months then it came back saw the tsb 16-002 recall to repair ring gear and starter. Called Honda corporate and they told me my car does not meet there parameters for repairs. They refuse to cover it. Honda you really SUCK!! We have owned five Honda over the years, I will never buy a Honda again. Let me say this one more time Honda you SUCK!!

Update from Jan 29, 2018: Just got a copy of the tsb 16-002 and it says it covers all vins in 2013. Honda insists that my vin is not covered. I’m now headed to a lawyer. Once again Honda you SUCK!!

- Gordon. M., Tucson, US

problem #30

Nov 242017

Accord EX 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 62,000 miles

Honda I will start by saying my wife and I love this 2013 Honda accord ex 62,000 this is also our 2nd Accord we have owned. Three of my family members have Honda accords also. We received a couple of Recall notices for our Honda accord EX, so we decided to make an appointment With Moss Honda in Lafayette la. to get these Items taken care of. $982.00 later, my wife was on her way home. Witch I think is Hwy Robbery. Moss Honda will never see my business again!!!!! They told her battery was not good, and started need to be changed because after they fixed recall items car wouldn’t start. I think a women was really being taken advantage of. We have bought a Honda product because of its reliability, I have never owned a car with so little miles that needed a starter changed. I have been doing my own research and have found that the 2013 and 2014 have known starter problems and Honda doesn’t want to make it good!!!! What is Honda going to do about this known problem with starters??????????????

Update from Nov 28, 2017: so I talked to the Service manager at Moss Honda Lafayette la. today. He was able to work with me and refund our money for starter $778.00.

- Pierre S., Abbeville, US

problem #29

Jul 012013

Accord EX-L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 10,000 miles

car has been turning over since I got it. Every time I take it to Honda they cant find the problem. car is 2013 and brought it in 2013. Push button started acting up that year. took it to Honda couldn't find the issue. car started for them of course. Took car back,. eventually started acting up again. I thought maybe a bad battery. Honda could not find the issue so left again and car would not start while I was out for dinner. Called Honda care to come tow.. and of course it started. I told Honda maybe the battery. I paid for a new battery but come to find out that was not it either. Car lasted 2 days and went back to the starting issue. I just drove like that for awhile due to frustration. finally it got worse so I took it to a different Honda. This time they kept my car for almost week to tell me I needed a new alternator. Well guess what, when I told them I had extended warranty they said oh well we have to test it again. LOL!!!! called me back to tell me my alternator was fine. Go figure. Left Honda with no solution again, but they tried to get my money for something that wasn't the problem. TACKY!!!!! fast forward still giving me issues and Honda still can't tell me what the issue is unless I pay to diagnose it. No thank you, because after Honda lied about the alternator I am not sure I trust them to check. I am going to an outside mechanic and see if that helps. any suggestions. They need to re-call this issue. I am embarrassed to drive anywhere because its embarrassing when it makes that loud awful sound 100 times before it actually starts.

- Adrienne C., Silver Spring, US

problem #28

Mar 232016

Accord 3.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 23,666 miles

starter=500 bucks from dealer not available aftermarket. bulletin may not fix problem and may need a 1500 dollar torque converter (ring gear attached to it)

powertrain warranty includes ring gear then huh ??

or is the starter the cause of the "not optimal" clearance ??

4 Hondas and I may go back to Toyotas and gamble with head gaskets.

at least their cars start.

- Jm 9., San Francisco, US

problem #27

Jul 192017


  • Automatic transmission
  • 62,444 miles

I started having problems a few weeks ago with this. When I put my foot on the brake to push to start, the radio, interior lights and warning lights on the dash come on, but the engine does not start. This is happening nearly every time I try to start my car and is very frustrating. Is there a recall on this??? If there is not yet, there definitely should be! I do not want to have to pay out of pocket for whatever this problem may be as it seems there are hundreds of people having the same issues.

- Sara H., West Salem, US

problem #26

Sep 162015

Accord LX V4

  • CVT transmission
  • 20,000 miles

My car would not start on multiple occasions - intermittently of course. Acted like a dead battery or bad starter. Worse in cold weather. Thought it was a dead battery, every time the battery checked out as charged and holding a charge. I have become afraid to turn my car off. Sometimes it has been difficult to jump start. Summer time.... not doing it so much.

Shortly before my first non-start, I thought I smelt something electrical burning.

I go in tomorrow to the dealership (again) but this time there is a recall on the battery. something about the battery post shorting and potential fire hazard.

Hope this fixes the problem.

- Carol H., Yakima, US

problem #25

May 012016

Accord S

  • Manual transmission
  • 50,000 miles

Problem started about a year ago, initially when I would turn the key over I would only hear a click, but after a few more turns of key it would start. It worsened over months and would eventually have to rock my car to knock starter loose to get my car to start. Finally, it got to where it would not start at all and thankfully being a standard I was able to pop the clutch. I had the starter rebuilt a few months ago which fixed the problem......for a few months. Now back to where it takes a few turns of the key before starting. This has been absolutely ridiculous. Afraid to even shut my car off when I run to the store for fear it won't start again.

- Amanda G., Tishomingo, OK, US

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